She completes me

Chapter 16

Kenzi was sitting next to Bos bed while Nick was coming and going from the room. He was pretty upset and looking at Kenzi, she knew he wanted to say I told you but Kenzi was in no mood to hear about it. She started to like Nick a lot and feel very close but she wont jeopardize her relationship with Bo for anyone. Nor Nick or even Lauren knew what she and Bo went throu and especially what Bo went throu and everything she did to get herself and Kenzi of the streets. Their bond was unbreakable and whomever wanted to be with her had to understand Bo was going to be there too.

"Ahh" Kenzi focused on her friend, Bo was already better but wasn't fully back, only a day passed, and the doctor informed them that she was getting sober from the drinks she had two nights ago but the drugs were still in her system, and they have to be careful with her medication. Bo opened her eyes and Kenzi smiled. She grabbed her best friends hand.

"Hey BoBo" Bo felt the pain down in her belly while trying to turn in bed.


"Don't move, you are getting better but still we are going to be here for at least a week" Bo looked around her, brooding. She didn't answer her friend. She remembered the attack. She wanted to get up and go find that bozo, and kick his ass, she was so angry from the hate attack and the way his girlfriend said Bo was going to rape her or something. She touched her belly and looked at Kenzi.

"Police wants to talk to you, they suspect it was a hate crime, because they didn't get your money or anything"

"Police? What happened? Who found me? Damn I had drugs in my jacket, that's gonna end my career in the army"

"Kenzi didn't answer.

"Lauren" Bo said. "I dreamed of Lauren, she was like an angel over my head Kenz. She came to me while I was alone on the road, I know it sounds unbelievable but she was like an angel holding me"

Kenzi smiled, she didn't know if she wanted to tell Bo what happened and that Laurens presence wasn't in her imagination. It was clear the doc didn't want to have anything to do with them and she didn't want to encourage Bos obsession with her or getting hurt more. She wanted her friend to finally move on. But she couldn't explain or deny there was something bonding those two. The way they find each other and when Lauren always happens to be there when Bo is in danger.

"What are you thinking Kenz? I am not crazy, I dunno, maybe it was the drugs, but I felt her!" Bo moved her head in disbelief.

"You think I am losing it?" She turned her head elsewhere so her friend wont see she was crying.

"I miss her Kenz. I miss her so much, its like my body is asking for her you know, like my heart is beating for her."

"You didn't dream anything Bo"

"Of course you don't believe me, I have been so out of it all this time"

"Bo it wasn't a dream"

"I know I have to change, to stop, to forget her…."


Bo stopped talking and looked at her best friend.

"It wasn't a dream, Lauren was the one who found you"

Bo didn't react to Kenzis word. She exchanged looks with her best friend. Kenzi watched as Bos face changed from outer to despair to happiness. Bo smiled broadly.

"Lauren found me?"

"Yes, she also got your jacket, I think she didn't leave it there or here because she didn't wanted police to find it, I bet she knows what you had on your inside pocket"

"Lauren found me?" Bo couldn't keep her smiles, she nearly died but all she could think of was that Lauren found her.

"My Lauren?"

"Bo, she isn't your Lauren anymore and you need to snap out of it, look at you, please get it together, you have to move on, Lauren did, she has a child you know"

"What?" Bos face went pale again.

"No way Lauren has a child, with who? Its not even 3 months since we broke up, no way" Bo went crazy jealous on the spot, she tried to move up.

"Can you calm down and hear me out? I think she adopted a kid, but I aint so sure, I didn't manage to talk to her, she left, she clearly didn't want to talk to me"

"But how she found me? I Don't get it!"

"Neither do I, she called me and said you were hurt, and I rushed here, but before I asked anything, she left."

Bo smiled again. Lauren adopted a kid. My princess, she is a mum now. That's going be our kid.

"So she was the one holding me? I knew it, I was so sure it was her holding me, but I thought I died and gone to heaven, you know" She smiled shyly to her friend.

"Kenzi, can you do something for me?"

"I am not calling Lauren"

"No, I don't want you to. Please call Nadia and ask her about Lo news, how is she, what she is doing, about the kid? Please? Can you do that for your hurt, nearly dead friend?"

"Omg Bo, why? Just drop it please"

"I cant Kenzi. I cant. Cant you see? She is the one for me and I am the one for her. That's it. I know what I have to do. I know. Believe me, I am going to change everything. I want her back, and she loves me Kenz, she loves me, she was holding me, I felt her hands on my cheeks, how she was touching me. The moment she was near me I felt her presence, her scent. Something is dragging us together"

"Bo, what about Lauren? She clearly doesn't want us around her, she hates us"

"She doesn't hate us, Lauren cant hate anybody. I know what I have done, I know, but I am going to change everything, I am going to be the best for her, you will see Kenz"

Her friend didn't answer. Bo laid back, and closed her eyes. She was still tired but she was happy, she was feeling so happy. My princess, I am going to change our lives baby, you will see, she smiled, thinking of Lauren and the baby.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lauren was tired, finally Buziba was asleep. He was crying all day, for second day. Lauren called one of her doctor friends who was a pediatrist and he told her that the boy was fine but she had to take him to a specialist, since he had Aids and that she needed to start him up with a combination of drugs. Lauren was aware of all that but first she wanted to see what where Buzs choices, she wanted the best for him, she already asked from top doctors to send her therapies and they had Buzs medical records, she provided them with his blood and urine samples. She just wanted to make sure that terrible illness wasn't the reason of his unrest for the past two days. According to the initial results, Aids was still sleeping inside his blood, but he was too young so the doctors had to see if he was able to start the new therapies with massive medication that could lead him to live a healthy life as much as he could of course, and maybe one day he could be completely healthy.

It was about a month ago after they arrived in Canada and Lauren looked around her bedroom. She only had managed to get him a bed, and baby clothes. I need to make the guest room a nursery, she thought. Lauren had started him with a healthy steady eating program, so his body wont react violently to the new food and tastes he was experiencing. She loved him so much. He loved his black color, and his eyes reminded her of whats her name, the way he was looking at her, like a lost puppy. Even his name meant dark night. Lauren closed the door and walked back in her living room. She needed some time to rest. It was a hectic month. Her family and friends got the news that she was back and then the news about Buz. Most of her friends, knowing Lauren, kind of accepted the fact she adopted a kid, but her parents upon seeing him, they reacted completely negative. Again the comments about naïve Lauren, about sensitive Lauren, about rushing things, and how Buz wasn't for her and couldn't be included in her life. Lauren almost send them out of her house. Then her brother visited and he tried to calm things down but things got bad when Lauren informed him that Buz was sick and that her life goal was to work again Aids and other illnesses. Her brother reacted angrily and informed her that she should have told the family about adopting a sick black African kid and naturally he got the boot too.

Lauren was starting to feel she was going to get the same reactions from most of her friends too. She didn't care really, these people, they weren't her friends since they couldn't love Buz. I don't care, I am going to raize him on my own and give him so much love. Ciara was being brilliant though. She loved Buz from the moment she saw him and as she was informed about the way to contract Aids, she wasn't scared or afraid to be around him, hug him and kiss him. Ciara. Lauren smiled, Ciara was playing a two sided game. While she was visiting to check on her and Buz, she would "innocently" update her about whats hername. Lauren didn't care to listen, but her friend would let it slip how she was a wreck after their break up and how she has changed after Lauren found her on the road hurt. She even stopped smoking Ciara said. Lauren was aware that Bo was around her, sometimes she would catch her bike when she would take Buz out for a walk or take him to the hospital for his checks.

But the dark haired woman was staying away, keeping her distance. Smile when Lauren would catch her, watching her and then leave. She got up from her couch and walked back in her bedroom, carefully so she wont wake up Buz. She grabbed whats her names jacket and hugged it. She recalled that nights events. She grabbed her jacket from the street when the ambulance left, and was going to leave it at the hospital but she then talked to police and didn't want the policeman to search it so she pretended it was hers. As she expected, she found drugs. Again she was angry, angry and sad and felt a wave of protectiveness for whats her name. She wanted to get inside that room and yell to her, move her, say to her what she really wanted to say that day they met in the hospital. Ciara said she met her and that she was a changed person now. Yeah sure, a month later. I heard that before Lauren said. When she promised me, no drugs and no cheating. And she failed both promises. She squeezed that leather jacket on her arms. I have Buz now. He needs me to be strong. Whats her name thinks I am that easy. I am done with her. Done. Lauren looked at her wrist. The mark was still there. Faded but still. A reminder of how she lost herself and how she wont allow that to ever happen again.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bo was back from work only to find Kenzi and Nick cuddling on the couch. They looked at her smiling.

"The slave is back" Kenzi teased her friend. Bo was working half time on a security company along with her army job. She would leave the barracks at 4 am and go straight at work, as a security supervisor in one of the city malls. Kenzi was finding the whole thing so funny but great. Bo stopped drinking, she was getting home straight from work, she was back to being fit, and was making plans about her future. Future that had only one name of course. Lauren. Lauren and her son, Buziba. Bo would feed of the news Ciara would bring about the doc and her son. Its was as if she was including herself in their lives, from away. She wanted to work and stay sober, and prove to Lauren she could be stable and trustworthy again. Bo was back to being happy. As if she was back with Lauren again. She had that vibe around her and Bo was so sure she was going to win the doc back. She would check on the doc but kept her distance, I just want her to know I am around, she told Kenzi. When her friend was trying to tell her otherwise Bo wont listen or smile to her as if she didn't know what Bo knew.

Nick was surprised too, as he finally got to see why Kenzi was so proud and so loving towards Bo, as Kenzi was saying, he only got to see his dark side. Her other side, loving, caring, happy and carefree, strong and protective was finally coming out too.

"You guys eaten?"

"Yes we did. We ordered Chinese, we left you some"

"Thanks, so what are we doing tonight?"

"CSI or …"

"How about How I met your mother?'

"Bo please, we aint watching how I met you mother!" They laughed.

"Going to take a shower and change and going to join you"

Kenzis phone ringed. She checked, it was Ciara, she called her earlier to ask if she wanted to join them for dinner but Ciara wasn't answering.

"You finally decided to check your phone?" Kenzi teased Ciara.

"Hey, sorry I wasn't answering, I had to go with Lauren at the hospital"

"Lauren? Why whats up?" Kenzi immediately got scared that Lauren hurt herself again.

"Its Buz, he has heavy fever for days now and he had seizures, and we got him to the hospital. It could be just a heavy cold or even pneumonia, you know with his illness every thing can become pretty serious"

"Illnes? I didn't know Buz was sick"

"Well….its something private.."

"Private? Come on Ciara, you know me and Bo love Lauren and consider her our family no matter what happened"

"Sorry Kenzi but this is highly private, its only Laurens to tell. I got to go now, Lauren is in pretty bad shape and worrying about Buz".

"Whats up?" Nick asked.

"Looks like more trouble with Lo"

"Are you gonna tell Bo?"

"I dunno. I don't want her to run to the hospital"

Bo could tell something was bothering Kenz, she was keep checking her phone, and she was texting with someone, right infront of Nick. She didn't really care about the movie they were watching. Bo tried to get Kenzis attention, she was wondering with whom she was texting so eagerly, and she was hoping she wasn't two timing Nick.

Then suddenly Kenz got up and went in her bedroom to get a call. Bo watched her and followed behind her.

"Hey, whats up with you?" Kenzi ignored her question and instead kept her focus on the phone call. She was whispering and looking very worried. She quickly ended her call.

"WTF is wrong with you? Why are you hiding and texting and getting calls? I really hope you aren't making the mistakes I made"

"Oh Bo its nothing like that"

"Then what is it? Why you are so upset?" Bo wasn't going to let her be.

"Its Lauren"

"Lauren? Lauren was on the phone? When you two started talking again?"

"No it wasn't Lauren on the phone, it was Ciara. She is in the hospital with Lo"

"What? Why? WTF? And you tell me now? What happened? She hurt herself again?" Bo turned and walked towards the living room, she got her sweatpants and hoodie.

"Bo listen to me, its not Lauren"

"Then who?"

"Its Buz, he is sick for a few days now and Lauren got him to the hospital with Ciara"

"Sick? Whats wrong with him?"

"He has a cold or something"

"Oh, so its not that serious then?" Kenzi hesitated to answer.


"I don't know Bo, Ciara said something about Buz"

"What she said?"

"That he is sick, not cold but that he has an illness that makes everything worse"

Bo got her trainers and her her helmet.

"Ohhhh don't go Bo please"

"I wont cause any trouble ok? I would stay away, I just want to be there with Lauren don't worry, I promise I wont go close to her" She opened the door and left.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lauren was getting desperate, Buz had an lung infection and a heavy cold, and it was probably going to lead to preumonia. Doctors were doing their best to keep him stable and not allow the cold to turn to pneumonia but they had to wait for the heavy medicine to work. Its my mistake, I should have decided on his therapy sooner. Lauren had her hands on her head and was watching her baby from a glass window on the intensive care of the pediatric clinic. They had to wait it out the doctor said, she should calm down and maybe get a couple of hours sleep but Lauren was staying put. Ciara had left, she was a true friend Lauren thought. She was with us almost all afternoon and Lauren had to pressure her to leave.

Buz was sleeping now, but his sleep wasn't calm, my poor baby. She lowered her eyes, to look at the coffee she was holding. She had no mood for anything and hasn't really eaten for two days. She was so worried for Buz that she couldn't eat anything really. Her stomach was like a tight rope. If anything happened to him, she didn't even want to think of that. She sat back on the chairs outside of the intensive care, and kept watching him, trying to send him love, good vibes and power to be strong. Be strong baby, mummy is here.

Bo left the bakery holding a whole bag of warm croissants and pie, she got them inside her hoodie, she called Ciara when she left the crack shack, apparently Lauren hadn't eaten all day. Ciara got upset upon hearing her voice and reacted to the fact Bo was going to the hospital. Bo reassured her that she wasn't going to do anything to upset Lauren, that she was only going to stay there, even promised that she wont talk to her if Laurent didn't make the first move. She arrived at the hospital, parked her bike and entered. It was a university hospital and had a top pediatric clinic. Bo smiled at the reception and asked for infos. The receptionist informed her that visiting hours were long over but it was allowed for family and if the patient was in a serious condition. Bo managed to make the receptionist let her pass, she was polite and charming and said that she was just bringing food for the mother. She thanked the woman and walked towards the elevator.

While she entered, she got nervous, this was going to be the first time she met Lauren after what happened. The first time she was really near her. I got to be calm she said to herself, calm and collected and be there for her and Buz. Gotta prove I can be there, for them both. She wondered what kind of illness Buz had, and how brave of Lauren was to adopt someone like him. The more she was thinking of her the more she was loving her, the more she wanted her back, the more she wanted to get better and better for her and for Buz and for herself. She wanted to be part of Laurens family, to be Laurens family. The elevator doors opened and Bo walked towards the hall that lead to the intensive care. The hospital was looking more like a research facility one, with a lot of doctors looking like students, Bo was trying not to get anyones attention. Her hands were sweaty, and she finally saw Lauren.

She was seating in one of the chairs based on the wall, with her legs and hands crossed, and had her focus straight ahead. Suddenly she turned, as she felt Bos presence. She looked at her but she didn't react, she ignored her. She looked straight ahead yet again. Phew, breatheeeee Bo, she said to herself, Bo walked towards her, and then stopped and turned and looked towards the glass window, and she saw Buz, for the first time from close. He was the only black kid in the glass room, while there were other 3 kids in the room but at a distance with each other. He was so beautiful but looked so precious with all that wires on him. He had a tag on the little tube he was sleeping in, Buziba Lewis. Wonder if Lauren would take my name in the future, Buziba Dennis, Bo thought. She had those crazy thoughts since she got to lean Lauren adopted a kid. Kenzi was making fun of her for dreaming about being in this family already, that she was talking as if she was part of that family, even though Lauren didn't want to even see her or meet her. She walked back from the glass and towards Lauren.

She sat 3 seats away from her. She noticed two other women and a man standing and seating around the glass room too, probably parents of the other kids. She left the bakery bag in the chair next to Lo. She looked at her, Lauren was still ignoring her. She was so beautiful, with her hair and eyes and that frown on her face. I missed you so much.

"I… I got you some croissants you like and a couple of pie clices" Lauren said nothing, she was completely ignoring her. Bo was aware she wasn't going to cause a scene at such a place, and Lauren was really worried about Buz, it was clear she didn't care to fight with Bo. Bo laid her head back on the wall and looked straight ahead towards Buz too. She was seating next to her baby, while finally had a glimpse of her other baby. That's all she wanted for now on. To be there for them, for everything they needed. It was over an hour without a word until she noticed Lauren grabbing the bag, and checking the contents. Bo restrained herself from smiling, her baby got a croissant and started eating while saying nothing.

"I got a second job you know. I am going to change everything, you would see. You and Buz can count on me. I want you back. I know there is no way you can believe me now, but I am going to wait for as long as it takes." Lauren said nothing. About an hour passed until Lauren turned to face her.

"The only reason I don't call security to get you out of here is because of Buz and because you would make a scene and don't want to worry the parents and children here. You have nothing to do with me and Buz. Nothing. I don't care if you get ten jobs and tell Ciara that we are a family. I don't care that you follow me around, I don't care that you are here. Buz is the most important thing in my life now, the reason I breathe, he gave me faith in people again and I don't want a drunk and an irresponsible druggie around him"

Lauren got up and went near the glass window and press her face while watching her son sleeping. Bo was ogling Laurens body. She was wearing one of those tight jeans and white shirt and those brown biker boots she loved so much. I cant live without you. I am going to get you back. The words in her mind were coming to her mouth but she was restraining herself, not to say them. Lauren didn't need words from her anymore. She needed actions. She grabbed the bakery bag and got herself a croissant. She laid her head back on the wall and stayed there. I am going to stay here day and night until Buz is ok and my family gets back home. She smiled and looked towards the little guy. She felt instantly protective of him and Lo. I don't care what kind of illness he has. I am going to be there for him and his mum no matter what. Don't worry little guy. Nobody is going to hurt you and your mum anymore. I am back on the circle. She stopped smiling the moment Lauren turned and came back to sit. Damn, I have to stay serious and focused, and don't appear so happy that I am near her again.

"Damn I missed your scent so much" Lauren stared at her with dagger eyes. Shit I said that out loud. Stay focused Dennis.

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