She completes me

Chapter 21

The place was looking fantastic, Kenzi couldn't believe it was a rehabilitation center, looked more like a 5 star hotel. They arrived in the morning, they were transferred with an ambulance and since then Bo didn't say one word. Bo was refusing to sit on a wheelchair, so the medics took up in her room, in the ambulance bed. She had the same emo look for days now. She would only answer with a word and would eat only under pressure. Kenzi asked for a leave from the army, she wanted to be there for Bo as much as she could. The place was just outside Toronto, and it was located in a hidden area with trees and a big park and small lake around it. According to the website, it had inside pools and every technology there was for disability.

Kenzi was happy Bo was going to get the best treatment and she was positive, she remained positive that Bo was going to make it if she really tried hard. The male nurse who greeted them at the room informed that her doctor and her therapist will visit in a few. That Bo is going to be assigned with a specialist that would work on her and her physic too. She had to follow a certain diet and a certain program. Also she was given a new wheelchair she could use to move around the place, and that she should start getting familiar with it because it was going to be part of her body in the future until Bo manages to walk again. That comment didn't go down well with Bo who stated that she didn't need it.

The nurse looked at Kenzi and nodded to her, and then showed them around the room. It was big, almost like a small apartment, had a small bathroom, a kitchen sink, a bed and a small couch and a table with one chair and a closet. The nurse explained them, it was that way in order for the patient to learn to live just like in a normal home, and get used to the difficulties the patient was going to face at the outside world. To learn and become independent. He showed them a button that Bo could press in case of emergency and if she needed anything from him. He also gave her a paper where athletic activities were mentioned and Bo should tick the boxes in which ones she wanted to be part and so her doctor would approve taking in mind her injury. He finally left.

"Wow Bobo this place is awesome. Talk about great vacations, it's like a five star hotel"

"Yeah, good to see the army is treating the soldiers good"

"Ikr? So wanna take off those pjs and wear some sweatpants? I got your free city and adidas ones here, and also if you want to use the toilet, let me know so we can start using that sitting bike over there" Bo looked at the wheelchair as if was a monster.

"I am not using that Kenz, why they cant put me one of those bags they had in the hospital? I wont need to get up then"

"Umm, why? You are perfectly capable of going to the toilet, and that bag isn't good for your health or body, you could get viruses and such, you know that, the doctor was very detailed on his description, so disgusting. Don't worry, we can do it together for a couple times until you learn to do it on your own"

"We will see. I wanna change clothes." Kenzi had brought with her 3 bags and she started unpacking and asking Bo where does she want everything to be placed.

"How long I am going to stay here? Did they give you any timeline?"

"No, I guess this is the first phase of your treatment and if ehhh when you get better you can come back living at home while you continue the therapy?

I don't know exactly, I am sure the doctors would explain to us later. So sweatpants? I got you a nice pair of slippers too"

"Thanks. I want my blue adidas tee and my grey short army sweatpant. I wonder if anyone we know is here. I want to see how they other guys are doing"

"Well I don't think we would see many other soldiers here, it depends you know, I mean the injury and such"

"Why not? This seems like a great place and there are hundreds with far more serious injuries than mine who deserve great treatment"

Kenzi moved close to Bos bed, holding the clothes on her hands. Bo took off the up part of her pj with her hands, and then started pushing the pants down. Kenzi noticed Bo was struggling so she moved to help.

"I can do this" Kenzi stopped and pretending she was doing something. Bo tried to move her body a little down on the bed, pressing her hands on the bed and trying to raise her body a bit.

"Fuck" She was weak, she needed to start training, maybe lift weights.

"Kenz? Can you help me a bit? Raise my legs? That's all" Kenzi placed her hands under Bos legs and raised as much as she could while Bo lift her body, she dragged the pj pants down, Damn when her legs became that heavy? Kenzi noticed something else too. Bo needed to bath. Bos legs were bruised, especially the one on the side she had the fall. They were looking a bit skinnier too. Bo needed to start eating, she had to be strong physically, Kenzi didn't understand she was staring at Bos legs until Bo throwed her the short, they looked at each other.

"I changed my mind, don't want the short, I want my long sweatpant"

"Are you sure, its ok.."

"I want the long one"

"Ok" Kenzi helped her wear the long one, her hair were greasy. She definitely needs a bath, Kenzi thought. She moved to check the toilet, everything was very clean, there was a seat in the center of the shower, and the floor was made from small decorating rocks, so it wont be slippery. She placed the shampoo and body soap and Bos sponge. She noticed the bathroom had a couple bottles that look like therapeutic oils, she came back outside and found Bo looking tensed.

"Whats up?"


"Why are you so tensed? Are you in pain? Want me to call the nurse?"

"No, I am ok"

Bo grabbed the remote control and checked the programs.

"They have satellite channels yeah, we can watch all our fav shows"

The door opened and a female doctor came in. She looked very androgynous and rather tall. She smiled at them and turned to Bo.

"Hello how are you? I am your doctor, Kat and I am going to be responsible for your therapy and body health the next few months. I checked your tests and you have very good chances to be back to full health, in a certain amount of time of course and with heavy and dedicated work. Except from the known injury I have noticed your general blood results are a bit down, so you better start eating well, because we are going to tire you and test your limits. I have a detailed diet and also provided your nurse with a program."

"I am sure I can manage your heavy program, I don't know what you know about me and my history but…"

"Of course, Miss Dennis, I have read your story, we have a detailed CV from the army about you, so lets see if you can survive this place and get better"

This doctor is full of herself, Kenzi kinda liked her, she is going to challenge Bo. Lets see if our cocky Bo finally wakes up.

"Are you her sister? Relative?"

"No, I mean yes, I am her best friend and consider myself her sister"

"She is my only family"

"Oh, then its you we have to contact when something happens of Miss Dennis needs anything"

"Yes, but I am going to be here most of the time so…"

"Well that's not how things work around here. We have certain visiting hours and particular days that you can visit. Our goal here is for Miss Dennis to learn to live on her own with her disability while at the same time get better, and not having others do things for her, and especially the first 3 weeks are very crucial for that. So thank you and you can get a visiting program as well as a visiting card on your way out."

"You mean I should leave now?"

"Well of course not right away, you can say your goodbyes and then leave. Oh did you tick the boxes about the sports you are interested in? I can approve it later tonight, and you can join at the end of the week, I read you are a great runner, we have a great wheelchair running team here"

"I run with my legs"

"Did you try your wheelchair? You have to test it, and tell us if it fits your needs, and if we have to change something, and state that as soon as possible so we can start your therapy"

"I wont need it, cant you get me handles or something? I don't need a wheelchair"

"Miss Dennis, in this place, we decide whats good for you and for your health, in order for your legs and especially your one leg to get better, you have to follow our lead and our suggestions. It would take time, a lot of time to manage to even get up using a handle, you have to get strong, you have to be physically and mentally prepared for the failings you are going to face. The wheelchair stays, its either that or staying put on your bed."

Bo didn't answer, her face was tensed and she looked very angry but she controlled herself.

"We will see"

"I guess we will. Let me know when you have that sports list ready. It was nice meeting you Miss.."

"Kenzi, you can call me Kenzi"

"We have your contact details?"


"Ok, thank you"

Doctor "Kat" left while Bo and Kenzi exchanged looks.

"Fucking bitch"

"Ikr? She has her head up her ass or what?"

Bo moved her head in disbelief.

"So you have your phone and laptop and everything, and you have money, you can call me for whatever, if you want to talk or not talk. Are you gonna be alright?"

"Kenzi, I am not a kid, I got this"

"Want to go to the toilet before I go?"

"No, I ll try on my own later"

"Are you sure? Its easy, the toilet is decorated in a way that helps your needs and they have a nice seat in the shower so you wont have much trouble moving from the wheelchair there, just place them side by side…."

"Kenzi I got this ok? If I need anything I would get that male nurse."


Kenzi approached to kiss and hug her friend.

"The beginning is difficult but we wont let that douche doc bring us down"

Bo smiled, she had faced many characters like that in Afganistan, damn she was one of them.

"Take care, and Kenz, Thank you for everything, for putting your life on hold for me and for everything I have caused you….."

"What? Get a grip" Kenzi hugged her stronger this time.

"You saved my life, don't ever say that, I love you more than anything, you forget what you did for me? Please, I don't want to hear more thanks yous, I want you to be strong, that's the best thank you for me. Strong so we can win this"

Kenzi grabbed her back and left. She was feeling so down when she was walking down the hall of the floor where Bos room was. She was feeling a gap in her stomach. She hated leaving Bo behind. She had to get used to it because that was going to be their life from now on. I got to recal my leave, since I wont be needed here all day, I need the money, we can let Lauren paying everything for us. As if Lauren knew she was in Kenzis thoughts, the phone ringed.

"Hey Lo" Kenzis voice was emotional.

"Hey, whats up? Did you arrive? Settled? Can you talk?"

"Yeah, we arrived, I am just leaving" Kenzi started crying.

"Kenz? Are you crying? Why? Something is wrong with Bo? Want me to come?"

"No, nothing is wrong, the place is great, I just, I just hate seeing her like that, you know Lo? Hate leaving her behind"

"Kenzi we talked about this, she has to do this on her own. We have to make sure she is ready to live on her own if things wont go as we are planning"

"I know, its just unfair Lauren, so unfair"

"Are you leaving now? Want to meet in an hour? I am going to bring Buz too and we can have lunch together."

"That would be great, and tell you the truth Lauren I don't want to be alone right now"

"Come on Kenzi, you have to be strong for Bo. I ll bring take out"

Kenzi smiled, she was so happy she and Lauren were close again. She just wished Bo would understand what Lauren was doing for her. Since that incident in the hospital, Bo not only didn't want to hear Laurens name but she would call her names, and Bo was taking out her bitterness and frustration on Lauren, almost blaming her for everything. She would make bad comments and hateful remarks when she would see a blonde on tv who looked like her, Kenzi would try and change the subject and Bo would get mad and more angry. She didn't know how this mess was going to end but Lauren was right. She had to be strong.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kenzi and Lauren were watching a movie, it was late afternoon, they had spend the whole day together, and were pretty tired, Buz was unstoppable, he only got to learn walking, and he didn't want any help either, so he wont stop walking around the crack shack and that place was full of traps, so Lauren and Kenzi were running behind him. Finally he slept, and they decided to watch a movie and chill.

"I wonder what Bo is doing, she didn't call me"

"I am sure she is busy, the first few days, they have to decide on her program and physio, she has to meet her therapist, don't worry, she is taken cared of"

Lauren was talking with the full trust she had towards medicine, as always.

"You know we met her doctor, she is a douche…"

"Kat, isn't she cool?"


"What? Why?

"You know her?"

"Well yes, ehhh when I checked the place, I met her"

"So you checked the place?" Kenzi smiled.

"Of course I would check the place Kenz, you think I would send Bo somewhere without checking the place?"


"No oh, just checking where my money goes"

"Yes, I am sure"

"Why you think she is a douche?"

"Well, she kinda of tried to put Bo down"

"I am sure that's your idea, Kat has the best references and she is top in her job"

"I bet she is a top in bed too"

"What? Shut up" Lauren laughed.

"What? She is gay? She looks so androgynous and damn that body, she is working out"

"Well I didn't notice"

"I am sure you didn't doc."

"Can we stop this conversation please?"

"Oh poor Bo, she would have to have a doctor someone who likes u"

"How do you know she likes me, and I bet she has a girlfriend"

"So you are interested?"

"I am single"

"I thought Buz was your focus"

"He is but I cant have some fun? Haha I am teasing you Kenz"

"I know but I don't want to see Bo antagonizing a very fit and hot doctor, not right now"

Lauren said nothing, Kenzi would understand that she wasn't willing to talk about Bo, unless it was about her health. They continued to watch their film until Kenzis phone ringed. It was from the rehab.

"Yes? Why what happened? Of course I would talk to her. Yes I understand. I will call you back, and thank you for informing me"

"Whats up Kenz? What happened?"

"Bo is causing trouble" Kenzi was downcast.

"Why? What did she do? She cant do much right now"

"It was her nurse, she is refusing to get on that wheelchair or use the toilet, she wants them to put her one of those bags, she tried to get on her feet and fell and she refused any kind help from her nurse and she isn't willing to compromise, her doctor was informed but she asked to inform us before she wants to use medicine in order to restrain her"

"What? We didn't talk about that, that's absurd, restrain her? Why is she refusing to use the wheelchair?"

"You know her Lo"

"Call her and tell her, fucking stubborn idiot"

"I don't think that would help, this is happening from the moment we arrived, she hates that wheelchair and she needs to bath too"

"Call her Kenzi" Kenzi called Bo fully knowing that nothing was going to change.

"Hey, how are you? No, nobody told me, no Bo, yes I understand, that's why I said I should stay and bath you, so you wont have others touching you, I know you don't want that, yes I know, I know those things aren't steady, I am sure you would do it next time. Yes I know. Its ok, no we cant go anywhere else Bo. Why don't you want me to come and help? Come on" Kenzi was sounding desperate. She shut the phone slowly. Kenzi walked as Lauren got up, she started wearing her jacket.

"Lauren what are you doing?"

"Something that I should have done long ago, this cant go on, she needs to learn to respect others"

"Its not like that Lauren"

"Buz is going to sleep for the next hour, then you put him one of those dvds I have on his baby bag, he would stay put for an hour or so, and give him his yogurt with fruits, if you have any problem call me, but I doubt I would take long"

"Please Lauren, you don't understand"

"I don't understand what? That she is so selfish that she wants to always win? That she doesn't understand her situation and causing problems to professionals who want to help her?"

"Look Lauren I am going to tell u something, but you are going to forget it the second I said it" Lauren noticed that Kenzi got very serious so she sat down.

"You know how Bo is always about sex and stuff? While apart from that she isn't very close to other people, I mean except me and of course the way she was with you? Well there is a reason for that. And that's why I didn't want her people she doesn't know, to bath her" Lauren grabbed Kenzis hand.

"So I don't want to share much details since I don't know much, you know how Bo gets, but she wasn't only abused mentally and physically as a child, I don't know how to say it but sometimes when she gets really drunk and she is very moody, she would blurb some stuff, I don't know if I should tell you this and she would hate me for it, if she ever gets to know this, but sex, you know, sex sorry Lo but you have to figure everything else on your own, because it makes me sick to even think about it"

Lauren started crying and hugged Kenzi. She had to go to Bo.

"Its ok Kenz, you don't have to say anything else. A lot of things make sense now. Its not the time or place to talk about this, and don't worry, you told me nothing"

Lauren walked out the door with tears running from her eyes, she needed to cry before she arrives at the rehab, she was going to change everything. She wont allow Bo to lose herself again, she will get better.

She arrived at the place in a haze, she already had called Kat to inform her she was coming and that there was no need to give Bo any calming medication or restrain her. Kate met her at the doctor offices, and she seemed happy to see her again.

"Lauren, good to see you, your patient is really behaving like a thug, I still wonder how you can stand her?" Lauren didn't like Kats smile or what she said about Bo, so it was about time she stops all the wrong impressions, their first meeting caused.

"Bo isn't my patient Kat, although I do care for her health and overseeing her therapy, she is mainly my close friend and ex girlfriend. She is part of my family. If you cant take care of her here, we are willing to leave and go to another place"

"Of course we are willing, and I am sorry if I offended you, she is a challenge and I would be very happy to work on her case, as a doctor and of course a human being"

"Thank you for clearing that out. Bo isn't used to let others do things for her, she did everything on her own, she just needs some time. I am sure she is going to be fine here."

"I am sure too. Let me take you to her room"

Thank you again, I am just going to reassure her and then she is all yours"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bo was trying to keep her mind of her bladder, she was going to burst, her belly was hurting. She so wanted to go to the bathroom. She hated her greasy hair and she wanted to bath off that terrible hospital smell from her body. She looked at the wheelchair. She tried to get on it when Kenzi left and she almost succeeded but that fucking think turned and she fell. Then she couldn't call the nurse or press the button, she couldn't move around. It was so humiliating and the way the nurse found her. She didn't want to think about it. She started yelling at the poor guy, and behaving like a crazy bitch. She wanted to leave, she wanted to go back home, even if she would have to spend her life on a bed. She wanted her legs to move, and her body to be strong again, she hated the way her legs were weak. She was deep in her thoughts until her door opened, she closed her eyes, pretending she was sleeping, she didn't want to sleep to anyone. She could hear someone was moving in her room, whats that smell? She realized a pretty wellknown scent was filling he room, she suddenly opened her eyes. She saw Lauren sitting on the corner of the room looking at her with her hands crossed.

"How long are were you going to pretend you were sleeping?"

"WTF your doing here? I don't want you here, wtf I am going to kill Kenzi"

Lauren approached the bed.

"Bo stop it, it wasn't Kenzis fault, me and Buz were with her and I overheard your phone call"

"And? You came here to feel vindicated? Have more fun with how, what I have become?"

"No Bo, stop it. I am here as your doctor and friend, I happened…"

"I don't want you here, fuck off"

"Why don't you listen to me? You want the doctor to come in and sedate you? Fill you up with crazy pills? And then the nurse come and bath you? I overheard your discussion with Kenzi and she asked me if I could come to help, and I thought you would be more comfortable with me, since we were lovers and shared many showers, if I remember well"

Bo was looking at her as if she couldn't believe her ears. She was silent.

"So you didn't come here to laugh at me?

"Bo you have to excuse me but I was mad ok? I am human too. I think its about time we both move on and be friends. What do you say? I want Kenzi in my life and she is your best friend and besides Buz likes you two very much, and I want him to have a grounded upbringing"

"Yeah sure, Buz hanging out with a maimed Bo"

"What? Don't ever call yourself like that again. So are you ready? You need anything? I understand your will for privacy, God knows how private and closed I am"

Bo smiled.

"Oh I know"



"Come on, now you are laughing at me?"

"You're an ice queen"

"Well you didn't seem to think that before"

"Not me, but most of the people who meet you think so"

"Whats going to be? I have to leave soon, Buz is going to wake up and I don't want Kenzi panicking."

"Well I need to go first"


"I need to go to the toilet"


Lauren got the wheelchair, with the most natural and unimportant move, and placed it right infront of Bos side and put the breaks on. Fuck it has breaks Bo thought. She then walked from the other side and passed her hands under Bos shoulder. Bo was tense and was keep looking for Laurens reaction, she expected a diminishing or disgusted look but nothing. She tried to move her body.

"Wait, that's why I placed it infront instead on the side. So you can place your body slowly on the bed, grab the sides of the wheelchair with your hands, and slowly slide your body, on the side so your but is going to end up there and you would be sitting"

I am sure you can do it on your own, next time" Bo smiled at her while she followed Laurens direction, she hurt her but a bit on the one side of the wheelchair and she finally managed to sit on it. Lauren grabbed her legs and placed them.

"You can do that with your hands" Bo nodded. Before Lauren explain her how the wheelchair was working Bo was testing it moving it back and forth. She was feeling so much better. She could move. She could move around the room. Bo smiled.

"Are you going to help me in the toilet? Kenzi said its easy and they have this seat…" Bo stopped talking, she started crying with a silent crying, turning her face way.

Lauren hugged her and grabbed her face.

"Hey, why you cry? You and me shared much more than this? Whats this? Its nothing. Where is the hero? You forgot everything that happened in Afganistan?"

"I am so glad you are here"

"Me too" Lauren pushed the wheelchair inside. It took them time to find the right way on how to use the toilet that was specially made for people with disabilities. She then left Bo alone, she got a towel and clean underwear from her closet. She grabbed the towel and hugged her. She was still in shock from what Kenzi said. She remembered when she was searching at Bos past while in Afganistan. She was very much aware that she couldn't go back to what they were before, so many things happened, but she was going to support Bo at this point of her life, and help her get over this. They could be friends.

"Lauren?" She heard Bo calling her and got inside the bath, she found her, almost laid down on the shower floor, naked, somehow she managed to take her clothes of, it was clear she wasn't strong enough to support her body with her hands, so many days in the hospital made her lose her physic. Lauren helped her sit a little better and then grabbed the shampoo and the body soap and cream. Everything was done in silent, Bo didn't take her eyes from Lauren, watching her every move. She got wet in her clothes but she didn't care. She was making sure everything was natural and Bo wont feel bad in any way. Lauren washed her whole body, her heart was in pain, watching the bruises on her leg and how weak they had become. But she made sure she didn't react. She continued until Bo was clear and ready. She covered her with the towel and helped her get back at the wheelchair, they got out of the bathroom, and Lauren helped Bo back in bed. She got her dry while Bo was drying her hair with another towel. She got the body cream and placed some at Bos hand and some on her own, she applied hers on Bos legs while Bo on her upper body.

"What you want to wear?"

"My army shorts and a simple t-shirt"

"Ok" Lauren grabbed only a slip, the t-shirt and the shorts. She helped her get dressed and then dried her hair while brushing them.

"You are all wet" Bo was looking at Laurens breasts.

"Your eyes up here Bo" Lauren smiled. Her phone started vibrating, and Lauren answered, while staying close to Bo.

Bo couldn't hear anything, nor she cared. All she could see, feel and hear was Lauren, She was looking at her face, her jaw, the corners of her face, she is so beautiful. She deserves so much better. Who did she fool herself ever that Lauren could be with her, how she dared to cheat on her? She couldn't understand how lucky she was, having her? Lauren went to clean the bathroom for a minute and Bo didn't even see her coming out.

"Bo, iam talking to you"

"Sorry, I got carried away"

"I got to go, Buz is up and he has become impatient"

"Ok. Thank you for everything"

"Don't thank me, I am sure I ll find a way for you to repay me. Maybe you and Kenz can baby sit Buz sometime"

"Anything you want"



"Would you come again?"

"Call me if you need anything"

"Of course"

"I will"

"I will borrow one of your shirts"

"Ok" Bo smiled watching Lauren checking the closet, she grabbed one of her shirts and changed right there infront of Bo. She turned, smiled, kissed her cheek, grabbed her bag and left. She couldn't hold her tears anymore. The way Bo was looking at her and the way she asked if she was coming back. Lauren left the place crying. She was divided between doing the best for Bo and trying to protect her heart. Kenzis words came to her mind. What happened to Bo didn't excuse the way she lived her life afterwards but was explaining some things. During the moment she was touching Bos legs, she felt the huge need to hug them. Kiss them, as if that would make everything ok. She wanted to talk to Bo about what Kenzi told her, but couldn't. She wanted to reassure her everything was going to be ok, that she would be there. But couldn't. She cried until she felt her phone vibrating again. It was a message from Bo.

"The nurse saw you crying and got worried. He came and asked if something happened. Don't cry Lauren. You don't have to come again ok? I am going to be fine from now on. Please, stay away from me. I always end up making you cry"

"you fucking stupid, idiot brat, you think, you think I can stay away from you? Fucking idiot, my fucking idiot" Lauren was smiling between her tears as those words came in her mind.

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