A Taekook office au Because I love cliches “I WILL RUIN YOU” he stressed each word, gritting his teeth “You already did”

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Chapter 1

Taehyung stood in front of his closet, giving a lot of thought to his outfit as he was called for an interview at Jeon Corporation.

He got interview calls before as well, only to be rejected every time. A knot formed in his stomach thinking of another reject.

He immediately shakes off the thought trying to focus on clothes. He didn't have many clothes, most of them were cheap, so he settles for a plain white shirt and black trousers.

He made a list of possible questions and answers according to the job profile and practiced them thoroughly.

He can't afford to lose the opportunity as he has been struggling to pay rent and bills. He hardly fed himself three times a day, surviving on a couple of ramen packets each day.

Though it's an entry level marketing job, which paid less, he could use the experience to get into a better job after a while.

He left the apartment, took the subway and reached the main building of Jeon.Inc. He entered inside, walked towards the receptionist.

"Hello I am Kim Taehyung, here for the marketing job interview" he introduced himself. Later he was guided to waiting room where a few others were already seated.

When his name was called, he made his way into a small room.

"Good morning Mr Kim" Mr Jung welcomed him with a bright smile.

"Good morning" Taehyung reciprocated.

Jeon.Inc is a multinational hospitality company. They are one of the biggest hotel chains in Asia. The company owned hundreds of luxury hotels and resorts not only in Asia but also throughout the world.

After asking basic questions about Taehyung's education, hobbies, why he thinks he is suited for the job.

"Can you come up with a marketing strategy to increase the number of check-ins" Hoseok continues testing the younger.

Taehyung thinks for a while and answers "Well I think we could tie up with tours operating companies by offering discounts, that way they would accommodate all the tourists in our hotels" he answered confidently.

Hoseok seemed pleased with the answer. After a few more questions, Hoseok spoke "Well we will let you know the result in a couple of days Mr Kim"

"Sure Mr Jung" Taehyung nodded. He gets up and leaves the place, taking in some fresh air once he walked out.

He was happy with his performance, Thanks to days and hours of practice he did. If given an option he would never come back to this part of the city where huge multi-storied companies stood tall everywhere, suffocating him.

He never wanted to major in Business administration in the first place, nor he wanted to work 8am to 5pm in a corporate.

His passion was something else, which he gave up on his father's advice. He wished he fought back then and pursued what he loved. How he wished things were different. His pain and regrets consistently tried to bury his positivity and happiness.


Jungkook's intro in next chapter :)

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