Heroes - Continued

Chapter 5 - "The Monster You Made"

Chapter 5

“The Monster you made”

Peter Patrelli & Meredith Gordon

Downtown New York

Blast, after fiery blast, shoots past Peter’s head, barely missing. He countered with his own barrage of fire which was block by the blonde’s own fire powers. It had been the same since the fight started, the ability being the same as the woman’s he had absorbed it from, made it a stalemate. Each attack either dodged or absorbed by the other, damaging the landscape more than their opponents, they had already cut off the others escape with their destructive, yet stagnant battle. Peter knew this wasn’t going to stop until someone, or both, collapsed from simple exhaustion and the others needed him more, he had to end this fight now. A blast at his feet from his enemy knocked Peter onto his back, dazing his vision briefly with sparkling stars, leaving him vulnerable to attack. Meredith, the Firestarter, showed her superiority over Peter with a triumphant cheer, taking the moment to relish in the fact that the kid might have taken her power but didn’t know how to use it, and that lack of knowledge would make him the loser. Peter, his disoriented state clearing, saw the fire woman coming closer to finish the job; it was then that he saw the object that would save his life. Igniting his hand to living flames, Peter took aim and fired a blast of searing heat at Meredith’s head, to which she easily avoided whishing past her.

Meredith gave a wide grin to her toppled foe. “You need to work on your aim, kid.” An outstretched hand point to Peter’s head, her hand igniting as his had.

“Who says I was aiming for you?” responded Peter in kind, his grin growing even bigger than Meredith’s

“Wha..” she started as she turned to see were his shot had hit, an charred scorch mark haloed one of the overhead sprinklers causing the fire alarm to sound and the cascade of saved water for fires to come rushing out to drench it. With the water going Meredith’s hand, once lit, was extinguished leaving her powerless.

Cries of disbelieve and curses of the knowledge of defeat rattled from her mouth, the only weapons she had left. Peter stood up in a defiant stance. “Aww, you’re powers not working in this? Funny…” chunks of rubble at his feet were lifted from the ground by some unseen hand and left to hover beside him. “…Mine do.”

“Aw, $#!^” she responded and darted to the opening she had created earlier. Rubble shooting through the air missing her by inches with a sound of shattered rock encouraged her more to speed up the process. He looked up at the sprinklers, if the cops weren’t on their way, they will be now. I have to get everyone out of her before they come. Peter ran to the ruined staircase taking a fraction of a second to observe the melted metal before he lifted himself up to a part of the stairwell that was stable and took the rest of the way on foot, going from door to door calling out for his friends. A body thrust itself at Peter from beyond the doorway, with seconds to react to the impact of the two bodies; Peter gained his footing twisting his torso so the unknown person attacking was on the floor with him on top of him. His hand aflame ready to finish off his new adversary, but as his bodily source of light illuminated the man below him seeing the face of the trembling dark-skinned man, and wishing he didn’t. The broad area where the Haitian’s eyes were located had been severely burned, the skin chard black and smelling of blistered meat left on the grill far to long. His eyes were fused shut; Peter couldn’t even see where his eyelids parted, it had all become one melted piece of flesh not that it would have matter for that much heat his eyes would be useless if even existent. The fume were still coming from his burned area as he tried to calm the Haitian as shock set in, body jerking violently as sweat beaded down his face getting tossed away with every movement.

Peter took his wet t-shirt off to act as a compress over the wound giving the Haitian some sort of comfort to easy the pain. “Who did this?’ whispered Peter to the Haitian’s ear “Who was it?”

The Haitian’s teeth rattled inside his skull as the tremors grew making his rambling words uneasy to decipher. “Man… Dangerous, monster. He left mmmeeeee!” Peter noticed in his voice that the Haitian was in tears though none showed on his face. Or would ever again.

“WHO Haitian?” Peter asked again. “Who!?”

The Haitian seized him by the shoulders to bring him closer. “His eyes… Suns. His… Glowing… Eyes!”

Peter went rigid as the identity of the culprit was revealed to him. If the Haitian could see Peter at that moment he would see a face as pale as the grave.

“NATHAN!” he yelled as he left the Haitian behind. Rushing up the stairs checking every doorway for a sign of his brother and company, something anything that told him that is friends and family didn’t whined up like the servant soldier of the Company he had left behind downstairs. It was the fourth door up from the Haitian that he found them, having to a double take when he almost past it, he saw the toppled wall separators and as he got closer the smell of something burning invaded his nostrils again. Coming to the large area to the left he saw the remains of the struggle, and by the look of the bodies on the floor, his side lost to the Man with the Glowing Eyes, I just pray they are alive. He rushed to the first person closest to him, Nikki, and felt for a pulse, as he did she began to stir at his touch.

“Nikki, can you get up?” said Peter.

A muddled reply came from her lips as she tried to shake the shining stars from her vision.

Peter looked around seeing Matt on the floor behind him and in the far corner was a frightened, shaking, Claire her legs drawn up to her body her eyes staring in the distance over her knees. “Go check on Matt real quick.” She nodded and rose to her feet wobbling like a drunk on St Patties day, but she eventually got over to the fallen detective while Peter went to his terrified niece. Claire never acknowledged Peter coming up to her, if she even knew he was there at all until a calm strong hand was placed onto her shoulder, calming her mind in the way that only Peter could. Looking over at him she rushed into his arms all of emotion trapped within pouring out as the form of tears.

He held her till she stopped shaking in his grip, the tears running their course. “What happened?” he said looking into her bloodshot eyes.

“This guy… Came and, took my dad,” said Clair. “He… We couldn’t… Nothing stopped him. Then…” Clair pointed up to the ceiling where the burned out whole resided, the last of the embers fading out.

Peter turned his eyes back to Claire. “Where’s Nathan? Did He take him?” Claire pointed to the row of separator walls that were doing their best impression of fallen dominos, Peter stood at the start of the pile looking at them intently. One by one the pseudo-walls flew off to the side revealing Nathan at the bottom. Claire and Peter went to Nathan’s side each praying to themselves that he wasn’t beyond saving.

A few light taps on the cheek brought him back from unconsciousness. “Peter?” questioned Nathan looking up at his grinning brother “CLAIRE!” he shouted rising straight up at the thought that Claire was danger.

“It’s okay,” said Claire, at his other side. “I’m right here.” she said voice little shaky, despite her attempt to act strong in front of her biological father who had shown such courage when he threw himself at the… at Him.

“Parkman?” he called out. A hurting “Yeah” came from the other side of the area, out of sight. A couple of grunts and complaints later he was with them. “Everybody alright?”

Everyone stayed silent. “What happened, and who made that,” said Peter pointing to the burn hole. “Did someone else come with Meredith?”

“No,” answered Nikki. “He wasn’t with us.”

“It was him, Pete,” said Nathan. “The man you painted the other day.”

“The Man with the Glowing Eyes,” said Matt quietly to no one.

“And he took you all out by himself?” said Peter.

“We were nothing to him,” said Matt frustratingly. “He was… The power he had. We were out of our league. He countered all of us, bullets, our abilities…” Matt let the sentence drop and gave Peter a shiver up his spine. “It was like fighting Sylar back in the plaza.” That got everyone’s blood turning cold.

“Well that explains…” started Peter, then went straight and ran back down the way he came with everyone else trailing back behind him. They came to the Haitian laying at the opening to the staircase. Peter had gone to his side using what he could of his medical training to help the Haitian. “I found him like this,” continued Peter. “We have to get him to a hospital.”

“What?!” protested Matt. “This is the son of a bitch that kidnapped me and took three days of my life away. He messed with my head, making me forget what happened. As far as I concerned, he got off lucky.”

“NO! He helped me once and I’m going to return the favor,” said Peter.

Wailing sirens sounded in the distance, echoing off the concrete walls. “New York’s finest are here, what do we do?” asked Nikki looking to Nathan for the answer.

He thought it over. “We’re leaving.”

“How exactly? I can’t teleport all of you at once.”

“You’re taking them,” Said Nathan motioning to Claire, Matt, and the badly burned Haitian. He grabbed hold of Nikki and brought her close to him looking her dead in her eyes. “She’s coming with me.”

‘I’ll me you back at my place,” confirmed Peter taking hold of Parkman’s arm and Clair’s shoulder who inter took hold of the crippled Haitian, a blink in time and they where no longer in the spot they where a second ago.

“I don’t get it how are we supposed to get away?” asked Nikki.

With a small grin Nathan took her under the hole in the ceiling. “Hold on tightly.”

With a sudden thrust Nathan, along with Nikki, shot straight up into the atmosphere. Nikki almost lost here grip but regained holding even tighter to Nathan. “How…?”


Top of the Deveaux building

Hiro clasped his eyes shut and was gone before the ninja could respond fast enough with his blade, reappearing next to his fallen blade and then reappearing with it at the ninja’s throat.

The ninja chuckled carefully so as not to nick himself at the end of Hiro’s blade. “Where are they, Kage?”

“Kill me, and you’ll never see them again.” The ninjas turned with Hiro circling around till his back was to the shadows, stepping back got him within arms length. Extending his left arm he pushed through the dark and pulled back. He drew whatever he had out slowly with some effort, giving way to a bulge coming out with his arm. The shadows tried to hold on to their prized but soon gave in to the ninja’s demands, its tendrils shrinking thinner and thinner. A human head was revealed as the shadow retreated to the man’s neck, a piece of cloth was tied around the back of his head. Though the head was hanging down hiding his face he could only guess that it served as a gag as the Kage had done for him. Taking the other free hand he took a fistful of short black hair pulling up the limp cranium. He held Ando unconscious in inside the darkness. “The other one is in there too, the girl. You’re sister.” He turned Ando’s featureless face toward his. “I can get them out, of course, but first you have to do some things for me. But you could go ahead, give in to your anger and vengeance, slay me here and now. But we must think of what will happened to your funny little friend, in between the light and shadow, what do you think will happen with him. And let us not forget your darling sister forever trapped in the shadow’s dark, never to see the light again.”

Hiro cursed through gritted teeth and lowered his katana from the Kage’s throat.

Todd Warren

LA, California

Turning the key to the outside door of his apartment complex with a newspaper tucked under his armpit and a Coke bottle in his other hand, both of which he “acquired” from others, Warren flipped the light switch to his right; bring them to life in a low hum. Not bothering to close the door he continued down the vacant hall, footsteps muffled by the stained carpet at his feet that was beyond saving, the walls weren’t any better, even the light seemed to give off a dirty feeling. It was what he had to do, staying in places like these so as not to draw too much attention to anyone who might be watching him, but it still burned him. He had real power, something that paled in comparison to those norms that believed they had it, he could take anything for himself and no one could stop him. But there were those who knew what he could do. People that had come after him once, he got lucky escaping them and they had been the only threat that he ever truly faced. He welcomed the challenge; it was only a matter of time before he would find a way around the black man’s abilities. He played with the thought in his mind about all the wonderful pain he would make him feel when the lights at the bend of the hall began to flicker. Warren played it no mind, the lights where always going out in this dump. But when the one next to it started to do the same thing and the one after that and then all the lights in the hallway flickered and jumped. His heart rate climbed, did they find him already? An explosion came from behind him, it was the light fixture back at the entrance, the one at the far end was next then another a few feet in front of him, randomly lights burst and went out, ones that where left were nothing more than a strobe that confused his eyes, chopping his vision into bits. Could the black man do this, did he have friends with powers too?

“Where are you?!” screamed Warren. “Face me, cowards!” The hairs on the back of his neck stood on their ends. He turned quickly ready to deliver a wave of pain so fierce that however it was would beg for death. All he got to see was a man in shadow tower over him and a hand lift up, it shot Warren up against the wall by some invisible force. His feet dangled as he was raised up closer and closer to the ceiling by the crushing force that held him. He gasped for what little air he could get as an unseen hand closed over his throat. His blurred and the flashing lights did little to help reveal his attacker but he could tell that it wasn’t the black man.

He wheezed out what words he could. “Yo u… with, the BLAck (gasp) man?! Come to take (ack) me..?”

The attacker’s voice was low and smooth, full of confidence and maleficent intent. This man was a killer, like him. “Black man? Oh, you must mean the Haitian and the Company.” The attacker laughed quietly, full of sin. “Please, do me a little credit, I’m much more than what they are. Than all of them, even you.” The attacker stepped in closer, arm outstretched his hand cupped, getting closer to his neck. Warren was starting to fade, his powers unable to manifest in his defense. “I’ve been watching you, painkiller. You’re power is appealing to me. Such an interesting ability” The clicking of gears and gyros sounded in the attackers mind. He took his free hand and molded it to a closed fist except for his index finger which was extended out to a point. The attacker aimed for the top of Warren’s head and a terrible pain that he had never imagined began to cut at him. It lasted forever as he screamed then in a instant, it stopped, the pain on his head, the pressing force that closed on his neck and held him up, causing Warren to drop to the filth redden carpet sucking air in gulps. Coughing and puking, giving the carpet yet another stain, Warren weakly put a hand to his head, coming back with blood.

The attacker stood over him in dominance. “You and I are a lot alike; you don’t abuse your power. You’re still broken like the others but I’m willing to over look that for now.”

Warren didn’t understand. “Who are you!? What the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m here to make you an offer. In return for following me you’ll know what real power really is.”

Warren looked up at the sound of more power. This man was right; Warren had though he was powerful, but he was nothing compared to him. “As for ‘Who’ I am…” The attacker stepped forward into the flashing light. “My name is Sylar.”

Company Headquarters, NewYork

A knock came from behind the door of the office of the Company detector.

“Come in,” said Bob reflexively as he looked at the open file in his hands, from the pile scattered over his desk. The door opened as Angela came through, Bob looked up from the file and he knew the news was bad

“We have a situation,” said Angela.

Mohinder and Maya

The Loft, New York

“Well?” asked Maya as Mohinder looked through the microscope at samples he had taken from her.

“Fascinating,” was Mohinder’s only reply.


“Your ability, its quiet amazing, you’re a living tuning fork.” Mohinder looked up at Maya with scientific amazement. “Your body produces this…Frequency, for lack of a better word, so high we can’t hear it. It causes the blood vessels and arteries in a living organism to burst, bleeding out internally and externally.”

“Why? Why can’t I control it? And why wasn’t my brother ever affected?”

“I can only theorize that you’re brother must have been like you, but in the opposite way.” Maya looked confused, he tried to explain it better grapping a scrap of paper and pen. He drew a wavy line on the bottom have of the paper. “This is how sound works; it travels in waves through the air. This frequency can be cancelled out by another frequency of the exact same kind but from the other end of the sound spectrum. I believe that you’re brother was that other frequency that negated you’re abilities. He might even have been able to do the opposite of what you do.”

Maya looked away at the mention of her dead sibling. “Hey,” said Mohinder as he brought her face back around to his. “You can’t keep blaming yourself, It wasn’t you who killed you’re brother, it was Sylar.”

“But it is my fault. My bother tried to warn me, he knew Sylar was evil and I didn’t listen to him.” Maya stared distantly into space. “If I had listen, would he still be here?”

Mohinder looked to her in sympathy. “I offend wonder the same thing about my father.” Maya turned her head up to him. “Sylar killed him, too.”

Maya’s eyes glistened with tears as she reached out to stroke Mohinder cheek; her light touch was soothing washing away the hurt if only by a little. She came closer as their eyes locked onto one another’s, creeping towards his lips, ending at a tender embrace with his.

The door to the Loft slammed open as Bob charged through in a panicked hurry. Mohinder and Maya broke away in an instant as they heard his loud entrance, feeling like kids that had got caught by their parents.

Bob looked down at them indifferent to their actions. “Back up what you can, we’re moving to another location.”

Mohinder went at full attention. “What! Why?”

“This place has no longer become safe for you.”

Mohinder looked around his lab. “How do you expect me to continue my research without my equipment and my notes and…”

Bob put up his hands to stop Mohinder from going any further. “All that you require will be at the new location. Please hurry!”

Mohinder was puzzled by Bob’s attitude, the sound of his voice rang with the tune he was all too familiar with; fear. “What’s going on, Bob. What are you so afraid of?”

“The only thing you need to know right now is that if you stay here any longer, the chances of you’re death becomes that much higher.” Angela Patrelli walked in behind Bob coolly and calmly placing her hands on the metal railing.

“Who are you?” asked Mohinder.

“I work for the Company,” said Angela. “You need to take my associates advice, for the individual that is coming will show you no mercy when he has you in his hands.”

“Is it Sylar?” asked Maya defiantly, her pulse rising at the chance of avenging her brother’s death by taking down that monster.

“Hardly,” answered Angela. “This is a whole new type of monster that you have yet to see, and it will be the last thing you ever see.”

Mohinder and Maya turned to look at each other; the uncertain worry of the unknown draped their faces.

Company Headquarters, New York

The freight doors at the back of what looked like a paper company to the general public, blew of their hinges as leafs in the wind, the source of bright red erupting forth from the outside being the cause. Scorching the metal cast door to practically melted liquid only to be hardened an instant later, the foundation shook at the power of the blast. The black burned the surrounding areas the frame crumble and dust billowed. Within the cloud, footsteps could be heard over the alarm blaring in the distance accompanied by dragging scraping sound over pavement. Footsteps echoed of the walls as heavily armed men raced to counter the siege that had fallen upon their fortress, cocking their weapons and steadying their nerves. They’ve heard what happened to the other facilities and it was starting again, but some of them thought that they would be different, that they would be the one to stop him. The others knew better, but would do their duty and die for the chance to slow him down and allow the other to get to safety. The footsteps over rubble continued, and the men were ready. The first thing they saw was the light, red and angry. Oh, my God, it’s his eyes! The dust started to thin a little, a silhouette of some came with the eyes, they fired. The first round never made it past the cloud. The guards looked on in fearful wonder, readying themselves for the next wave, but it never came. The guns exploded in their hands, some were burned in their hands, and some even took the backlash in the face. Before they caught up, a clear wave of force took out the guards to their left, tendrils of lighting hit the others a second later. The one lone guard left crawled back over the graveled floor one hand holding the open wound caused by one of the tendrils. He thought they would be the ones to stop them, he knows now how wrong he was. The man came out of the dust, his eyes glowing brighter than ever since there was nothing to cover them, like the sun was in his eyes. He was dragging something with him, daring to take his eyes off his opponent he saw a man with horn-rimmed glasses looking back at him, a line of blood running down from the corner of his lips.

He looked back up to the Man with the Glowing Eyes. Whimpering, he asked, “What… are…you?”

The Man with the Glowing Eyes looked down at him. “I am what you made me.” His hand glowed white hot as he lowered it down onto the frightened guards eyes.

Manhattan Depository

New York

A light shines on in the black void, a cone of light turning to focus on the small metal cases embedded through out all but one side of the room, the vault door looking so plain as the metal reflect the glare of the light back at the dark-robed ninja in the center of the rectangular space. Once the look around was finished he went to one side of the vault, he had only a small amount of time to get what he needed before the air would be used up. Unsheathing the katana at his waste in a flash severing the locks from their places, opening each drawer from left to right, the contents of which bore jewels and diamonds in all assortments of shapes and hues. Others were filled to the brim with wads of hundred dollar bills, removing a folded canvas bag, he took it all. The air began to thin as he finished, looking over the empty storage units, satisfied they were empty, the black ninja turned off his light.

Abandoned building, Somewhere

A oriental man sits atop a workbench, meditating patiently, clear his mind of outside influence which allows him to feel the air expand outward from in front of him a second before he hears the boom. Another second later the black ninja appears touting the canvas bag full of riches that he throws at the foot of the workbench.

The oriental man grins at his guest, enjoying how the fates have weaved their threads in his favor. They were not without a sense of humor. “Nice work, Hiro.”

The black ninja hesitates before removing the wrappings from his head, revealing the ashamed look of Hiro Nakamura while the Shadow Ninja laughs at him from his post on the bench.

…To be continued.

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