Ezria Off Screen

Chapter 8: 2x02, 9

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*Aria's POV*

I was sitting on the table for an a few minutes, an hour, maybe more, I don't know, I wasn't keeping track.

I was sitting at a table in the cafeteria. Everyone else was leaving, for some reason, I couldn't leave.

I kept thinking about Ezra.

I mean, maybe it was good that he was leaving, it would mean we could go out in public together.

But, it would also be bad, I mean, who knows where he will go? Maybe he'll leave, forget about me. While I'm here, missing him, stuck here in Rosewood.

Eventually, I don't know when, I decided to go see him.

I ran to his classroom, I'm not exactly sure why I was running. I guess I was scared he was already gone, that I would never see him again if I missed him.

I got there and stopped at the door, it was empty, he was gone.

I missed him, I didn't know where he was going, or how long ago he left.

I slowly walked in. I couldn't believe he was gone. I just wanted to see him at least one more time. One more time, that's all I wanted.

As the sun shun through the window I walked over.

Through the window I saw someone at their car, packing something. Then I realized it was Ezra.


I smiled, he wasn't gone, I could see him. At least this one least time.

I ran out of the room, sown the hallways and out into the parking lot right to him.

As I was running through the parking lot he was about to put a box into his trunk when he looked up and saw me running and put down the box.

"Ezra," I said as he picked me up and kissed me.

I was so happy. I got to kiss him, maybe for the last time, but I didn't care. I focused on him, seeing him, not having to worry about people seeing us.

He put me down, but we didn't stop kissing.

I couldn't be happier….


*Aria's POV*

I walked into Ezra's office closing the door behind me. I don't know what was with me today, maybe it was the dream I had last night, but I was feeling confident, sexy even.

"Ugh! Why is it so hot in here?" I said staring at him. "Aren't you hot?" I asked taking off my jacket.

"I am now." Ezra said wide eyed. I guess he was surprised. I didn't blame him, I was too. To be honest, I didn't even know what I was doing, or why I was doing it.

"I've been thinking…" I said putting my stuff down. "That we could use some alone time."

I took my jacket and threw it on the chair next to the door.

"How do you lock this thing?" I asked trying to lock the door, but it wasn't working.

"Uh, it doesn't lock." He said. I took the chair next to me and put the back of it under the door knob. I pushed it a little to make sure it would stick.

"Oh, man." Ezra said as I turned to him and unzipped my zipper brown and black zip tank top. Now all I had on was my black skinny jeans and black lace tank top.

I walked over and started kissing him. It wasn't like ones we usually had, this one was more steamy, more want then passion.

"I-I have class in 15 minutes." He said between kisses.

"That's plenty of time." I said and started kissing him again.

"Um.. Maybe this isn't such a good idea." He said, this disappointed me. But, I didn't stop pursuing.

"Um.. I think." I said starting to take off his tie. Once it was off I started unbuttoning his shirt. "That you spend way too much time thinking. Don't you think?"

He chuckled before saying, "Yeah," and he gave in. I jumped up and put my legs around his waist so that he was caring me.

We walked over to the couch, not stopping kissing. He laid down and I climbed on top of him, kissing…..

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