She completes me

Chapter 12

"What time Lauren would be here?"

"She said after 7 in the afternoon, she has to go by her parents house first"

"Her parents? I thought they weren't close?"

"I don't know Kenz, I dont ask her such stuff"

"Oh ok, so what time are you coming back home?"

"Before Lauren"

"Ok, I am going out with my cousin tonight so you kids would be all alone, I ll probably spend the night at his house"

"Just be careful Kenz"

"Don't worry about me. Bo?"


"Where are you? You left the barracks right before me and you didn't come back home"

"Something came up, I ll be home in two hours or so."

"Ok, talk to you later"

Kenzi shut the phone, she was at her limits with Bo. Since the regiments ball a month ago, she was back to her old tricks, she was sure about that, she wont go back straight home after leaving the barracks and instead make sure she was home before Lauren or picking her up and come home with her. Then she would pretend she was home all that time. Kenzi didn't want to cover for her anymore. Lauren was super happy, and Bo was happy in her own way, spending her days and nights with Lauren. Kenzi could see how these two fitted each other but Bo was ruining everything. Kenzi was sure Bo was fucking other people on the side and she tried to make Bo stop but for the first time in their friendship Bo told her to butt out, Kenzi was worried if Bo was keeping herself safe or Lauren safe. Kenzi wasn't sure she could continue with this, she loved Lauren and she didn't want all that happening behind her back. There was no way Bo could continue with this without Lauren finding out, Bo was playing with fire.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lauren arrived at the crack shack earlier than she said she would. Her meeting with her parents wasn't what she expected, Lauren was awaiting the usual how are you, how things are going talk and instead her parents were eager to know about her private life. Apparently Nadia had met her brother and she dished all about her and Bo and not with the great words, from what she figured out, her parents thought Bo was a druggie who was using Lauren for her money. Lauren smiled, thinking how Bo hated her money. She was angry at Nadia, her parents and her brother who didn't care to call and ask her if what Nadia told him was true,she was meeting her brother tomorrow morning for breakfast and she is going to tell him off. Lauren knocked the door again, she smiled her kids were having a nap again. That's how she was calling Bo and Kenzi, the last month was amazing, the 3 of them bonded so much, and Lauren was so happy with Bo. They spend all their time together and Bo would want to sleep with her every night, even those nights she would be at the barracks, she would come back to her early in the morning. It was crazy how they couldn't spend one night without each other. Lauren started calling Bo but she wasn't answering so she called Kenzi.

"Hey Lo"

"Wake up Kenzi, its almost 6"

"Please Doc, I am up since the morning"

"Then why you don't open the door?"


"The door I am outside the crack shack"


"Yeah oh, Bo is sleeping? I am calling and she isn't answering. We talked earlier and she said she was heading here"

"Yeah, she was buttttt something came up at the barracks and she got delayed"

"Oh, she didn't tell me. So nobody is home"

"I guess so. Want to come join me and my cousin?"

"Why? Bo is gonna be late?"

"I think for an hour or so"

"Ok, where are you guys?"

"We are at a bar…" Kenzi mentioned a bad at the other side of the city.

"Kenzi thank you for the offer but I prefer to be close to home when Bo arrives, I think I ll go and have a beer at the near by English pub and maybe something to eat. Ill text Bo and she can come find me there"

"Are you sure? We can come and get you"

"Yes I am sure sweetie, have fun"

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLauren could see the barman was eyeing her. She chose to sit at the bar instead of a table alone. She ordered a beer and with French fries, Bo used to come here a lot lately for a quick bite from what Lauren was aware but this was Laurens first time.

"Are you ok there? Everything is good?"

"Yes, thank you."

"I have never seen you around here"

"Well truth is, this is my first time"

"I hope you would like our place and visit us often." The truth was that Lauren wasn't much impressed with the place, but it was clean and quite crowded. The barman was really looking straight at her and was making her uncomfortable.

"Maybe you can stay a bit more later and we can hang out? I am off in a couple of hours" Lauren smiled at the guy.

"You know, I would loved to but you see there is a problem"

"Oh don't tell me that" The guy made a heartbroken face.

"Whats the problem" He asked.

"I am gay"

"Seriously?" The guy was really surprised. "Something is seriously wrong with the world" Lauren didn't like his comment at all.

"Wow I didn't mean it that way, I mean you are the third woman who is turning me down this week" Lauren smiled to him again.

"I am sure there is someone out there for you"

"Oh I am starting to doubt that. I keep losing chicks to chicks"

They laughed.

"Your kidding me"

"No I am not. You know, it's a curse, I mean you wont believe it but there is a regular here for example who gets both chicks and guys at any rate, I mean its crazy, at this time and day"

"I don't believe that, I think you are just saying that so I would feel sorry for you"

"No its true and imagine that I was hitting on her, but this girl has style, you should see her in action"

"No, I already have a girlfriend and she is enough for me"

"I am telling you this chick is something else, she comes at a certain time a couple times per week and its like she picks who she wants and that's it, they leave together, if you were here earlier you would believe me"

Lauren was starting to feel uncomfortable with the discussion and she texted Bo again, she told her she was at the pub and she could come and pick her up and they could go home together. Finally Bo answered that she was on her way.

Lauren finished her beer quick and stopped talking to the barman because Bo was getting possessive and jealous over her when someone was around and the last month had been great and didn't want to spoil it. Bo arrived as Lauren was about to pay the bill.

"Hey babe" Lauren heard Bos voice behind her, she turned and hugged her girlfriend.

They both turned towards the barman. Lauren noticed the man was looking terrified. He looked at Bo and then towards Lauren.


"Bo" he said in a low voice. The guy got Laurens money and rushed for the other side of the bar. Lauren watched his reaction and she felt a big hole in her heart. There is no way this guy was talking about Bo. No way. They left the bar holding hands. Lauren squizzed Bos hand strong. Bo looked at her and smiled. No way Lauren thought, we are together all our free time. No way. She spends her days and nights with me. They arrived at the crack shack.

"Going to take a quick shower" Bo said. She dropped her jacket on the couch.

Lauren sat on the couch, still a bit scared. The barmans words were coming back to her. She recounted the days in her mind as the nerd that she was and reassured herself that she and Bo were together. She smiled. I should stop thinking about it.

She then noticed Bos iphone ringing, Bo received a message, and then another one, and then another one. Lauren took a decision, she was going to check the messages and then tell Bo about them. She was sure it was nothing, so she got Bos phone from her jacket and checked the messages.

"Bo WTF, where are you? Lauren is waiting for you, call her, I had to lie to her again that you are still at the barracks"

"You cant continue with this Bo, and I cant continue to lie to Lauren"

"Let me know if you are back and if Lauren is with you"

The messages were from Kenzi. Lauren placed Bos phone back. She was feeling sick. Really sick. Her stomach was turning. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Phew that was close Bo thought. She finished her shower thinking she should be more careful from now on. She was hungry, gonna ask Lo to cook me something. She loved her cooking, she loved everything about Lauren. The doc was so caring and so sweet towards her. Bo was feeling loved from the way Lauren would treat her, talk to her, cook for her, and be with her every night. Bo smiled thinking how she couldn't sleep without the blond at night. She wanted the doc to lay next to her every night. To feel her next to her. Her simple presence was making her forget of her past and the nightmares of her childhood and teenage years. She got her black sweatpants and a sporty top that Lauren loved and got back in the living room. Lauren was at the kitchen cooking. Bo walked behind her and hugged her, kissing her neck.

"Ummm, I love you more when you cook for me, Kenzi isn't coming tonight,we would be alone for the whole night"

"That's good" Lauren said.

"What are you making?"

"Remember our first dinner in Afganistan?"

"Of course I do, you snubbed me infront of the whole camp"

"No I mean out first dinner, in my tent"

"Yeah" Bo again moved towards Lauren." It was our first proper fuck too"

"That's all you can think off, fucking"

"When I am around you yes"

"Only when you are around me?" Lauren smiled a bitter smile.

"I am cooking pasta with red sauce and cheese, just like out first proper night"

Bo was already walking towards the couch.

"That's great baby"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

They sat at the table and started eating, Lauren was silent tonight.

"So how was your meeting with your parents? "

"Ok" Bo noticed Lauren would look at her when she didn't notice. She was starting to feel a bit weird.

"Food is great, I am so hungry"

"Yeah I can see"

They finished dinner in silence and cleaned the table and Bo sat on the couch again, watching TV while Lauren got upstairs to change. Instead of wearing anything she got down on the living room completely naked and sat on Bos lap. Bo couldn't believe her eyes.

"Damn Lauren"

The blond said nothing. She grabbed Bos face and kissed her deeply.

"I love you so much Bo, more than anyone in my life."

"I love you too" Bo placed her hands around Laurens waist and they started kissing.

"Remember two weeks ago when you asked me if I would agree to a strap on? You wanted to use it while having sex."


"Well I agree"



"Fuck Lauren, we don't have to if you don't want to, its just one of my fantasies"

"I want to. I want to feel you all the way inside as much as I can"

Bo took Lauren by the hand and they got upstairs in her bedroom. Her doc was pretty weird tonight but her strap on fantasy with Lauren was something she wanted for a long time. Bo had experience but Lauren didn't, she never tried and that was making Bo even more eager to do it with her.

The room was dark and Lauren was laying on Bos bed with her legs open and her arms stretched looking at her. Bo was putting the strap on around her, and it was like Lauren was giving herself to Bo. I love her so much Bo thought, She is my soulmate.

Bo placed herself between Laurens legs while Lauren got up and sat on Bos lap with her legs around Bos waist. They started kissing like crazy, and Bo was kissing and sucking on Laurens nipples. Lauren placed her hand on the strap on between Bos legs, wanted to feel it. They kissed again harder, Bo wanted to prepared Lauren a little.

"I want you inside me"

"Wait a bit babe"

"I cant, I need you inside me"

Bo grabbed Laurens legs and raised her and placed her legs right under her and lead the strap on with the movement of her legs inside Lauren. They stayed like that, not moving for a few seconds and then Lauren started moving her body and hips, while Bo was pushing harder with her buttocks and legs. They were kissing like mad. Lauren would drag Bos hand and kiss her deep and then free her mouth and let her head drop behind, it was a divine sight for Bo to watch her like this.

"Damn Lauren"

"Fuck me, fuck me like there is no tomorrow baby"

"I love you, you belong to me, nobody else is going to fuck you, only me"

"I love you Bo, like no one else"

It was like Lauren was giving herself to Bo, and Bo wanted to take everything from her. The exchanged crazy words and fucked all night. Even when Bo was tired and laying next to her, Lauren didn't stop kissing her face and lips and shoulders and breasts. It was nearly morning when they stopped. Bo was holding Lauren strong in her arms. The blond started crying.

"Why are you crying babe? Did I hurt you?" Bo was still inside her with the strap on and she moved to take it out and from her.

"No" Lauren stopped her.

"I want to feel you inside me" Bo kissed her face.

"Don't cry ok"


"You know something Lauren?"


"You may think I am crazy, but sometimes I dream in my mind that I could get you pregnant" They hugged each other more strong.

"Like having a daughter looking like you and its from me, me and you"

Lauren didn't answer. She kissed Bo for the last time and closed her eyes.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bo was waking up with a smile on her face. She felt her back hurting, she moved her hand to touch Lauren but she wasn't there. I bet she is making breakfast. The strap on was still around her buttocks and now she was feeling pain in between her legs, she took off that thing from her, again with a smile on her face. Lauren wanted me inside her all night. She checked the time, it was nearly 7, she quickly got up, why didn't Lauren wake me up, she knows I have to be at Barracks at 7. Bo was starting to dress up and going down the stairs. There was nobody in the living room or in the kitchen and Lauren didn't make breakfast. Shoot Bo was upset, she didn't want Lauren to leave with a cab after a night like that. She had to run, she texted Lauren good morning with hearts and kisses and tried to make it on time at barracks.

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