A Switch

Chapter 3

*beeep* *beeep* *beeep*

14 year old Tsuna stood by the door with wide eyes and tears streamed down his cheeks.

There on the bed is his mother, connected to countless of machines and tubes.

Her skin, pale as white as the sheet blanketing her lithe body. White bandages wrapped around her head, possibly a head injury. And white bandages also wrapped over her eyes. Was she blind?

He took small hesitant steps. Afraid that his actions would take away what little remained of his mother.

Mother? Was this person, this frail woman his mother? The strong woman he knew? His mother who brought him up to who he is today singlehandedly?

Is she really Sawada Nana?

As he reached the bed, his trembling body gave out and he slumped ungracefully on the tiled floor. With shaky, clammy hands, he reached out and held on to his mother's cold pale hand.

'Anyway, about your mother's condition... She may not make it any longer... Her heart may still be beating, but with her brain activities shutting down, we doubt it will last. The lung transplant operation will be of no use to her anymore... ' The phone call replayed in his mind.

'...I'm sorry'

He cried and cried, until his eyes were red and puffy. Until his throat is sore.

His heart constricting in his chest. It felt like it was stabbed countless times, sliced, diced, crumpled, stepped on and threw to a wall. It felt like his heart was chained tightly and choking.

It hurts.

The door opened and someone came in. Probably the nurse, or the doctor. He didn't know, and he didn't care.

"Sawada-san" A woman's voice called to him. He remembered her voice from the phone call earlier.

He made no move to acknowledge her. He didn't have the strength to. But she didn't care and continued anyway.

"We would repeat our suggestion, sir. This has been going on for the last few years, but please reconsider your decision..." She said solemnly.

He didn't answer.

"Please.. Let her rest and be peaceful already. She had fought long enough. She won't be waking up anymore."

With that, Tsuna turned to face her. He saw tears also leaking from her eyes, like him.

"Are you..."He choked on his words. "Are you suggesting for me to... to unplug her life support?"

She didn't reply, but more tears streamed down her cheeks. That was enough to confirm his thoughts.

"Just what happened?" He murmured to himself. "What happened to her to be like this?"

What happened to his family? What about Iemitsu? Wasn't he a Vongola Decimo candidate? Where are his friends? His surrogate siblings? Where is Reborn?

Does dad even know about what happened to mom?

"I don't know how or why, but I somewhat feel that you are not the Sawada Tsunayoshi we met years ago..." She started a little hesitant.

He just continued to listen.

"But I will tell you what I know..." She paused to take a deep breathe and continued.

[ Original World ]

After Reborn had explained that he wasn't in his original world, 24 year old Tsuna asked a couple of simple questions that they thought were just natural to ask.

'I'm Vongola Decimo?'

"Yes. But you are still a candidate"

'Does that mean I don't have siblings?'

"Yes. You are the only son."

'Where's dad? Is he also in the mafia?'

"Yes. He works with the Vongola. He is the current Outside Advisor. And he's at the CEDEF headquarters in Italy."

'Is okaa-san okay? Where is she?'

"Maman is fine. She's out shopping with Bianchi."

'Is she safe?'

"Yes. Bianchi is trustworthy and very capable of protecting her if anything happens."

After that, he isolated himself in a corner far away from the rest of them. Their family photo in hand.

'Tsu-kun~ What do you want for your 18th birthday?" Nana asked her son as she put down the phone.

They had just ended the line from his twin who called to greet him a happy birthday.

Yesterday was Giotto's birthday, while today was his'.

"Mom. I don't want anything." He said exasperatedly.

"Noooo! It's your birthday! We need to get you something! Let's go shopping!" She cheered and dragged her son out of the house.

She was humming and skipping on her steps that he can't help but chuckle at her. She may be his mother but she acts like a high school girl.

Many had teased him in school that he's a 'mama's boy', but he didn't care. His mom is great and he would be damned if he lied that she's his world.

She was everything to him. His world. She's the best and greatest mom in the world.

That's why when a man came blocking their path and took out a gun with a silencer, he willingly stepped in between them and shielded his mom from the gunshot.

He kicked the gun away, but the first shot was fired. The bullet pierced his right shoulder blade, rendering his right arm useless. The gun flew and dropped to the water below.

Nana was shocked at the sudden assault and her knees gave out on her.

He couldn't blame her. Neither of them knew why they were being attacked. And he was only acting on instinct.

Unluckyly, they were on the bridge a couple of kilometers away from the shopping district. And there were no other people around since it was still mid-day work hours. There were no vehicles either, since there was a sign that it was unavailable for the moment as they were recementing the center of the bridge.

The man took out a knife and swiped at his neck.

"Mom! RUN!" He desperately shouted, ducking at the blade and tried to left hook his assailant.

At his voice Nana came back to her senses and stood up.

"But how about you?!" She cried.

"I'll be fine! Get some help!" He reassured as he sidestepped a stab to the stomach.

" HURRY MOM!" He shouted.

With a heavy heart, she nodded and ran away to get help. But as soon as she was by the end of the bridge, she heard Tsuna's pained scream.

She looked back and saw her son down and clutching his side. It turns out that the attacker took out another knife and successfully stabbed Tsuna at the side.

Their attacker was now dashing for her, he stabbed a blade to her heart but she jumped out of the way.

He threw the other knife on her direction but missed as she rolled out of the way.

She stood up and was prepared to run when a blade flashed in her sight, then all she felt was pain.

He kicked her on her side and she flew over the bridge and down to the hard ground beside the lake. Then she was gone.

"MOM!" Tsuna shouted desperately.

Their assailant then dropped to the ground, lifeless. A few people in black suits and some medics then came to aid him and his mom.

At the hospital, they said that the knife used was coated in paralysis. Her left eyeball were damage and she might not be able to see again. They said mom broke a few ribs too, that pierced through her lungs. Her fall was also too dangerous that the blood in her brain clotted.

She was in a coma.

They don't know if she'll ever wake up.

Iemitsu and Giotto came rushing home after a few days.

And then, that was when they told him the truth. And the possible reason why they were attacked.

Mafia. Vongola.

After the 14 year old Tsuna was back, everyone stilled on their places. No one knew what happened or what to do.

Their brunet looked so heartbroken.

Then the front door opened, a two happy greeting and a cheerful Nana appeared. Only to her smile be wiped off as soon as her eyes landed on Tsuna's prone figure.

She glanced around to see them clueless as to what could have made her only son like that.

She slowly put aside her paper bags, and cautiously approached her son.

"Tsu-kun?" She called out softly.

At her voice, he whirled around abruptly.

"M-Mom?" He croaked out, eyes wider than normal as if he saw a ghost.

She slowly nodded and smiled softly at him.

Tears leaked through his eyes as he engulfed his mom in a tight hug. He sobbed violently that his body racked and trembled at the strain and eventually passed out.

After putting him up to his bed upstairs, Nana stayed by his side while stroking his fluffy hair with her slim hand.

Everyone else just silently made their way out, to let them have some privacy.

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