She completes me

Chapter 20

Buz had difficulty sleeping all night, he would wake up and sleep and wake up and sleep, and Lauren was wondering if that one moth ago cold was coming back again. He finally was asleep about 5 in the morning and it was 8 and he was still sleeping, he normally would wake up in that hour. Lauren had a steady schedule for him, she wanted him to wake up around 8 so he would get tired around noon and have some nap and with recharged batteries to be up until night. She made herself coffee and breakfast and opened her balcony door a bit to enjoy the morning. The fresh cold air entered the living room and if was so refreshing. She hoped Buz would be ok so she could take him out on the snow for a bit.

Lauren didn't want to think about it but she was wondering if the nurse managed to contact Kenzi and if Bo was hurt. She was going to call her later, just to get a heads up that everything is ok, after all she is the one who called Bo to come to her home, even though doesn't look like she had the accident after she left here, Lauren was worried that Bo has hurt someone and she had troble with the police, i hope they didn't find drugs on her and she wasn't drunk. She closed the balcony door and she heard her son calling for her.


'Mamma is coming baby"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kenzi grabbed a coffee, she breathed heavily, Bo finally slept about 5 in the morning, they said nothing to each other. Kenzi cried her heart out while Bo had her hand in her hair. Bo would stay up all night, refusing to close her eyes, or say anything, just looking outside the window, until she was too tired and her eyes closed. What should I do? Talked to the doctors first? Whats going to happen if the results are bad and Bo could never walk again? She has to start looking for proper facilities for her to start rehab or something. She didn't know anything about these things. I hope the hospital is going to suggest us a few places.

She had to check if the army was going to pay for Bos treatment or that wasn't in their insurance, and how much that places cost. She had to be strong and be there for Bo. No matter what, she had to be positive, that outburst wasn't what Bo needed right now. From now on she had to be her usual self, making jokes and teasing her friend, let her know that nothing changed for her, nothing is going to change. I have to call Ciara, she is a doctor, I bet she knows more and she could help us out to find the proper facility. Kenzi cheched the time, lets hope she is up early on Sundays and dialed Ciaras number.

"Kenzi? Goodmorning"

"Hi Ciara, Goodmorning, I hope I am not waking you up"

"No, how come you are up? Wanna join me for a morning coffee?"

"I wish I could" Kenzis voice was heavy and stressed.

"Why? Whats up? Did something happen?"

"Yeah, see Bo had an accident and she isn't well"

"Oh, again? Damn Bo"

"Well its not time for that now, I was wondering if you could come over and help me out? Apparently the doctors are awaiting some more results and they are going to decide how serious she is…"

"Why, whats wrong with her?"

"She cant walk, something about her spine and stuff! Please Ciara can you come over? I don't know what to do, and I don't want to misunderstand anything that the doctors would say, and me and Bo we have nobody else to advice us on this matter"

"Omg, her spine was affected? Of course I would come, I cant believe this, its like one bad thing happening after another. Does Lauren know? Bo was at her house last night, how the hell this happened?"

"No, I haven't call her, but the nurse did, she was the one who gave my number and they contacted me from the hospital. I am not sure Lauren wants to get involved and tell you the truth I don't know it Bo wants her to"

"Of course she would want to help Kenzi, no matter what happened, Lauren love you guys. And she is in a much better position to offer advice because apart from a doctor she is a researcher, she loves challenges, I think she would know the right place and right doctor for Bos condition"

"Well I have to ask Bo first, and not sure yet whats the outcome is going to be."

"Its you call Kenzi, I am coming over as soon as I can"

Kenzi was feeling a little better after talking to Ciara, at least she would have a professional around her and the doctors are going to give them more attention. It was time for Bos breakfast, so Kenzi opened the door to Bos room for the catering lady, they walked inside together, Bo was awake, again her head turned towards the window and not speaking.

"Hey BoBo" Her best friend finally looked at her.

"Hey Kenz"

"Breakfast is here"

"I am not hungry" Kenzi nodded to the girl to leave it on the table.

"You know you have to eat and be strong Bobo"

"Kenzi I am not hungry ok?"

"Want me to go get something for you? Maybe a toast or a croissant or a orange juice, hospital food is crap we know that" Kenzi smiled trying to light the atmosphere.

"No I am ok. Did you talk to the nurse? Any news?"

"No, not yet, the doctors are visiting after 10, in about two hours." Kenzi looked at her friends face, she should go at the crack shack and bring a towel, and some pjs, Bo had to wash her face and maybe take a bath. Kenzi grabbed her bag and got her demakeup handkerchiefs, she got close to Bo and without talking, she started cleaning her face and her eyes.

"You know there is a medical bucket that you can use to wash your face"

"I know"

"I ll go home at some point to bring a towel and clothes….."

"I don't need those stuff, I wont be staying long"

"Bo we have to prepare…."

"I said I don't need them"

Kenzi didn't mention that again, she finished cleaning Bos face and sat back on her chair.

"Bo we have to talk about what we are going to do…."

"Kenzi, there is nothing to say, I am sure this is just a mistake or maybe I am in shock or something, you would see, wait for the results, I am sure I am going to be fine in the next few days, I just need to relax"

"I agree but cant we at least talk about the possibility that you would need some time to work on your body, on your legs until….."

"There is nothing wrong with my legs ok? Nothing, I am sure its just a shock."

"Bobo, I was thinking maybe I should call Lauren…."

"No, no NOWAY, I don't want her here. Don't you dare Kenzi, I didn't even want you to know, these doctors, they are making this a big deal, I am ok, you would see, and promise me Lauren wont know about this, she has a lot in her mind and I don't want her here, I don't want her"

Kenzi said nothing, she knew Bo wouldn't want Lauren to come, she was so proud of her physical power, of her body, of her beauty and she loved to show that to Lauren. You don't want her to see you weak Bobo, Kenzi said to herself.

"Can you get me some water please?"

"Of course, ill go get a couple of bottles and maybe some snacks, ill ask the nurse what they allow"

"Thank you"

"Bo, you are too official with me, dude I am your best friend, you don't have to thank me"

Bo smiled again while Kenzi left the room. Its just one day Bo thought. One day and this is going to be over. She grabbed her jacket from the table and found what she was looking for. She got her knife and hided it under her bed blanket in the corner of her shoulder. Then she placed the jacket back. Kenzi is going to hang that jacket on the closet soon or later so I better keep the knife close to me.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Buz was in a strange mood, Lauren changed him and sat on his blanket with him to play, holding and pointing out words and numbers to him. He was very smart and he would take everything like a sponge and he usually loved their little learning games but today he was complaining and easily irritable and not only that but he was making her a bit upset at the way he would call Bos name. I am sure Bo taught him just to taunt me, Lauren was sure about that, she is such a sneaky bitch.

"She is, isn't she Buz?"


"Yes, buzi want to wear some warm warm clothes and go out in the snow? We can make a snowman, yes we can make a snowman" Lauren hugged her son who was hugging her back smiling. He was so affectionate and Lauren loved that he was getting weight and his cheeks filled up and his hair were starting to get curly a bit. If they get a bit longer and curlier I could tell Bo you are Nadias son and she could leave us alone, Lauren laughed at herself with her thought, damn even if I say that crazy thing to Bo, she is such a nutter, she is practically going to believe it.

"Noooooo, you're my baby, mine and nobody elses, mamas baby"


Lauren laughed even more when Buz mentioned Bo again. Oh I can see her demanding a DNA test, Lauren couldn't restrain her laugh and started laughing loudly and so did Buz.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ciara was weighting what Bos doctor told her, she arrived about an hour ago to the hospital and she managed to find the doctor who had her case, before the team of doctors start their visits in the patients rooms. She wanted to know the truth before Bo or Kenzi were told, she informed the doctor she was a doctor too and that she was a close friend, after some pressure the doctor told her they got the results from the lab early in the morning and their initial diagnosis was right, Bos spine was influenced and she only had about 20% chance of start walking again, and that only after rehab and working on herself and her physio very much.

Her drug and drink tests were clear and she was in a great physical place, and because of that the doctors were giving her that number, if she wasn't trained and fit, that percentage would have been even lower .The hospital would offer her some suggestions of where she could go and continue her therapy and rehab, and that according to Bos insurance details, the army wasn't going to cover her expenses, since it wasn't a war related injury. That information was coming from the logistics of the hospital since they were trying to find a facility that her insurance could cover. Thinking about everything Bos doctor told her, Ciara decided she had to call Lauren. She was far more informed and had done research and could provide the better solutions for Bos situation. If she wanted to stay away, that was fine, but Ciara had to tell her, she was aware that no matter how much she was hiding it, Lauren was still very much in love with Bo but was choosing to keep her away. She walked outside of the hospital and called her friend.

"Hey girl, goodmorning, how are you? Want to come over for a Lazy Sunday? Going to take Buz out and play on the snow"

"Well not today Lo"

"Ciara, whats wrong? You don't feel well? Want me to come over? I know getting checked for cancer is traumatic but everything is clean…"

"Its not about me Lo"

"Umm, don't tell me its about Bo again, yes I know, the hospital called me already last night, what did she do this time? She would never learn Ciara, ever and I was right not wanting her around Buz, was she drugged out? Drunk? Did she hurt anyone?"

"She is paralyzed Lauren"

"What? She left someone paralyzed? Omg? How the hell did that happen? Was it someone she hurt with the bike or some poor woman she had on her bike?"

"No, Lauren, SHE is paralyzed, Bo is paralyzed, and no she wasn't drinking or using, her results are clean, in fact she is in great shape and that's why….."

"Bo is paralyzed? What do you mean paralyzed? Did she fracture her spine? Which part is paralyzed? What can she move? Is she moving her upper body? What were the results of her nerves system? Which part of her nerves isn't responding…..?"

"PLEASE Lauren I don't know. I just talked to her doctor, how the hell would I know such details?"

"You talked to her doctor? I have to come and see her tests, the results, check her responding nerves, what kind of paralysis is it,…"

Ciara smiled. Lauren was geeking out, that moment she felt she did the right thing by calling Lauren. No matter what happened between them Lauren would help Bo. She was so sure about that.

"Ciara, Ciara"

"Yes Lo?"

"I have to go, I am calling my parents to come over and stay with Buz, I ll be there as soon as possible ok? Meet you there"

Before Ciara managed to answer Lauren had shut the phone, ha that's my Lo, she is going to act, she is going to keep us all sane and most of all that fucking dark brat. Ciara walked back in the hospital feeling much better and much more positive. She had faith in her friend and she had faith in Bos power.

"Ciara, thank God you are here" Kenzi hugged her in a desperate way.

"How are you doing? How is Bo doing?"

"Not so well, I try to be strong but I get out of her room and cry, the doctors are about to come and inform us in a minute, I am so happy you are here"

"Me too, if they follow procedure, they are going to inform Bo first and her relatives but since Bo has no relatives, we can be there as her closest people."

"Not sure about that, Bo said she wants to hear everything all by herself, she doesn't want anyone else in the room"

"She did? I didn't expect anything less from her? How is the stubborn idiot?"

"As you called her, stubborn and hurt and not talking, she has that lost look"

"She does? Well she better shape up because there is a huge struggle awaiting for her and its about time she shows she is up to it, the heroics on the war were the easy part comparing to whats coming"

"Well nothing is for sure yet, she could be ok"

"Lets hope so" Ciara said but without convincing Kenzi a bit.

They walked together towards Bos room, while the team of doctors were at the beginning of the hall starting their daily patient visits. When they entered Bos room, she reacted angrily when she noticed Ciara.

"Kenzi you promised!"

"I promised not to call Lauren, but I told you we need someone to help us, advice us"

Ciara moved closer to Bo and kissed her forehead.

"How are you alley cat?" Bo smiled with the nickname Nadia had given her.

"I am ok"

"I can see that. So the doctor is coming to inform you on your condition. If the results are good, you would probably need a couple of days of recuperation and rehab and if they are bad, you would need years of recuperation and rehab. At both cases, you have to be calm and remember that everything is changeable in medicine except death"

"That's gonna keep us positive Ciara" Kenzi smirked.

They all laughed.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

When Lauren arrived at the hospital, it was around two in the afternoon, she asked for Bos room and noticed Kenzi and Ciara waiting outside. When she was within their eyes reach, Kenzi almost gasped while Ciara had a weak smile.

"Ciara NO" Kenzi said. "Bo is so going to kill us"

"How? We are safe until she can get up from that bed on her own and as the doctors said earlier that's unlikely to happen soon"

"Hi" Lauren hugged Kenzi strong, after a minute or two, Kenzi released the tension and hugged Lauren back. There was silence.

"What the doctors say?"

"They informed us about an hour ago, its as I told you on the phone, she has about 20% chance of walking again and that after rehab and even then she would need a wheelchair, its up to her to fight it or compromise with her condition really"

Lauren looked at Kenzi who was silent.

"How is she?"

Kenzi started crying.

"Oh you know your Bo Lo, she isn't talking, she isn't reacting, she has that destiny is treating me like shit face"

Lauren hugged Kenzi again.

"Don't worry Kenz"

"You should see her Lauren, she is resigned, she is just standing there, when the doctors told her the choices she could make, she wasn't even listening"

"Well, you can bet she is going to listen now"

"No, Lo, she doesn't want to see you, I don't even know why Ciara called you, she made me promise I wont call you, please, she is already upset, she doesn't want you to see her like that, she wont even move from the same position in her bed, she doesn't want us to move her, she is refusing to go on the toilet for second day"

"Kenzi trust me please. I know what I am doing, just don't come in unless I call you"

Lauren squeezed her fists for a second and opened Bos door, Bo had her eyes closed.

Lauren noticed the food on the table, I bet she is refusing to eat, spoiled brat. Bo was dreaming, every time she would close her eyes, she would feel Lauren close to her, her scent around her, it was torture.

"Well, well, well, you finally managed to screw yourself up, after so many tries"

Bo couldn't believe her eyes, Lauren was standing right infront of her.


"Oh don't call Kenzi, she isn't coming."

"WTF you are doing here?"

"I came to see you, Bobo"

"I don't want you here, who the fuck called you? Kenzi is going.."

"What? You cant do anything, look at yourself" Bo said nothing, she tried to restrain herself. Lauren smiled to her.

"Oh I love this one, I so love this. Dear old Bo stranded in a bed, where is the swag now Bo? Where are the one night stands? The drugs?"

"I think you should leave Lauren"

"Or what? What are you doing to do? You are a special needs person now Bo. You cant move unless someone else moves you, you cant do anything by yourself"


"No I wont. What? are you going to cry now? But I thought you never cry? You sure didn't cry when you fucked me up 3 times during our time together, but you see Bo, its your time now, because you fucked up yourself and there is nothing you can do about it anymore, you are paralyzed, of I cant wait to see this"

Bo was boiling with anger, she didn't expect Laurens attack, she didn't expect so much hate, for the first time since the accident she wanted to get up and react and make Lauren shut up.. Without realizing what she was doing she tried to move her legs but couldn't so she moved her hands instead, placing both her hands on her sides and basing her body weight she turned her body and slipped from the bed, losing her stability. Lauren almost lost her control there and her heart broke watching her baby like that, but she had to keep pretending and make Bo more and more angry and willing to react.

"Oh you fell down? Let me call the nurses to help you up" Bo didn't react, she placed the serum a bit away and grabbed the bed side and tried to get up by herself, her hands were strong but not that strong.

"Come on now Bo, let me call the nurses to help you" Lauren said again, when she noticed something on Bos bed. It was a knife.

"Whats that? Seriously Bo? I never thought of you as a coward, but now I cant say that anymore. Seriously? Hiding a knife under the bed? What are you going to do? Kill yourself? Seriously? Wow the great war hero, so fit and strong, kill herself? I cant blame you though, facing a life as incompetent is hard to shallow, thinking how you cant fuck women and men anymore"

After that Bo lost her control and started yelling for Lauren to get out of the room, Lauren did after taking the knife with her, she hide it under her own jacket so nor Kenzi or Ciara would see it.

Both women looked ready to burst in when Lauren got out.

"Lauren what happened in there?" Ciara said, regretting calling her and rushing to Bos help.

Lauren grabbed Kenzi with her and dragged her on the corner for the hall.

"Kenzi go get a nurse, I go see her doctors and then we can talk about transfering her to a specialized rehab center, two of Canadas are among the best in the world"

"Lauren those places must be expensive, we don't know if we can afford them I have to go by the bank, see if I can get a loan, the army isn't covering that, in fact I think they would lay her off, we cant stay here until…."

"Don't worry about the money Kenz, consider it a loan from me, I am sure you would find a way to pay me back, just make sure Bo doesn't know, let her think the army has a fund for injured soldiers or something and because she was such a hero, they are paying for her treatment"

"How are you sure she is going to fight this? To choose to go? She was all resigned when the doctors left" Lauren smiled to her.

"Oh after what I did to her just now, I am sure she is going to fight this till her last breath, because she is a fucking spoilt arrogant brat that's why, just make sure she never knows the money are coming from me, and also I wont be around, we don't want her suspecting me"

Kenzi hugged Lauren strong again.

"Damn Lauren, Bo is right, you are our angel"

"We are going to talk on the phone, you get everything here ready, the papers and such for the transfer, and I would send you the websites so she can choose which one she likes in the next couple of days. We have to move as fast as we can, her body is still active and reacting to senses"

"Ok, but why are you doing this? Me and Bo, we hurt you beyond belief. You still love her don't you?"

Lauren didn't answer, she moved her head and lowered her look.

"I better go, Buz needs me"

Kenzi grabbed Laurens hand.

"Thank you Lauren"

"Yeah, yeah, angel and all"

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