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The Kid


THE KID! Uh... I’m Tina. Finger Guns! The Kid! is an inside joke type role play that Nova and I are happy to share with you! It is a Star Wars Fan Fiction and we hope you love it. Happy The Kid-Aversary Nova!

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Chapter 1

Kate watched as the storm troopers picked their way through the snow. They were rather clumsy for the “feared killers” they were made out to be, and kept slipping on the icy parts. She was perched in a tree and was so high up that with the thick icicles hanging on the branches they didn’t even notice her. Beside she wasn’t the person they were looking for. She’d heard some of the storms talking earlier about a rebel on the loose. It wasn’t uncommon for there to be rebel sightings on Hoth, her home planet, but they gotten a lot more in recently. The rebels were taking more risks in their fight.

The battalion was basically gone now so she decided to make her move.

She jumped down from the tree and ran across the ground to where the soldiers had left some boxes of supplies. There wasn’t much and Kate was careful to take nothing more then a couple of pieces of beef jerky and some dried fruit. It wasn’t anything to important that would be noticed was missing. But then she saw a knife. It had a shiny blade and leather case. And it was beautiful. The engraving on the hilt were carved to look like dragons and the craftsmen ship was splendid. She quickly snatched up the dagger and ran away, her feet practically flying.

Once she’d gotten a far enough distance away she slowed to a walk. She stopped near a run down shed that used to be used for farming and took out her prizes from her bag to reorganize. Laying everything out on some rocks nearby to keep it from getting wet. Along with what she just got she had a blaster, a small bag containing some dried fruit she’d snatched earlier, a water proof container with some matches and a lighter, her blaster which was only for emergencies (due to her short supply of ammo),some credits, and some herbs and tools she used to make medicines and “potions”. She had some other things like an extra pair of clothes, hair ties, etc., but that wasn’t very interesting. She kept everything she had in her bag or on of the pockets of her parka. It was much easier to have everything on her ready to use then have an area to go back to.

She had almost finished putting everything back into her bag when she heard a shout behind her. She wiped around to see girl around her age with long brown hair and blue eyes racing toward her. The girl bowled into Kate and together they tumbled face first into the snow.

“Hey!” Exclaimed Kate, “What’re you doing?!

The girls response was to grab her arm and yank her into the nearby shed.

Don’t make a sound.” She whispered fiercely.

A couple minutes later a group of storm troopers came charging up the hill and they both ducked below the windows line of sight. Kate could hear her heart beating in her chest, she din’t know what this girl had done but clearly it was something big and she did not want to get caught with her.

Kate could hear the troopers run past them probably thinking the culprit had kept running to the town which wasn’t that far away. As the footsteps faded from her hearing range, Kate realized the girls hand was still clamped over her mouth and squirmed to get away from her.

“Who are you?!” She asked scooting toward the sheds other wall.

“Ahhhh,” The girl hesitated “I’m Tina.”

“Yeah right I can tell by your hesitation that’s not your REAL name.”

“Oh well then, that’s what you can call me, but you haven’t told me your name either.”

“I’m Kate. Just Kate.”

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