Ezria Off Screen

Chapter 3: 1x07

*Aria's POV*

I was sitting in my room sulking again, I have been doing this every chance I got since Ezra broke up with me.

I didn't know what to do, I had to try to make him understand that I didn't tell anyone. But, I didn't know how to do that, I couldn't tell him about A, he/she/it would punish me. I didn't have another story, at least not one he would believe.

I decided to try to call him, I did this all the time lately. There wasn't much else to do.

I called and it rang a few times before going to voicemail, of course. This time I called his house phone instead of his cell like I did earlier.

"This is Ezra. Sorry I'm not here, you know what to do." Ezra's voice said over the phone.

"Hi its- its me." I said, I didn't know what to say that I haven't said before. I guess I can just start where ever. "I called and left a message on your cell and… um.. Can you just call me when you get this? Thanks."

My mom then walked in. "I'll talk to you later. Bye." I said and hung up throwing my phone next to me on the bed.

"Hey." My mom said.

"Hey." I said, I hadn't noticed till now but my mom was holding a box that looked like the ones that people get flowers in. Who would have sent them to her? My dad? "Did Dad get you flowers?"

"No, uh, these came for you." She said giving me the box. Who would send me flowers? The only person I could think of was Ezra, but why would he send flowers if he wont even pick up the phone when I call?

No matter how ridiculous it sounds, I really wanted them to be from him. That would mean he didn't hate me.

I grabbed the box from my mom.

"Who are they from?" She asked. I lifted the top of the box but before I could look at them my brother came.

"Hey." Mike said stopping in front of the door both me and my mom looked at him. "Uh, dads gonna drive over to practice and stay for the game. Should I save you a seat?"

"Uh, honey, I think I'm gonna have to miss this one." My mom said walking forward.

"Whatever." My brother said and then walked away.

We both knew why she wouldn't go, if my dads gonna be there, she wasn't. My brother was having a hard time dealing with my parents fighting, as was I, but he was better at showing it. I had to something, I didn't want my brother to be mad because our moms gonna miss his game cause she cant handle being around our dad.

"you don't have to sit with dad." I suggested, I wasn't much, but it was something, at least she wouldn't miss his game, which would make both of them unhappy.

"yeah, but that would look worse then not going at all, wouldn't it?" She said turning around. She had a point, people would ask, wonder, talk, and that would not be pleasant for either of them.

She turned back around and walked out of my room. She had a point but I still felt bad for Mike and my mom. I sighed, there was nothing I could do, and I had to face that, even if I didn't want to.

No. I would find someway to help, anyone, even Mike. I would help Mike get through this, help him to come to terms with it, I would help my mom forgive my dad. All in all, I would help my family be a family again.

I put the flowers down next to me and grabbed the card that was out in between the lid and the ribbon.

I looked at the front. 'Aria'. It said in fancy writing on the front.

I opened the envelope and took the card out. I put the envelope next to the lid and started to read.

I expected it to be some sort of apology from Ezra, saying he made a mistake letting me go and that he was sorry, dada dada. But no, that's not what it said, not even close.

Thanks for keeping me company last night.


So it was from Sean. Confusion, disappointment and sadness washed through me, I'm pretty sure it was noticeable on m face.

Why was Sean sending me flowers for talking to him at the dance while Hanna was gone. The dance. At that I remembered the conversation me and Ezra had.

I could never hate you.

The words echoed in my head. He didn't hate me, never did, never have, never will. That means, he still cared. I was happy.

Then I remembered the card that I was holding and the flowers next to me.

I dropped the card on the bed with the envelope. I was so confused, why would Sean send me flowers for comforting him while his girlfriend, my best friend, was ditching him to do something a lot more important, even if he didn't know it.

I was only doing it to keep him occupied so he wouldn't look for Hanna and she wouldn't be caught doing what she needed to do.

I picked up the box of flowers to actually look at them.

I didn't know what to do with them. I guess I should be nice and out them into a vase in my room. I mean, they were beautiful flowers.

Daisies, Orchids, Sunflowers, Roses, and more. It was a entire bouquet of flowers, and each one was beautiful.

I decided to put them in a nice vase and put them on my desk. I put the card with it and the box in the recycling. Silently wishing they were from Ezra and that that he would forgive me….

I was sure that was never going to happen… And the more the time goes by, the less I believe we will get back together.

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