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A Coruscant Dawn (short story)


As the sun sets upon Coruscant, Padmé Amidala ponders about the Clone Wars, the state of the Republic and the man she loves.

Romance / Drama
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The sun was setting upon Coruscant. The light progressively illuminating the multitude of buildings and streets covering every inch of the planets surface. Although the lower depths of the city rarely saw any light, being too low to reach, the higher grounds of the city were surrounded by a warm amber glow. The golden hues of the blazing star started filtering through the windows of the various habitations, beckoning the city out of its slumber. Soon the city would be buzzing with activity, transports rushing towards their various destinations at frantic speeds, droids and billboards feverishly competing for attention… The everlasting flow of traffic, signature of the Capital of the Republic would soon be awakened. Eventually, the morning was set enough to reach the Senate grounds and the neighboring Jedi Temple. The Senate would be called upon, debates would blaze through the many conference chambers and the tedious game of politics would renew after its all too brief interlude.

Morning often brought good tidings. The sight of the rising dawn was something the habitants of Coruscant marveled in. However, there was one person for whom the setting sun was a reminder that fleeting moments of joy were never to last. She had awakened before day break, far too troubled to sleep through the whole night. She had wanted to stay awake, as to enjoy every moment in which her happiness seemed blissfully whole. The night had been so cold, she had pulled the covers of her bed over her shoulders and placed her body tenderly next to her sleeping lover. Every time he came back to her safe and sound, relief and hope filled her soul. He was more than a lover or a husband to her, he was her companion in arms, her partner in the struggle to maintain democracy. While she fought at the negotiating tables, he fought on the battlefields spanning as far as the Outer Rim and Wild Space. As a Senator, she knew how crucial it was for the preservation of democracy, the rule of law and freedom of the galaxy's inhabitants for this ravaging war to end as swiftly as possible. She dreaded the use of violence and the destruction it brought forth, more so she knew the man she loved would be in the frontlines. When they would be apart, she would fill her mind to the brink with work, redacting diplomatic policy, entertaining political ties with like minded senators, ensuring the path of diplomacy remained open.

Padme Amidala had suspected the Clone Wars was drawing to it's conclusion and that the Republic would soon emerge victorious after three years of brutal confrontation with the Separatist. However, the Republic she envisioned and believed in for so long was gradually being transformed into something she no longer recognized. The total of emergency powers given to the Chancellor had grown far greater by the day, nearly every democratic institution now had the Chancellor's direct or indirect involvement. In fact, it could be said that Palpatine effectively controlled the Republics whole political scene from the banks, the military and the courts of law. Would he stretch so far as to infiltrate the Jedi Order? Such a possibility terrified her. She wouldn't go as far as to qualify Palpatine as a dictator (or a tyrant), but he was unquestionably becoming more authoritarian as the war raged on. The once benevolent humble Senator reluctantly pushed into power due to the incompetence of the previous Chancellor over the invasion of Naboo by the Trade Federation, had transformed into a distant, ruthless and power-hungry individual. Only the end of the war would put a halt on the Chancellors unchecked power, bringing the Republic and democracy back to its former glory.

All the sudden she let out a sigh of frustration. Why could she simply not distance politics from her mind while she was with the man she loved, sleeping peacefully next to her! She shifted under the covers, pressing herself closer as to rest her head against his chest. She could feel him breathing, sensing the rhythmic up down motion of his respiration. Leaning over closer to his face, she stared affectionately at him. He looked so innocent in his dormancy, reminding her of the young boy she had met all those years ago in that grimy junk shop on Tatooine. He had been only ten and she fourteen, a young Queen disguised as a handmaid; then they hadn't seen each other for ten years after the Battle of Naboo. Then out of the blue, he came back. The slave boy who dreamed of the flying eternally amongst the stars and of becoming a Jedi had grown into a rather dashing young man, that spark she'd been drawn to forever present. Granted, when she first saw him again after a decade of separation, he wasn't exactly the grandest words man. He was a hopelessly naïve padawan, a child in the guise of a grown man. For all his knowledge and Jedi training, he lacked the skills when it came to speak with a woman. His first attempts to flirt were least to say a bit too bold or maybe a little forced (no pun intended). Unsurprising when his unorthodox upbringing at the Jedi Temple came to mind; especially their strange rejection of emotional attachment. Nevertheless, in the all too brief time they had gone into hiding with him as her Jedi protector, her childhood affection soon turned to something deeper, she had grown to love him. Her initial rebuff of him came from a genuine place of concern that he was throwing away his future for her. Their respective duties and burdens preventing them from forming any such affection. Not only that, they would never be able to live in a secret relationship; in other words, a lie. Only when faced with impending death in the Geonosis Arena did she confess her true feelings as she didn't want to die without him knowing how much her heart equally longed for him. This was a point of no return, duty be damned. After their unexpected survival of the Battle of Geonosis and his terrible maiming at the hands of the traitor Count Dooku during a lightsaber duel, they secretly married in the isolated Lake Country of Naboo.

Ever since the beginning of the Clone Wars, their time together had been cut short. Neither of them complained, let this disappointment turn into resent of their union. Their time together, however short would largely compensate the longing and solitude their separations would ensue. They both loved each other too much. At least during their separations, they knew they would eventually come back to each other's embrace. These past months had been particularly hard. He had been gravely injured during space battle and after months of tedious recovery, he was once again back on the battlefield. In the meantime, Padme had been contesting a bill that would effectively hand to the Chancellor the control of the Jedi Order. Her informants had conveyed to her the information that the origin of the bill came directly from the Chancellor's office. This information had stunned her. Normally, the Chancellor never explicitly took initiative to award himself further emergency powers. It was his habit to wait for one of his compliant Senate allies to propose such measures.

As a result of Amidala's tireless defence of the independence of the Jedi Order, the bill had only narrowly failed in the Senate. Palpatine was becoming stronger, entranced in power and his motives far more suspect. Since this event, she could no longer consider Palpatine an ally. The man she once regarded as a mentor during her terms as Queen, then a benevolent ally and friend had morphed into a man's whose lust for power was becoming more and more apparent. The warmness she once held for him was replaced into a wariness, then an all-consuming suspicion (verging on a quiet hostility). Padme Amidala was not naïve, her years as Queen and then as a Senator had instructed her in the intricacies of power and politics. While she still held in high esteem the office of politician and the good that often came from decisive action, she recognized what was transpiring. The growing disillusion towards the Senate and the Republic, the Chancellor with the added worry over her husbands well being caused such an intense anxiety.

Last night had been an unexpected much needed reprieve. After a tedious and difficult political assembly of the Senate floor, she had returned home to find him waiting for her on their apartment balcony. He was leaning on the balcony ledge, staring at the Coruscant horizon, the cool evening breeze whistling through his hair. For a while, she only gazed at him, thinking fatigue and anxiety were playing tricks on her mind. This vision of her husband was no illusion as catching sight of each other, they flew in each others' arms, initiating a in passionate and tender embrace. One thing led to another, they both made their way towards the bedroom, disregarding clothes along the way. Luckily, he'd had the good sense of powering down C3PO and R2D2 before she arrived. Last time he'd forgotten, had been quite memorable (to say the least). Waking in his arms this very morning, she desired nothing more then for him to peacefully awaken so they could take advantage of the precious time they had left together. She needed to convey to him her suspicions of Palpatine. Obviously, they had been far too occupied with other activities to do so last night, but now was the time. The Chancellor had taken a growing interest in her husband and he in turn had been flattered by the attention. After all, he often thought that besides Padme he was the only one who understood and showed kindness towards him. Padme had to agree, the Jedi were far too distant and removed emotionally. Even his newly found friendship with his former master Obi Wan Kenobi suffered from a distance between the two men. On the other hand she did not see this as a gradual or casual interest. Palpatine never did anything without a reason as the Clone Wars bitterly taught her. She had to warn him, as soon as he woke up. Reaching and tenderly caressing his hair, those unruly sandy blond locks, she gestured as to softly wake him.

His brow tightened and he began to mumble inaudibly. She suppressed the urge to chuckle as he limply flung his arms still asleep to lie on his stomach, his head buried in a pillow. Padme gave him a slight nudge on the shoulder, whispering his name in his ear "Anakin…" Finally, he opened his sleep riddled eyes, a smile forming on his lips. He was still at peace, since he was still with her. Padme reminded him what he was truly fighting for. Not for the political shenanigans of the Senate, the glory of the Republic or the Jedi Order. He was fighting for freedom, for peace and above all for her. Once his sight was clear, distinguishing her features from the blur of dark brown locks her held her closer to him. All Anakin Skywalker desired was to stay laying in bed with his wife. Loose himself in her and the sense of serenity she inspired in him. They stayed like this for what seemed an eternity. Other couples might feel that these minutes were too few, but to the young Jedi knight and Senator, they were pure bliss.

Anakin's commlink broke the silence and serenity of their bedroom. Buried within the scattered heap of clothes, the little device's beeping blared furiously. It was very likely Obi Wan, Anakin's former Master and eternal kriffing pain in the backside. Anakin was tempted to let him wander around in frantic circles trying to find or contact him. But by doing so, he would put himself and Padme in danger of discovery. After one gentle kiss on the forehead, they both rose from their bed. Anakin went to retrieve his clothes and Padme went to help him. Just another simple testament of overwhelming love and tenderness. They gradually proceeded to help dress each other. Anakin in his Jedi tunics and Padme in one of her elaborate, graceful official senatorial gowns. How he resented how their clothes stole their individuality, turning them into symbols. Banishing their reality as lovers, but even more tiresome was the fact that the fabric of Padme's high neckline dress deprived him from the sight of her dainty cleavage. They shared one last kiss before he was forced to leave, not knowing if it would be months or years before they could see each other again.

"Obi Wan and I are to be sent to the Outer Rim," said Anakin, a tint of despair in his voice "hopefully, we wont be gone for too long."

He was trying to reassure her, miserably but still.

"Just be carefull, and make sure you bring yourself and Obi Wan back in one peace." She sighed then pulled a mocking face, "after all, you're the one with the great ''shoot me'' sign wherever you go."

He chuckled then pressed the palm of his organic hand to her cheek. "Milady, facing danger is in my job description." He bent to a teasing exagerated bow.

Pretending exasperation, she nudged him on the chest once he faced her again. He then left through the balcony entrace, to the parked hidden city bike he'd used to join her appartment. When he was gone, she realised she hadnt told him the doubt towards Palpatine that plagued her mind. She hoped that they would be able to have this conversation before anything unfortunate could happen.

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