She completes me

Chapter 11

"Ummmmmm" Lauren was feeling warm and wet between her legs.

She had her eyes closed but she wasn't sleeping anymore, she moved a bit to accommodate Bos mouth low in her belly. She moved her hand and touched Bos head pushing it to go more down. Bo instead moved up and started kissing and sucking on Laurens belly making rounds with her kisses. She slowly kissed her way up to Laurens lips. They kissed while Lauren had her eyes closed.

"Open your eyes" Bos voice was deep and a bit emotional.

Lauren opened her eyes and Bo kissed her again. Their kisses started becoming hungry and aggressive, Lauren felt Bo was getting really aggressive, using her teeth to bite her tongue and lips hard and not letting her take a breath, Lauren moved her mouth to gasp a breath and Bo got between her legs, grabbing her hair, she stopped and placed her head in straight line to Laurens. She placed her open mouth to Laurens and kissed her deep while she got her hand between Laurens legs and slipped two fingers inside her. They started fucking, Lauren tried to get her legs around Bos but bo moved her body to pin her down and they fucked missionary. Lauren felt Bos fingers deeper and deeper, and moving in a hard way, making her vagina hurt, she moaned a bit from the pain. Bo was getting again out of control with her kisses.

"Baby calm down" Bo didn't calm down and instead she moved faster and harder, Lauren had an unexpected quick orgasm while Bo was kissing her without stop.

Bo was still fucking her while Lauren was kissing Bos face, she didn't know what got into Bo, but it was like the brunette was in another world. Lauren couldn't keep her feelings controlled anymore as she felt her second orgasm coming and Bo moving her pushy towards her grinding.

"I love you so much" she whispered in Bos lips.

Bo reacted wildly by busting Laurens down lip, it was a crazy angry bite and Lauren screamed from the pain, while Bo kissed her again. She then collapsed in Laurens body. Lauren felt her lip bleeding, Bo moved her body and laid next to Lauren, while Lauren finally reacted.

"Wtf Bo? What was that? You busted my lip."She got up and rushed to her bathroom. She saw her whole mouth looking swollen from Bos bites and hard kisses, and her lip bleeding without stop. She got some betadine on it and pressed it with a cotton to stop the blood. Bo walked behind her, she noticed Bo looking around her at the huge bath. Again Bo said nothing, she was just looking at her.

"I ll go wake up Kenzi, we should go"

"Bo wtf, I am talking to you"

"Sorry I was rough, you know how it is"

"No I don't, you busted my lip, how I am supposed to go to work, this is going to look so much worse in a couple of hours"

Bo said nothing, she walked out of the bathroom and started dressing up. Lauren managed to stop her lip bleeding and stuck a small bandaid. She walked out of the bathroom too and went back to bed. Bo turned.

"You aren't coming for breakfast?"

"No, and you said you are leaving"

"What time you are off from work?"

Lauren didn't answer, so Bo got closer.

"I said what time…"

"I heard you, I don't know, I have to go by the red cross station afterwards, its my turn to help"

"I ll call you and come get you"

"If I want to"


"I said you would come get me if I want to"


"Yeah, whatever or even better, I am telling you now don't come get me"

"We would talk later" Bo said banging the door.

"Fucking arrogant spoiled brat" Lauren said.

Bo watched Kenzi walk in the hall.

Bo bypassed her and walked from the living room straight to the front door.

"Bo wait up,"

"I ll wait outside, get your stuff and lets go"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The day passed pretty quickly. Bo didn't have time to think, she and Kenzi were at the barracks and she avoided checking her mobile up until it was time to leave. Kenzi didn't mention anything or ask anything. They got back at the crack shack and Bo went straight in her bedroom. It was 4 in the afternoon, Kenzi followed Bo. Bo was laying on her bed with her clothes on.

"You don't want to order?"

"No, I am fine with what I had at the barracks"

"I dunno, I am thinking of ordering burger or pizza"

"Lauren is right, sometimes I don't know where you put all that food"

"Are we free to talk about Lauren?"
Bo smiled, she didn't answer.

"What happened in the morning?"


"Come on Bobo, she didn't wake up to make you breakfast, she always makes breakfast besides I kinda heard Lauren yelling"

"She is too precious, that's all"

"Precious? I doubt that, if she was, she wont be hanging around with me or with you Bo and especially coming out here, why you say that? She said something?"

"No" Kenzi watched as her friend went silent.

"So is she coming over tonight?"

"I don't know, we haven't talked since the morning"

"Oh, ok, going to take a nap"

"Me too"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBo couldn't sleep, instead she was checking her mobile phone every 20 secs, ok every 10 secs, ok every 3 secs. Lauren didn't call her or text her and Bo was getting restless.

She was trying to find reasons why to not text Lauren for a whole hour but in the end she gave up. It was almost 6, Lauren must be at the Red Cross station, she probably left her work around 5 Bo thought.

"Not finished yet?"

Bo waited and waited and whole 20 minutes passed. She decided to go there and wait for Lauren to finish. Again she didn't want to think the what or why of her decision. She was getting downstairs while Kenzi was watching TV.

"Your up? I was waiting for you so we can choose a show"

"I am going out Kenz"

"Oh, for drinks? Isnt too early? And you are taking the bike?"

"not going for drinks"

"Oh, everything ok with Lo?"

Bo didn't answer she got her leather jacket and left.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lauren checked the time, it was nearly 7, she didn't feel the time passing, the day was hectic, she left work and came straight to the red cross clinic, she had to check a few results from other doctors and to do some quick medic check on illegal immigrants, she loved medicine because she would still be a researcher and also still a doctor. She was almost finished. She didn't check her mobile all day, and only now she noticed she had a receive a text and she had her phone on silent mode. Truth is she wasn't much of a mobile phones fan and she liked her laptop better. She watched people using Tablets and phones like computers, and she couldn't understand that. Bo texted her. Lauren didn't know what to answer. She was still mad at her, her lip was swollen and bruised and she got some strange looks at work but nobody dared to tell her something because Lauren was very firm and strict at her working inviroment. Lauren wasn't mad about the crazy bite but more when and why it happened, when Lauren told her that she loves her. And afterwards how Bo would walk away while Lauren was talking to her. Lauren got her bag and jacket, she said her goodbyes to the people still working at the red cross station and left. She got out, got her aviators in her eyes and walked at the sidewalk. She wanted to walk for a couple of blocks and then get a cab, the area wasn't one of the good ones but Lauren wanted to clear her head a bit. As she was walking she felt a buzz and then a bike behind her, she smiled but kept walking, Lauren knew it was Bo. She wanted to walk over at the other side where Bo couldn't follow her but Bo was unpredictable and Lauren didn't want her to get in another accident. Bo would make noise with the bike, making Lauren smile more, she suddenly stopped and turned but not looking at Bo. Bo stopped with the bike infront of her.

"Love the aviators on you"

"Where is your helmet?"

"Felt like riding without it"

"And breaking your head?"

"Maybe it needs breaking?"

"How about maybe I should do it instead of a car or crashing on a road?"

Bo smiled and dragged Lauren on her. Lauren was still looking elsewhere.

"Want me to take you home? It's a dangerous area to walk by yourself"

Bo was looking at Laurens lip. It was looking seriously fucked up. Lauren still was keeping her distance by not hugging her and keeping her hands inside her jacket.

"You know what Bo?" Bo could feel Lauren wasn't going to leave this.


"Maybe we shouldn't do this!"

"Shouldn't do what?"

"This, you pursued me, I didn't, I kept my distance, didn't come for you after Afganistan. I can walk away from you and finish this right now."

"Why don't you tell me all that without your glasses?" Bo moved to take Laurens glasses off.

"Don't touch me please. You wanted me back, and now all you do is be moody and angry and judging my house and my money and how I am close with Kenzi. All this time I am keeping myself guarded so I wont say I love you and wont show much affection unless you initiate it and when the words slip from my mouth while you fuck me you bust up my lip"

Bo said nothing. Lauren turned and started walking again. The bike wasn't coming behind her at her first steps but then she could hear Bos bike at a bigger distance but still behind her. Lauren was upset, she wasn't smiling this time, she started crying and stopped walking again. Bo stopped the bike and came over and hugged her.

"I love you" Lauren didn't react to Bos words at first but then she stopped crying and raised her head to look at Bo.

"I love you. That's why I busted your lips. I wanted to say it back to you but I couldn't so…"

"So you thought better to bite me?" Lauren smiled.

Bo slowly kissed Laurens lips, Lauren was hurting still.

"I cant stand to see you crying"

"Then don't make me"

"Please come with me?"

They kissed again.

They moved towards the bike.

"I knew you cant resist my leather jacket"

"I have better ones" Bo got serious for a moment. Lauren hugged her and sat behind her. She kissed Bos neck smiling.

"Go slow and I never want to see you without your helmet again"

"Ok mum"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The week passed in a happy haze, Bos relationship with Lauren got better after Bos little confession on the street. Kenzi was surprised to see her friend being so open and so happy. It was as if they had become a family the 3 of them. They would get off the barracks and Bo would go get Lauren from work and they would spend their days eating and watching movies, Lauren would try to teach them cook the basics with not much success and try to take them to a couple museums.

"Kenz, you ready?" Bos voice stopped Kenzis daydreaming.

"Yes I am ready"Kenzi walked out of her bedroom to find Bo waiting for her. Tonight was their regiments event, a small so called ball, which was more of a drinking party when the high grade officers left, Bo was wearing her official military uniform.

"Looking good in a skirt Bobo"

"You too sis"

"I bet Lo is gonna love your legs showing up finally in a skirt" Kenzi smiled.

"We are taking a cab to Laurens and then her car"

"Oh, she isn't meeting us at the barracks?

"No, she told me she cant drive in high heels"

"Wow, wonder what she is gonna wear"

"Yeah me too"

"So you two are officially a couple now or what? Bringing her at the regiment and all, you know most of the others know her from out time in Afganistan"

"I guess so"

"Try to keep your hands off her, because you know how the army is, same sex relationship and all"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bo was checking Laurens car, while Kenzi was upstairs at Laurens apartment. It was a white Alfa Romeo Giulietta, a very European car. Bo opened the door and got in, she immediately felt the car was fitting Lauren, it was elegant and very classy. Also it was evident Lauren wasn't driving much because the car seemed brand new. Bo loved it, but again made her feel how much she didn't fit in Laurens world. She turned the engine on and felt the cars power, Bo smiled, it was the powerful version. She let the car running and she got out waiting for Kenzi and Lauren to get down. She heard the garage elevator moving and the door opening and the two most important people in her life coming out. Bo was stunned at the way Lauren was looking, she was wearing a grey/white dress, she had her hair up and her neck was exposed. She looked out of this world.

"Close your mouth Bo" Kenzi laughed at the way Bo was looking at Lauren.

"Hi" Lauren looked at her girlfriend." Love the uniform"

Bo was still stunned.

"You are so beautiful" Lauren smiled and approached Bo.

They shared a light kiss. Lauren turned and Bo saw her whole back was uncovered while the dress was perfectly wrapped around her body. They got inside the car, and Bo couldn't stop thinking how Lauren looked like a princess.

"Wow love the car Lo" Kenzi said

"You do? You can borrow it anytime you want, I am not much of a driver."

Bo was very serious again. She said nothing all the way to the barracks, she would only turn and look at Lauren for a sec and then focus on driving again.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"So you and the doc? Nice catch Dennis, she has a killer body"

Bo was getting very tireeed of the comments she was getting about her and Lauren. They arrived at the event about two hours ago and all she was listening was how good Lauren was, how great she was, how rich she was, how hot she was and Lauren was very popular among everybody and worked the room, even her commander was mesmerized by her, he seemed to always be around her. Bo was getting moody and wanted to go as soon as possible but Kenzi and Lauren were having a great time. Kenzi was loving every minute of this, she was right by Laurens side, as a best friend looking all cocky and enjoying all the attention, while Lauren was loved by everyone.

"Hi there soldier"

"Hey Tam? How are you?"

"Fine, but you don't really care do you? And I was wondering why you ignored my texts all this time. I can see you and hotpants are going steady"

"I guess so"

"Who would have thought"


"I said who would have thought, so many other girls and boys around ya and a cold princess managed to hook you"

Bo finished her 3rd scotch, she was the one driving them back but she didn't care.

"Nobody has me hooked"

"That's not what I hear Bo" Tamsin smiled at her. Bo was focusing on Tamsin now, the blonde was looking good and pretty desirable.

"Don't believe the rumors" Tamsin touched Bos hand and then moved and walked towards the ladies room. Bo was standing there, she looked towards Lauren for a minute and then walked towards the ladies room too.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lauren and Kenzi were exchanging fun looks, they were both having fun at the way they were lavished with attention from soldiers and officers alike. Funny that Bo didn't come to drag Lauren away yet, Kenzi thought. She looked around to see what her friend was up to and couldn't see her. She checked around again and then she saw a familiar face, Tamsin walking out of the ladies room. Kenzi smiled at her but then she noticed Bo walked out a couple minutes after. She immediately checked if Lauren was watching this too, but thankfully she was talking with a military doctor about army wounds. Bo was heading towards the bar to get another drink. Kenzi smiled and left Lauren to walk towards her best friend. Kenzi was mad inside her. She knew damn well what Bo and Tamsin were doing in the ladies room. It was one of Bos signature moves. She could have sex with anyone and anywhere.

"I can see you and Loooo are playing the room" Bo said sarcastically.

"WTF are you doing Bo?"

"Doing? Nothing, don't know what you are talking about"

"Don't try to fool me" Tamsin was now coming towards them.

"Hi Kenzi"

"Hey Tamsin"

Bo was looking at Lauren very intensely and as if the Doc could feel it, she turned and smiled at her lover.

"She is one hot piece, wonder if I could tap her" Tamsin said.

"Fucking stay away from her" Bo reacted at Tamsins words.

"Calm down Bo. I doubt the doctor is as easy as you" Tamsin smiled, kissed Bo on the cheek and left.

"I don't know what to say Bo. That's it. I have had it."

"Nothing happened Kenzi"

"Whatever, Lauren is my friend too, you know, if she finds out.."

"She wont find out"

They stopped as they noticed Lauren coming towards them. She is a princess indeed Bo thought. Her walk so graceful. Lauren slipped her hand on Bos.

"Are you ready to go baby?" Bo said.

"Yes, if you guys are too"

Kenzi didn't answer, she grabbed another drink and then walked towards the door, followed by her friends.

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