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Never Happily Ever


Summer has come and the students of Ever After High are ready to go home for two months, before returning in September. Ashlynn Ella is so hexcited for summer. Until she finds out her parents planned a date for her, with this rich, snobby prince. Apple White can't wait to go home, but when an unhexpected visitor arrives, it brings her to tears. Briar Beauty is hextremely hexcited for Her family's trip to the Adventure get away resort, until she realizes she only has one year left until she pricks her finger. Rosebella Beauty has been packed for sleep away camp for ages. But when she gets to Camp Destiny, she wished she'd never come. And Darling Charming was so hexicited to spend the summer with her family, untill she finds out that she's being sent to Princess Prep summer program. Each of these five girls would do anything to solve their problems. But how can they if their all alone?

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The students of Ever After High, sat, in neat rows, in Professor Rumpelstiltskin’s class, the last class they had until Summer Vacation. No one could wait.

Tick, tick, tick.

Apple White couldn’t stop staring at the clock above the chalkboard.

Tick, tick, tick.

Seven minutes and thirty seven seconds, seven minutes and thirty six seconds-.

“Apple White!” Professor Rumpelstiltskin called,“were you listening?”

“Oh um..” Apple trailed off.

“One pile of straw spun into gold for you, miss Apple White,” Rumpelstiltskin commanded,“you know what that means,” he paused to give an evil grin,“detention during lunch tomorrow!” The professor gave an evil laugh, but Apple was trying to hold in her own laugh.

Today was the last day of school until summer started, and there was- Apple checked the clock- only six minutes and twenty two seconds left of school.

Apple would miss her best friends for ever after, but she was super hexictited for summer!

Five minutes and forty seven seconds...

Ashlynn Ella couldn’t help but stare at Hunter, his perfect brown eyes, and his charming smile.

But Ashlynn knew this was probably going to be the last time they saw each other until next fall.

Ashlynn sighed, Professor Rumpelstiltskin was droning on and on about the periodic table of spellements

Ashlynn checked the clock. Only three minutes and forty three seconds left.

Professor Rumplestiltskin just remembered,“today is the last day of school, I have work to give you!”

Professor Rumplestiltskin hobbled to his desk, and opened a draw. He took out a huge stack of papers and said,“this is your summer homework,” everybody groaned,“if you don’t complete it by the end of the summer, DETENTION!!!!!! Wahhhhhhhhhh”

Just then, the bell rang.

Briar Beauty’s pink glasses were perched on the edge of her nose with her head in her arms snoring, when the bell rang.

Her eyes popped open, as she rushed out of the classroom, followed by Professor Rumplestiltskin’s cries.

Outside the classroom, Briar found Ashlynn.

“Hey Ashlynn,” Briar said.

“Oh, hey Briar,” Ashlynn replied, her head hanging low.

“What’s the matter?” Briar asked.

“It’s just..I don’t know,” Ashlynn replied,“over the summer I’m have to... I...”

“If you have plans that you don’t like, then cancel them,” Briar advised.

“I can’t cancel this, it’s... my parents have been planning this for weeks, ” Ashlynn explained,“it wouldn’t be right to cancel, even if I could.”

“Well then,” Briar thought,“why don’t you forget about it, that’s what I do. I live everyday to the fullest! I don’t think about my future, ’cause I know what it’s going to be.” Briar took a deep breath, knowing that after every day, she’s one step closer to sleeping for one-hundred years.

“You’re right Briar,” Ashlynn chirped up, and gave Briar a hug,“thank you!” Ashlynn waved goodbye, and left.

Briar shrugged,“happy to help.”

Ashlynn went to her locker, with a smile on her face. She put the all of her schoolbooks, such as, hextbooks, folders, and binders, into her backpack.

Ashlynn found Blondie Locks by her locker, and went over to chat.

“Hey Blondie,” Ashlynn said.

“Oh, hey Ashlynn, I didn’t see you there before,” Blondie replied, with a grin.

“I just walked over,” Ashlynn explained,“so, what are you doing this summer?”

“My family is going camping this summer, it’s going to be just right!” Blondie answered. “We go camping every year.”

“That’s so cool,” Ashlynn nodded.

“Yup, it is,” Blondie agreed,“I can’t wait! So what are you doing Ashlynn?”

“I’m staying home,” Ashlynn replied.

“That can be great too,” Blondie said,“well, I’m going to finish packing up, have a good summer!”

Ashlynn waved goodbye”you too Blondie!” and walked away.

Ashlynn said her goodbyes to many of her friends, such as, C. A. Cupid, Apple, Rosebella, and many more, before walking outside Ever After High.

“Oh,” Ashlynn realized, right after taking her first step out of the building,“I forgot to say goodbye to Farrah, and Hunter, how could I have forgotten.”

So, Ashlynn walked back inside, and found Farrah Goodfairy talking to a group of girls.

“Hey Farrah,” Ashlynn interrupted, Farrah turned around to face Ashlynn,“sorry for the interruption, I just wanted to say goodbye.”

The other girls shrugged.

Farrah gave Ashlynn a huge hug,“hi Ashlynn.”

Ashlynn hugged the daughter of her mother’s fairy godmother.“I’ll miss you so much,” Ashlynn said.

“Me too,” Farrah agreed.

Once they both broke the hug Ashlynn asked,“what are you doing this summer?”

“Mom is taking me to the beach.” Farrah answered,“she’s renting a one story house for three weeks! I’m so hexcited!”

Ashlynn smiled,“that does sound hexciting.”

“And,” Farrah continued,“it’s the same beach Meshell lives on!”

“That’s fabulous!“Ashlynn exclaimed.

“Ya,” Farrah agreed,“so what are you doing.”

“Staying home,” Ashlynn replied,“oh by the way, have you seen Hunter, I haven’t seen him and I want to say goodbye.”

“Yes,” Farrah answered,“I saw him walking with the boys.”

“Thanks Farrah,” Ashlynn smiled as she started to walk away,“have a good summer.”

“You too!” Farrah called before turning back to her group of friends.

Ashlynn quickly spotted the boys group, and walked over to them.

“Hey guys,” Ashlynn greeted, she searched the group but Hunter wasn’t there,“have you seen Hunter?” She asked,“I can’t seem to find him, and Farrah told me she saw him here with you guys.”

“He was with us a few minutes ago,” Dexter Charming said,“then he went off to look for you.”

“Oh, okay,” Ashlynn replied, walking to find Hunter,“thanks guys, have a great summer!”

“You too,” Dexter answered.

Ashlynn searched the crowd, there, she spotted Hunter Huntsman also searching the crowd. Their eyes met, and they both smiled.

Ashlynn ran into Hunter’s open arms.

“There you are sweet-heart, I’ve been looking all over for you,” Hunter said with a smile.

“Me too,” Ashlynn replied.

The bell rang.

“Oh my, it’s 12:00, sorry but I have to go sweetie.“Ashlynn claimed.

Ashlynn’s bags were already in the carriage, except for her backpack that she was carrying over her shoulder.

Ashlynn stepped outside. She couldn’t believe it was summer already.

Ashlynn took a deep breath and ran off, into the carriage that was waiting for her.

Hunter ran outside, and waved to his girlfriend Ashlynn, as her carriage was pulling her away.

Ashlynn waved back, then was carried away.


Apple White walked the halls, as she neared her locker, she spotted Raven Queen.

“Raven!” Apple called out, and waved.

Raven turned around,“hey Apple,” she said casually.

“What are you doing this summer?” Apple asked.

“Oh, um...” Raven looked a bit uncomfortable,“I um... what are you doing?” Raven asked quickly.

Apple scrunched her eyebrows in confusion at the quick change in discussion, but she shrugged it off,“I’m staying home,” Apple replied,“my mom is really busy, so we’re not taking a vacation this year.”

“Well, I’m sorry you can’t go anywhere wicked cool,” Raven noted.

“So what are you doing this summ-” Apple was cut off by Raven.

“Sorry Apple, I uh,” Raven stammered and looked around frantically,“I um, oh! I left my hextbook in our dorm, I better go get it.”

“Wait,” Apple said,“I checked our dorm, there’s nothing left.” But Raven was already gone. “Oh well.”

Apple turned, she saw Ashlynn and Briar conversing. Just then, Ashlynn gave Briar a big hug, a smile, and walked off.

Apple walked over to Briar,“hey Briar.”

“Oh, hey Apple,” Briar said.

“So what was that all about?” Apple asked.

“What was what?” Briar asked confused.

“The whole Ashlynn thing,” Apple answer.

“Oh, she just needed a little advice, that’s all,” Briar shrugged

“So what are you doing this summer?” Apple questioned.

“My family is taking a trip to the Adventure get away resort for a whole week!” Briar hexclaimed

“Staying home,” Apple sighed.

Both girls separated and went to go say a few more goodbyes, before leaving to go home.

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