She completes me

Chapter 23

"So why exactly does she wants us to babysit Buz?"

It was her third day home and Bo was still upset by the fact Lauren was dating Kat or cunt as she would call her. Lauren didn't visit them and she was calling Kenzi but her best friend wasn't telling her much, and Bo was avoiding to ask about Lo up until Kenzi informed her that Lauren asked them to babysit Buz for tonight, not only the afternoon but for the whole night, apparently she was going to come over for him in the morning. Bo was burning since Kenzi told her.

"Bo seriously? You expect me to ask her that? Arent you happy we get to be with Buz?"

"Of course I am happy but I wonder why? Is she going somewhere?"

"Of course she isn't going anywhere, she is dating Bo, you know how these things are."

"No I don't, why don't you explain that to me?"

"What do you want me to say? She obviously wants to be alone with this Kat chick"

"So she is she sending Buz away so she can be free to spend her night fucking? Wow what a great mum"

"She is a single woman Bo, she can do what she likes"

"She is a mum too you know, I don't know if that's good behavior, she has a son you know"

"Umm that's why she is bringing him here, we are her best friends and she trust us"

"You know I am getting kind of sick with this friends thing, and I really don't like that fucking bitch"

"Oh you don't? Because you were saying otherwise the other day"

"I was being polite. I care for Lauren ok? I want her to find someone who is nice, not that cunt chick"

"Its Kat, Kat"

"I don't fucking care"

"Stop yelling, because they are going to be over here soon"

"Is she bringing that bitch here too?"

"I guess so, probably to drop of Buz"

"That's great, I would have to see her"

"Please don't cause any trouble ok? You after all okied Lauren and Kat didn't you"

"Whatever, I can change my mind cant i? I bet Buz doesn't like her at all"

"Omg Bo, your such a baby"

"Wtf Kenz? Why you are so in favor of this chick"

Kenzi couldn't hold her smiles, she wasn't in favor of Kat and she was finally happy that Bo was letting her feelings show, she was betting all this time that her friend was still crazy about Lauren and was sick too of this whole friends moto, and was loving to spite Bo.

She couldn't wait to see where this story was going. Lauren already told her that she was going to try and be with Kat tonight and see if they could be together, which Kenzi translated to Lauren was going to fuck someone else after Bo and compare, but when Lauren heard that she got embarrassed and shut the phone.

Suddenly the door opened and Lauren walked in holding Buz and Kat walked behind her holding Buzs bag and his night suitcase. Since Bo was in rehab Kenzi had given Lauren a key, since she had a big part on the changes around the house and sometimes Kenzi had to stay late at the barracks and Lauren needed a key to open for the handyman to come in.


Lauren put Buz down and he immediately rushed towards Bo who was wearing her basket shirt tonight and shorts. She grabbed Buz and kissed him while she mubled a hi. Kenzi hugged Lauren while she greeted Kat.

"Hello, nice to see you again Kenzi, Bo, how are you? You look great"

"Nice to see you too Kat" Bo nodded and turned and started racing again with the wheelchair with Buz on her lap, something that was becoming Buz favourite game, the boy was lauging and clapping.

"Eveything he needs is inside his bag, you only give him his yogurt in about an hour and then his milk just before he sleeps. Is he sleeping with you?"

"Yeah" Kenzi was sleeping upstairs now, since Bo couldn't get up the stairs, so they changed rooms.


"Don't worry Lauren, its not the first time he is staying with me"

"I know but it's the first night I am going to be away from him"

Bo noticed the cunt was wearing a smooth pantsuit while Lauren was wearing a hot sea breeze dress, her fav color. She couldn't take her eyes from her. How many fucking dresses she has with that color? That cunt she knows she is getting some tonight. As if Lauren felt Bos eyes on them she turned and looked. Bo immediately took her eyes off and ignored them.

"So we are ready, call me if you need anything, I got his fav cartoons inside the small laptop, he can watch one while drinking his milk"

"Lauren I know all that, chill" Lauren moved to hug Kenzi and they left.

"You know you could be a little more polite"

"Did you see her? How she was looking at our place? You still think she is good for Lo?"

"That's not for us to decide Bo"

"Oh please, and about Buz? I bet she is a racist"

"Oh shut up"

"I know, and I bet she knows all about me and Lo, the way she looks at me, probably talking shit about me"

"Oh please, she is a doctor, she is rich, she looks hot, I doubt she needs to dish you and you think Lauren would allow that?"

"Lauren is innocent and naïve, she doesn't know how women like this cunt act in order to get someone in their bed"

"You mean women like you?"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kat had made reservations to one of the best restaurants in town, she would even hold for Laurens seat and she was really nice. Up until tonight they only shared a few drinks in a bar, the mood between them was friendly, and they exchanged a couple of kisses but Lauren didn't feel that attracted to her, and she needed this night to decide to either end this or take this to another level, something that Kat was pressing for some time now.

Lauren couldn't take her mind of Bo. The past two days have been a trip down the memory lane, and Lauren didn't know how to react to Bos announcement that she was alright with her dating Kat. In fact she was angry about that and it kind of pushed her to go on this decisive date with Kat. Her thoughts were interrupted by the waiter who brought them the menus, Lauren always loved to go throu them and always try for something new and don't go for the usual and for what the restaurant was famous for. Before she managed to even open it Kat addressed the waiter.

Lauren was surprised to hear Kat ordering for them both, telling her that she knew the place and what their specialty was. Then she smiled looking at Lauren and gave the menus back to the waiter. Lauren out of courtesy didn't make an issue of it and decided to over look that. About one hour had passed on their date and Lauren couldn't wait until it was over.

The ordering thing was only the beginning. Kat was full of herself, she wont stop talking about herself and at first Lauren thought it was a try to impress her but after the first half hour Lauren decided she was actually full of herself. Lauren was imagining herself to yell at Kat to shut the fuck up. Instead, she was staying silent, and either nodding to her or answer with one or two words. How couldn't I see it before?

Maybe because their 3 dates, didn't pass the hour and she was tired and never really cared? How could she even think she could be with this person? All she talked about was how much money she was making and what clothes she was buying and what car she was driving and about her workouts and yoga.

Sorry but this person had nothing to do with Bo. Bo who was confident enough to not say much, who needed a few words only to make herself present, who would hear Laurens suggestions about food and drinks and would love to let Lauren take in charge when she wanted. She compared them in almost every aspect.

Bo had this silent confidence, the silent swag, the years of hardship that made her dark and knowing so much about life, while Kat was a rich woman who her only goal in life was to be more rich and buy more expensive stuff. Bo had goodness and that wink that would make Lauren smile. She still couldn't find any sign of goodness on Kat. Bo was strong, she was not only physical but more importantly she was mentally strong. Kat couldn't even face the 1/10 of what Bo faced in her life. Lauren couldn't help but wanted the time to pass so she can go home and go pick up her son. She got a message from Kenz.

"Hey lovadoc, how is going?"

"It's the date from hell, how is my boy?"

"And that's when I was offered the work at rehab, of course they had to pay me a lot in order to leave my job at the hospital"

"I bet" damn she wont stop talking.

"When are you planning to get back to work?"

"I am not sure I want to yet, I am happy with my volunteer work at the red cross station, I love to spend time with Buz"

"You have to, you are getting older and you stopped your research too, you need to be in the game u know, because others would bypass you"

"Well tell you the truth my priorities changes this last year"

Looks like Kat didn't like her answer because she focused on finishing her dinner. Her mobile ringed again.

"He is fine and dandy, he and Bo are making my head hurt, they are rapping. Date from hell? Why? You girl here is burning, ya know"

"Rapping? I really hope there isn't any swearing and women demeaning lyrics in those songs. My girl? Who do you mean? Bo?"

"They have a really wonderful healthy fruit desert here"

"Well sorry but I am going to go with the chocolate mouse"

"Really?I didn't have you for a chocolate fan, more like a healthy food eater"

"Well a lot of people misunderstand me" I hope they bring the desert asap and this ends.

The more time was passing the more Lauren was listening to a voice inside her head telling her how much better Bo was to this and that. More texts from Kenz.

"yeah Bo, this whole friends thing you got going isn't working for her I guess, she is mad jealous, oh and every rap song has swearing in it Doc"

Buz was laying on Bos body drinking his milk while Bo was laying on the couch, they were watching Winnie, while Kenzi was eating her burger.

"First time in my life I see a kid preferring his milk than a burger, he didn't even look at the fries"

"Its Los kid Kenz"

"yeah I forget that"


"so what?"

"so how its going with the cunt?"

"Bo watch it, Buz is picking up every word"

"I don't care, Buz is already team Bo"

"Really? Team Bo? I thought that was team friend Bo?"

"they finished dinner? are they back home? I saw you texting"

"I don't know, she didn't answer except to ask about Buz, looks like she is having a great time"

Bo didn't say anything after that. Buz finally slept in Bos arms as he finished his milk. Kenzi got up and got him on her arms.

"Can he sleep with me Kenz?"

"Are u sure? He wont bother u?"

"no he wont"

"ok then, I ll take him and also go place his blanket and pillow in your bed"

Kenzi came back after awhile, she left the door to Bos room open and sat next to Bo on the couch.

"He is wonderful"

"yes he is"

"And he seems to love you a lot, you two hit it off"

"yeah" Kenzi could sense Bo was upset about Lo.

"hey Kenz, can you get me a scotch?"

"your sleeping with Buz tonight Bo"

"just one? Please?"

"ok" Kenzi got up and got her best friend the drin.

"whats wrong Bo?"



"Why you ask? You know whats wrong. I cant be here when I know someone else is fucking Lauren tonight, I wish I could go over to her house and get her"

"come on Bo, you said you would try and be friends"

"that was just an excuse Kenz, you know it, an excuse to be able to get close to her again, I cant be friends with her"

"hey Bo, can you wait for a bit? I need to go to the bathroom"


Kenzi walked towards the bathroom with her phone on her her hand. She was aware Lauren had finished her dinner with that douche and soon she was going to get back home, Kenzi send her a message telling her to let Buz spend the night with them, but she needed to ask her something else now.

She was pretty sure Bo would never say what she felt to Lauren and that it was time these two at least know how they felt for each other still and she was kind of bored with this whole friends story. Bo was back in rehab in 3 days and she wanted them to be a couple again or start heading there. She called Lauren.

"Hey Kenzi, everything ok?"

"Yeah everything is fine you?"

"Omg you don't know how rude I was to her in the end, she got me home and she tried to kiss me and I was so rude to her, I am so ashamed of myself"

"Don't be doc, besides we all know how good you are on cockblocking"

"omg I hope my son is sleeping and isn't listening to you?"

"yes he is"

"why did you call then? You said you can keep him there and its not a problem?"

"look I am going to place my phone in my pocket and in the speaker so you can hear me and bo"

"what why?"

"because I am sick of you too pretending to be friends? Because I want you to hear what you mean to her?"

"Kenzi that's not ethical…."

"look Lo I decided it, you want to listen ok, if you don't just shut the phone, I am goin and please go along with me, I told her you are having a great time on your dinner and probably Kat is going to get some tonight"

"what? No"

" I am walking"

"you got lost or something?"

"no I think the burger was heavy after all"

"heavy? One burger? I think Laurens healthy food diet spoiled your stomach"

"so you were saying? By the way Lauren texted me, she doesn't want me to disturb her unless its really important"

"oh, she is fucking that bitch already? Just as I thought, I cant believe this, damn fucking legs"

"I think its time you move on Bo"

"don't you think I tried? Try everyday? Why do you think I asked Lauren to stay away? Yet everytime I close my eyes, I day dream I am with her, when I sleep I dream happy families with her, and now this, I cant stand this Kenz, you shouldn't have told me, I cant imagine how Lauren must have felt when she learned about me cheating on her but I cant even think of someone else touching her"

Kenzi saw Bos desperation, as her friend grabbed her face with her hands.

"its ok Bo, calm down, maybe its not that serious with this girl"

" and what if its not? Look at me? Who you think I am trying to get better for? I cant think of Lauren not being in my life and Buz? I wont stand it if someone else is there for him instead of me, and can you imagine me with Lauren? Can you? I cant believe what I have done, alone in that room, I think about everything and how things escalated, I made so many mistakes Kenz" Kenzi hugged her friend.

"I think you need to go sleep"

"I cant sleep, I am going to wait for Lauren"

"Lauren isn't coming over tonight Bo"

"I don't care, I wanna see her and ask her about that chick, I cant sleep" Bo started crying and she dragged the wheelchair and got on it.

"can you imagine me and Lauren Kenz? She is like a princess, and having me with this by her side?"

"so you cant think of her with someone else, yet you cant think of her with you? Want do you want Bo?"

"I don't know, I want things as they were, I wish I never met her and she never met me because she made me happy Kenz, and now I miss that feeling so much, I miss her so much, I wish I could walk and claim her again, i dunno Kenzi, I wish you would hit me when I was cheating on her"

Bo left the room and she went to her bedroom where Buz was sleeping. She stayed there watching that little guy sleeping. Kenzi walked in.

"your going to sleep?"

"no I just felt like watching him, you know I used to think he was like me, because he lost his parents and such, but he isn't, because Lauren change his life, he is going to be so great, because he has her"

kenzi walked out leaving her best friend alone.

She had forgotten she had the phone open, she had forgotten Lauren heard everything.

She went to sleep and then remembered the phone in her pocket.

"Hey, are you still there?"

"yes" Kenzi could tell Lauren was crying.

"I am sorry, you were right I shouldn't have done this"

"Kenz, Bo is calling me"

"She is?"

"What I should do?"


"But you told her I am with Kat"


Lauren didn't answer the phone. She needed some time to get a grip of herself, she heard everything Bo said and she wanted to go to the crack shack and hug her and love her and tell her that she never stopped loving her and that she loved her more now that she was disabled. She waited for a few hours to pass and she decided to go there early tomorrow.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bo heard the door opening, she checked the time, it was 5 in the morning, she was on her wheelchair, she hardly slept, thinking about Kat and Lauren, she tried to but couldn't and she didn't want to bother Buz so she spend her night in the couch mostly.

Lauren walked in, it was still a bit dark.


"Bo you scared me"

"I did? Well you shouldn't stay up so late"

"I didn't, I just came from home" Bo noticed she was holding warm croissants and pies from their fav bakery, did she go with Kat there?

"Want coffee?"

"No I already had two"

"Two? Why"

"No reason, I felt like it"

"Want some breakfast? I am starving"

"You are? I bet you do, after your night, so how was it?"

"How was what?"

"Your night"

"It was ok"

"That's all?"

"I guess"

"So you and that Kat chick, your dating?"

"Bo what kind of questions are these? And so early in the morning?"

"Natural questions? I am asking if you are dating? Fucking? You said you didn't fuck her before so did you fuck her last night?"

"I am not answering this"

"Why not?"

"Because its non of your business"

"Oh I think it is"


"You heard me, you cant go out at night and fuck some random doctor, what about Buz? You're a mother now"

"Omg I cant believe what I am hearing, seriously, and Kat isn't random"

"Really? What do you know about her? What if she wants you for ur money?"

"She is rich Bo"

"She is? That's great, I don't give a fuck"

"Why are you yelling?"

"I am not, did you go with her in my bakery?"

"Your bakery? I don't remember you owning that place"

"I don't want you to take her to places you were with me"

"Ha, we can go wherever we want"

"I don't think so"

"Bo do you even listen to what you say?"

"I cant believe you fucked her"

"Why? You fucked almost everyone in Toronto and I cant fuck one person after you?"

"I don't even get why you like her? You know I can beat her up if I want to"

"Omg" Lauren walked away, going up the stairs thinking Buz was sleeping with Kenzi, she opened the door.

"I bet whole Toronto heard you guys"

"Where is Buz?"

"She is down in Bos room, damn you two, you cant have one nice talk"

"Nice talk? Did you hear what she is saying"

"Why don't you fucking come down? I cant get up there, what do you want me to do crawl?"

"I cant believe Buz is still sleeping after your screams"

Lauren got downstairs again followed by Kenzi.

"Can you believe she fucked that loser? I mean she couldn't find anyone better?"

"Kat is great, and she has a great body, and she is very rich and she …"

"Really? Did she give you multiple orgasms like I did? And you're here at 5 in the morning that means she wasn't that good after all because she left, while I was going on all night"

"She gave me the best sex and you know what? We even used a strap on and she was so strong"

"What? WTF?" Lauren walked inside Bos room to check on Buz.

"You let her use a strap on you? I had to wait for almost a year and you gave her that in one night, do you hear that Kenz? I tried once, once to get my tongue on your but and you fucking slapped my face, and told me that you didn't approve of backdoor sex, but looks like this doc is gonna make you do that too. Your turning into a whore"

Lauren didn't answer, there was silence. Kenzi looked terrified. Slowly Lauren walked back in the living room.

"What did you say?"


"you called me a whore?"

"you let her use a strap on you?"

"did you call me a whore?, I am done with you. Done, getting my son and leaving"

"Ok, I forgive you, I can forget you fucked that bitch….."

"You forgive me? Do you know what you did to me? Are you even aware of how much you've hurt me?"

Lauren started to prepare Buzs things when Bo grabbed her.

"You are not leaving" Bo tried to drag her on her lap.

"I am sorry, you are right about everything, everything, you name it, you are right. I am sorry, please forgive me? Please forgive me, please forgive me baby, please.

I cant live without you, I am lost without you. Please, I cant, I am crazy jealous and I cant see straight. I know everything is against me. Please give me one last chance, please."

"omg you two, I hate you, I mean why don't you ever talk? Lesbo drama is the worst, I am going back to sleep, and Lauren please tell Bo that you didn't fuck that douche? That you were home before midnight?"

Lauren couldn't help but smile at Kenzis words.

"What? You didn't fuck her? WTF?"

"No I didn't, but you never let me talk do you"

"Now its my fault? Didn't you say she even used a strap on?"

"I come hear to talk to you and I even got breakfast and all I hear you is yelling and waiting for me in the middle of the night with your accusations"

"What I am supposed to think? Kenzi said you had a great time and you didn't want to be bothered"


Lauren jumped from Bos lap and rushed to her son while Bo followed her behind.

"I am here baby"

"mummy sleep with me" Lauren moved to lay with her son.

Bo slowly reached for the other side and laid too.

"so you didn't fuck her after all?" Bo was smiling.

"Don't use that language in front of my son.

"your still mine"

"keep dreaming"

"Did I told ya I am the best player of our basketball team?"

"I don't care"

"we have a match next Saturday, I want you to come, you and Buz"

"we will see, now shhh"

"I knew you cant like that bitch, she got nothing on me"

"your so fucking arrogant, I hate you"

"fucking legs, I cant move"

"don't you think anything is going to happen with Buz present"

"I just want to hug you, what do you think I am a perv?"

"and don't swear on your legs"

"so ur coming on Saturday?"

"we will see"

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