Unexpected Ties


Silence filled the bathroom, pierced only by the echoes of his words, although Farkle wasn't quite sure if that was actually echoing or if it was just in his head. Either way, the words had left his mouth, and he waited for a reaction from Maya.

The beautiful blonde just leaned her head on his shoulder, sniffling and wiping tears from her sparkling blue eyes. Farkle could feel his heart flutter in his chest as he stared at their reflection in the mirror. I'm not the only one who needs protecting. Even fierce Amazon warriors like her need it every once in a while.

He held her closer to him, and she began to cry into his chest. He didn't know how long it was before she stopped, pulling away from him with a pale pink tint to her face.

"Are you ready to go back out there?" he asked her gently. "If you're not it's o-"

"I'm ready," Maya said before he could finish. "I'm good now.. I'll be fine."

Will you really? Farkle opened his mouth to say, but the words didn't come out, though maybe it was for the better. He knew she wouldn't be 'fine' anytime soon, not after what she'd just witnessed. None of them would. Nothing would ever be like it was before.

"Then let's go," he said, and she took in a deep breath, lacing her fingers with his for a second. He flashed her a reassuring smile, squeezing her hand tightly before they let go.

Cory and Topanga were sitting in the hospital chairs when they returned to the waiting room, but they weren't the only ones there anymore. There was someone else, a teenage girl with long chocolate brown hair and brown eyes to match, her right arm in a bright pink cast.

"Riles!" Maya broke away from Farkle with a weak smile, running over to greet her best friend with the boy right at her heels. "You're okay!"

"Maya!" Riley flashed them a grin. "Farkle! Of course I'm okay," she looked at her arm and sighed. "It's just a broken arm, nothing too serious... well, not like... you know..." the grin vanished, and her eyes darkened. "L-Lucas..."

Topanga looked at the three of them with a sigh.

"No update on Lucas yet?" Farkle asked, knowing the answer to his question before he even opened his mouth. His stomach dropped as Riley's mother shook her head.

"I don't think he's doing good," Riley whispered softly, staring at her feet. She was trembling slightly, her eyes clouded with thought, as if she were mentally replaying the events of the night in her head. She's traumatized, Farkle realized with a jolt. They both are.

He breathed a soft sigh. "Don't say that, Riley," he tried to reassure her. "I'm sure he'll be fine."

Was he really sure, though? Farkle couldn't tell the future, and he hated lying to her. If, for some reason, Lucas wasn't going to be fine- no, he couldn't think about that. He couldn't bare the thought of it, never hearing his best friend's voice again, no more good times at Svorski's, no more being picked first in kickball despite his limited athletic abilities, no more-

Shut up! he scolded himself, angry for thinking such thoughts when he should be staying strong for Riley and Maya. He's not going to die, he's not that bad, right?

"I'm sorry, Riley," Maya's voice derailed Farkle's train of thought, and he turned his attention to the two girls. Maya looked absolutely miserable, staring at Riley's broken arm instead of her eyes.

"Sorry for what?" Riley asked, her innocence and naivete shining through. "You didn't do anything... oh." her expression hardened, and Farkle knew that she'd realized what Maya was apologizing for. "No... no, Maya, none of this was your fault," she reassured her. "I chose to come with you, I knew the consequences, and so did Lucas."

Maya sighed. "I know... I just can't not feel guilty about it..."

"Don't," Riley told her. "It'll only make things wo-"

"Are you the ones here for Mr. Lucas Friar?" a new voice interrupted. A nurse appeared in the doorway.

"That would be us," Cory stood up, Topanga's hand on his shoulder. "How is he?"

"Are you the family?" the nurse asked wearily, as if Cory hadn't even spoken. Farkle narrowed his eyes. What do they think we're going to do? Steal his get-well-soon cards? Even if we're not family we still have a right to know how he's doing.

Cory bit his lip. "Well, no, just..." he looked at the three kids. "Really close friends."

"Well then I'm sorry," the nurse said, not exactly sounding sorry. "We can only talk to the family-"

"I am family," Maya growled, her voice low and dark. She stood up with narrowed eyes. For someone so small, she was pretty intimidating, as Farkle noted. "Lucas is my brother and I need to know how he is. You will tell me how he is, or I'll make you."

That seemed to get it through the nurse's head, and she took Maya out of the waiting room and into the hallway because the rest of them weren't related. Farkle took a seat next to Riley and let out a soft sigh.

"I hope he's alright," he told her with a sigh.

"We all do," Riley pointed out, her voice soft.

"I know..."

Maya came back in a few minutes later looking much more relaxed than she had been before. Farkle sat up, looking at her expectantly. "How is he?"

"It's not not nearly as bad as we thought." the blonde informed them with a shaky smile. "He's just a little bruised up... He dislocated his shoulder trying to fight back, but he'll be able to use it in a week or two. The important thing is that he''ll be fine," she breathed, a smile flickering across her face.

Farkle watched as Riley's face lit up like a Christmas tree, breathing a sigh of relief. Lucas would be okay.

"That's great.." Cory said, smiling at then.

"And one more thing," Maya said, the smile on her face growing, and Farkle followed her gaze to Riley . "He's sleeping right now, but the nurse said he kept asking for somebody by the name of Riley."

To Be Continued....
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