A Switch

Chapter 2

[ Earlier that day...]

"Lambo, let's go home" 14 year old Tsuna said as he tugged the 5 year old child away from the park.

"NOOO!" Lambo wailed and tried to escape from the brunet's hold, only to faceplant after successfully doing so.

" Gotta..! Stay..! Calm..! " Lambo tried calming himself, but seems to be failing to do so. " I can't! WAAAAAH!"

And as usual, Lambo wailed and took out his favorite purple bazooka.

Tsuna froze for a moment before scrambling to get the offending weapon away from the child as soon as he saw sparks crawling on it.

As expected, the little Lightning Guardian didn't seem affected from the measly sparks.





Pink smoke engulfed Tsuna, and the next thing he knew was that he was by the sidewalk. Good thing that there were no passerby.

Sighing to himself, Tsuna decided to just return home.

Tsuna entered the eerily quiet house.

"Tadaima?" Tsuna announced his arrival, only to be greeted with more silence.

His hair seem to stand on its end as his voice seem to echo in this seemingly empty house.

"Mom?" He called out as he walked in the kitchen. But no one was in there. The kitchen is clean, but there is a big trace that it wasn't used often.

He proceeded to walk upstairs, checking every room he passed by and calling out to those he remembered living with them.

"Reborn? Bianchi? Fuuta? I-pin? Lambo?"

But no one answers back.


He could feel his heartbeats getting louder by the minute and getting faster as he finds himself totally alone in this household.


He picked up the phone, expecting it to be his mom or anyone he lives with. Only to hear an unfamiliar voice on the other line.

{Greetings, Sawada-san}

Female. It was firm but he could detect the underlying tone of sadness, grief, remorse and... condolence ?

He didn't get the chance to greet back because the person on the other line spoke again.

{We have been trying to contact you for a while now. Anyway, about your mother's condition... She - }

Warning bells started ringing in his mind once she mentioned his mom. His world seemed to stop at what she said.

{ ... Please come to Namimori General Hospital. I'm really sorry. }

No more. He doesn't want to hear more of it. He hung the line up and sprinted towards the said hospital.

He did not even notice his heavy breathing and burning lungs.

All that mattered at the moment was his mother.

She was the one who raised him and cared for him until now. The one who had been with him for his entire life. To think that she was in the hospital… was frightening.

He could not bear to lose her.

The hospital doors slid open and Tsuna nearly collapsed on the counter. Now that he stopped running, the air around him seemed to suffocate him. It was a difficult task to even breathe, and his knees were shaking from the overuse. Namimori hospital was not far from his house, but it was by no means near. To even make it here as fast as he did, would be quite an accomplishment.

He managed to lift his head from the counter, regarding the worried receptionist who fretted over him.

"are you alright? Do you need medical assistance?"

Tsuna coughed and gasped, trying to take in oxygen. He managed to wheeze out, "No, I'm fine. Can you tell me where Sawada Nana's room is?"

The after effects of the sprint were getting to him. He felt light headed and dizzy from the lack of blood flow, and every breath he took was painful.

The receptionist stared at him in concern. The young man was deathly pale, and the way he breathed make it look as if he was having an asthma attack. She debated whether to just call the doctors to strap him on to a bed, but his eyes burned with determination, urgency and worry that she just could not deny.

The woman sighed and began to look for the information he asked for.

"Room 307. You'll find her there."

Tsuna bowed and thanked her quickly, before making his way towards the elevator. He would have ran, if the world was not still spinning. The brunet leaned an arm against the walls for support.

He let out a shaky breath, unable to stop his shivering body. Still, he did not stop. Being involved with the mafia, this was nothing compared to what he endured.

The young man pressed the button, and waited until a *ding* signaled the arrival of the elevator. Luckily, it was empty.

He stumbled inside the confined box, leaning against one of its side. Sweat trickled down his forehead, which he quickly wiped off. It seemed to be hours before he reached the designated floor. With a ragged breath, he continued his search.

After a few minutes of stumbling, apologies, and worried nurses, he finally stood in front of Room 307.

If you thought he would barge right in, you were quite wrong. If anything, he froze on the spot.

He didn't know what to do. Yes, he had been coming and going out of the hospital in an almost routine because of Reborn's daily training. Or visiting your injured friends.

But this time, it's different. To see your usually strong mother in a hospital bed was... scary. Frightening.

With shaky hands, he brought up his right arm to twist the doorknob.

Slowly, he opened the door. What he saw inside broke his heart in millions of pieces.

[ Original World ]

After hours of cleaning up the rubbles and temporary patching up the destruction with illusions, they laid sprawled on the living room in exhaustion.

"Voi! I swear that I won't create destruction on any property if this will repeat over and over again." Squalo remarked tiredly from the floor.

A collective groans of agreement can be heard.

Reborn's fedora shadowed his face as he and everyone thought back on today's events.

Mostly: The Arcobalenos, Xanxus and the 10th gen Vongola guardians; were thinking of the same thing — why does Tsuna have the orange pacifier? Why is Tsuna the Sky Arcobaleno?

On one side of the room, Tsuna was staring at a framed photograph. His face was shadowed by his bangs and the aura around him seemed heavy.

Once they informed him that this wasn't his world, he started acting like that.

Takeshi took the initiative to approach the sullen brunet. Parallel world or not, Tsuna is still Tsuna. And Tsuna is his best friend.

"Tsuna, are you alright?" He asked. Yes, he could see that the brunet was not okay. But what he wants to know is what is wrong with him.

And the unexpected happened. Out of literally nowhere, a long wooden ruler appeared on Tsuna's right hand and smacked the baseball star in the head.

With a huff, Tsuna reprimanded: "It's Tsuna-sensei to you, Yamamoto-kun."

Everyone stared - gapping - at the sudden 180 degree personality turn. And sensei ?!

" 'Sensei'...? " Takeshi asked in confusion.

Tsuna nodded and said: "I am your homeroom teacher as well as your Science, Math and English teacher. "

Everyone's jaws slacked ... almost. It was surprisingly unbelievable. Those subjects were this world's Tsuna's worst subjects. To think that he was teaching them those subjects were completely... unthinkable.

" I also teach the same subjects on the other year level." He turned towards Sasagawa Ryohei "Next time, please refrain from sleeping in class"

Ryohei slightly flushed in embarrassment, as a snort could be heard from the Varia and Gokudera.

"You too" Tsuna added as he turned back to Takeshi. The raven head just laughed and scratched his head sheepishly.

The brunet smiled wistfully as he muttered, voice just above a whisper: "It's time."

Everyone looked confused. Then a familiar *poof* and smoke appeared.

Another surprise came as the pink smoke dissipated.

There on the floor, their Tsuna sat on his legs. Face blank, eyes bloodshot and tear stains visible on his cheeks. Like a broken doll. Or a puppet severed from his strings. The sight was unbearable and downright terrifying.

Their usually strong, determined, and full of resolve brunet is there sitting on the floor like the world was taken away from him. He looked lifeless... no, he looked soulless.

To see him like that is really terrifying.

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