She completes me

Chapter 15

Lauren was standing there for a minure, watching Bo leaving. Her parents walked in and his dad approached and placed his hand on hers, holding her. Lauren moved away from the touch. She grabbed Bos flowers from the chair and hugged them, She laid in bed and turned her back on her parents.

"You did the right thing sweetie" her mum said.

"Finally you understand, she is nothing compared to you…"

"Dad please, can you leave me alone for a minute?"

Her parents looked at each other and walked out.

"We would be outside if you need us"

Lauren was holding Bos flowers, thinking of the words she said. She didn't mean a single thing. Her differences with Bo weren't bad genes and she never was a racist, in fact she hated those from rich families who were snubbing everyone around them except rich people. But she wanted to hurt Bo, she wanted to hurt her and she wanted Bo to leave and never come back. Lauren was looking at Bos face and all she could think of was that this woman was kissing and fucking other people and then she was coming home to her and did the same thing to her. She was still feeling sick. Sick and upset. She wanted to swear and call Bo names but she didn't, instead she knew what she said was going to make Bo stay away from her forever.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Laurens words were repeating in her mind, while Bo was walking out of the hospital elevator. She was still stunned, she couldn't believe what happened. She was walking fast, she wanted to get out of there, out of this 5 star hospital and away from these people.

"What happened Dennis? You really believed Lauren would take you back? Seriously?"

Nadias voice as she was walking out of the front entrance was almost victorious.

She smiled and moved her head.

"Lauren hate cheaters, she hates them, she cant stand cheating. You are so done Dennis, out of our lives….."

Nadia didn't manage to say more because Bo attacked her, she throwed herself on her, and crashed her on the outside wall. Nadia tried to fight back but Bo was stronger, she was a fit soldier.

"You fucking bitch"

"Yeah hit me Bo, that's gonna make Lauren feel sorry for me more"

Finally two security guys from the hospital managed to separate them. Nadias face was bleeding, while Bo was still angry.

"Trash, and thank God Lauren is finally rid of you"

Bo moved her hands and the security guys left her. She rushed towards her bike and ditched her helmet. She wanted to leave as soon as possible, she wanted to feel the air in her face, she wanted to forget about everything, forget about Lauren.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kenzi was starting to get worried. Bo wont answer her phone and it was nearly midnight. She was agonizing about Bos meeting with Lauren and she was sure Bo wasn't allowed to stay that late at the hospital. What if the meeting didn't go well? She called Ciara but she wasn't answering decided to wait for a couple of hours and if Bo didn't get back to go out and look for her in her usual hang outs.

After looking for Bo for almost 4 hours, Kenzi had to give up and went back home, she had to be at the barracks in 3 hours and Bo didn't answer her messages or calls and she couldn't find her at her usual places. She was hoping Bo would stay out of trouble and contact her when she could. She opened the door, and saw Bos boots behind the door. She also saw a pair of high heels, umm she got company. Kenzi felt angry and disappointed at the spot. So we are back to this, she thought. She walked straight to her room, she was very tired and needed to get some rest.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bos stare was starting to blur, it was getting late but she didn't care, she was looking around and checked a few chicks, until she found what she was looking for. That bitch was perfect, Bo grabbed her drink and sipped a few, the blonde smiled back at her, even though it was clear she was with someone, what a dumbass Bo thought, her guy was with a bunch of bozos watching hockey on TV, while his gf was looking at Bo. Bo knew the type. Shy and conservative and looking for someone to fuck her brains out. She was even thin, yeah, I like that, Bo thought. The blonde was now looking at her back to back, when her bozo was paying attention.

Bo smiled again, and as usual the image that was haunting for 3 months now was infront of her, smiling to her, moving her hair, looking at her. Lauren. It was 3 months since that day, the day she left the hospital and Lauren behind. Hmm, behind? She was fooling herself. She was sleeping with the blondes thought and waking up with her. Her dreams were full of her, her bed, her bathroom, everything. The few clothes Lauren left in her bedroom, Bo would throw them around and then hugged them and sleep with them when the pain was becoming unbearable. She didn't wash them so they wont lose Laurens scent. Kenzi had give up on her, she stopped bugging her about her drinking and fucking every Lauren lookalike she could find, they were barely speaking, Kenzi even had a boyfriend now, a fellow soldier with whom she seemed happy, he was stable and low key, so different from Kenz, Bo would come home and find them in the couch or sharing food and they looked so happy, Kenzi was trying to accommodate Bo in her relationship but Bo had no time, she didn't had time for anyone, she would come and go, couldn't stand watching them, couldn't stand anyone being happy.

As Kenzi said in one of their fights, it was like the light left Bos life, and it was dark in her mind and heart. Bo also ditched the army. She decided to take a permanent leave until she founds out if she wanted to go on a new tour or leave for good. Her commander suggested she should try something else and that maybe the army was boring her but truth is, Bo didn't have any will for anything else, anymore. She was getting her montly pay from the army but that was going to stop soon, since she would be out in a few months if she doesn't state her next tour. Bo watched as the blonde raised her hand a bid, to send her a message, a hi, to signal the flirt that was going to end up on a one night stand.

Other than the usual characteristics like the hair and the fact the blonde was thin, there wasn't anything else that would remind Bo of Lauren but she didn't care, that would be enough for the night. Lauren. Kenzi would keep her informed in the beginning, throu Ciara. Lauren was out of the hospital, Lauren dropped her job, Lauren was doing great, Lauren left Canada. And that was it. No other news. Nothing. Bo smiled bitterly, she moved out of the country, as if she couldn't stand to be even in the same country with me. The joke of the matter was that Lauren didn't leave only Bo behind but from what Ciara said to Kenz, she left her family and Nadia and everybody else behind. Nadia. Bo didn't regret for one minute that she beat her up. The first days after the incident she was crazy jealous, thinking about how that cunt was going to be around Lauren, hug her and kissing her and even fucking her, Bo wanted to go to Laurens house and get her, kidnap her, she had crazy thoughts that would only be erased with drinks and drugs. Nadia got the boot too. Ciara said that Lauren stopped any contact with her a few days after she was out of hospital. She didn't know the reason but Lauren didn't want a friend like her, thats what she told Ciara. And then the news stopped. Bo would go over to Laurens house and stalk her. Waiting for whole nights for when she would come out, watching her from away, walking, running, buying flowers, she was sure Lauren caught her a couple of times following her but she would ignore and quickly go back home. And then she moved away. Ciara stopped updating Kenzi about her. Kenzi stopped asking.

Kenzi. Their relationship changed after everything what happened. She was still her best friend, the one who would cares for me, Bo thought but what happened with Lauren changed everything. Kenzi really loved Lauren as a friend and she hated the way she and Bo hurt her. Kenzi would still be the one who was there for Bo, to pick her up after her endless drunk marathons and make sure she is ok when she would disappear for days. But she stopped trying to make her better, she stopped trying to reason her, and she got a boyfriend now. Bo was starting to feel as a burden and her boyfriend, who didn't even smoke, didn't like Bo, he didn't like her occasional drug taking and constant drinking and she hated that she would bring random people to fuck while kenzi was in the next room.

Lauren. She smiled again, Lauren wasn't like that. When I was with Lauren she would make sure to include Kenzi in everything. She would never isolate me from Kenz. Stop it she said to herself. But she couldn't. Everything and everybody was compared to Lauren. Everything, every little move, gesture, people. Lauren would cook this way, Lauren would move that way, Lauren would say this, Lauren would say that. Her mind was always Lauren, but she didn't even say her name once since that day in the hospital. At the beginning she was so angry at her, for saying those words. She told Kenzi everything after she finally had the courage, after the initial shock. Kenzi got it right away, telling her that Lauren wasn't a snub and she probably said all that to hurt her and that she didn't really mean them. Bo was in denial but as time passed she had to accept that it was true. And the more she was thinking, the more she felt small and horrible about herself. She was a monster. She thought of Lauren and herself as a couple. Really, what did she had to offer to her? What she did offer to her? Fights and yells and embarrassment. Great sex. Yeah, at least they had great sex. She was getting the grip of the chance she had with Lauren. How lucky she got. Lauren had forgiven her numerous times and took her back when Bo left her in that cruel way back in Afganistan. She took me back and gave me her heart. She started thinking their life together and everything that Lauren would do for her. Their nights together, days together, weekends, how she would treat Kenzi, her cooking, the fact she had no problem being seen with her. And what did I do? I completely made her a fool, fucking around behind her back, thinking I could get away with this, thinking she would never leave me, thinking she would always excuse me, because she loved me. Yeah, how arrogant that sounds? Me, I didn't believe in love, yet I believed so much in her love that she would forgive my cheating, me hurting her so much. I need something. The pain was getting unbearable again. Her heart was going to burst, her mind was full with Laurens images again. She needed something to get her mind away, release the pain. She turned to Joe.

"Hey dude, can you fix me up with your sweet stuff? I need a small one"

"Again? Your getting to be a reg Bo. Ok but you should let me know earlier because I promised a few others too"

"Come on dude, I am your girl"

Joe smiled to her, he grabbed something from behind the counter and offered it to Bo while she paid. Yes sure bitch. A druggie and a drunk, no way you are my girl.

He watched as Bo was preparing to make her move on that blonde over there, with her boyfriend present. Fucking dykes, they are all over the place. The blonde moved towards the toilet smiling to Bo, who was looking at her like a predator. A couple minutes later Bo followed her in the toilet too. Fucking bitch, she gets every worthy pussy around here and that idiot is watching TV with the guys, unaware his gf is being fucked. I think someone needs to teach that fucking dyke a lesson. Without hesitating Joe got out of his bar and walked to that guys table. He offered him and his friends another beer.

"Thank you Dude" The guy said. Typical bozo sports fan.

"Nothing, that's how we are going to keep our clients happy, by the way where is your girl? I brought her a beer too"

"She would be back in a sec, she went to the ladies room"

"Are you sure?" Joe looked at the guy indicating something. The guy was already drunk from the few beers he drank while watch the match.

"Yes I am sure, why?"

"I dunno dude, I think someone was eyeing her"

"What?" The guy was looking angry now, he grabbed Joe from the neck

"Hey dude, I am just helping out, I think someone is cornering her in the toilet, you should go check her out".

Joe watched as the guy rushed in the toilet. His guys friend followed behind. Joe was pleased, its about time someone teach that fucking dyke a lesson. I am soc sick of her arrogance. Fucking gays.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bo didn't know what hit her, one minute she was all over the blonde chick and the next she was stuck on the toilet wall, while the bozo was trying to strangle her.

"Baby, she attacked me, thank God you are here." The blonde was behind the bozo, and from what Bo was making out, she was telling him that Bo was trying to rape her. Bo managed to grab the bozos hand and hit him in the balls, she freed herself from she grab and tried to leave the toilet but looks like his friend were following behind. They got her. " Lets get her out" They dragged her from a behind exit, the drugs and drinks were talking a toll on her now and Bo was feeling dizzy and weak, while the bozo and two of his friends were dragging her outside the bar and in a next road alley.

"You cunt, you sick animal, damn you" the bozo was now pushing her on the wall while his friends were holding her steady. Bo was trying to freed herself and moving like crazy.

"The bitch is strong, hold her steady, I am going to teach her a lesson" He started hitting her and slapping her, he dragged her clothes and broke her mobile, trying to get the clothers out of her, Bo was trying to scream and bite his hands. The guy was beating her up without a stop, Bo was in pain, the guy was hitting her belly and head, her nose was bleeding. Then he tried to get her pants down.

"You like pussy? You like other peoples women? You people are destroying society, destroying our kids. Sick animals" Started kicking Bo between her legs, Bo couldn't stand anymore, she left herself fall.

"You fucking bitch, look at yourself now. You are trash, nothing, get her up" He told his friends, they dragged her near a carbage can and kept her there. The bozo got a knife out.

"Man don't do that, she had enough come on" One of his friends said.

"No, that would teach her to hit on others people women, these people they make me wanna throw up"

Bo watched as the guy forwarded the knife in the right side down on her belly. Bo instinctively moved her arm there and managed to stop the wrath of the knifes cut. She felt the blood running from her hand and belly. She screamed from the pain. The guys left her drop down on the ground and fled.

Bos sight was blurred, she was pressing her hand on her belly wound, Lauren taught her how to try and stop the blood if she was ever wounded in Afganistan. She tried to get up, her head was heavy, and knew she had to try and get on the road because she was losing blood and she would be dead if the blood kept flowing. She hoped someone would see her and stop to help. She managed to get up, with one hand on the wall, walking slowly, trying to cry for help but the voice wont come out, she was feeling too weak, she managed to get on the road but everything seemed too dark, it was late at night. Bo got on the middle of the road, she felt her life passing throu her eyes, she thought of Kenzi, of Lauren, their times together. She couldn't stand up anymore. She fall on the road, she was dizzy, she watched car lights coming from away, please stop, she thought, please stop.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lauren was tired and hungry, and I bet my baby is too. They arrived from Africa, it was about 3 in the morning in Canada. Lauren had her car parked in the airport, she didn't want to alert anyone that she was back, she didn't want the questions to start about her life, why she left and how she came back. She was holding her baby strong. She looked at her dark prince. He was two years old. Still, weak, and sick. Nobody wanted him. His family were all dead from the terrible disease. When Lauren left Canada, she was looking for an inspiration, a goal, something to give her power to continue to believe in the goodness of people, in the love of God. And she found it in Africa. Among the starving kids, among the population hits by AIDS. She saw with her own two eyes how people would try and fight for others to survive with minumim medicine, doctors who were working with their bare hands without any material. She found herself again. And then she met him. In the arms of his dying mother, among a group of refugees, his mum died days after they were saved by Action Aid. He was thin, sick, with huge eyes, Lauren was treating his mum for the few days before she died, and he would throw a fit if someone tried to get him from her. Except from Lauren.

He trusted her to be in her arms. He trusted her care, her arms, they would spend the nights together, when Lauren would join him sleeping with the other kids on the UN camps. They bonded within a week and before a month passed, she had taken her decision. She managed to get him a passport and papers, and become his legal guardian, he had no living relatives and with some money she managed to be granted guardianship and get him out of Africa. She brought him in Canada, to try and make his adaptation legal and focus on the goal of her life, which was research to help find cure for Aids and of course raise him the best she could. She was planning to visit Africa often with him so he would know where he comes from and his legacy and how she would make sure he would never forget his mother who protected him and got him alive out of a civil war, the mum who died and he was refusing to leave her dead arms.

She watched again as he was sleeping in her arms. She reached the car and placed him there in his blankie while got their stuff in her car. She started the car and was happy to see the battery wasn't out , she loved her car. I would need a baby seat. She was planning to get everything for him as soon as possible. Her belly was making noises, she was so hungry. Lauren looked around, it was late, and she hated airport food, and fast food. Suddenly she got an idea. If she was going to take the outside high way she would enter the city from the other part and go straight to that wonderful bakery she and whatsher name used to hang out. Whatsher name informed her it was open all night for late nighters, and Lauren so needed warm croissants and pies right now. She smiled at herself, secured her baby next to her and started slowly driving.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lauren was starting to feel nervous about her decision, the bakery was at the bad side of the city and everything was dark, and she wasn't sure if it was going to be open at this hour. She wasn't sure if she was even going to stop, while she was thinking she didn't had anything to eat on her house either, since she was missing for 3 months.

She was driving slowly because she had the baby next to her and since she had no baby seat, she was being very careful, when suddenly she saw something on the road. As she approached she noticed there was someone on the road. Its just some drunk, don't stop. This area was full of bars. Lauren flicked her lights so the person would walk but the body didn't move. Don't stop Lauren. Don't stop. Omg you know I am going to stop, what if this person needs help? Lauren slowly got on the side of the road and parked the car with the engine on, she got her window down a litte.

"Are you ok?"

It was dark and Lauren couldn't make out anything, the person was dressed in black.

She yelled harder, causing her baby to wake up. He started sobbing slowly.

Lauren placed her hand on him and he stopped immediately as if he felt secure, and closed his eyes again. Lauren looked around, grabbed her mobile, and got out carefully. There wasn't anyone around and she could run back in her car if something was suspicious. As she approached she noticed blood and understood the person was hurt, she immediately called 911 and informed them for an ambulance. The doctor in her started acting, she came close to the person and noticed it was a woman. She thought it was a hit and run accident until she turned her.

"Omg, you got to be kidding me" The moment she saw the face, she got angry and then terrified. She checked for a pulse and then her body. She saw the wound, she dragged the tank top and noticed the knife wound. She was alive.

She noticed the head wounds and the nose bleeding. She dragged Bo on her lap, holding her and keeping her warm and stayed there waiting for the ambulance to arrive. She didn't want to think anything, she didn't look at her, shut her mind and heart from thoughts.

"Lauren" Lauren looked at Bo, there is no way she knows its me, she hasn't even opened her eyes. Lauren was looking at her car, her baby was sleeping, the ambulance would arrive soon, she thought to herself.

"Lauren" Bo was halusinating, I have died and gone to heaven she thought to herself. I have died and I am at Laurens arms. Its her, I can smell her scent. Bo was smiling, moving her lips. The ambulance arrived and the paramedics got Bo, it was a knife wound but the bleeding had stopped and they had to call the police which meant Lauren couldnt leave, she had to go to the hospital with them and give a statement to the police.

"Are you coming with us?"

"No, I would follow you with my car?"

The paramedic didn't seem to believe her, thinking she was going to leave, but Lauren informed him she was a doctor and scold him for stalling.

The ambulance with Bo left and Lauren got in the car and followed behind. I cant believe this. God is playing with me. Bo. Bo hurt, beaten up. She had to call Kenzi, I am giving my statement and leaving, would finish with this in a hour and continue my life.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Damn Bo, Kenzi was sleeping in her bfs arms, while her mobile started ringing.

"Don't answer it"

"I have to" Kenzi got her mobile and noticed it was an unknown number.




"Yes, Kenzi its Lauren"


"Yes, it me. Bo is hurt, and being taken to hospital"

Lauren was brief, she informed her quickly where to come, that Bo was serious but stable and shut the phone.

"Whats up?"

Kenzi turned.

"Here we go again"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lauren was holding her baby, who was still sleeping in her arms. He was black like the dark with big black eyes while she was white and blonde, and she couldn't help but notice some looks from a couple of people in the hospital. It was crowded with ambulances and people in and out. She was waiting to give her statement for an hour, while Kenzi was inside Bos room. They didn't say much except from a hi. Finally a policeman approached her to get a statement.

Kenzi was watching Bo while she was sleeping, she was opening and closing her eyes, she was still drunk and wont stop calling Laurens name. She couldn't help but smile in this mess. Damn these two. Damn them, they are meant to be, they cant see that? Damn them. She walked out of Bos room and noticed Lauren while she was about to leave. Watched her as she was cradling a kid. As if she felt her look, Lauren turned and looked at her. Kenzi smiled, but Lauren turned and left without a word.

Oh Bo, what are we going to do?

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