Talk to the Hand

Chapter 4: Confrontation

The group followed Fred blindly, hoping he knew what he was doing. He led the way and they trailed him, squelching miserably in the chilly night. Baymax stayed behind the students and watched as his creator and his brother bickered quietly in front of him.

"Tadashi, what was that back there?" Hiro whispered.

"I don't know, okay? It just... it just happened!" the elder hissed back. "Don't think I didn't notice you."

"Me? What did I do?"

"Really? Playing dumb now?"

"No, seriously, what do you think I-"

"Where are we?" Honey wondered. The brothers looked around at the unfamiliar houses. Fred turned and marched up a staircase that lead to a pristine, grandiose mansion.

"Fred, where are you going?" Hiro shivered.

The English major shot them an Isn't It Obvious look before he remembered. "Oooooh. Welcome to mi casa! That's French for front door." He assumed.

Honey looked at him sadly. "It's really... not."

"Listen, nitwit," GoGo began. "A lunatic in a mask just tried to kill us. I am not in the mood for any-"

The door opened revealing a well-dressed man. "Welcome home, Master Fredrick."

The group stared at the news.

"Heathcliff, my man! Come in guys, we'll be safe in here." They stood in shock before accepting the revelation. "Give me some." Fred fist-bumped the butler.

The others passed, nodding in greeting and thanks. Baymax stopped and stared at the butler's fist, and knew what he needed to do. Bump. "Bah-a-la-la-la."

The butler raised a brow in surprise.

"Freddie? This is your house?" Honey asked in awe.

"I thought you lived under a bridge." GoGo muttered. Everyone heard it.

"Well technically it belongs to my parents, but they're on vay-kay on the family island. We should go sometime, frolic." He clapped twice and strode confidently through the sliding doors.

"You've gotta be kidding me." GoGo grumbled.

They had entered Fred's room.

Hiro strode dutifully past, Tadashi following cautiously behind.

Wasabi gawked at a particular painting along with GoGo. "If I wasn't just attacked by a guy in a Kabuki mask, I think this would be the weirdest thing I've seen today."

GoGo hummed in agreement.

The painting in question displayed a comically buff Fred, shirtless, and riding on a white tiger with amber wings. Fred held a spear and struck a confident pose, contrasting greatly with the subtle purple sky littered with other planets.

Wasabi continued. "My brain hates my eyes for seeing this."

Hiro plopped down in a chair and grabbed a pen, sketching the symbol he'd seen twice in correlation with the Masked Man.

Tadashi misunderstood his silence. "Hiro? Look, I really don't know what I did back there. I just... and I don't know how you did what you did either. I really want to know though, so, would you tell me?"

Hiro stopped his drawing. "What I did? I don't know what you're talking about." he stated over his shoulder.

The rest of the group had caught onto the conversation. The brothers didn't notice.

"The lights? The tunnel? I saw you, Hiro. I don't know how you did it - and I know it sounds crazy - but... you controlled them."

Hiro was getting angry. "Are you serious? I think seawater must've leaked into your brain, 'cause you sound pretty crazy, Tadashi. And what about you? How did you... with the container, and the seat belt... just, how?"

Tadashi shared his brother's temper, running a hand through his damp hair. "I don't know!" he yelled, gesturing wildly at the air.

Hiro's pen flew out of his hand, cracking the display case behind him. He was stunned.

"See?" Tadashi whispered. "I don't know. All I know is that it saved Wasabi, and it saved you. I... I can't explain it." He noticed the silence and turned to face his friends, who they'd both forgotten were still there.

They stared with a range of expressions, but from their differing faces Tadashi found the most dominant emotion: shock. "Guys?" he asked timidly. Hiro muttered something behind him. "What was that?" Tadashi asked, turning back to his brother.

"You did it before." Hiro looked up at him.

"What... what do you mean?"

"At the hospital, when you were waking up. You started, I don't know, shivering? You were having a seizure o-or something, and... I think you caused that earthquake."

Tadashi could barely breathe. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Why didn't I tell you?" Hiro mocked. "Oh, I don't know, maybe 'cause of the same reason I don't believe what you're telling me! I didn't do anything!" he finished.

The lights flickered, and some of Fred's figurines activated in their cases.

Tadashi pointed upwards. "That wasn't me." he stated.

Hiro was panting as if he'd been jogging. The figurines turned off. He flinched at the quietness. "Bu-But then... the Microbots, and the truck... that was me?"

The elder Hamada was confused. "What truck?"

"Last night when you woke up, Aunt Cass was driving home and-and this truck was coming at us... it wasn't slowing down, and we wouldn't've made it... I wanted it to stop..."

He stopped. The silence was deafening.

"Can I just say, this is crazy awesome."

Everyone turned to look at Fred.

"Come on, isn't it? Unless I'm the only one seeing this..."

"Well, I'd say it's more along the lines of crazy weird." Wasabi shared.

Honey Lemon piped up. "You really don't know what's causing, well, this?" she gestured at the Hamadas.

"No." They both said. They looked at each other, then back to the group.

"That wasn't a thing." Hiro called.

"Trust me, it wasn't." Tadashi replied. He turned to his project. "Baymax, scan us."

"Scan complete. I detect no irregularities in your systems."

Hiro thought for a moment. "Maybe... maybe it only shows up when we do it." He faced his brother. "Tadashi, do your thing."

"What? I can't just-" he saw the look on Hiro's face. It was his idea face. Tadashi sighed. "Fine, I'll try. Try; that's the keyword here." he pointed out. He took a breath and looked around the room, spotting Hiro's grounded pen. Small enough, he thought.

He focused on the pen, wondering how he should attempt this. He thought that lifting his hand would do it, but it would also look extremely stupid. He tried anyway.

After a minute, GoGo spoke. "Nothing's happening."

"Ya think?" Tadashi replied sarcastically.

Hiro didn't miss a beat. "Try remembering how you felt when it happened."

Tadashi lowered his hand. How had he felt? He'd needed to help. He'd needed to help his friends, and doing this now would help his brother. He closed his eyes and pictured the pen, letting out a breath. Honey gasped. Something hit his cheek.

He opened his eyes and his heart skipped a beat. Trying to stay focused, he watched as the pen floated listlessly in front of him. "Baymax, scan me."

"Scan complete." came the bot's gentle voice. "I am detecting an anomaly in your brain-wave activity. It is centred in your: parietal lobe. It does not seem to be harming you."

Tadashi reached his hand out and let the pen drop into it. He stared at it before remembering why they were doing this. He looked down at his brother's face. It was full of wonder. Tadashi smirked. "Your turn."

Hiro's face fell. "But I don't know how I did it! You did it consciously, at least with the seat belt, but I didn't even know I was doing it those times."

Tadashi knelt in front of him and looked into large, brown eyes. "Come on, knucklehead," he encouraged. "What were you thinking?" Tadashi threw Hiro's words back at him.

Hiro thought on this for a moment before speaking. "Well, I just... I didn't want anyone to get hurt."

"Okay, there you go. Focus on that." Tadashi held out the pen to Hiro. "Go on."

Hiro stared at the pen. He observed its shape, its colour, the light bouncing off of it. He concentrated on the terror he'd felt during the chase. He stared at the pen. It remained motionless.

"Nothing." He let out a breath and looked back at the group. "Maybe it was a fluke. Maybe it was Tadashi the whole time."

"It wasn't me Hiro."

"Then what was it?"

Tadashi stared off into space as something clicked in his head. "What if it's not the same?"

"What do you mean?"

"Whatever you did, it wasn't the same as me. Think about it. What's the difference between those situations?"

Hiro furrowed his brow, but his eyes widened in acknowledgement.

"You've always been good with technology."

Hiro took a deep breath. "Right. Okay. So what you're saying, is that, my... ability," he shivered at the word. " related to tech?"

Tadashi smiled in confirmation. "Try it again," he removed a figure from a nearby display case. "With this."

Fred jumped forward. "Hey careful with that! That's a limited edition-oof!" GoGo elbowed him in the stomach.

Hiro stared at the toy for a while. It looked simple enough: lights, moving limbs. Much less complex than Megabot. He tilted his head at the toy.


The toy twitched in Tadashi's hand and Hiro started, losing his focus. Tadashi put the toy on the desk in front of Hiro and gestured to it. Go on.

Hiro looked up in doubt at the group, then back to the toy before him. It stood on two blocky legs and had clamps for hands, with a deep blue coat of metallic paint. He focused. Was it... humming? He tilted his head again. "Do you guys hear that?" he asked.

They listened for a moment. "I don't hear anything, Hiro." Honey sounded concerned.

"Wait, shhh." He held his hand up. He stared at the bot, trying to hear its hum. It was weak. "Hey, Fred? Does this thing take triple-A batteries?"

Fred was stunned. "Uh, yeah, but that thing's ancient. From my dad's old job."

"Uh-huh." Hiro nodded. He picked up the toy and fiddled with its joints, seeing how it moved and determining how it worked. He put it back in a standing pose on the table and stared some more.


The toy jolted to life, spinning its clamp hands and flashing a yellow light from its head. It took steady steps across the table, towards the edge. Hiro didn't notice until it walked off. He dove forward to catch it but it stopped falling, and Hiro fell off his chair.

Tadashi had his hand held out from the front of his waist as if he was holding the toy. He smiled and lifted the toy back to the table. It was lifeless once more.

Hiro got up off the floor and laughed, looking at the toy then at his brother. He laughed again, eyes shining in amazement. Did they really just do that?

"Did you scan him, Baymax?" Tadashi asked, not taking his eyes off of Hiro. He watched the childlike glee dance in his brother’s eyes.

"Yes. An anomaly in Hiro's: temporal lobe connected with another in his: parietal lobe. It is on a different level to: Tadashi's. It does not seem to harm him." Baymax responded.

Tadashi nodded sharply. He turned to Baymax. "Could you do a search on these... symptoms? See what comes up?"

"So not necessary!" Fred butted in. "Isn't it obvious?"
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