Soulless Sky


Sawada Tsunayoshi is not known as 'Dame Tsuna' like usually known but 'Soulless Tsuna' or 'Speechless Tsuna'. He acts different more than anyone, never talk, never show emotions. He stays as blank.

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Sky & Storm

Chapter 1: The coming of Storm

In the middle of the night, a storm raged on. Thick mist had settled along the forest making it impossible to see. Within said forest a battle between two person. The first person was a young man with silver hair holding several bombs in each hand while the second person was completely engulfed in mist, only eerie eyes: one red and one indigo, could be seen.

"Kufufufu, enough with this stupid fight.” The man in the mist laughed, looking annoyed.

Both had been fighting the whole night and still does. The silver-haired bomb wielder panted, tired from their battle but refuse to give up even though knowing the fact he gained the most injuries between the two.

"There’s no way I’ll give up! I’ll fight until the end, even if I die!” The silverette yelled.

The person within the mist chuckled at his words, ‘So amusing...’ He thought. No matter what world you’re in, you’re still as stubborn as ever... fine by me. I still have work to do and only you can do the rest of it… Gokudera Hayato.′ With that final thought the two men lunged at each other and continued their battle.

Namimori Japan, Sawada Residence

Sawada Nana hummed happily as she washed the dishes in the kitchen. Her husband, Sawada Iemitsu who’s working overseas and unbeknownst to her working for the mafia as the boss of CEDEF of the Vongola Famiglia, the strongest mafia family in history.

Nana and Iemitsu had twin boys, Sawada Ieyuji and Tsunayoshi. Tsunayoshi her oldest inherited her brown hair and eyes while Ieyuji her youngest had the same blond hair and yellow eyes from his father.

“Yuji-kun please help me for bit.” She called her son who was currently sitting in front of the TV.

Ieyuji grunted at first but obeyed his mother. He really didn’t like doing household chores and he always thought his brother should do the work and not him.

Meanwhile Tsunayoshi walked down from the stairs and took a peek on the kitchen. He saw both his mother and younger brother doing their work. Nana sensed his presence and began to feel trouble. In truth, she had trouble talking to her first born due to his condition.

“T-Tsu-kun, i-is there something wrong?” she asked, still uncomfortable from his presence.

Sawada Tsunayoshi just stared without emotion. His expression was entirely blank and his eyes completely white. At first many had thought he was blind despite the fact he could see perfectly. However due to the lack of emotions many described him as soulless.

Tsunayoshi kept staring before he shook his head and slowly turned around, heading back up the stairs.

Ieyuji became irritated by his brother’s actions and began to complain, “Mom we should just get rid of him or send him to some freakshow where he belongs. That idiot is no help at all.”

“Yuji-kun don’t ever talk like that! No matter what he is your brother.” She scolded. Even if she didn’t know how to act to her older son, not ones she thought about abandoning him.

“But mom we have no use for a soulless brother like him...!” He argued but stopped when he met the burning eyes of his mother. Nana never got angry with anyone but when someone talked about her sons in a disrespectful way no one could stop her wrath.

Ieyuji frowned as he looked away, ‘Why should I think of him as my brother? It would be better if he just died.’

“IEYUJI!” Nana’s furious voice broke him out from his thought as if she knew what he was thinking. The blond haired boy started to shrink under his mother’s frightening gaze.

Deep inside, Nana wanted to help her eldest son. The problem was no doctor could help him. He never spoke no matter what, he remain emotionless, soulless. She’s worried that she prayed someone would come to help her son.

The next morning, Nana was really happy that a home tutor will be coming for Ieyuji whose grades had been falling. When she had found a flyer in the mail she was delighted when it said ‘A home tutor with no need for money just food and a room to stay in’. She’s thinking if she could ask him to help her Tsu-kun to regain his liveliness.

“Mom I don’t need a home tutor! The one who needs that is Soulless brother over there!” Ieyuji yelled as he pointed his twin brother, clearly unhappy.

“No. Your grades have been getting worse unlike your brother who can take average or even perfect score.” She said in serious tone before becoming delighted, “Oh I wonder what he looks like. Maybe he can help our Tsu-kun too?” She said cheerfully.

Ieyuji can’t do anything but sighed knowing ones she had made up her mind its hard to change it.

Tsuna went down the stairs with his bag and sat beside Ieyuji. The blond glared at the brunette who’s staring at their mother, preparing their breakfast. Moments later she sat down the plates in front of them before eating.

“Tsu-kun hear me out! There is this tutor coming and he will be staying with us starting today. I hope you say hello to him.” She said happily. For the first time in a long time, Tsuna froze from eating that shocked them both.

It was the first time he had showed reaction since the incident and Nana was happy but she’s also curious as to why the word tutor made him tense. She wanted to ask but he continue eating his breakfast like nothing happened. This made her even more determined to help her Tsu-kun to recover his voice and personality.

The twins went to school together but kept their distance. Ieyuji ran ahead while Tsuna walk. Soon Ieyuji’s friends who were also bullies of Soulless Tsuna.

The twins were same class but Ieyuji was surrounded with friends while Tsunayoshi was still alone, watching the sky in silence. No one ever talked to him or tried actually. They all saw him as a creepy person, as soulless and speechless as his nicknames.

The only people that tried to be nice to him were Sasagawa Kyoko and Kurosawa Hana. They attempted to talk to him on several occasions although they never received any answer or attention despite their efforts, even then they were still nice to him.

Yamamoto Takeshi the star baseball player in their school talked to Tsuna ones in a while but never paid much attention besides the nagging feeling that he had meet Tsuna somewhere before. When he tried confronting the shorter male about it his only answer was blank stare along with tears falling down. Remembering that made him shiver and a great sadness wash over him for a reason he couldn’t put his finger on and so he decided to leave the problem be.

Tsunayoshi although soulless wasn’t an idiot, clumsy or useless. He has good marks, only average but if he ever wanted everyone knew he could be at the top of the class. He’s good at fighting considering none of the bullies he had ever come across could land a hit on him.

It was rumored that he could match up against Hibari Kyoya, their school demon prefect and he had gained the title ‘Carnivore’ although neither had ever confirmed it. No one knew where he learned to fight but they knew that Tsuna didn’t react unless someone tried to physically attack him.

Tsunayoshi who was previously staring at the sky turned his head to a tree in the distance which was almost as tall as the third floor his class was residing on. A small figure behind the tree smirked. No one noticed, not Ieyuji, not anyone except the brunette with soulless eyes.

After class Ieyuji and his friends tried to pick a fight against Tsunayoshi but only end up them being beaten. He never said a word, just silently walked away leaving them on the ground.

Tsunayoshi arrived home first, being greeted by Nana’s ‘Welcome home’ and went straight to his room. Later, Ieyuji came back home with frustrated look that he lost again to his Soulless brother. He went to his room and smashed his door shut. Nana had no idea what happened that made her younger twin angry. It was moment when Tsuna came out his room, having changed from his school uniform into an orange T-shirt and black pants.

“Going off somewhere?” Nana asked. No reply came as he walked outside. She sighed and finally said, “See you later.”

When Tsuna came back, it was time for dinner and while he was gone a familiar baby who’s wearing a black fedora along with a suit and a small green chameleon that seemed to be resting on his hat.

“Ciaossu, I’m Reborn, please to meet you Sawada Tsunayoshi.” Reborn introduced himself, standing on the table.

Tsuna didn’t reply, only stare him for a moment before simply walking over to the table and sitting down. Reborn didn’t like that attitude, the young brunette needed to be taught a lesson. It was too bad that he’s here to train the Idiot Ieyuji to become the next Vongola Boss.

After dinner, Reborn saw Tsuna heading straight to his room, ordering Ieyuji to do the same and wait in his room. The blond refused at first but with a kick to his head, he obeyed even he was still reluctant.

Reborn turned to confront Nana, “Mind telling me what happened to Tsuna? Why does he act soulless?”

Looks like the rumors he had heard from the reports about the soulless child were true. When he came to observe the twins, especially his student Ieyuji, he could tell from the blond’s attitude had many things needed to be fixed became suitable mafia boss.

To do that, first Reborn would fix the boy’s hate to his brother. To know how to fix the problem, he needed to know what happened between them before they became like they were now. He’s also became interested to Tsuna because out of all people only he who found him on the tree and a good fighter, a good asset for the Vongola and his brother.

Nana became silent as frown marring her usually smiling features, “It happened seven years ago. Someone broke into our house. It was night and at that time, I was out to pick something at the nearby convenience store, I thought I would be gone for a few minutes so I left Tsu-kun and Yuji-kun. To tell the truth Reborn-kun, Tsu-kun is a good child. His smile were wild and brilliant, everyone thought it was adorable but that incident changed it.” She paused for a minute then continued.

“There was a robbery that… the man stabbed my boy in his chest…” She began to cry as remembering the blood coming out to his body. “I was terrified but I managed to call the hospital... somehow the ambulance made it… but… he…” There was a pause. Tears flowing down non-stop as she remembered what happened. Reborn remained quiet, knowing better than question her, no emotion showing in his expression.

“T-the doctor said… he… he didn’t make it… he died… I was so depress that my little boy died… I hugged his body as soon as they showed it to me… he was cold, I really can’t believe he died and then… something happened… like a miracle happened.”

This caught Reborn’s attention. He waited patiently for her to continue. “His body just shuddered and started to breathe again. I called the doctor and they restarted their treatment… after that… when he woke up after… three days… he… he looked at me like I’m… nothing. I asked the doctor what’s wrong but they can’t see any problem too his brain or anything. He never spoke ever since… he was never cheerful again, he became… like that.” She ends her story.

Reborn absorb the new information carefully still something bother him as how or why did Tsuna become like that? Yes, miracle happened but that seemed pretty suspicious. There were people who had experienced like that but they came out perfectly fine, why was the brunette different than the rest? He needed to know the answer if he’s going to help him for Nana. A question popped into his head.

“How did Ieyuji react?” That’s the true question.

That made Nana think, “I’m not sure if he was worried or not Reborn-kun. For me it was like…” Hard for her to say but then she said it. “Its like he really wanted him to die.” That made his head spin, he hadn’t been expecting that.

“Thank you Maman, I’ll do what I can for Tsuna so don’t worry.” Reborn assured her. He is the world’s number one hitman after all, he could do anything.

Nana gave him a gentle smile, “Thank you Reborn-kun.”

Reborn went away after that, instead of heading straight to Ieyuji’s room he went to Tsuna’s. It was unlocked so he simply walked in. Inside the room he noted that he only saw simple furniture: drawer, bed, study desk and lamp. There were few books on a couple of shelves and small table at the center.

Reborn also noted that Tsuna was staring at the moon. The seemingly soulless boy slowly turned to see him. The hitman observed the boy carefully, amazed to see how much fight that was packed into the boy’s scrawny body. He could tell the older twin was strong and needed to be cautious. After a long moment of starring at one another, tears slowly built up in his eyes and overflowed, falling across his face.

“Why are you crying?” Reborn asked, looking straight to Tsuna’s eyes. Soon enough the hitman learned that he couldn’t read the boy’s face but his eyes held sadness and pain inside them.

Reborn felt a sense of familiarity wash over him, making him relax. He briefly wondered if they had met before but discarded the thought as impossible. He hadn’t been in Japan for years so its impossible for them to have run into each other. Still not receiving any answer he asked another question.

“Can you talk?”

Tsuna just stared, still crying as tears showed no signs of stopping. Why?

“Can you do sign language?”

Still no response, normal people needed a lot of patience for this and Reborn was up to the challenge.

“Are you listening to me?”

Still no reply, he gave a deep sigh as he pull down his fedora to cover his eyes. It seemed he would have to find another way of communicating with him.

“I’ll make you speak no matter what happens. I am the number one Hitman after all.”

Reborn gave a smirk and surprisingly, Tsuna smiled back.

“So you were listening after all. Mind answering my questions then?”

Tsuna’s smile fade as quickly as it appeared before he continued to stare.

“You can use any paper or notes to communicate you know.”

Tsuna still didn’t do anything. Reborn decided he would focus on tortu—tutoring Ieyuji to become the Vongola Decimo.

The next day, Ieyuji ended up running to school in his boxers yelling ′REBORN! I’LL PROPOSE TO KYOKO-CHAN WITH MY DYING WILL’ or something like that. Reborn smirked and looked Tsuna who stood beside him.

“Mind giving me a ride to your school?” Reborn asked. There’s no response. Reborn got the feeling that the older twin agreed so the hitman jumped to the brown locks and they began to walk, heading towards the school.

Reborn noticed absent-mindedly that the hair was softer than Ieyuji’s, once again he was hit by a wave a familiarity. He couldn’t help but think he’d get along with the boy.

Gokudera Hayato frowned as he watched the fight between the kid, Mochida and the future boss. The silver haired, green eyed bomber seemed disappointed.

‘Why the heck is it this guy? Who is he!? What happened to my sky?’ He yelled inwardly. He paused, remembering the call back in Italy when he was summoned by Reborn to go to Japan to test the future Vongola boss.


"Really Reborn-san!?” He was surprised by the announcement, it could only mean one thing…

"Yeah. Come to Japan and see if he’s worthy of becoming the next boss of Vongola. I’m expecting you to come quickly, Smoking Bomb Hayato.” Reborn told him.

He was delighted. “I will Reborn-san!” With that he hung up the phone. He beamed enough excitement that he looked like he’d burst in happiness.

"I can finally meet him... My Sky, My boss... Juudaime!” He whispered as he touched something on his belt. It was the Buckle of the Storm Version X.

End of Flashback

‘This can’t be… what happened to him? … Juudaime...’ Gokudera was worried for his sky quickly coming to the conclusion that he needed to look for him and find him. For now however, he would do what Reborn asked him to do which is to test the next boss, the unwanted boss.

It wasn’t until the next day when he was introduced in the class as a transferred student from Italy who would be joining Ieyuji and Tsunayoshi’s class. He honestly didn’t care for any of them but he search around trying to find him and eventually, he did.

“Well our new student here is came from Italy and-” The teacher wasn’t finished when he started to walk forward heading towards a certain student. “Hey wait!” The teacher cried.

The request went ignored as Gokudera went to Tsuna who’s staring outside. Noticing his presence, the brunette turned to face the silverette. Shock flashed over the Italian’s face, noting the fact that the brunette’s eyes were different. He wanted to ask what happened but remembered something that made him control himself. Reluctant he still went to Ieyuji with scary expression.

Ieyuji had no idea what his problem, “I-is there something wrong?” He asked nervously. Gokudera continue to glare him and kick his table, “After school at the back.” He turned around and left.

He was going outside the room when he was stopped by the teacher, “Gokudera where are you going?”

The bomber glared the teacher, “None of your damn business!”

Gokudera left, leaving everyone in the room speechless.

Where Reborn was hiding, confusion flashed across his features. Why was the bomber acting like that?

Outside behind the school, Gokudera punched the wall with all his might and started to cry. He screamed in his mind, ‘Juudaime!’.

It took a long silence as he tried to calm himself. His eyes opened in full of determination.

’Just wait my sky, We will come to your aid as soon as possible. We will come together for you!

After school, Ieyuji and Reborn met up with Gokudera who was waiting for them, both hands inside of his pockets.

“You came. I thought you would run away.” The bomber mocked. Ieyuji frowned for a moment before getting irritated, “Really, tell me what’s your problem? I didn’t even do anything to you.”

Reborn answered him, “Of course, he is mafioso after all.”

That surprised him, “HIEEEE! Ma-Mafia!?”

Reborn smirked, “Yeah. He is known as Smoking Bomb Hayato due to the fact that he hides many dynamites on his body. He’s strong and dangerous I must say.”

Gokudera felt flattered by the complement but hid it.

“That’s right, and I’m here to see if you are worthy to become the next boss of the Vongola Famiglia. Although I can already see you’re not worthy to be one.” Gokudera said in a calm tone. He was more mature than he usually was.

“Gokudera is seeking the position of boss as well, so he’s here to kill you and take your position instead Baka Yuji.” Reborn said casually not seeing any problem with the situation.

This made the blond fired up for some reason, “Take my position huh? Try it because it will be me who will put you down!” Ieyuji said confidently.

Gokudera observed the teen and sighed, “I have no more interest in taking your position, although there is someone more worthy to take the position as the boss, that is not you.”

Ieyuji startled, “What!?”

Reborn’s attention shifted, “What do you mean? Explain” He said in a demanding tone.

“As I said, he is not good enough for the position. I see no resolve. How can he lead a Famiglia without it? He’s not capable at all. Reborn-san this may be bold to me but please tell the ninth to change his decision, if he won’t ask the CEDEF boss instead.”

Reborn narrowed his eyes to Gokudera, “How do you know about this?”

Gokudera answered, “Because I, his Storm serve the true Decimo, my boss, our boss, our Sky.”

“Sky?” Ieyuji questioned, confused on what was going on. All he understood was the silver haired transfer student kept telling him he wasn’t good enough to become the Vongola Decimo.

Reborn pulled down his fedora, thinking. ‘What does he mean by true Decimo? How did he know about Dying Will flames?’

“Re-Reborn what’s going on? Why is he talking about the weather forecast?” Ieyuji asked. Reborn didn’t answer, it’s was not the time to explain it to him.

“But as Reborn requested, I will test you.” They both turned to Gokudera, “I will see if you can gain resolve then I’ll admit you have potential. Just remember if I win, I will make sure you will not take the position and make him become the next boss. I swear my loyalty to him.”

Gokudera took out his hands from his pocket and in his hands, were bombs. It seems he’s ready to attack Ieyuji. “Show me your resolve.”

Ieyuji had no time to think and quickly got ready. Reborn transformed Leon into a gun. “If we win, answer all my questions Gokudera Hayato. You have many explaining things to do.” Reborn was serious to this.

Gokudera just smiled and answered, “Of course Reborn-san but not until we all gather and help our beloved boss. This brat is nothing, if it’s for him.”

Reborn narrowed his eyes within the shadow of his fedora. ’Gather? He has companions? If he knows about flames and keeps saying, him as his sky then… He has five more companions but who are they? Enemies?′ The thought made him smirk, ‘Heh, no need to think about that. I’ll find the answer in no time... How interesting.’

Reborn point his gun at Ieyuji, “Fight him with your Dying Will Baka Yuji.” He said as he shoot a Dying Will Bullet at the blond’s forehead. The younger twin fell down and before he stood up in boxer shouting, “I’LL FIGHT YOU WITH MY DYING WILL!”

‘Now let’s see what you got.’ Gokudera smirked and began to attack by pulling out his bombs, lighting them and throwing them in rapid succession.

The battle had begun.

As they were fighting, Reborn watch them closely. He sensed someone coming around a corner, seeing it was Tsuna who didn’t greet them. His attention focused on Gokudera and Ieyuji.

Ieyuji was barely managing to dodge them, letting it explode around the area while Gokudera continued his assault. Tsuna who’s eyes were still emotionless and blank had no intention of interfering. Reborn decided to let him watch before shifting back on the two.

Gokudera used his double bomb, twice as many as the last time but was avoided by Ieyuji who was running straight at him. Gokudera threw a single bomb on the side before he attacked with his triple bomb. Both of them would explode, Ieyuji almost had him but Gokudera smirked. The side bomb that he had thrown first exploded. Gokudera used the wave of explosion to move to the side to avoid the explosion of his triple bomb.

“Not bad.” Reborn commented. Tsuna continued to watch them in silence.

Gokudera was thrown on the ground from the explosion and used his right leg to sit up. He observed quietly on what happened. He closed his eyes and stood up, he opened them and saw Ieyuji within the explosion, still standing but having several injuries all over his body.

“Still want to continue? If you do, you will truly die kid.” Gokudera said, not worried but if this kid was Sawada Ieyuji, there’s a chance in this world, this kid could have been his boss… Gokudera couldn’t kill him for that reason.

Ieyuji was breathing heavily. He glared at Gokudera who noticed his sleeves had gotten burn but didn’t care for the moment he instead continued to observe the blond.

Ieyuji was pissed, “How? I’m in my Dying will but you… Tch, how did you-” before he completed his sentence, Gokudera answered.

“Easy, I just knew what the flow of this battles would be. Although there’s a slight difference, I knew where I was to fail and used it as my advantage to take you down.”

Reborn spoke up, questioning in serious tone. “Slight difference?”

Gokudera glanced the Arcobaleno and nodded, “Yes. If it’s him, he will make sure all my bombs wouldn’t explode by snuffing out the flame on my bombs. In that situation, the failure would have killed me but he saved me. For the kid, he focused on killing me. That’s the difference.”

He looked back to Ieyuji who was still breathing hard and almost out of Dying Will Flame.

“You can give up and fall down the position kid. You have no place inside the Mafia.” Gokudera said giving him a chance to back out but, “No! I’ll fight you until the end.” Ieyuji proclaimed.

Gokudera release a deep sigh, “Then I’ll end it.”

Ieyuji dashed toward Gokudera, he threw three bombs straight at him. The blond jumped to avoid them and smirked, like he had won.

“Idiot.” Reborn muttered under his breath.

What Ieyuji hadn’t noticed, were two bombs Gokudera had thrown into the air seconds afterwards. Ieyuji was unable to avoid them in mid air.

“Feel my Rocket Bomb kid.” Gokudera said murmured.

It explodes directly in front of him. Ieyuji hit the ground with a loud thud, lost consciousness in complete defeat.

Gokudera approached the unconscious teen slowly then stop staring him in pity eyes, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you unless he told me to.” He left the unconscious body, heading toward Reborn before he froze, seeing him, his boss.

“You have gotten stronger Hayato… hmm?” Reborn noticed that Gokudera had frozen in shock. Reborn followed his gaze tracing it to Tsuna. The Italian student also acted like that when he spotted the brunette.

“You know him?” Reborn asked.

Slowly the bomb wielder went to Tsuna, bowing down 90 degrees. “I’m sorry for the trouble I’ve caused, please forgive me!” He apologized. The soulless boy continued to stare. Reborn pulled down his fedora to hide his confusion.

Gokudera looked up, he smiled at Tsuna, “I’ve been waiting for this day to come. I have missed you, My beloved boss, Juudaime.” Reborn raised his hat to look at them. So Gokudera was talking about him, Sawada Tsunayoshi.

Gokudera continued, “I remembered everything Juudaime. I’m here once again to serve you. I assure you, we will start to gather for you Juudaime. Just wait little bit longer and ah!”

Tsunayoshi began to cry once again. He didn’t reply but he cried and for the first time since he came here Reborn had seen his eyes hold a type of emotion in them, happiness.

Knowing it, Gokudera smiled. “Juudaime as your right hand and Storm Guardian I swear to you, I will break the seal that kept you away from this world and be free. Accept my loyalty once again Juudaime.”

Long silence, the brunette didn’t reply as he turned around and left with tearing eyes. Other people might think he was rejecting the idea but Gokudera knew better. Tsuna had accepted him and silently telling him to follow.

Gokudera smiled, he started to walk before stopping for a bit and turned to Reborn, “We will explain everything after we’ve all gathered and freed our boss from the seal that stop his communication. We assure you we are not the Vongola’s enemies. We promise.” With that, he turn back to his Juudaime and followed him.

Reborn was confused but his instincts were screaming to trust them. They whoever they were seemed to know what happened to Tsuna. He would find information on his own. For now though, he looked back at his stupid student and sighed. ‘Triple training may not be enough to this idiot.’

Reborn was sure that Gokudera had changed, the last time he met the bomber he’s still weak and immature but now... The Italian was a lot stronger than before with stronger loyalty and will. He didn’t know how or when both of them had met but he knew one thing, something interesting would happen soon.

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