She completes me

Chapter 22

"yeahh thats my fucking girl, kicking ass or what?"

Kenzi was yelling like mad, Bo scored again, she had become one of the best players of the rehab team, and today they were facing another disability team from a Toronto gym. It was 3 months after Bo going to rehab and since that difficult first month, she was flying. She throw herself in activities and become really strong, she was the Bo she knew, strong cocky and fit. Her physcio doc was so proud of her, and so positive that she was getting better and stronger every day. Still she only made small moves with her legs and started feeling her toes, and of course using the wheelchair fulltime but still even that was a great recovery, as the doc told her it could take years until she would be able to stand, but the main issue was that Bo had becoming more and more independent and used to her current life.

This weekend she was coming back home for a trial period of a week, to start getting used to going back to normal life. Kenzi was so happy, she watched Bo all these 3 months, her tries and struggles to get strong again, her daily exercises on her hands and upper body but most importantly her legs. She would repeat her legs moves again and again without stop, it was so heartbreaking but also so heart warming to watch. Kenzi looked around, the sports arena of this Toronto school was small, and after the game she was taking Bo back at the crack shack after 3 months. She was very emotional about it. She and Lauren had the place prepared, and Lauren was at home cooking for a surprise dinner. She was more proud about Bo than Kenzi but she was trying to hide it. Since she came to see Bo that day when Bo entered rehab, she didn't come back to visit her and Bo didn't ask about her.

It was like a silent deal between them, Kenzi didn't know what happened and everytime she asked Lauren, she would ignore her questions. She only knew they didn't fight and that after that meeting Bo had focused on her recovery. Kenzi smiled, she didn't know Lauren was at the crack shack waiting and preparing dinner, and Buz was with her, but it was ok because she could feel her friends moved on from hating each other and maybe they could be friends, as Laurens moto was lately, which Kenzi didn't believe of course but that was another issue. Lauren knew all about Bos progress, Kenzi was making sure she was aware she was getting better and better, of course she had the slight suspicion that Lauren was informed by that fucking douche chick Kat, who wanted to get inside Laurens pants.

That bitch and Lauren started dating recently, Lauren called them friendly meetings and nothing more but Kenzi wasn't sure that bitch was taking it like that. She didn't want Bo to know because Bo asked to change doctor on her second week and since then she had a new doctor, a nice quiet man called George, he and Bo hit it off from the start and he was great on lifting Bos moral when she was down and of course explaining everything to her about her situation, her therapy and the drugs she was taking. Kenzi didn't want Bo to get herself hooked on prescribed drugs and Bo was more focusing on getting strong and fit so she prepared more with exercise and physio than drugs, so her doctor was letting the pain stay and had Bo on a low drugs program.

Kenzi smiled watching her best friend get in a wheelchair fight, it was so great to watch disability athletes, how strong and fit they were, and how competitive they were, Bo would get bruises on her legs from pushing the other players with her wheelchair, it was part of the game and allowed, and she was so happy at these basketball games, she was feeling natural again, natural and capable.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bo saw Kenzi waiting on the sidelines, the game was over and their team won, they were fast becoming one of the best teams on their category and Bo was so excited.

"Great game Bo"

"Thank you, you too"

"You shaming us guys"

"Nah, I think you guys are allowing me to get all the attention"

"Poker game tonight?"

"No dude, I am heading back home, not coming back inside"

"Oh yeah I forgot, you got your first week out, make it count"

"Thanks I will"

Bo loved that she had become friends with many other patients and she was the only woman on the basketball team, their coach was a woman though. She looked at her hands, she was so sweaty but she loved it. She was proud of her body, she was super fit, she even had abs. It was such a contradiction, but she promised herself she wont let herself go. She looked at her legs, with the physio exercises and the constant movement exercises they were getting stronger and stronger and they didn't look weak anymore, she learned to pick them up and move easier, she learned easy ways to get on and off the wheelchair, she was almost fully independent on going to the toilet or having a bath, servicing herself, it was difficult but she preferred it than having others to help her. Bo smiled noticing Kenzi coming over, her best friend gave her a kiss on the cheeks.

"you kicked ass again"

"You think? Its like I am getting better and better at every match"

"yeah and also you need to calm down a bit with the pushing and shuving"

"its part of the game Kenz, don't worry"

"you need to be careful, you just getting strong" Kenzi got Bos sports bag and they headed outside.

"you got my stuff from the bus?"

"yeah when you arrived, the guy responsible for your stuff told me, I noticed a few others too"

"I think we are about 5 people, the newbies, damn I missed our house so much"

"everything is the same Bobo, we just placed your bed a little lower and of course we made things a little easier so you can move around"

"we? Who is we?

"ehhhhh me and a friend?" fuck it Kenzi thought.

Bo turned and looked at her best friend, she stopped pushing her wheelchair.

"You mean Lauren don't you?"

"Bo please ok? Yes, I mean Lo but don't be angry…'''

"I am not angry Kenz, you think I didn't suspected she was there all this time helping you? I know you are great and so but these things cost money and I doubt you could do that all by yourself"

"So your not mad?"

"Nope but I have to make sure I would pay back every penny when I am ok"

"Bo, Lauren cares about you, about us, she doesn't want anything back"

"That's not the point, besides, we both moved on with our lives, I have to face my future in a new way and she has a new life, I don't want to owe her anything, I want to start again, and I want to prove to myself that I can do it on my own"

Kenzi opened the door to the car while Bo placed the wheelchair on the front of the side door, she grabbed the inside of the door and the bar inside the car that was placed for her, and she dragged herself in the passenger seat, this move was so difficult at first but now it had become so easy for her, it was all to movement of the body and how strong her hands were, then she would place her hands under her legs and with a move with her back she moved her legs inside the car. Kenzi placed the wheelchair on the back of the car and she got inside.

"So you knew all this time about Lauren?" Kenzi started the car and they left.

"Well not at the beginning, I thought it was the army paying but then I started talking to the others and everybody was saying about how expensive the therapy and rehab was and about the costs and I got suspicious and searched the internet and the army sites about the injured personel and this place wasn't even on the list, so I kinda figured it out"

"And you aren't mad?"

"At the beginning I was but as I was getting better and stronger the anger left and I got determined I would pay back everything and try to make you and Lauren proud"

"I cant believe what I am hearing, and we are already proud of you, you should see how proud Lauren is of you"

"Kenzi, you and Lauren, I have been thinking a lot and I cant believe how much I hurt you guys and Lauren, what she went throu for me. I never deserved her and I am happy that at least we can be friends. I understand now we could never be together and that we are so different and live in separate worlds. I am so lucky to have her as a friend." Kenzi was looking at Bo and she couldn't believe what she was listening.

"Oh so no more BoLo?" Bo smiled.


"Yeah that's my nickname for you guys"

"we are done for good Kenz, can you imagine Lauren being with me? Lets not kid ourselves, lets be happy I am alive and getting better but its not certain I would be able to be back at being who I was, not sure if I ever walk again, and it could take years and years. No Kenzi, I think I finally accepted who I am and Lauren, she is out of my league and she has a son, she needs someone who can be worthy of her you know"

Kenzi nodded, sure Bo, sure. Lets see what happens when you two meet again and then we talk, I wonder how you would react when I tell you that douche doc wants to get in Laurens pants. They finally arrived home, it was getting late afternoon.

"I cant wait to be seating on our couch and order take out! Cant take more healthy food anymore" Kenzi smiled, she got out and placed the wheelchair on Bos side outside the car. She watched as Bo secured the wheelchair so it wont move, grabbed the sides and almost jumped in, with a simple move of her hands and her back. Then she grabbed her legs one by one and placed them on the wheelchair leg stands. She was so proud of her.


"Yeah, lets get inside and then ill come down for your stuff"

Bo pushed the wheelchair while Kenzi opened the door, and they got inside the elevator. This was such a special moment for them, she was coming back home. She felt nervous but so happy. Kenzi opened the elevator door and they headed towards their door. She smiled when she noticed the sign with the words:

"WELCOME BACK BO" looked like a kids writing. Before she managed to think, the door opened from inside and she saw Lauren and Buz waiting for them. He was standing on Laurens legs. When he saw her, he walked towards her and almost fell, but Bo grabbed him and raised him on her lap.

"Wow look at you, such a big guy" Buz hugged her back.


"Yes, its me" she hugged him stronger and got really emotional. Then she turned and placed him on her lap sitting. She pushed the wheelchair inside the house, with Lauren watching her every move.


"Hi" Lauren moved and gave her a big hug. She then tried to take Buz.

"Come on Buzi Bo is tired"

"No, let him, I missed him" Then Bo pushed the wheelchair and started going fast around the apartment making Buz laugh and yell for more. Kenzi hugged Lauren.

"Everything ok?" Kenzi smiled.

"She knows everything"


"She knows everything about you being our good Santa" Kenzi whispered in her ear.

"She is also playing it the martyr"


"You would see by yourself, its going to be really fun, Food is ready? I am so hungry"

"Yeah everything would be ready in a few, want me to come and help with the bags?"

"No, you and Bo need a few minutes alone, I can do it myself"

Kenzi left and Lauren turned. Bo still had Buz on her lap and was talking to him, surprised at how much he had learn the past 3 months. Buz would touch Bos face and hug her. It was one of the most beautiful scenes Lauren witnessed and she was so happy, she approached them.

"He is so big and wow he talks"

"Yes he does" Lauren was looking at Bo. I missed you so much. She was noticing every detail on her face, her hands, body, legs.

"I bet you have him on a speed teaching programe school?" Bo joked.

"No I don't, I actually teach him myself. He learns everything at home, he even knows to write a bit and also count"

"You look great Lauren" Bo noticed Lauren was wearing one of those tight blue black jeans that were so fitting on her body and a white button down she loved so much.

"You too. Much much better than the last time we met"

"Oh that, I bet you got scared that day, I must have been such a terrible sight"

"What? Terrible sight? Don't flatter yourself, you forget Afganistan? I have seen much worse and Africa? You cant even imagine whats happening there with the kids dying or getting raped so young, get a grip Bo, you are alive and living in a country that can help you with your disability"

Lauren got up and checked the oven. Bo lowered her head, damn I never think do i? But she couldn't forget what the nurse told her after Laurens visit, she figured out Lauren would feel pity for her. She didn't want her pity and she didn't want Lauren crying.

"Bobo com commm" Buz wanted her to come and join him on the couch, where he and Kenzi were watching cartoons, while Lauren was preparing dinner. She felt Lauren watching her and her look burning her back and she suddenly got nervous. She had to go from the wheelchair to the couch, that move had become so easy for her while in rehab, moving from and to bed, yet with Lauren watching she somehow managed to fuck it up and she slided down.

"FUCK!" She yelled, grabbing the side of the couch and slowly getting up. Kenzi rushed to help but Bo stopped her with a dagger look in her eyes, she managed to finally climb the couch.

"Fouck it" Buzs voice cleared the bad moment.

Kenzi started laughing while Lauren was looking amused.

"Bo you have to watch your language around him" She scowled Bo.

"oh come on Lo, let him be a man" She joked back. They all laughed, while Buz was coming up and down to Kenzi and Bo. Lauren joined to, sitting on the chair next to the couch.

"Dinner would be ready in ten minutes"

"What did you cook?"

"Nothing special, chicken with potatoes and grilled cheese with tomatoes in the oven"

"Omg I am so going to stuff myself" Kenzi said.

Bo was silent, she was looking at Lauren with that serious look Lauren missed so much. She then turned her eyes to Buz and hugged him. He would touch her face and hair while Bo would close her eyes. Lauren couldn't watch them like that, her mind was making up stories of her and Bo being a couple raising Buz together as parents. She got up and started setting the table. They were setting the table on the living room, on the couch table so Bo could reach it and be comfortable, Lauren wanted her to enjoy her meal instead of trying to stay stable on the kitchen island chairs. Kenzi followed her helping her to set the table. Everything looked fantastic, Lauren had salads and warm bread, and the food was looking so good. She was going to drink after 3 months being completely without any drink. They all sat around with Bo and Lo facing each other with Buz and Kenzi next to them. Bo smiled at the way Lauren would mash up Buzs food.

"What? He is still is very young, we have to be careful"

"I didn't say anything"

"Can you believe she wont let me giving him chocolate? I have to sneak it to him when she is off" Kenzi said.

"What? Your giving him chocolate behind my back?"

"I have to, kid needs his sugar"

Bo was watching them tease each other, it was a scene out of a fairytale. She felt so fullfiled and happy. She sometimes would dream about having a family, her own family sitting around a table like that, but she would reject those thoughts because the hurt was awful. Only with Lauren she hoped she could live moments like that, she moved her head in order to make those thoughts go away. She was eating like crazy, she felt so hungry, and she was already on her second glass of wine. Lauren watched her as she poured more wine on her glass. I bet she thinks I am a drunk again. Lauren offered her glass and Bo filled it. Buz moved his water bottle.

"Cheers" Lauren said to him.


Everybody laughed again. Bo would fill her chicken with ketcup and mustard and she had already messed up her face all over. Back when they were together Lauren would grab a tissue and clean her mouth or use her fingers to clean Bos face. She was now looking at the lips full of ketchup and she wanted to lower her head and kiss those lips and fil that ketchup taste.

Bo noticed Lauren looking at her lips. The mood suddenly got heavy between them again. I want to grab her head and hurt her lips. Yeah how are you going to do that Bo? You cant move remember? She quickly took her eyes from Laurens lips and looked at Kenzi who was looking at them with an amused face.

Sure you two, you can be friends! Kenzi couldn't help but notice the fire between them. It was funny to watch them pretending they are only friends. Being polite with each other, polite and nice while at the same time eye sexing each other.

Oh you two, why you always need someone else or something to happen to push you to each other arms? She smiled at Bo. Wait Bobo, wait until I throw the bomb on ya. Lets see how you would only want to be friends when you learn about Lo and that Katbitch.

They finished their dinner and settled on watching tv, it was getting a bit late and Buz was almost sleeping on Bos arms. Bo was sitting on the couch with her legs up on the couch pillows, Lauren and Kenzi were washing the dishes.

"She looks great"

"Yeah she does!"

"She is in great shape"

"You noticed?"

"Well yeah, I mean her hands, I mean arms, she has muscles"

"You think?"



"Stop teasing me, I only mention that because its great for her therapy that's all, she is getting stronger"

"You should see her body, she has abs"

"She does?" Kenzi started laughing and Lauren got all flushed.

"I think tonight went great"

"Yes it did"

"I am so happy and relieved you know"

"O you are?"

"Yes, I was a bit afraid Bo wont want me around, but I think we can be good friends and Buz seems to have a soft spot for her"

"Oh yes, I can see you being best friends"

"yeah me too, I think she changed a lot don't you think"

"yes, I do too"

"I think she got more humble now"

"yes, I think so too"

"so you said she knows about me?"

"oh yes, humble Bo knows that your paying for everything and when she is out of rehab she is going to pay everything back, I don't know how though"

"she doesn't have to, it's the least I could do"

"I know, I told her, friends help each other and since you guys are friends and friends share everything with each other, when are you going to tell her about you and Kat?"

"shhhhh, there is nothing to tell Kenz"

"come on, I am sure Bo is going to be very happy about u after all, you are friends"

" don't you dare say anything"'

"oh come on Lo, what are you afraid off?"

"nothing, there is nothing going on and I don't want Bo to know ok? She doesn't like Kat and I don't want her to feel bad"

Kenzi walked towards Bo and Buz, and she sat next to them while Lauren finished with the dishes. Buz was sleeping in her arms, he smelled so good, Laurens scent. She couldn't explain how easily she and this kid had bonded. He was so awesome, Bo loved him. She was feeling protective and possessive of this kid. Just like she felt about his mum. She breathed heavily, she had to stop this, Lauren moved on, they were making a new beginning being friends. She was happy Lauren was allowing her to be close to Buz. Sharing such moments with him meant so much to her. She watched as Lauren sat opposite of them again. Then Kenzis voice broke the silence.

"Bo did you know Lauren is dating someone, someone you know too ?"

Bo didn't know what hit her. She was watching her best friend smiling at her while telling her Lauren was dating? Of course she would date, damn Lauren was a hottie and she hasn't seen her for 3 months, what did you expect? She saw you limbing and unable to wash yourself, she wont ever want to be with you again, damn this is the moment of truth Bo. She turned towards Lauren smiling.

"She does? That's great. Someone from the army? Or someone from the red cross station?"

"Oh its nobody" Lauren said trying to make Kenzi shut up.

"Its not even dating, we got out for a couple of times, nothing more"

"Come on Lo, she is crazy about you, admit it"

"Its ok, Kenzi leave Lauren alone, maybe she doesn't feel comfortable about it, I am sure whomever it is, she is lucky to be with Lauren"

"I think its time we leave, Buz is sleeping and its going to be difficult to get him back to sleep if he wakes up in a couple of hours again" Lauren moved and carefully got Buz from Bos arms. She moved towards the bedroom to get Buz stuff on his bag.

"So who is the lucky girl?" Bo asked Kenzi.

"You are really happy for your friend Lo eh?"

"Yes, Kenzi I am happy, I am happy she is moving on. We talked about this"

"Then why do you care who she is dating?"

"Because you said I know her? And I do care about her, I hope its someone she deserves"

"Oh she sure deserves her, since she is a doc too"

"A doc? I don't know many doctors except from Lauren and Ciara? Don't tell me its Ciara, she is super straight?"

"Nope, its not, don't be silly. Try again? Someone more of a douche? Someone who is more lets say like you?"

Kenzi watched as Bos face changed for about ten expressions until it got red and her eyes went dark. She watched as her friend dragged the wheelchair close and jumped on it, and then pushed and joined Lauren in the bedroom.

Lauren felt the moment Bo got in the room, apart from the noise of the wheelchair, she felt Bos eyes on her so deep.

"Are you ready? Need any help?"

"No, he is fast asleep, and he loves being in his car seat, Kenzi can help me carry him down, I go the Goulieta parked down"

"You do? How come its still alive in this neighborhood?"

Buzs bag was ready and Lauren was wearing her jacket.

"So you and Kat?"

"Damn Kenzi, she is making this far more serious than it sounds. Its nothing, she asked me out a couple of times, that's all."

"Did you fuck her?"

"What? nooo."

"Why not? She is pretty hot and your type"

"Oh yes? You know my type?" Lauren was feeling annoyed now.

"She is strong and cocky, she is fit and confident, and a doctor, she is perfect for you, that's what you like don't you? You loved me being strong, isn't that what got you interested in me in the first place?"

"So what?"

"Nothing, I am just saying. Iiii meannnn you can date her Lo. I wont mind. You don't have to hide or something like that. I understand. Its ok. I have been thinking all these 3 months and I want you in my life as my friend of course. And I cant be stuck in the past and neither do you. Kat I can see her next to you, and I bet she is going to be great around Buz too, and your family would approve, you don't have to hold back because of me"

"Oh so you now have us already being a couple?"

"Look I am just saying I have no problem you dating her. I understand."

"Well thank you. Thank you for allowing me"

Lauren was angry and she didn't know why, she was fucking telling her she could date that fucking bitch, and that she was willing to tolerate that.

"I am glad you approve because I need to get laid and now that you give your consent I may call her to come over"

Bo was stunned. She wanted to get up from the wheelchair and stop Lauren right there, lock her and Buz in the bedroom or something. Lauren walked out, she heard her calling Kenzi an asshole, to help her with the bag and bang the door. Bo slowly went back in the living room. She saw her best friend smiling as she was carrying Buzs bag.

" Don't you just love it that we are all friends now? Such a happy, friendly climate around here" And with that, Bo was left alone in her living room to burn.

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