Talk to the Hand

Chapter 5: Diagnosis

Everyone stared, waiting for his answer. GoGo had a particular Try Me look about her.

He pointed at Tadashi. "You're telekinetic, and you," he switched to Hiro. "are a technopath!"

They stared blankly at him.

"They're whats?" Wasabi asked.

"Telekinesis:" Baymax began. "The ability to move or deform inanimate objects through mental processes. Also known as: psychokinesis." He continued with the next definition. "Technopath: one with the ability to influence technology or electronics through mental processes."

Fred held his fist out to Baymax. "Somebody gets me!"

Baymax stared at Fred. Bump. "Bah-a-la-la-la."

Hiro blanched. "Couldn't Tadashi also be a-a technopath?"

Fred waved his arms around. "No, man! See, he can move physical objects, but you can make the connections! Like, if you were to type something. Tadashi could press the buttons, sure, but you could tell the processor to make the figures appear on screen!" He buzzed with excitement. "This is so cool!"

"Wow, Fred." GoGo complimented him. In her own way. "You really are a nerd."

He held up a finger. "Hey. I'm a geek. There's a difference."

"Uh-huh. Sure." she popped her bubblegum.

"How is this possible?" Honey asked.

“We’re on the same page as you guys, Honey. I honestly don’t know how we can do this. It shouldn’t be possible.” Tadashi affirmed.

Hiro grinned up at her, still slightly giddy. "Who knows? There are words for it, so maybe it's happened to other people."

Wasabi frowned at Hiro. "By that logic, maybe there are people out there who can fly!" He threw up his hands for emphasis.

Tadashi grinned devilishly and winked at his brother. Hiro caught it, waiting to see what would happen.

"Tadashi, please put me down."

Wasabi jumped and squealed. Baymax floated gently behind him, upside down. Hiro joined in. He attempted to hack into Baymax's motor functions, but found himself restricted. "Tadashi, loosen up a bit, would ya?"

Baymax bobbed down slightly, then rose to head height. Hiro stood up from his chair and started making heroic poses. Baymax copied him. Exactly. Hiro stopped with the poses and played an air guitar. Baymax copied that too, still floating. His pudgy fingers wiggled with invisible strings, squeaking as they rubbed.

The group stared at the spectacle. "Uh, what are you doing?" GoGo asked.

"What does it look like?" Hiro laughed. "We're having a little fun with this!"

Tadashi grinned and broke out in laughter too. He twisted his hand in different directions and Baymax twirled along with him. The brothers couldn't help themselves. They hadn't played together like this in years, and it made them feel like children again. They ended their experimentation, wiping tears from their eyes.

Baymax touched down and visibly relaxed. “Thank you for not disrupting my programming.” The healthcare robot blinked once and activated his internal heating mechanism. The college students, excluding Hiro, kept subtle, wary eyes on the brothers and gathered around Baymax. One by one they slumped into his radiating warmth. Tadashi leaned his back into Baymax’s rotund belly, shuffling his shoulders and jostling the others in his attempts to find a comfortable stance. He sighed in contentment.

Hiro got another idea. "Hold up." He sat back down in his chair. "Hyperspectral cameras, huh?" He stared into Baymax's eyes and concentrated.

His vision blurred and flipped, then returned to normal. He clutched at his head. "Woah. That was weird."

Baymax broke in. "Hiro, your body is becoming: very cold. I suggest you enjoy my heating facilities."

Hiro spoke again. "Yeah, okay. Just a sec." He got up to join the group hug, but stumbled and fell. He was dizzy.

Tadashi looked alarmed. "Hiro! You okay?" He rushed to his brother's side.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little... whoozy." He closed his eyes and took a few breaths. Something dripped down his chin.

"Hiro, your nose is bleeding. Baymax, what's wrong with him?" Tadashi fretted.

Baymax looked Hiro over. "Scan complete. It appears that Hiro has: overworked himself. According to the laws of neuroplasticity, Hiro has done too much in too short of a time span. He needs time to recover. I suggest if he wants to exercise his newfound abilities, he should do so slowly; building up the ability like any other muscle. The same goes for you, Tadashi."

"Thanks, Baymax." Tadashi nodded in acceptance. "Hear that, Hiro? Gonna need to tone it down for the night."

"Fine by me." Hiro held his head. A small ache was forming. Tadashi helped him back onto the chair, and he spotted the sketch Hiro had completed. He picked it up. "Does this symbol mean anything to you guys?"

Fred jumped and raised his hand. "Yes! It's a bird!" He pointed at the picture.

Hiro rolled his eyes. "No, the guy in the mask was carrying something with this symbol on it."

Baymax raised his finger. "Apprehending the man in the mask will improve Hiro's emotional state." he chimed, turning off his heater.

Hiro smiled sheepishly at the look his brother was giving him. It was clearly a This Will Be Discussed Later look.

"Apprehend him? We don't even know who he is." GoGo argued.

Fred grinned mischievously. "I have a theory."

"Dr Slaughter MD?" Wasabi questioned.

"Actually, millionaire weapons designer, Malcolm Chastletick." Fred confirmed.

"The Annihilator?" Hiro read the title of the comic that he and Tadashi were sharing.

"Behind the mask, industrialist, Reed Exworthy."

"Baron von Destruct- oh just get to the point!" GoGo huffed.

"Don't you guys get it?” Fred danced around the curved couch and picked up a remote on the way. “The man in the mask who attacked us is none other than," He flourished the object and swept his arms dramatically. Click. The spotless television brightened to a news report of the suspect. "Voila! Alistair Krei." Fred pointed a finger at the screen in triumph.

"What?" Hiro stood in confusion.

Tadashi nodded. "It makes sense. Think about it: Krei wanted your Microbots, and you said no."

"But rules don't apply to a man like Krei." Fred finished for him.

"There's no way," Hiro approached the frozen image. "The guy's too high-profile."

"Then who was that guy in the mask?" Honey asked.

"I don't know," Hiro replied. "We don't know anything about him."

Baymax interjected, proving him wrong. "His blood type is: AB negative. Cholesterol levels are:-"

"Baymax, you scanned him?!" Hiro interrupted excitedly.

"I am programmed to assess everyone's healthcare needs." came the reply. An image of the masked man appeared on his torso next to a list of his health statistics.

Tadashi was one step ahead of his brother. "Yes! Haha, we can use the data from your scan to find him!" He ran a hand through his hair.

"Exactly what I was thinking!" Hiro exclaimed.

The brothers shared a look.

Wasabi voiced his concern. "Are you sure that's not another thing?"

They nodded simultaneously. "More or less." They looked at each other again. "Stop that." Their eyes widened, becoming frustrated. "Baymax?" they both asked.

"This is getting creepy." Honey stated.

"Scan complete. I am detecting a minor irregularity in your: temporal, and frontal lobes. They are emitting at the same frequency. It is not causing either of you harm."

"This is awesome!" Fred punched the air. "Okay, there's only one way to know for sure: ask each other a question that only you know the answer to."

GoGo leaned forward from her seat. “Aren’t we getting a little off-topic here?”

Honey replied with a whisper. “They can’t go home like this, GoGo. They need to learn to control… it… as soon as possible. It would be best if they learn as much as they can about it.” Still, she glanced over at Tadashi worriedly. He, Fred and Hiro didn’t seem to notice the exchange.

The brothers thought on a question. "Got it." They both said. They glared at each other.

"We're not getting anywhere with this." Wasabi complained. "Hiro, you first."

"Okay. Baymax, don't answer this." He turned to Tadashi. "How did we escape the warehouse?" He asked, keeping the memory in mind.

"You..." Tadashi's face switched to concern. "You jumped out a window?! Hiro what-" he paused again, eyes glazing over. "There was no other way out. And Baymax caught you."

"Yup." Hiro confirmed, breathless. "Shoot."

"Alright." he remembered his question, keeping the image in his head. "What was I dreaming about before I woke up?"

Hiro's eyes widened in terror and his legs crumbled beneath him. "Who is that?!" he yelled. "Professor, get outta here, the building's coming down!" he started coughing wildly, the lights and TV flickering with each spasm. He rolled over and started crawling away from Tadashi.

"Oh, my God, I'm such an idiot!" he shouted to the air. He shook his head, ridding himself of the memory, and dropped to Hiro's side.

Hiro collapsed. The TV shut off.

“Hiro!” Honey gasped, standing abruptly. Her breathing hitched. It was an accident, it was an accident, she chanted.

"Hey. Hiro, Hiro! Calm down! I'm here, okay? I'm here, and you're waking up, and you're okay." Where had he heard that before?

Hiro groaned, leaning on shaky elbows. "T-Tadashi?" Tears streamed down his cheeks, but he wasn't sobbing. He held his head. "Geez, what happened to toning it down? No wonder you spazzed out." He wiped his eyes, feeling the tears. "Well this is embarrassing."

Tadashi hugged his brother, glad he was okay. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Hiro. I should've thought of something else."

"It's okay, really." Hiro slid out of the hug, pointing his finger mockingly at his brother. "You know what this means. Rule 458:-"

"Hamada Brothers stay out of each other's head, unless it's an emergency or all other resources have been exhausted." Tadashi finished.

"Exactly." They silently fistbumped.

Wasabi broke in, flustered by the rapid shifts in atmosphere. "Okay, it’s great that you're figuring this out and all, but how do we find the masked man?"

"Uh, you'd have to scan everyone in San Fransokyo and that might take, I don't know, forever?" GoGo said bluntly.

Hiro paced around. "No, nonono, I just have to look for another angle." He spotted the toy he had manipulated before. "Got it! We'll scan the whole city at the same time. I just have to upgrade Baymax's sensor." He glanced at the action figures on the shelf in front of him. "Actually, if we're gonna catch this guy," he turned to his friends. "I need to upgrade all of you."

"Upgrade who now?" Wasabi panicked.

"Hohoh! Okay, I like where this is heading." Fred sang in excitement.

"We can't go against that guy! We're nerds!" Wasabi exclaimed.

"Yeah, Hiro. Right now, only you and Tadashi would stand a chance." Honey admitted timidly. "We want to help but we're just... us."

"No." Hiro assured. "You can be way more." He stood on the couch for emphasis.

GoGo turned to him. "Professor Callaghan was a brilliant guy." She gauged the response of the group and sought Tadashi’s hesitant approval before nodding. "We're in."

Fred jumped up. "Can you feel it? You guys can feel this? Our origin story begins. We're gonna be superheros!"

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