She completes me

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Lauren was waking up slowly, she opened her eyes, it was still dark, she tried to move but a hand was keeping her still. She turned her head a bit, Bo was sleeping with her hand around her and stuck on her back, She smiled. It was probably very early, she had to check the time, Bo and Kenzi had to be at barracks and she had to get back home and then to work. She slowly tried to move Bos hand.

"Hmmmmm" Lauren smiled at Bos sound.

She turned her body and kissed Bos forehead.

"What time is it?" Bo nudged her nose on Laurens.

"I don't know, I think I left my mobile on the living room" Bo moved her head to Laurens neck and stayed there.

"We have to get up, I have to get home"

Bo came up again, looking all sleepy with her eyes closed. They kissed slowly.

Bo hugged Lauren, "I had a great sleep" Bo said, not realizing she was telling her thoughts out loud.

"Me too" Lauren said. Bo finally turned on the other corner of the bed and grabbed her mobile.

"Its 5 in the morning, Kenzi would be up in a bit, so we still have time for a little sleep" Bo dragged Lauren on her and this time it was the blond that was laying on Bo.

While Bo was semi sleep, she could feel Laurens hand on her face, she could feel Laurens look on her face. They stayed there until noise was heard from downstairs. Kenzi was up. Lauren finally moved and got up too, she grabbed her underwear and clothes and got dressed. She entered Bos small bath and washed her face. She noticed 4 different vanilla body creams in the corner of the sink. She smiled again, Bo entered the bathroom too, all naked, she was standing behind Lauren and was looking at them in the tiny mirror.

Lauren smiled at her, while Bo had the same serious face she had the night before.

Bo hugged her from behind still looking at the mirror.

"You don't have to take me home, I ll get a cab, I don't want you riding at the other part of the city so early and still dark."

"I am taking you" Bo walked away.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

It was late afternoon when Lauren finished from work, she got a cab and finally was home. She was tired, was up all day but she felt happy. She and Bo were together. In what capacity she didn't know exactly but they were together. Lauren prepared herself a bath, she wanted to chill, just rest her body. She took off her clothes and throw them straight for the wash, she noticed the marks on her body, especially her thighs, Bo was biting her all over. She smiled. She entered the bathrub, ahh it was heaven. She had filled the bath with her favourite Vanilla scents,Bo was loving that scent on her body. She tried a couple of times to make her tell her, what was the brand and what exactly the scent was but Lauren wasn't telling. She could see Bo was struggling with the new situation between them but Lauren was willing to give her time. She loves me, she just doesn't want to face it yet or admit it. Lauren was sure about that. She could see that in Bos eyes, the way she was looking at her, when she thought Lauren wasn't watching. The fact she was holding her all night so possessively and the way they parted that morning. Bo was kissing her and wouldn't let her go. They way she would text her all day asking her what she was doing, who she was with, what she was wearing. Bo was staying at the barracks all day and she was coming out after midnight. They were both tired and needed their sleep so they were meeting sometime tomorrow. Lauren was leaving that to Bo, she didn't want to appear too clingy or desperate. She wanted Bo to feel comfortable and not pressured.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lauren found herself turning on her bed, it was nearly midnight and she couldn't sleep. Bo was going to be outside barracks and back home soon and Lauren wanted to talk to her a bit on the phone before she falls asleep. She waited until midnight passed and then called, Bo didn't answer. I bet she and Kenzi were so tired they went straight to sleep. It was already one and Lauren couldn't sleep, she smiled at herself, we only spend one night together and I miss her next to me. Then her phone rang, it was Bo.


"Hey Babe"

"How come you aren't sleeping?

"I couldn't sleep"


"I called earlier….."

"Yeah I saw the call"

"You were busy?"


"Yes baby?"

"Can you open the front door? I am on your front door"

"What?" Lauren rushed to press the button while watching Bo in the security camera, she waited and after two minutes or so Bo was on her door which Lauren had already open. She looked tired, Lauren was wearing her pjs, Bo came in, they hugged.

"I surprised you?"

"Yeah but I am so happy you are here, why you didn't tell me? Text me?"

"Well it was a last minute decision, I got Kenzi home and then, umm, I felt like coming here"

"I am glad, are you hungry? Did you eat?"

"Yes I am fine. Just tired, can we go sleep?"

"Yes, of course. Did you bring anything?"

"No, not really"

"I can give you one of my tees"

They walked inside Laurens bedroom. Bo looked around, the light was soft and the bedroom color was towards pink-white. It was full of light, white sheets and white covers. The bed was huge, Bo noticed that too. She sat on the bed while Lauren was looking at her closet, Bo noticed the room was pretty big, there was a connecting bathroom and a closet. Rich kid house, Bo thought. Lauren didn't know what to think, Bo was in her bedroom, again she wants to spend the night. She was feeling deliriously happy but she could see Bo was uncertain about her decision to come here.

"This one is going to fit you perfectly" It was a University one, pretty long shirt.

As Lauren approached her, Bo grabbed her and dragged her close, between her legs, she placed her head on Laurens belly. Lauren hugged her.

"I shouldn't have come, I don't want you to get the wrong idea, I say other things and do the opposite"

"Hey its ok. We are just spending the night." Bo got up and undressed, she took off all her clothers while Lauren got under the covers. Bo was naked and she got Laurens tee, wearing only that without underwear. She got to bed and laid next to Lauren. Lauren turned off the lights.

"I am so tired"

"Me too"

Bo dragged Lauren on her. Lauren raised her body a bit and Bo got her hand around her.

"I am gonna check your bathroom while your sleeping and going to steal that Vanilla product, finally I am gonna find out the brand" Bo got her head on Laurens neck and hair.

"That's cheating"

"No it not. I asked you so many times"

Lauren was smiling like a dork. She was so happy that Bo was in her house, in her bed sleeping with her. She was awake for almost an hour after, she could feel Bo was asleep, she could feel her heavy breath on her neck. Don't worry babe, we are going to take this slow, you don't have to be afraid, she said in her mind.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

Bo was waking up, she was in paradise, her bed was feeling clean and so comfy, she slept so good. She opened her eyes and looked around. She was in Laurens bedroom but Lauren wasn't there. This bed is amazing Bo thought. I wonder how many women fucked with Lauren on this great bed, well its only me from now on, Bo didn't want to think how she was becoming so possessive over the blond doctor all of a sudden. But she didn't want to think of her with anyone else, she didn't want to think anyone else is going to kiss her or fuck her. Actually she didn't want anyone else to be close to her again. She wanted Bo to dominate Laurens thoughts. She slowly got up. She checked her mobile it was about 7 in the morning, Bo had a free day but Lauren had to go to work. She didn't bother to wash, instead she walked out in the living room and went straight in the kitchen. Lauren was in there, she turned when she felt Bo.

"Goodmorning" Bo walked straight to her and kissed her deeply.


"Why are you up?You should go back to sleep, I am making breakfast before I leave for work. You can call Kenzi and both of you can crash here all day"

"I am hungry" Bo said.

"Good because I am making a full English breakfast"

They looked at each other and smiled again. Lauren had almost everything ready, fried eggs, sausages, bacon and fried bread along with milk and fresh juice. Lauren also made French toast. She served Bo a big portion and then herself.

"Why I have the feeling you don't usually eat all that for breakfast"

"I don't but today is a special day and I know you and Kenzi have such an appetite."

Bo was looking very serious again.

"I love that you include Kenzi"

"Of course, she is unforgettable, besides I have to keep her on my side"

They shared kisses and breakfast until it was time for Lauren to get ready to go to work, Bo cleaned up the table while Lauren got ready.

"Did you call Kenzi?"

"Not yet, its still early, she is probably sleeping, I ll go back to sleep too, to catch a few hours before Kenzi is up and starts calling me"

"You didn't tell her you were coming?"

"No, I only said I was going out" Bo was avoiding Laurens look.

They kissed. " I would be back around 4, you can eat everything or order, and I have cable, you and Kenzi …."

"Don't worry Lauren, I maybe go back home later" Lauren placed her hands around Bos neck.

"Please stay here, and call Kenzi too, she loves the place. You made me so happy coming here, please stay, at least for today"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kenzi couldn't stop laughing while Bo was swearing.

"I told you Bobo we should order, Lauren would be back soon"

"I cant believe we couldn't make a simple pasta with some red sauce, its so easy according to every food site on internet"

"Bo its easy for people who actually cook? Look at these, they are stuck with each other like glue, I told you, you didn't have to boil them so much"

"The instructions said 7-10 minutes but they didn't seem boiled to me and you tasted them too"

"I say we throw them away and order? "

"I really wanted to cook something for Lauren you know"

"Yes I know Bobo but in the end Lauren wont have anything to eat"

"I guess we have to order"


Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lauren walked inside her apartment, there was silence, and Lauren immediately thought Bo left. Until she walked into her living room and saw her lover and Kenzi sleeping in her couch. The Tv was open and there was a CSI marathon repeats episodes, Lauren checked the time, it was 5 in the afternoon, she shut the Tv and walked towards her kitchen. The place was a battlefield, there was something burned and she noticed the can with of her greek natural tomatoe sauce empty. Lauren smiled, poor kids tried to cook. Then she noticed there was Chinese food on the kitchen table. Lauren left the kitchen and went straight in her bedroom, she left the kids sleeping while she changed in her comfortable sweatpants and grabbed a blanket. She got her hair in a ponytail and covered Bo and Kenzi with a blanket, after that she quickly cleaned the kitchen and grabbed the Chinese the kids left for her. She went back in the living room, she sat on her big comfy chair and started eating. She was observing Bo and Kenzi sleeping, Kenzi was smiling and moving a lot, while Bo was looking strained even as she was sleeping. She finished her food and stayed there, thinking this was one of the rare times she had people at her house to actually stay, especially after Nadia, Lauren would prefer being alone, and just focus on her work, or have some dinner at a restaurant with friends but still come home alone.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"Ahhhh" Bo was feeling her head heavy, she feel asleep on Laurens couch while watching Tv.

"Lo your sleeping beauty is waking up"

Bo opened her eyes to find Kenzi eating sweets.

"You are still eating?"

"Why not? Lo got me some great sweets from a French patisomething."

Bo watched as Lauren walked in and sat beside her. Bo moved and kissed the blond on her cheek.

"You eaten?"

"Yes I did"

"We tried to cook something for you"

"I know, that was sweet of you"

Bo dragged Lauren on her and kissed her lips.

"Can you guys stop? Its early and I aint in a mood to watch an adult movie"

"You know Lauren has a guest room? You checked it in the morning? Why don't you go there and leave us alone?"

"Umm Bobo Lauren is my friend too ya know, and I want to see her too?" Kenzi was half joking, she was enjoying pissing off Bo.

Lauren got up and kissed Kensi on the cheek. They checked the TV programs together and decided what to see while Bo was brooding.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bo was laying on Laurens bed, she was thinking about the day. Lauren was putting Kenzi to bed, these two have become very good friends, she turned when Lauren walked in, and she watched her and the blond took off her sweatpants and laid next to her.

"Did you put kenzi to bed?" Bo was a little angry. Lauren smiled at her.

"Ohhh my poor bb is jealous? Kenzi is a baby Bo, she needs a bit of pampering"

"I know. I just don't want her to get used to this"

"To what?"

"You know to all this"

"No I don't know"

"Come on Lauren. We aren't like you. This isn't real"

"Again I don't really follow you, Kenzi is my friend and no matter what happens between us, she will remain my friend and she can visit me anytime and I don't know why you are so angry all of a sudden?"

"I am not angry."

They were both silent after that and didn't move.

"I really wanted to cook for you today"

"I know"

"I don't like how you do all this for us and I cant do something back"

"Its ok Bo, of course you and Kenzi do things for me, and you are my girlfriend. I enjoy having you guys over and the fact I was born with money and you were not doesn't mean I am better than you guys. If you want us to spend more time at your place ok, but I want you to feel comfortable at my place too. "

Bo moved towards Lauren and hugged her.

"Sorry babe, I missed you today"

"I missed you too"

Lauren turned and they were looking at each other while laying on their sides. Bo started touching Laurens face and looking at her so intensely.

"You are so beautiful, I cant believe you are with me"

"You are beautiful Bo and I cant believe you are with me."

"There is an event next week, for my regiment, want to be my date?"

"Are you sure? People are going to start saying we are a couple"

"So? Let them say?"

Lauren smiled while Bo started kissing her face and lips. This time they made love slow and sweet. They shared kisses and tender words afterwards as Lauren was falling to sleep.


Someone walked in her room, Kenzi moved fast and grabbed the lamp next to her bed..

"Kenz its me" It was Bos voice.

"What are you doing here? Is the doc ok?"

"Yeah she is fine. She is sleeping"

Kenzi got the light on and her friend approached. She could see something was bothering her.

"What happened? Did you guys fight? I swear Bo you cant lose Lauren, she is going to give me her best clothes, all brands, she never wears them…."

"No, everything is great, I even invited her to come with us at the regiment event"

"Ok, then why do you look like someone died or something?"

"I couldn't sleep Kenz, I want to tell you something"

"Please don't tell me you are breaking up with her? I have to find a way to get this TV SET out of this guest room"

"Kenzi please shut the fuck up"

Kenzi stopped talking looking at her best friends serious face.

"Whats up Bobo? You know you can tell me everything"

"You know me for all these years and you are my sister and best friend"

"Of course I am"

"Kenzi , I love Lauren"

"That's it? And I was sure you were going to tell me you were dying!"

"This is pretty fucking serious you know"

"I know but you see I already know you love her, its not a surprise for me"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you what? You were calling her a whore and a bitch when we came back from Afganistan and you went from being drunk to being a fucker to being selfish and possessive over her"

"I don't want to love her"

"Well sorry but its already done Bo, so why don't you enjoy it?"

"Kenzi I cant love Lauren"

"Why not Bo? She is great and she shares everything with me, I mean with us"

"I think I am going to fuck up everything"

"How do you know? Why don't you give yourself and Lauren a chance?"

"We are so different, look at her and look at me and look at this place"

"I do look at this place and you know what? Its all in your mind."

Bo didn't answer. She seemed resigned.

"Go sleep Bo and we can talk everything when we get back home"

"There is nothing to talk about" Bo said in determined voice.

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