Rapture oh Rapture

Chapter 6

“What the hell?” Surprise and bewilderment entered my system the instant I entered the station. Unlike the one in the primary building, this one was actually . . . clean. No blood stained floor or an influx of broken glass. Aside from a few bulletholes here and there, It all looked clean and maintained. Surely something went on in here.

“Keep your eyes open,” said Garvey “Primary building, secondary building, it doesn’t make a difference. They’re all littered with splicers.”

We walked slowly and carefully through the station wary of what was to come next. The place was completely deserted, which was already a sign that something was wrong. But in the distance I heard an echo, that echo turned into a song, a melodic song sung by some French artist. It came out of a phonograph behind the ticket counter. Was this supposed to give me comfort?

“Something’s not right, Ryan littered this place with the splicers Fontaine mustered up. There dogs bred to wreak chaos anywhere they set foot in. So what the hell is this?” Dennis said nervously, and rightfully so. We expected to simply enter another warzone and fight the rabid dogs that were splicers. To see something like this, this cleanliness, it’s beyond reason. Have they somehow come to some sort of consensus and are working as one unit? The thought of such a thing gave me shudders, I could not fathom it. I went up to Garvey’s back and then whispered to him. “We should head back and reconvene with the rest of the group. Something tells me that these guys are a hell of a lot more organized than the one back at central.”

“No, it’s a simple task: get the package from the wearhouse store and come back to Atlas with it. It’s a job we should have no problems with.“

As we moved on, I noticed something hanging on the wall. As I went closer I realized it was a poster of sorts. I walked to it to see what it was. There was a picture of an middle aged man holding a hammer and wearing workers clothes. It said ‘Join The New Bolshevik Revolution’, ‘Live like Equals and Liberate Yourself from the Oppressors Above’. I grabbed it and then said “Hey Garvey, what do you make of this?”

He went up to me and took a good look at the poster and then gave a face of disbelief. “That’s William Rustamav, he was the head of the Communist movement in Rapture until Ryan tossed him and his supporters down here for apparently trying to stir violent riots in the Promenades.”

“Apparently?” I said in confusion

“You never know with Ry-“

“Shhhh”, whispered Bobby as he took cover on a nearby column. “We have company.”

We all took cover near a row of benches. I heard the scurring of feet at the end of the station, from the sound of it there was around six men on the other side. We took out our Tommy guns and prepared for the worst. But the sound of moving feet ended. I took a peek from the bench and saw no one on the otherside. Were they trying to surround us?


Suddenly all the lights turned off and zero visibiliy entered into the equation. At this point I did not even dare to peek my head out. Damn it we were not prepared for this; no flashlights, no torch sticks. All we could depend on at this point was sound. Then that luxury ended as a loud screeching noise came on from speakers nearby and then it came into focus.

Greetings gentlemen of the noble cause! I hate to disturb you at such an early hour, but a new development has arisen. One that seeks to destroy everything I have built here. Four of Atlas’s henchmen have just arrived at our lovely station . . . I want them dead. The first man to complete this service will be rewarded with ten full syringes of ADAM. As for the ill-mannered crusadors that seek to taint my home, I have only this to say . . . the only thing that awaits you beyond this station is a scourge of bullets, turn back now, or become one of the many rotting corpses that fill this hell.

The speakers fell silent after the speech, an menacing stillness crept into the room. I could hear nothing but heavy breathing coming out of my peers. Ambient noise echoed throughout the station, building up the inevitable clash that was to come. I make the first move by peeking out of the bench to see where the enemy lied.

“Nothing,” I whispered to Garvey

“What?” he said confused and shaken

“I can’t see-“


Lights went on all across the otherside of the room, completely blinding me. It was then that I realized how serious of a predicament we were in.

“Spotlights,” I said completely horror struck and befuddlement. I quickly look at my peers and scream “GET DOW-“


The stillness was instantly broken by the crackle of gunfire. Bullets wheezed passed our heads, destroying all that was around us. Large caliber guns tore through the marble columns, bullets dashed across us by the hundreds, as if it were a locust horde. I look to my side only to see my peers succumb to panic. They did not dare look up and were quivering behind the bench. Soon the earsplitting gunfire took hold of me and I became disoriented. My vision began to blur and I could not balance myself. It was all coming back, the harsh reality of things that were and will be. There was no way out, nowhere to run too, nowhere to hide. We were trapped. Perhaps . . . It was time to fall asleep, accept my fate and join my father. Only then can I truly repent for the sins I have committed. Yes it was time to let the torch die and never let this fate befall another one of my kin. I closed my eyes, lowered my gun, and was prepared to embrace the scourge of bullets.

“Daddy”, echoed a familiar voice

My eyes widened in disbelief, it was Elena. I looked back and forth to see where she was, but all that was left was an infinite field of darkness stretching beyond any perceivable means.

“Elena, dear, where are you?” I screamed at the top of my lungs

“Will”, said a voice, I looked around to see where all the upheaval was coming from. I soon found myself to be running aimlessly, having no clear pattern to guide my way; nothing.

“WILL!” screamed Garvey; I opened my eyes only to see myself back in the unforgiving warzone. The amount of bullets flying past me disseminated all across the station, the marble columns were in shambles, and the bench would not hold up for much longer.

“Yeah, I’m here, I’m here,” I said in complete shock, words became nothing more but hollow whispers in this perilous storm. Bullets were shredding through everything and here were me and Garvey holding on to dear life. But where were Bobby and Dennis?

“Will, I gave you a dose of that plasmid I was talking about, now listen u-“


The bench finally wore out as a bullet went through it and grazed Garvey’s arm. He let out a groan and then pushed me away to the far left of the bench, where the damage was not nearly as severe.

“Goddamnit!” Garvey screamed while covering his injured arm. He looked at me with an angry glare and grabbed my shirt. “I don’t have time for this!”

I did not have enough time to ponder on what he meant; a red gas began to gravitate towards us and was increasing in size and speed. It was then spiraling around me and Garvey, moving in lightning velocity; I could see nothing but an all encompassing red blurring my vision.

“Shit they got teleport, mow them dow-“

The man’s voice faded away, along with the sound of bullets hurling towards us; everything was silent. The smoke cleared out and I let out a gasp. We were in a different room entirely, one that was far less spacious than the station. I look at Garvey in disbelief, unable to contemplate what had just transpired.

“What the hell was that?” I said stunned and paralyzed.

“What was that?” he said incredulously with an irate demeanor. He then grabbed my shirt and pulled me toward him with great force. “What the hell were you doing? Nearly got us all killed!”

“I . . . I” I was lost in words, unable to express what was going on in my head. Everything was spiraling out of control, and there was no elucidation that could unravel this mess.

“Look at me you moronic piece of shit!” Garvey screamed. The clutter began to clear and my attention turned to him. “I’m not babysitting your incompetent ass, the next time we’re in a firefight; I won’t be there to bail you out, you hear me?”

“Won’t happen again,” I said disgruntled, how did I let this happen? Freezing up during a gunfight? That’s not me. Whatever the hell I was thinking of back there, I had to let it go. Elena is in this hellhole and I needed to get her out. This was not the time to grieve over my past transgressions and follies. What I was doing here meant progression, for myself and for my family. A life where I could let go of all these encumber some tasks and come back to the one thing that actually mattered and meant something to me. No more moral dilemmas and depravity, rather I will have a life bursting with moral clarity and uprightness. I had to overcome these grievances that have come back to haunt me. Only then can I ever truly hope to have a wholesome life.

“Where are the others?” I asked, picking myself up, ready for whatever comes next.

“I made contact with Dennis, he said he’s in some sort of convenience store. We’re going to rendezvous with him there and rethink this whole catastrophe. Haven’t made contact with Bobby yet, so Dennis is the priority.” Garvey said with a look of concern, he then put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Sully, when we get out of here, remember to keep your head down and follow my lea-“

“Don’t worry about me, done this sort of thing plenty of times before.”

“Right,” said Garvey a bit annoyed, getting out his bandage and covering his injured arm. “That’s why I almost got my arm blown off, right? No offence, but follow my lead.”

I was irritated by just how much he saw it as a necessity to baby me, but he had a fair point, measures have to be taken to compensate for my incompetence and this seemed appropriate. I nodded my head in agreement and we headed out of the room. Into the devil’s lair we went.

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