Heroes - Continued

Chapter 3 - "Nothing That Could Be Done"

Chapter 3

“Nothing that could be done”

Noah & Bob

Company facility, Manhattan

Noah Bennett walked through the office threshold, letting the door hit the wall at its side, making it clearly obvious he didn’t want to be there at all.

“You know, you could be gentler with the door,” said Bob as he turned to face Bennett.

“I’m not here to be nice,” confirmed Noah. “What do you want?”

Bob tossed a file on his desktop and sat down. “I have a job for you. You’ll know the target from your previous encounter.”

Noah went to the file a turned it to him while opening it. His blood went cold as he saw who he was assigned too. “You can’t be serious. How’d he even get out?”

“I’m very serious,” said Bob, and his face reflected it. “And it doesn’t matter how, we need him taken care of.”

“How exactly am I going to get close enough?”

“You’ll have help.” The Haitian walked in softly, behind Noah as he heard his name being called. He brought with him a long gun bag that he held at his side by the grip. He handed it to Noah who undid the zipper, inspecting the rifle within.

“A sniper rifle? You really think that I can eliminate him with a bullet?”

“That’s the idea. With the distance between the two of you, we speculate that he won’t be able to react in time.”

“Speculate?” said Noah.

“You’ll have the Haitian with you at all times so IF something does go wrong then he will be able to suppress his abilities when he’s close enough and you can do it then. I don’t care how just that you do it,” clarified Bob on the plan.

“And if he decides to take me out at a distance instead of coming up close and personal?” asked Noah.

“Then you better make sure you get him on the first try,” answered Bob.

“How exactly do I find him, by the way?”

“That part of the job I have taken the liberty of making simple for you…”

“You’re all heart,” interrupted Noah, getting in his punches where and when he could.

“…We’ve let loose the information of what he’s looking for is at this location.” Bob slid an address over is desk to Noah’s direction. It was an address to a building in the downtown area. “You’ll be in the high windows above, adjacent to the building. When he gets the tip, and he will, he should be an easy target for you to take care of.”

“What’s he looking for?” asked Noah in all honesty.

“You,” said Bob with a treacherous smirk on his face.

Noah went wide-eyed at the revelation of the target’s purpose. “You sent him after me!? I’m as good as dead!”

“Well, why not, you where the one who got him the first time. He’s apparently become fixated on finding you for information, possibly payback too, what better lure than vengeance and hatred to ensnare our problem into the trap. Even gives you some added incentive to doing the job right this time.”

Noah’s frustration with the man behind the desk was growing to intolerable levels. He had been set up on a mission that he was most likely to fail, Noah knew it. He would’ve liked to take the rifle in his hand and kill Bob then go home to his family, but he would never get a chance to with the Haitian watching him like a hawk. He had to do it to keep his family alive or the loved ones he had been trying to protect so diligently from the Company would be forfeit. So Noah let out all the burning hatred he had for the balding man in glasses out with a heavy breath.

“So do we understand each other, Noah?” said Bob.

“Yeah,” said Noah exhaustingly defeated. “We do.”

Nathan Petrelli

Montreal, Canada

Nathan walked up to the newspaper vender he ha been going to for the last four days, his cap and heavy coat close to his body to shield himself from the downpour of cold rain, and to shield himself from the public that thought him dead. He rubbed at the hairy stubble that had grown over his face, still not enough to be considered a beard yet, but close.

He came to the man with the dreary disposition that matched the weather, watching the news on his small TV next to him. “What’ll be, Mac’?”

“Just the paper, please,” repeated Nathan as he had in the last three days. Reading the paper had been his only source of information since his seclusion by his brother to the storage space the once belonged to the man trying to eradicate the world’s populace with a lethal virus. Now he hides from the group that tried to kill him while his brother tracks down the trigger man, waiting for his return, saying that they found Noah Bennett. Matt Parkman, the new friend of his and a mind reading detective, had said that he knew of a special “tracker” that could find anyone, but so far not a peep. So Nathan Patrelli stays under the radar for the right to survive till the next day. As he withdrew his pocket change for the vender, Nathan’s attention came to the television broadcasting the weather forecast for the New York region.

“…Well those nice days seem to be coming to a fast end as we are tracking a sudden and severe thunder storm rolling in to the New York area…”

Well, it can’t be any worse than this mess, thought Nathan as he drew in his collar closer to his neck, trying to keep the freezing water from getting in.

The weather report finished, the station’s anchorwoman went straight into the news headlines, with picture from Nathan’s campaign picture sliding up next to the reporter. “…There’s no new development in the case of missing congress man Nathan Patrelli from his hospital bed in Odessa Texas after an assassination attempt on his life. As you may recall, Patrelli won the New York election for the senate, then was no where to be found for weeks only to show up in Odessa police station calling an emergency press conference, getting shot through the chest before his announcement by a shooter who has yet to be identified. Police are still investigating.”

The vender, whose attention was also on the broadcast turned to see the man in the picture that was at his newspaper stand, but found he was no where to be seen as he stuck his head out checking the empty sidewalks and wet streets. He returned to his seat, scratching his head, if only he had looked up he would have seen the man on the television hovering in mind air

“That was too close,” sighed Nathan. He shot up further through the air never looking back.

Ando & Kimiko

Yamagato Industrie, Japan

<”You see?”> said Ando as he peered out from the corner of a wall, looking down the hall to the cubical of his best friend Hiro, his sister was present with Ando, observing her brother’s odd behavior.

<”You’re right. I have never seen him like this before. It’s like… he’s lost a part of himself.”>

<”He’s lost his faith,”> answered Ando. <”He doesn’t want to be a Hero anymore.”>

Kimiko turned away from the site of her brother, receding back from the corner. Ando followed. <”How can I believe this story that you’ve told me, that my brother can bend space/time, that he help save the world? Now he’s depressed because he thinks he has done nothing but failed everyone. I can’t believe it.”>

Ando pleaded to her to believe. <”But it’s true! Your brother has ventured to places, seen things, and helped a lot of people not to mention the whole world. Your father knew this about him, he believed him.”>

<”My father was growing crazy in his old age,”> said Kimiko in a spiteful manor

<”Don’t say that!”> returned Ando in a harsher tone. <”He died with more honor than you have...”> Ando turned away from Kimiko and started walking, stopping at her side before he left. <”… it’s a shame that only one of children inherited it. If I have to do this myself then I will.”> Ando continued on as he tried to think of how he was going to do what he said.

<”Wait!”> called out Kimiko, running up to Ando. She looked at him with a heated anger in her eyes. <”You think that since you spent a few months with my father that he means more to you than me? I cared about my father more than you did and I care about my brother as equally as you do. Because I don’t believe this story of adventures throughout time and exploding men and death viruses, doesn’t mean I won’t help him.”>

Ando saw the determination in Kimiko’s eyes; she really wanted to help her brother as much as he did. He nodded his head in acceptance of her help

<”What do you have in mind?”> asked Kimiko

Ando continued down the hall with her at his side. <”I’m not sure, yet, but we better think of something soon. Who knows what waits around the corner?”>

A dark figure, silent in his approach, comes up from behind the two lone office workers. Cloths dabbed with chloroform were present in each hand and placed over the mouths of Hiro’s best friend and sister. It wasn’t long before they were passed out on the floor.

The ninja stood over them with a grin under his cowl, chuckling at the irony of what Ando had said. <”You don’t know how right you are.”>

Peter, Matt, & Claire

Peter’s Apartment, New York

Peter sat at the worn down kitchen table in his apartment room that he hasn’t seen in so long, tired from his long grueling hours at the map in front of him. With saving the world becoming a full time job and constantly on the move to stay alive he’s had little time to come back to the city he loves and place he calls home. Sure the paint was starting to peel in places due to leaking water and the neighbors were way too loud at nights with their…, activities, but in the end it was his.

He had offered this place as home base, of sorts, for their search of the man with the horn rimmed glasses, Claire’s adopted father, Noah Bennett. She was currently in the other room with her cell phone at her ear, talking with her other foster parent. He had been teleporting her back and forth from her house in California to his apartment, she had wanted to be apart of her dad’s “rescue” from the Company. She constantly swore of his innocents, but Peter wasn’t so sure of it, but he had decided that she was going to look no matter what so what better place than under his watchful eye.

She sure is a special girl, thought Peter, going through so much to still have the courage and strength to go on. I guess it runs in the family. Not to mention the faith she has in us. When Peter had asked why she wasn’t surprised to see him alive the day he teleported into her room, she shrugged her shoulders and gave him a sweet smile. Her only response was “I knew you weren’t dead. You’re a hero and heroes don’t die like that.” He wished that what she said would be the truth of the matter.

Matt was living with him now, ever since his falling out with Suresh, who had apparently sided with the Company. He wouldn’t, or couldn’t, give any information on Bennett’s whereabouts or his actions, he did hand over a girl named Molly to him, saying it was too dangerous to stay with him anymore, and gave a warning to him.

“Sylar’s back.”

Matt didn’t bother to get anything more out of him and didn’t read his mind out of respect, Peter assumed. Just took Molly with him and brought her here. One problem at a time, first we have to deal with Bennett, then, Sylar comes next. He only hoped that they would get to him before he started killing again. Peter was told that the little girl was special like them, that she could help find Bennett because she could find anybody and with him helping they would find him in no time. Of course that was four days ago. The current speculation was that he had the Haitian with him at all times, blocking their abilities to locate Noah as he often does, whether it was intentional of forced they could only guess. The two trackers had switched off in shifts but it was mostly Peter looking due to Molly’s lack of stamina because of her young age. But she still went at it even now she sat in his living room with a spread of maps, trying to get a lock on him.

Peter went for the bottled water within his hand’s reach as the front door opened and Detective Matt Parkman walked through with a bag of groceries in each arm. Peter went to grab the one on his right that was about to fall, Matt gave a relieved “Thanks” as they casually walked into the kitchen.

Parkman looked into the living room at Molly. “Any luck yet?”

Peter shook his head. “Nothing. That damn Haitian is getting on my last nerve.”

“You’re not the only one,” said Matt.

Frustration and the dwindling of his patience were starting to show in his attitude. “How long do we keep this up, Matt? Four days out and we’re not any closer to finding this guy than we were when we started.”

“You got a better idea, I’m all ears.”

Silence was Peter’s only answer

“It’s not like we know where he’s going to be or where he’d go, not that it would do us any good. He’s too smart to show up in old haunts or anything like that. We have to be patient.”

“Yeah you can say that but it’s not your brother that was shot.” Peter’s voice stabbed at Matt. He regretted saying it as it left his lips.

Matt took the comment as it was intended and returned in kind. “No, he’s not but he is the guy that was shot on my watch, when I was suppose to be protecting him, so don’t think for a second that I don’t have a stake in this or don’t want this guy anymore than you do.” Matt’s voice had risen in volume. The two men stared at each other. There exhausted frustrated nature’s lashing out toward each other just because there was no one else to release it on. Once depleted, Peter both went to the neutral corners to rest and letting their cooler rational minds prevail.

The fight left a bitter taste in his mouth. He didn’t want to fight with Matt. The man who has been helping him and his brother so selflessly, not worry about his own well being. Peter half turned his head to Parkman. “Sorry, Matt.”

Parkman wiped his mouth off with his hand, feeling the gruff stubble that had grown due to four days of neglect, a habit that had become common when he was thinking or needed to do something in uncomfortable situations. “Yeah, me too.” The tone was low but it still held the resentment he felt for attacking back at Peter. “Let’s just… take care of this,” said Matt motioning toward the groceries that waited to be put away.


Top of the Deveaux building

Hiro popped into view atop the building he was told to go from the note that was left on his desk earlier that day. It was the building that his father spent his last moments on before he was murdered by Adam, the monster that he helped to create. He didn’t want to be here, vowing never to step foot onto this building but it seems he can’t even keep the little promises to himself. If it wasn’t for this damn note that said that Ando and Kimiko were in danger he wouldn’t be here. If this turns out to be a hoax …

He crunched up the note in one hand calling out to the author. <”I’m here! Show yourself!”>

A figure came from the deep shadows that were cast by the moonless night of the New York sky. Hiro couldn’t make out the person at first, <”Who are you? How did you leave this on my desk?” Where’s Ando and Kimiko?”>

“Straight to the point, I see,” said the cryptic voice that was familiar to Hiro. “Your time here in America has made you hasty.”

“Who are you?” asked Hiro again in English. “What do you want?”

“What’s owed to me,” said the man in the shadows. He took a few steps forward allowing the top part of his body to be lit by the city lights but keeping the rest in the shadows, even though the light didn’t show the man’s face due to the fact it was wrapped in a cloth which only showed his eyes.

“You!” exclaimed Hiro. He knew who this man was even with his face covered. In fact, if it wasn’t then he wouldn’t have known who it was.

The ninja that had tried to kidnap him to collect on a ransom was laughing from his corner of the rooftop. “You remember me after all.”

That’s why I couldn’t remember his voice; he wasn’t talking English last time

“You know I have never had a hostage escape me in all the time I have been doing this. Never! And not only did you do that but you do one better by completely vanishing right in front of my eyes. Very impressive.”

“What do you want?”

“I told you, I here to collect what’s owed to me,” said the Ninja in better English than Hiro’s

“I don’t have anything of yours.”

“But I have something of yours.” The Ninja threw a brown business envelop to Hiro’s feet. He picked it up and looked inside. It was full of photos of Ando and Kimiko back to back, tied together and gagged looking into the Polaroid camera with fear in their eyes.

“What have you done to them?” demanded Hiro as he dropped the Polaroids and reached for the samurai sword that he had planted when he stopped time as he arrived. It was just a simple sword, not the one he had carried in the past, not the sword of a hero. He didn’t deserve that sword anymore.

“Now, now, there’s that hastiness that I was talking about,” grinned the Ninja only using his eyes. “They are completely fine despite being a little uncomfortable. And not liking each other, I had to gag them because their bickering was driving me mad.”

<“TELL ME WHERE THEY ARE!”> said Hiro as he rushed the Ninja in outrage. The Ninja melted back into the shadows barely evading Hiro’s cutting swipes in the air.

The Ninja’s voice came from behind him in a smug tone. “That will never get you your friend back.”

Hiro turned to his adversary enraged, charging again only this time the Ninja didn’t run, he withdrew one of the curved swords that was at the left side of his waste, blocking the cut that would of carved a nice thin gap through his skull. He expected Hiro to stop there thinking that he was outmatched, that there was no way to get through to his flesh, but Hiro didn’t oblige him. Instead he tried from other sides and other techniques, the sound of metal striking metal rang out like thunder each time the two katanas clashed.

Pushed back by one of Hiro’s sword moves, as the Ninja readied himself for the next volley he came to realize the technique and style he was being used against him. Bushido. He uses the teachings of Bushido. That means…

<”Samurai Dog!”> called out the Ninja. He came at Hiro at full force, faster and stronger in body and in his technique. Hiro was hard pressed to keep him at bay, when he got their swords locked against each other; he was breathing heavy but continued to burn fiercely as he stared the Ninja down. Sweat beaded down from hi s brown, stinging his eyes, his muscles cried out for him to stop threatening to stop if he didn’t. He could only pray that his opponent was feeling the same. It was then that the stalemate came to a end when the Ninja freed one hand and in a flash of light withdrew the other sheathed sword and slashed it across Hiro’s stomach. Hiro winced in pain as fire erupted from his belly, stumbling back with one hand across his open wound, giving the villain an open window of attack, sending the heel of his foot to Hiro’s chin in a nasty crack. Hiro fell back defeated his sword falling out of reach, the Ninja’s sword tip at his neck.

<“Well well, the Samurai is defeated. At the mercy of my blade. As much as I would love to end you right here…”> The Ninja pulled up on the end of the katana the stabbed at the underside of Hiro’s chin, drawing blood from the cut. <”I know you could get out of this if you wanted to but if you want to see you friend and sister live safe happy lives you are going to pay me my tribune, and maybe I’ll make your death a quick and painless.”>

Hiro looked defiantly into the Ninja’s eyes; he was a long way from being defeated. Not by a long shot.

Noah & The Haitian

Downtown Manhattan

Noah looked through the sight scope that had been attached to the riffle in his hands. He was perched on the top floor of a building that had been scheduled for renovation which gave him and his Haitian “Partner” full access to the building without any outside interruptions. It laid barren save for some paint cans plastic tarps and some workman’s tools in the corner. A storm rumbled and roared above them, shinning it light down to the lowly mortals, Noah saw it as a blessing. No one’s going to be out in this mess, the jumping shadows and blinding lights will confuse him and what little sound that does come from the silencer will be lost in the thunder. I just hope I can get him before he gets me.

The Haitian stood behind him, slapping the cellular phone that was to his ear, closed. “He’s here. One of our men spotted him coming up through the alley.”

“So he got the message, apparently.”


“How’s Jennings? Did he get out alive?”

“Barely, he’s hospitalized,” said the Haitian flatly.

Bennett didn’t ask for details. He continued to look through the lens in front of him waiting for is quarry. Sure enough, ten minutes later a man in a long leather coat appeared on the disserted city street looking up at the building in front of him.

“He’s here,” said Noah to the Haitian. Haitian came closer to the window, careful not to knock the stand the rifle was position on, he saw the man slowly climb the stone steps. The man was hesitant.

“Hurry and take the shot.”

“I got it, I got it,” said Bennett calmly, focusing the cross-hairs of his sight on the middle of the man’s head. Lined up and ready to fire, Bennett hesitated to let out a whisper of an inaudible prayer and pulled back on the trigger, the bullet shot out with the lighting right to the man’s head. In a flash the man’s head whipped around to face the direction the bullet was heading and watched come within three feet of his face and drop straight to the ground. Never bouncing off the concrete, never changing direction or slowing down, it laid quietly pointed end facing the man. The man never watched the bullet fall, he knew what would happen having seen it a hundred times before. He kept his eyes lock onto the spot where the bullet originated.

“Damn! He’s onto us,” said Bennett getting up and away from the window leaving the riffle behind. No gun would be useful now. “We have to get out of here.”

He walked past the Haitian to the stairs at the far end of the open floor. “We can still do the job,” protested the Haitian.

“No we ca…” Bennett turned his head back and stopped in mid sentence. A flash of lighting showed the man that was down on the street moments ago beside the Haitian, Noah eyes widen in shock. Reading Bennett’s expression the Haitian turned to find a man drenched in shadow, a red glow coming from behind shaded sunglasses. The Haitian backed away from the Man with the Glowing Eyes in a start of frantic steps, panic and surprise took over his mind for a moment then his instincts went from flight to fight. When the Man with the Glowing Eyes stepped forward, a hard CLU-THUMP of his boot reverberating off the naked walls the Haitian lashed out with his mind first, suppressing the part of the brain that controls the Man with the Glowing Eye’s powers, then lashed out with his body sending a strong precise strike that would deflate the Man’s air long enough to deliver the death blow. At least that was what would have happened if it had connected, instead the Man with the Glowing Eyes blocked the attack in mind air with a speed that was quicker than the Haitian’s and with his right hand half curled, fired a bolt of electricity into the Haitian’s upper right torso. It sent the Haitian spinning backwards about fifteen feet away landing in a hard THUD, rendering him unconscious.

The Man with the Glowing Eyes looked down at the Haitian. “Not this time.” His tone was low and calm, but was full of power behind it.

Bennett looked from the lifeless doll on the floor to the Man standing over him. The Man with the Glowing Eyes focused on him for a few seconds then turned his attention to the man on the floor. He slowly but steadily walked to the Haitian, the heavy footsteps seemed to be drawn out and go on forever. CLU-THUMP. CLU-THUMP. CLU-THUMP.

Bennett left the Haitian to his fate.

Peter, Matt, & Claire

Peter’s Apartment, New York

“Matt! Matt” yelled Molly from the living room. Everyone rushed in at the sound of her screaming voice.

“What is it Molly?” said Matt as he knelled down at her side.

Molly pointed at the wall tack that she pinned on the map. “It’s him, the Man with the Horn Rimed Glasses. He’s there!”

Peter took a closer look at the thumb tack. “He’s in downtown.”

“He’s here?!” said Claire sound both surprised and curious.

“I’m going to get Nathan and then we’ll go after him.”

“You said we were going to help him,” said Claire.

“If we can,” said Peter and teleported out before she could argue any further.

Downtown Manhattan

The Haitian awoke from a brief blackout, trying to raise his body upright ignited pain from his right shoulder area, he stench of chard meat and burnt cloth engulfed his nostrils.


The Haitian turned his trembling head to the direction of the noise to find the pair of legs that went with it next to him. He tried to get away just as the albino woman had when she had know that she had been defeated, and as he did with the albino, the Man with the Glowing Eyes knelt down next to the Haitian.

“Never. Again.” The Man’s right hand began to glow white as he drew it to the Haitian’s eyes.

Cringing, the Haitian softly begged to the Man “No…NO…”

Peter, Nathan, Matt, & Claire

Downtown Manhattan

In the middle of the abandoned business building’s first floors Peter appeared with his brother Nathan and his niece Claire and detective Matt Parkman. A second after the appeared Peter doubled over feeling a wave of nauseating vertigo rushing over him. He began coughing as his stomach danced inside him, uncertain if it wanted to send its remains of lunch back out the way it had come in.

“Peter?” said Nathan as he went to his side along with Clair. Parkman drew out his gun and surveyed there surrounds, standing guard over the others. The floor was wider than it was long from the street, vacant of anything that would make a functional reception area save for the bare crescent shaped desk in the middle on the floor and some waste hill walls with a number of gaps close to it. More than likely the spot where the security turn-around polls were yet to be installed. The ambient light off the city streets shown through the large glass windows giving the group enough to see in but less to full light the sleeping stone building.

“I’ve never did that many before,” he coughed. He tried to right himself. “I’ll be alright.”

“Take it easy for a few seconds,” said Nathan comforting his younger brother, patting his back. “Breath, take it easy and just breath.”

Parkman finished his survey of the ground floor; walking over to Nathan to give him his report. “I see a stair well over in that direction…” He pointed his chin over to the opposite side of the room. “That looks like the only way up. We search floor by floor, I’ll take point.”

Nathan nodded in compliance. “Peter…?

“Yeah,” he answered. “I ready.” He slowly stood upright. “Let’s go.”

An explosion of fire erupted at the entrance door showering the group in glass and stone debris. Peter reacted quickly, putting himself between the shards and missiles and Nathan and Parkman while Claire turned her back to it. Both received their share of impaling objects but none of them hit the sweet spot so they continued to stand. Dust misted the area already starting to settle, Nathan looked through squinted eye lids to see his younger brother pull the last piece of sharp glass out of his abdomen while his daughter pulled out a metal rod from her back that had once belonged to the door as a handle bar.

Two figures walked into the now large door frame, both women and both blonde. The one on the left was the taller one with her hair going straight down her face and reaching down behind her back. The other one was short by half a foot and wore her dirty blonde hair back which was curled near the end, they both wore the same matching outfits; black slacks and button down shirts with mid thigh long coats made of a soft fabric.

The dust gave away to show their faces and Nathan’s jaw hung. “Meredith?!”

Meredith Gordon returned the bewildered look back at him. “Nathan?!”

“Mom,” said Claire recognizing her birth mother when she saw her face. “Is that you?”

“Claire?” returned Meredith.

“Nathan!” said Nikki, the woman beside Meredith.


“Nikki?” questioned Claire.

“You!” shouted Parkman leveling his weapon at Nikki.

“What the hell?” said Peter, confused by the current situation. God, I need a damn score card to keep up with everything.

Meredith turned to Nikki. “You know Nathan.” Nikki didn’t bother to answer as she looked at Meredith. “So much for variety.”

Nathan ignored the sarcastic comment and stuck to situation at hand. “What are you two doing here?”

“We’re here for someone,” said Nikki as she started to walk in, Parkman shouted at her to stop as she did.

“You’re under arrest, lady.”

Nikki looked at him in tired annoyance. “Don’t tell me you’re still upset about me throwing you out the window.”


Everyone’s head snapped to the direction on the propped open stairwell where the bloodcurdling scream originated from. All of their blood went cold as ice.

“What was that?” asked Claire.

“Someone else must have gotten to Bennett first,” answered Peter. “We’ve got to get up their now.”

“Hold on,” yelled Meredith. “If anyone is going to leave here with Bennett it’s going to be us.”

“What? You’re here for him too?” said Nathan.

“Nathan, we need him,” said Nikki. “He’s important to us.”

“Important to whom?”

“We can’t tell you,” answered Meredith. “Just let us through and we’ll be out of your hair.”

“Screw this,” said Peter growing impatient with the chatter going on. He walked a few feet before a thick, line of fire six feet high cut him off at the pass.

Meredith held out her arm, fingers spread eagled, and presently on fire though she seemed not to pay any attention. “I told you were leaving with him and that’s final.” She threw out her other arm and a line of fire shot out of her palm, incasing the group in a ring of fire cutting them off in any attempt of continuing or retreating. They shielded there faces from the bright flames and the burning tongues of red, orange, and yellow.

Nikki yelled out in protest. “Don’t do this, Meredith, this isn’t right.”

“Not now Nikki.”

“You’re going to kill them. “

“I have it under control. Go ahead and get Bennett.” Nikki hesitated at the order she was given but did what she was told, going around the firewall giving the briefest of glances to Nathan before setting out for the stairwell.

The group surrounded by the fire began to cough from the smoke coming off the carpeted floor. Parkman tried to level his weapon at the firestarter but couldn’t keep his focus on her. It was then that the fire grew hotter that Peter felt the flames come forth from his own hands. At first he thought that he had caught on fire himself, getting to close to the burning wall in front of him, but he didn’t feel any pain. I…I’ve taken her power. Peter extended his hand like Meredith had and command the fire to vanish, obeying his wished the fire pulled back like a curtain, giving them a way out. As they rushed out of the fire trap, Meredith looked puzzled at Peter’s new ability to control the fire she had produced.

“What? How did you…?”

“Peter planted his feet to the ground facing the Firestarter’s glare; his hands alight with one of nature’s most dangerous weapons. “You guys go and get Bennett, I’ll stay here and cover you.”

Nathan started to say something but was cut off. “GO!”

Claire pulled at Nathan’s arm coaxing him along, which he did eventually, but not before he took one last look in Meredith’s direction. She did not return the look.

Noah Bennett raced down the steel stairs toward the bottom floor where they left the front door unlocked, his brown trench coat flapping behind him as he hurried down in a manner that showed he’s been in this type of situation before. He didn’t let the fear and panic take him over, years of training and life-and-death situations aloud him to keep his head, but he would’ve been lying if he wasn’t scared to hell by what was coming after him. He risked a look up the stairwell to see if he was being fallowed, still moving down the stairs as he did, not see the tall blonde that had come up the stairs and was presently in front of him. Bennett walked into her before he knew she was there. He fell back feeling like he had hit a brick wall, but Nikki caught him by the gruff of his coat before he landed on the steel steps.

Hauling him up, she raised him off the ground, showing Bennett her incredible strength. “Mr. Noah Bennett , I presume.”

“Freeze right there,” wheezed Parkman training his gun on the back of her head, breathing hard from the run up the numerous steps. I’ve got to get into better shape, he thought to himself.

“Dad!” called out Claire as she came to Matt’s side.

“Claire!” said Noah, overjoyed to see his beautiful girl again, but came to remember the current situation at hand. “Claire, listen to me honey, you have to get your friends and get out of here. All of you…” He turned his glaze to Matt first, calling upon their past partnership in his look, and then to Nikki in a show mercy as to spare her from what might happen. “Right now!”

“Put him down Nikki. Now!” ordered Matt. Nathan came up from behind Parkman looking over the current condition of things.

“What are you talking about?” asked Claire going on as if Matt and Nikki weren’t even in the same universe let alone the same room.

“He’s coming for me,” said Noah looking up the stairwell. He was getting nervous now, wasting too much time talking meant that He could get that much closer. “Please, believe me. We’re all in danger.”

Nathan called out to Nikki. “Nikki, please. Let him down.”

She looked over her shoulder at his eyes and slowly let Bennett down. Being the leader he was Nathan took control. “What’s going on, Bennett?”

“There’s no time to explain, we have to go.”


They looked up at the sound of heavy footsteps on metal. “It’s Him. We have to get down to the first floor.” In response to his demand, a jet of fire blasted through the bottom part of the stairwell sending tremors and invisible thermal vapors up the building’s shaft. They looked down to see the first floor’s stairs slagged into super heated remains, melted beyond recognition or use and too hot to get even close.

“Well, their goes that idea,” said Parkman.

The footsteps above them started again. CLANG-THUMP. CLANG-THUMP.

“There’s a fire escape on the side of the building. Get to the next floor down and I’ll lead you to it.”

They hesitated, trading looks to one another, even Claire. Nathan came up with the solution. “Parkman.”

Matt Parkman focused his eye on the Man with the Horn Rimed Glasses, using his ability to read minds to get the truth, even if he had to rip it out of his brain. Oddly enough though, Bennett didn’t put up any resistance. Sure he had left some things block out from Matt probing, okay a lot of things, but he wasn’t holding anything back about Him.

Parkman came back in an instant from the information transfer. “He’s telling the truth, we have to leave!”

Hearing the urgency in Matt’s voice was the more convincing than the words he had said, Nathan called for Bennett to come forth. “You’re on point, Nikki you’re with me, Parkman take the rear and watch our backs.”

They followed the orders they were given, Claire went with he adoptive father as he raced down to the entrance to the next floor down, Nathan felt the sting of it but thought it best at the moment, he needed answers. “What’s going on here, Nikki…?” Another blast shook the building from down below drowning out the noise coming from above for only a few moments. “And what’s with Meredith, the Amazing Zippo Woman, attacking my brother?”

“I’m here for Bennett. Meredith is with a group that wants to stop the Company. “ She faltered to go any further at first. “They helped me, and I owe them for everything they’ve done for me.”

“Dammit Nikki, when are you going to stop letting people use you,” stated Nathan.

They walked through the doorway that was missing a door, Bennett lead them to the left side. This room was more along than the first floor had been, two by four skeletons outlined where the new walls would be, some even had the dry walls up already. They kicked up dust and plaster as they hurried through the maze. “You don’t understand I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t help me.”

“And they wouldn’t have helped you if they didn’t want to use you for something.” Nikki tried to get rid of his words, they weren’t like that. Where they?

“Here,” cried out Noah as he rounded the dry walled corner to a wide space that stretched out the length of the side wall. Eight foot windows showed the neighboring stone building that was only visible when the lighting striped the sky. “No, oh no, no, no!” Bennett looked at the window that would lead them to the fire escape outside blocked by all types of carpenters tools and construction materials, apparently deeming this free area the perfect place to house their stuff for the nigh right in front of the window. He cursed that the turn of lucky against them. He started to throw and shove the, helped by his daughter, Nikki caught up to them, not stopping as she assessed the situation, going to the heavy workbench that would have been difficult for one grown man to move by himself. She placed a hand underneath the table and flung it out of the way crash back down to the floor in a symphony of metal clashing and tools breaking violently. They were at the finish line but it was too late, Parkman started picking up static in his head.

“Hurry, we’re almost…” A brilliant white light stopped Bennett in mid sentence, more accurately the long silhouetted shadow that was cast on the side of the wall facing the street. Bennett turned around wildly, his heart skipping a beat when the thunder rumbled the windows. A man stood in front of the last windows on back side of the building; although the lighting still flickered, the front of his body remained cloaked in shadow. One by one each member of the group saw Bennett’s fixed stare and turned to see what had froze him in place, his face contorted in fear. The man wore a longcoat of shinned leather that reflected the light from the storm, his features were undistinguishable but they could tell he was wearing shades over his eyes due to the unknown source of glowing red-yellow light come from behind them. But the most upsetting feature was not the light that seemed to be coming from his eyes, scary as it was nonetheless, it was the tendrils of electricity sprouting out from his fingertips resembling the lighting above their heads. For what seemed like an eternity, no one moved and the group of reluctant heroes barely breathed. Nathan’s mind flashed back to the painting Peter had painted. It’s him.

It was Matt that finally gained the courage to speak to the man at the end of the building. “It’s you, isn’t it? You’re the one that was at the hospital that night.”

Nathan blinked. “You mean the hospital I was in?”

Parkman didn’t answer Nathan and didn’t take his eyes off of the man in front of him. “What do you want?”

The Man with the Glowing Eyes didn’t voice his answer, only raised his electrified hand and pointing at Noah Bennett. The miniature thunderbolts seemed to extend out further as he did this, looking like they longed to have him in their nasty, dangerous, little fingers.

The group seemed to part as they looked back at Bennett, he continued to stare, trying not to look as horrified as he was and doing it half way. “Well you can’t have him,” said Nikki turning her body to their new adversary defiantly, planting her feet on the carpet as if it was rooted to it. She was the wall in between Bennett and the Man. He lowered his arms slowly and began to walk to her, his coat flowing calmly behind him in his determined confident walk. He came into reach of Nikki’s hands before he was stopped by the same said hands, which griped their vice-like hold on his clothing. He never protested or tried to stop her, not even when she tossed him straight back through the window behind him. Glasses shattered falling with the Man out of sight, Nikki looked to Bennett. “That’s who you were so worried about?” She shook her head in disappointment.

“What is it with you and throwing people out of windows?” said Matt. Nikki shrugged her shoulders.

“Ah…, Nikki!” said Nathan shock in his voice, eyes wide in amazement. Nikki looked back to the window to see the Man with the Glowing Eyes hover a half foot off the floor by what could only be described as raw unbridled heat coming from half way down his shins to the floor, propelling him in the air. Like a rocket engine ready to take off into space but never getting to full power. The Man’s coat billowed back from the back draft of the silent thrust that scorched the nice carpet and caused all their olfactory senses discomfort. The Man with the Glowing Eyes landed gently on the floor and resumed his walk to Noah Bennett.

“Okay so you want some more,” said Nikki as she walked even faster to the Man. “Fine by me.” She was out to bring pain but the Man didn’t waver. She came at him with a punch that would have put a hole the size of her fist in a column of concrete, quickly he dodge under the swing and came up to her body, fist balled to deliver a shot right to the sweet spot just under the rib cage right in the middle, which would have knocked the wind out of the lungs of a normal person. He wasn’t normal. The punch never connected; instead a blast of clear force rippled through the air from his fist with a strength that would have rivaled Nikki’s shot her back, something he would never had been able to pull off on his own. Nikki went soaring back, like the table she had tossed earlier; in fact she crashed onto the very same table. Life is not without its ironies. The Man with the Glowing Eyes stood back up to full height and continued onward, Matt leveled his gun at the Man, hoping that the gun in his hands would be enough.

“Freeze, buddy!” The Man didn’t. “Last warning!” Matt took a few steps back to give him a chance. He didn’t take it. Detective Parkman pulled the trigger firing one bullet to the Man’s leg. It came three feet from striking him and dropped straight to the floor without bouncing. Parkman backed up some more and fired two more shots, aiming at the Man’s head. The same thing happened, the two bullets ended up unscathed on the floor pointed towards him. Parkman tried for one more, but his gun exploded in his hand. The in-chamber combustion shot mostly upward from his firearm but was all the same hurting from the burns. The Man with the Glowing Eyes finished him off with a stray bolt of electricity from his left hand, merely rendering him out off the game as the electric tendrils crawled over his body instead of sending him back through the air.

“Parkman!” screamed Nathan. He had been pushing back Claire and Bennett from the Man, both fathers shielding their daughter with their bodies, but at the sight of his friend and unofficial guardsman downed probably dead, enraged him to action. Taking flight and charging the figure in his sight he cleared the distance between them fast enough. His fist out ready to ram Him out of the building and into the sky dropping him off in the upper atmosphere, hoping he could only hover, not fly. Nathan never got that far as another ripple of clear force was unleashed in his direction, throwing off his flight and directing him into the unfinished walls.

“Claire, get out of here!” commanded Noah as a father having concern for his daughter’s safety. She was scared, which was saying much from a girl who could heal from anything, but she stood by her dad.

“I’m not leaving you,” shot back. The Man with the Glowing Eyes’ head snapped from the wreckage that Nathan’s rough landing had caused to his target. Lightning shined from multiple sides distorting the shadows across the front his body and face, giving an even more eerie look, but what Claire saw of the Man’s face was a disturbed calm.

“Leave my daughter alone, you son of a bitch,” yelled Bennett at the devil that had finally came for him. “She has nothing to do with this, it’s me you want. Not her.” The Man’s steps had slowed as he came closer Bennett saw an electrified hand come up in front of them.

“Where?” said The Man with the Glowing Eyes in a low voice.

Noah didn’t speak at first; he didn’t understand the question till it clicked in his head. “I don’t know where.”

“LAIR!” The Man’s hand flared with his angered yell.

“I. Don’t. Know.”

Unnoticed by the two men, Claire secretly held a metal crowbar behind her back, the one she took while shifting the pile of tools out of the way of the window. If this was her time she had to act while he was distracted. She only hoped that she could bounce back from what he was going to do to her if this didn’t work, but she had to do something to save probably the only father she had left. With all her courage and strength she revealed the crowbar and came down from above with it. He caught it in his hand like it was nothing, like he knew she was going to do it all along. Claire let go of the bar in shock. Taking advantage of his daughter’s attack Bennett came at the Man with his own, thrusting his body forward, connecting with Him. Bennett took Him back a few steps before stopping, His free hand going to Bennett’s shoulder line dispensing a mild electro shock into his body, making him collapse to the floor in agony but conscious.

He threw the bar away as he flipped Bennett to his back, facing upright, Claire was out of options, and her father’s life was in the hands of this… monster.

“STAY AWAY FROM HIM!” screamed Claire rushing Him, trying to land a good punch, not caring about what might happen anymore. The Man with the Glowing Eyes took hold of the forearm of her swinging arm and brought her close enough to hear his angered words. “Do not VEX me girl” throwing her to the side. He turned back to Bennett who was under his boot print whispering weakly “I don’t know, I don’t know.”

“Then your going to lead me to those who do,” said the Man with the Glowing Eyes clasping a hand down on his collar raising Bennett’s torso up against his leg. Claire watched as her adopted father and his attacker were incased by a bright surging energy that lit the whole area. If He had been facing her, Claire would have clearly seen the Man’s face by the light his body was giving off. He raised a closed hand up to the ceiling as he shot a beam of the same surging energy upward through the higher floors. When he stopped, Claire could she the edges burnt, aglow with embers. The Man with the Glowing Eyes began to rise up into the air with Bennett in tow as rain the started to pour down the burned hole. There was nothing that Claire or any of the others could’ve done to stop him.

…To be continued.

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