She completes me

Chapter 2

Lauren was talking with Bos supervisor and she could tell the man was not giving her a chance to explain. She left his tent without managing to soft his position over Bos antics, and he told her Bo as every soldier, should be firm and show discipline and respect and not behave like a drunk. Lauren was feeling she was responsible for Bo and she had to find a way to at least see her and try to explain to her that she didn't feel hostility towards her and it was more of a reaction. Lauren was curious about Bo, she wanted to know more about her. Not about her military or bed heroics but more about her past, who is she? From where? Lauren couldn't help herself, she was fascinated by the dark haired devil as Lauren was calling her in her mind. She walked around the camp and suddenly changed her course. She walked towards the military tent barracks, she wondered around and kept thinking that Bo must be staying somewhere inside there. She was so deep inside her thoughts that she didn't notice that someone was walking behind her.

"Well well well, it's the trust fund doc herself"

Lauren turned and saw two familiar faces, Lauren would call them as Bos sidekicks, they were always following her around. She ignored the girls words and continue to walk.

"What? We aren't worthy of you? You don't address common soldiers like us" Lauren stopped walking and turne.


"So what are you doing here? Did you come to cheer about your win over Bo?"

"Excuse me"

"Kenzi stop it" the man said.

"Oh come on Dyson, you know she is here to rub it in our faces. Look at her, you can tell she is a trust fund kid, coming here to save the world while Dads money await her when she is tired of playing"

Lauren again turned and started walking. She was used to verbal attacks like that, it didn't matter that she was a top doctor, that she was working without a fee by choice, that she would choose charities and small hospitals, nothing would matter, her familys money and name would always follow her.

It was very late but Lauren still couldn't sleep. She asked Ciaras help early in the day, Ciara was now openly teasing her that she had a crush on Bo, but Lauren didn't care, she was only interested to help her get out of the trouble she got into. Ciara promised her to find any info she could get from Dyson. Apparently those two were friends and Lauren could see Ciara was interested in Dyson.

Suddenly a huge explosion was heard, the sirens sounded and everybody was up and running, everybody were heading towards the military camp, Lauren started running too, soldiers were blocking the exits, it was madness, Lauren stopped one.

"What happened?"

"There was a suicide attack inside the camp" Lauren tried to get closer but the soldiers were keeping everybody out.

"I am a doctor"

" I know mam but we cant allow anyone inside until everything is secure"

She and the rest of the team were watching from aside, she could see bodies of soldiers being carried away. Then another soldier came over and said they need medical staff inside and she and the other doctors rushed to help. Lauren looked around at the military hospital, she watched as military doctors were trying to contro the situation, there must be about 20 victims here she thought, then she saw soldiers carrying a familiar face while Kenzi and then Bo running behind them. They left Dyson on an operating table, Kenzi noticed her.

"Please help him Doc"

Lauren rushed by his side, he was bloodied all over, she cut his uniform and checked his wounds, she ordered a military nurse, she was calm and collected, and all this time she could feel Bos eyes on her. Bo and Kenzi were called back outside and Lauren focused on Dyson, he was seriously hurt but not life threatening.

It was hours after that the situation calmed down, Lauren was checking on other victims, the suicide bomb killed 4 soldiers and about 25 were injured, the camp was on high alert and on lock down and Lauren and the rest from her team were asked to stay there to facilitate for the victims along with the military doctors.

During the early morning Lauren noticed Kenzi visiting Dyson, he was asleep all night, she then watched her walking towards her.

"Thank you for helping Dyson"

"You don't have to thank me, I was doing my work"

"I am Kenz"


Kenzi smiled" I know who you are, my best friend wouldn't stop talking about u, at least not until you snubbed her big time"

Lauren hesitated" Is she ok?"

"Bo? She is fine. She lives for these things, don't you know? She is the big hero around here"

"Yes, I know"

"Look, its ok, I understand but Bo is like that when she likes someone, she goes on full ahead mode, you could have told her in a nicer way that you don't like girls and "

"But I like girls"

"You do"

"Well yes, but that's not the issue"

"So you like girls but you don't like Bo, I get it"

"But I like Bo"

"You do?"

Lauren realized she got trapped. She blushed and said nothing.

Then she noticed the dark haired devil walking inside too and checking on her friend, before checking other soldiers too and then heading towards them.

"Are you ready Kenz?"

Lauren was looking down now, averting her look from Bo.

"Hey Bobo aren't you going to thank Dr here for saving Dysons ass?"

"Hmm yes, thank you"

Lauren looked up and offered her hand slowly.



"My name is Lauren"

Bo was standing there looking at Laurens hand.

"You two are so slowww, so slowww" Kenzi turned and walked away and Bo was about to


"What? You said something"

"Yes, I"


"Well I want to say I am sorry if I cause you any trouble the other night, that wasn't my intention, I was tired and I fully understand my reaction wasn't the proper one but I think the situation go out of hand.."

"I love your hair"


"I said I love your hair"

Lauren blushed again and looked down.

"As I was saying the situation got out of hand and judging from the rumors about you i misunderstood some things and"

"What rumors? So you checked on me?"

Bo was smiling now.

"No I didn't check, I just heard some comments and I don't thinki t would be appropriate for us"



"Are you aware this is the second time we meet?"

"Yes, I just thought"

"What? Did I ask you for anything?"

"No but from what Kenzi said"

"Yes, what did Kenzi say?"

Laurens face dropped and she looked down again frowing.

"You do that a lot"

Lauren looked at Bo again.

"This move you make, you look down a lot and move your head as if you are talking to yourself"

Lauren didn't know what to answer to that and she finally said:

"I am sorry I misunderstood some kind of interest from you, and that was the reason I behaved like a brat that night.."

"Want to share dinner tonight after this mess is over?"

"What? Sorry but can you please let me finish with my apology? You keep interrupting me and sorry but I don't understand you again, are you interested in me or not?"

Bo smiled again.

"I am"

Lauren smiled back.

"So, want to share dinner tonight? At the camps eatery?"

"No, that's too public and I don't want everybody to looking at us"

"I guess some other time"

"No, I meant we can share somewhere else"


"Maybe, a quiet place in the camp?"

"Oh, ok"

Bo informed Lauren where to meet. She then saluted her in a bit arrogant way and left.

Lauren wasn't sure what happened. But deep in her mind she didn't care. She wanted to find out more about Bo and where this could take her.

By the time dinner time arrived Lauren only had about two hours of sleep during midday. In the meantime she learned from Ciara that Kenzi, Dyson and Bo were close friends and they were coming from different backrounds, Dyson from a police family who joined the army, Kenzi a teenage felon who go in the army throu a judges suggestion and Bo, who from what Ciara said was the most mysterious of the 3, apparently her parents were killed and she had to change foster families and live in the streets and that's where she met Kenzi, and she got in the army to straighten her life out, all that info made Lauren all more fascinated about her.

She took great care to wear a tight jean and a white shirt, she was always going for dinner dressed down, but this time she was willing to be more presentable. She didn't mention to Ciara that she was meeting Bo.

Her friend was upset about Dyson and she didn't seem to go away, she followed Lauren on the eatery, they got their dinner and wwent to sit. Lauren looked around and after awhile she saw Bo getting dinner and walking away.

"Looks like your Bo decided to go eat inside her tent tonight, I don't blame her, after what happened many are worried and tired"

"Well I think I would do the same, I am up for so many hours"

"Oh come on Lauren,we just arrived here"

"Please Ciara, I am really tired, it was such a hectic day"

"Oh well ok, ill wait for the others to come"

Lauren smiled and walked, she had agreed to meet Bo behind the camp, where a couple empty cabins were standing, between the military and charity camp. A lot of soldiers and people would go there to chill or for a smoke before they go sleep.

She noticed Bo sitting on corner bench eating, not many were out there.

No smiled at her, Lauren sat next to her and she started eating too.

"God I miss Chinese"

Lauren smiled at Bos comment.

"What? You don't eat Chinese?"

"I do, but I prefer to cook myself when I can and have the time"

"Oh you can cook too?"

They stayed there in peace eating.

Bo broke the silence after awhile to ask Lauren about her life and where she was coming from.

"Kenz said your family is super rich"

"That's not totally true"

Then she laughed and admitted that in fact it was true. Bo laughed with her.

"Kenzi told me you talked to her about me"

"My best doesnt know when to keep her mouth shut"

"I noticed you too, long before that night"

"You did?"

"Yes, its hard not to notice you"


"So what?"

"So what do you think about me?"

"I don't know yet"

"You want to ask me something?"

Lauren hesitated.

"Is it true that you have many lets say "friends" around the camp?"

"Bo smiled : "Not as many but yes its true. I love sex and I love having sex, I don't know why is that strange or so bad? As long as I don't hurt anyone"

Lauren looked down again, she wasn't happy with the answer even though she knew she had no right to feel jealous or upset.

"And you? Do you have someone?"

"Here? Not really, of course I had a girlfriend but she was more interested in being out on the field, she is a photographer for national geographic and she moves a lot so we broke it off"

"So you are free and I am free"

"I guess so"

Bo got Laurens plate from her hands and placed it down. She moved closer and smiled.

"Can I kiss you now or you need to know more about me? And next time you want to ask me something, come to me, don't put your friends"

"Damn and I told Ciara to be discreet"


"So what?" Lauren smiled giving Bo the answer she wanted.

Bo lowered her face and gently kissed Laurens lips, they sensed each other, slowly kissing, before Bo deepened their kiss, she placed her hands around Laurens waist and pushed her towards her body. Lauren kissed Bo back and opened her mouth until their tongues met. After that everything got out of hand, Bo would pushed her back and drag her shirt, they kept kissing, Bo opened Laurens shirt and started kissing her neck going lower, Lauren didn't want her to stop. She dragged Bos head up and they kissed again, this time Lauren moaning, Bo suddenly stopped. Lauren realized she had her leps around Bos waist and her jean was open.

"You can walk away right now"

Lauren didn't move. Bo got her military shirt and placed it behind Laurens back, she placed her hands around Laurens waist adjusting her a little, and then moving on her, they started kissing this time more hard, Lauren bitings Bos lips and Bo picking her up on her lap and facing Laurens breasts, she starts kissing and caressing them,

"You don't know how many moths I have been dreaming about this"

Lauren could feel Bos needs, she could feel her tongue playing with her nipple and then her teeth biting, she starts moaning more and her voices get louder, Bo slips one of her hands inside her jean.

"Yes Bo"

"Shsssss, we don't want the whole camp to hear us"

Bo kissed her mouth again while massaging Laurens lips down there with her hand, she finds her clit and starts pressing more wetting Laurens underwear

"I want you inside me"

Laurens words make Bo moan, she starts pressing more and more and Lauren starts moving in her hand

"Fucking clothes baby"

Lauren closed her legs around Bos hand and lost her control, she feels the walls of her vagina moving and let herself go, she hugs Bo strong, and they start kissing again, Bo takes her hand from Laurens leg and brings it to her mouth, then she kisses Lauren again.

Lauren doesn't want to move from Bos arms. She doesn't want to think yet, what happened, how it happened. They hear steps close enough and stay silent. After awhile Bo moves Lauren from her lap. They share small kisses. Lauren is looking at Bo with a happy smile.

"Are you ok?"

Lauren smiles more.


"We have to go back"

"I know"

Lauren watched Bo as she got her military shirt while smiling at her. She looked pretty satisfied with herself and very very experienced. She suddenly thought how many times she did this with someone else. She looked down again.

She got her bra and buttoned her shirt.

"I guess ll see you tomorrow?"

"Wait ill walk you over"

"No its ok, I can go by myself"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Bo, I am not a baby"

Lauren walked without saying goodnight but before she walks away entirely, she felt a hand grabbing her, Bos arms were around her in no time.

"Whats this Doc?"

"Whats what?"

"This, you walking away"


"Oh come on, I asked you, we both wanted this"

"I know"

"So why the sad face?"

"Its not a sad face, iam just tired"

"Oh come on"

"Look Bo its late, you have to go back"

"Don't tell me you want romance and love?"

Lauren got panicked, afraid that Bo would see that this wasn't just a fuck for her.

"Please let me go, I am just tired"

"Ok" Bo kissed her and let her go.

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