She completes me

Chapter 17

"He looks like me a lot, can you believe this?

"Omg Bo, get a grip please? How is Lo?"

"She was lost weight, but still looks like a fragile angel, so beautiful, her hair are a bit longer"

"I ask how is she? About Buz! Not how she looks like"

"Oh, of course she is dead worried. We haven't talked much, in fact she only said a few words to make sure I know my place"

"Which is?"

"At the gutter, but I don't care, all I care is that I am here with her, she didn't throw me out and I can see Buz. I am telling you he looks like me Kenz"

"How can he look like you? Whatever Bo, just keep calm and please please don't bother Lauren, try not to upset her. She doesn't need that now"

"I wont, I just want to be here for her. Its good that I have my 3 free days from the army, I am going to work on the afternoon and then come back straight at the hospital, I grab something to eat there"

"Ok. And give my love to Lo if you can and can you ask her if I can come and visit and maybe see Buz? If its possible? Ask her when she is in a bit better mood?"

"We will see Kenz. Talk to you later"

Bo walked back in the intensive care. Kenzi was so eager to see Lauren and Buz, she really loved her. Patience Kenz, she is coming around Bo thought. We have to get Buz back to being ok first so Lauren can relax.

She watched Lauren talking to the doctor who was treating Buz, Bo was keeping her distance, a few steps back from Lauren. The doctor was a very good looking guy who didn't wear any wedding ring and Bo noticed he was smiling and kind of flirting with Lauren everytime he would come to update her but Lauren was focused on Buzs condition and didn't seem to notice or care about his flirting. The guy noticed Bos presence since last night and would only look at her wondering what she was to Lauren. She sure wanted to shuv it in his face that Lauren was hers, but she had to stay calm and not make any kind of fuss. Show you are responsible.

It was after 11 in the morning when Ciara arrived. The elevator doors opened and she rushed and hugged Lauren. Lauren smiled at her friend.

"I can see Bo is here" Ciara said. Lauren didn't answer, she didn't even turn to look at Bo.

"How is Buzz?"

"He is getting better, slowly but steadily. The doctor is really very attentive and they are doing the best they can, of course I am not giving them any chance"

"Oh I bet Lewis" They sat on the chairs again.

"Why don't you get home to have a shower and get some rest? I can stay here for a couple of hours"

"I don't want to leave him, I want him to know I am here"

"Come on Lauren, I ll call you if something changes, You been here almost two days now, did you eat anything"

"Yeah I did. Whats her name got me something" Ciara smiled. Lauren was refusing to name Bo. She looked at her friend. She was sitting at the corner, looking at them and then looking at Buzz. Bo smiled to Ciara but got serious when she noticed Lauren was looking at them. It was so funny, Bo was trying to appear responsible.

"Would u mind if I go and say hi to her?"

"No, you know you are free to do what you want Ciara, I never stopped you from being friend with her or Kenzi"

Bo watched as Ciara got up and approached her. She got up too and they shared a quick hug.

"So you came"


"You been here all night?"

"Yeah, what did the doctor say? Did Lauren tell you?

"Buz is getting a bit better, but its gonna take time"

"Thank God. He is so precious and beautiful"

"What are you doing here Bo?"

"I just want to be here for Lauren and Buz if they need me, I don't want to cause any upset or trouble or anything" Bo was looking straight.

"You really hurt her Bo. I doubt she would ever trust you again, or even take you back. Buz is her life now, don't try and pressure her into anything"

"I am not. I wont.I cant be away when she is going throu something like that. You can ask her, I didn't do anything to bother her all night, I just sit here, nothing else."

"Did she eat anything?"

"Yeah I got her some stuff, but she didn't eat much. She has to eat something, maybe I go grab her a burger or something"

"I was thinking of persuading her to go home and catch some sleep, maybe have a shower and also eat"

"Yeah. I was thinking of telling her myself, but I don't want her to start throwing me things"

"I could stay with Buz here, and you can leave too."

"Well I would have to go to work at 4 but going to be back before 10 tonight, and stay here."

"Ok, then ill try to ask her again, did you update Kenz?"

"Yes, She wants to come and visit, she worries and misses Lauren so much"

"Lauren isn't ready yet. Kenzi should give her some time."

"I am going to do everything I can, to change things. I don't care how much time it would take. There is nothing else there for me, nobody else."

Ciara said nothing. She smiled to Bo and went back to sit next to Lauren.

Lauren was feeling so tired, and also greasy. She didn't change clothes for two days now. She was starting to seriously thinking to at least go home for a couple of hours to change and take a shower. It was nearly 2 in the afternoon, Ciara was still there with her and of course whats her name. She sure is stubborn Lauren thought. Stubborn and arrogant and a cheater and a drugie, and a drunk and a liar. I have to remember all that. Lauren pretended not to look towards her, but she noticed everytime she would get up and check on Buz. Or when the nurses would come and give Buz some medicine or when someone from the patients visitors would make some noise and she would look at them angrily. What an actress. She only wants to get on my bed again. Fucking loser. She couldn't find anyone better than me, could she? The dumb blondes weren't enough anymore?

"Lauren your eyes are closing. Please go and get some rest"

Lauren finally admitted to herself that she needed to get some rest.

"Ok, ok. But you would call me immediately if anything changes. I would only take a shower and grab a couple of hours sleep, ill be back before 9"

"Thank God. Why don't you ask Bo to take you? She has to be at work in a few hours or so" Ciara said calmly and politely while smiling to her.

"Please, I don't want her to take me anywhere"

"I know, I know, I am just teasing u. She is stubborn Lo. She says she is coming back tonight too"

"She is? I don't care. You know I could have her forbidden" Lauren got up and grabbed her back.

"I know but you wont do it Lo. She is really trying to support you guys." Lauren again said nothing. She walked towards Buz room, got a mask on her face and gloves, and she talked to her son a bit.

Bo watched Lauren as she approached Buz. Ciara probably persuaded her to go get some rest. The sight was magnificent. The blondes hair and skin were in such contrast to Buz dark black colors. Did we also look like that? Bo thought. Bo could feel Laurens pain and agony. She grabbed her jacket too and approached Ciara.

"She is leaving"

"Yeah, I figured it out. I am going too, ehhhhhhhhhhh I mean I am going to leave and come back later, call me if anything happens please?"

Ciara smiled at her. It was so good to watch the arrogant cocky Bo looking so whipped and afraid? Shy?

Lauren got out of the room and took of the mask and gloves and walked towards the elevator. Bo without thinking, walked right behind her. They got inside together, not talking or looking at each other.

"Ill be back around 10, want me to bring you anything?"

Lauren ignored Bo.

"Ill get you one of those healthy, light burgers you used to order when you were staying over at the Crack Shack?"

Again no answer from Lauren. They walked out from the elevator, Lauren first and Bo behind. Even when she is tired, she looks so good, so graceful, Bo couldn't take her eyes from Lauren. Lauren got her mobile and tried to get a phone taxi.

"Want me to take you?"

Again no answer. Bo was standing a few steps away, waiting for Lauren to leave and then she would leave too. Guess Lauren couldn't get a cab because she was calling and calling.

"I can take you, no strings attached?" Bo smiled to her in that cheeky way that used to warm her heart. Lauren was tired and wanted to get home as soon as possible. She wasn't sure if she was going to get a cab soon, and she needed the ride. She also wanted to wipe that smile from Bos face. As she was standing there, watching the brunette smiling at her, she got an idea.

"Yeah ok" Lauren said, with a quiet smile.

Bo was super surprised. She felt like dancing right in that sidewalk when Lauren agreed.

"Ehhhh I got the bike on the parking lot" She and Lauren started walking towards the back of the hospital. Lauren recognized Bos bike.

"At least you got your helmet with you" Bo was smiling broadly, Lauren is talking to me she said to herself.

"Well someone was going to break my head if I didn't have it"

They both smiled with Bos reminding of that banter between them. Bo got on her bike. She was going to go slow, so Lauren wont think Bo was going fast in order to hug her strong. But before she even start the bike, Lauren was sitting behind her, and Bo was feeling her legs. She immediately got turned on. This was unbelievable. Having Lauren ride with her again.

"I am ready when you are" Lauren said.

Bo turned her head and smiled. She offered her helmet to Lauren. Lauren smiled more and got it.

"You're a mum now, you have to be safe, Buz needs you" Lauren put it on and they left. Bo had her hair under her jacket, and was going slow, but that didn't stop Lauren getting stuck on her back and legs. Bo couldn't believe this, she could feel Laurens breasts on her back. Lauren would make slight moves and get her hands around Bos waist. Bo couldn't believe what was happening. She is tired and wants to get home, that's all.

"Whats up Dennis? You don't step on it anymore?" Bo was going very slow and Lauren teased her about it. She smiled and finally went faster. Laurens body was in tune with hers now. It was a great feeling and what was more great was the fact Lauren moved her hand just a little down from her breasts. Damn I am going to have an orgasm on the bike Bo thought. Finally they arrived on Laurens place. Lauren got off the bike, standing very close to Bo. She took the helmet off and released her hair. Glorious. How does she do that? Everything is so perfect on her. I love her hair. In fact I cant think of anything I don't love about her Bo thought again. Lauren smiled to her.

"Well thank you for bringing me"

"It was my pleasure"

"So you are off to work?"

"Yes, going home to change first" and before Bo understands what happening, Lauren bends and kiss her cheek.

Bo immediately got hot and broody, she looked at Lauren with that serious hungry look. Lauren touched Bos cheek. The brunette missed her touch so much.

"Lauren" She said and her voice sounded deep. They looked at each other for some seconds and then Lauren moved and kissed her lips. Bo wasn't surprised this time. She dragged Lauren on her, she placed her hands on her back while Lauren had hers on Bos hair, pressing her head on her mouth. It was an angry, passionate kiss. Bo couldn't have enough, the blonde deepened the kiss and Bo felt her tongue invading her mouth. She was on fire, she almost screamed. Her tongue pushed Laurens hard and this time it was Bos tongue inside Laurens mouth. The blonde got more daring and bited Bos lower lip. And then all of a sudden she backed off.

Bo was crazy, she wanted to take Lauren right there on the bike. She was crazy from passion, from love, from happiness. Her baby wanted her again. Bo smiled broadly as she watched Lauren doing that move she loved so much, lowering her eyes and head down. Before she managed to say something, Lauren turned and left, she walked inside leaving her there, all hot and heavy. She was standing there for a couple of minutes, thinking she should start the bike and leave. Damn that was hot. What was that? She so wants me. I am so back in the zone. Damn, should I call her?Wait till I tell Kenzi. Bo left, she had to get home and then work, so she can be back to her babies as soon as possible.

The water on her body had a soothing feeling, she needed that feeling so much. The pressure of the past days was so heavy on her shoulders and she needed to release that. Buz was getting even better, Ciara called her, and informed her that his fever didn't came back since last night as the doc informed them, and he was getting so much better, and if he continues like that, she could take him home as soon as tomorrow. Lauren was determined to start him on therapy immediately too. While the water was running throu her body an image came in her mind. Bo holding Buz on her hands. Bo clad in dark clothes, with her dark hair, and Buz with his dark colors. They are so alike. No they aren't. They aren't. She tried to shut down that image. Buz is nothing like Bo. I am going to raise him with so much love. He is going to be great, a great son, a great boy and become a great man. Nothing to do with that drugie. Then her mind traveled to what happened earlier. She smiled. Her body, no matter how angry and disgusted she was with what Bo had done, her body was still so attracted to the brunette. It was always like that with Bo.

When she left Canada for Africa, and was alone in those endless nights under the African stars, she was thinking about that a lot. About what attracted her to Bo. Why? Why did she love her so much? They were so different. I wanted to change her, to make her better, to see her potential. Always the hero eh Lauren? That's when she got to the conclusion that she was the one seeing all that to Bo, when nothing like that really existed. She could understand the nearly animalistic pull they had for each other, but that was the only thing bonding them. And Lauren was much more than that. She thought of Bos face when the kiss ended. This time things were different. She didn't know why she started this, but after she got to know all about her cheating, Lauren doubted herself. She felt she was nothing, she felt so small, she felt like she couldn't be enough for Bo. But after she left and all that time she was away, Ciara was updating her about Bo. And now that she was here and watching the brunette around her. She wanted to play with her a little. Just one touch, one kiss, she said to herself while waiting to get a cab outside the hospital. She watched the brunette looking at her with such arrogance. And took a decision. Why not see what kind of power I have? Why not teach Bo a lesson? She was thinking that all the way while riding at Bos bike, while hugging her strong. I am going to test how strong I can be. This time I am going to be the one who is all about sex. Lauren could see the brunettes desperation and wanting, pinning for her. The more she was thinking about it, the more she felt sure she could do this. Just a small payback, nothing else. Besides Bo was all about sex wasn't she? Sex didn't mean anything for her. This time I am going to give her sex. One, two, three months? Whatever it takes, I am going to teach her a lesson.

Bo was back home, she finished her shift at 8, and she was eager to have a quick shower and go back to the hospital. She was still at the clowds since Laurens kiss. She didn't manage to tell Kenzi because she was at the barracks when she left for her part time job.

"At last you are home" Kenzi said, she hugged Bo.

"Hey Kenz" Bo was smiling broadly.

"What kind of hey is that? Wow and that smiles and looks!" Bo continued to smile while taking off her boots and security uniform.

"Tell me everything, how was Lo, and Buz? He is beautiful isn't he?"

"Everything is great, Buz is getting better and yeah he is so beautiful, he has the most beautiful eyes and such a handsome little face"

"How about Lauren? Did you even talk? Or she had you barred in a corner?" Bo didn't answer, she just looked at her friend smiling.



"What kind of smile is that? TELL ME!"

"We kissed Kenz"

"You kissed? WHAT? You kissed? How? Why? Was she on drugs?"

"Oh shut up"

"How in the world you managed to kiss her? She didn't even want to see you or call you by your name according to Ciara? I cant believe you are forgiven again, that girl is a saint"

"I don't know if she has forgiven me but it was great Kenz. Not only the kiss, but the fact I was around her again. As I told you on the phone last night, I kept my distance and didn't pressure her. I was just watching over her and Buz. Got her something to eat. Talked to her a bit. She was mad at the beginning but as the night passed and then this morning, she was tired and I don't know, something changed. I offered to take her home and get some rest while Ciara stayed with Buz. She agreed because she couldn't get a cab and while we were riding, she had her body all over me. And then when we arrived at her home, she thanked me and kiss me. It was great Kenz. Great. I am going to take a shower and get back in the hospital. I don't want to miss a second being with her and Buz."

"Bo are you sure? Maybe it was just a simple thank you,,,"

"Kenzi we were ready to fuck on the sidewalk. I know, I am going to take it slow, not pressure her but I am telling you, we are back on, she loves me, we are going to be a family"

"Did she ask about me?"

"Well no but I didn't ask her about you wanting to visit either, things happened so fast"

"I understand"

"Don't worry, I ll tell her tonight. I am sure she loves you and miss you too"

Kenzi watched as her friend went to her bedroom. She really didn't know what to think anymore. That was such a major change for Lauren. But on the other hand, that's how it was with Bo, Lauren would forgive her and take her back, she did the same in Afganistan, the same in Canada and now again the same. Lets hope Bo deserves it this time and wont fuck it up. I got to keep an eye on her, and I missed Lauren so much too. I hope she would want me back as a friend too. Kenzi smiled and grabbed her phone, she pressed the buttons to Ciaras number. She wanted to check how Buz was doing and if Lauren was back at the hospital. A huge weight was lifted off her shoulders. Maybe she and Bo could be happy after all, she thought.

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