She completes me

Chapter 25

wo weeks passed and there was no contact from Kenzi or Lo, Bo had send a couple of messages to Kenzi but her best friend didn't answer back. Tomorrow was Sunday and it was family day at the rehab, and there was no sign Kenzi was coming or Lauren with Buz. I bet Lauren told everything to Kenz, because I dunno why else she wont answer me. Bo had calm down from the meeting two weeks ago, she was going to her daily one hour meetings with the doctor and they were talking mostly about her life in the streets with Kenz and them joining the army and her military career.

She hated that Lauren said they wont make it or they wont be together. Bo had this idea that no matter what, they were bonded and they would end up together, and she was upset to hear Lauren thought differently. She should have kept her reactions to herself, instead her temper got the best of her again. She was missing them dreadfully, but she wasn't going to call them. They didn't want to talk to her? Ok, she could do without them, she was alone since she was born, she could be alone again. She faced much more bs that this in her life, at least she was older now and not a kid, she faced the world when she was a kid, when she couldn't fight back and she survived, she was going to survive now too. She had a free day tomorrow, she could stay in bed and then go on the park around the place and get a burger and a coke from the outside eatery. It was just one day, it would pass.

The park around rehab where the family day was held was packed. It was a day for the families to visit the people who were inside, bring their own food, have picnics and generally spend a nice day together. Bo didn't want to go out but then decided that she couldn't stay inside all day and brood. The day was beautiful even though a little chilly, winter was coming. Bo got a coke and a burger and pushed her wheelchair as far as she could from the general population around the park, she wanted to be alone and the day to finish as soon as possible. Damn that burger was awful, what kind of burger doesn't have any fat?

"booboobooo" Bo was hearing voices, she was imagining Buz voice. She closed her eyes thinking Kenzi and Lauren were here with Buz. Suddenly she heard a cry. She opened her eyes and saw Buz down, poor guy had fell while running to reach her. Behind him Kenzi was trailing holding his little bag and another picnic bag. Bo pushed the wheelchair towards them, with a wide smile and tears in her eyes, she grabbed the kid who already had managed to get up himself.

"Boboo I got a booboo"

"I know baby, I ll kiss it and its going to be ok" Bo kissed Buz knee where he fell, but he had already stopped crying and looking around him, observing the big playing ground. Kenzi had just reached them.


"Hi" Looks like Kenzi wasn't in a much mood to talk.

"I am glad you're here"

"You couldn't get more far away?"

"Well I didn't know you guys were coming and I wanted a little quiet. How are you? I missed you"

"You did?"

"Yes" Kenzi got out Buzs small ball and he already started running around.

"Really? Because I got the impression you don't want us around."

"Where did you get that impression? I would always want you around. Whats happening between me and Lauren…"

"Bo stop ok? Stop? I am sick and tired of this. I don't care, I tried and tried but you two, its like I cant fix it for you. And when things get better you do something and fuck it up. And I am tired fixing it for you. You know I didn't want to come today? Lauren made me? She didn't want you to be alone? Do you know she has your bike fixed and sitting on her garage?

Your ruining you life cant you see that? This? This, the wheelchair isn't your life Bo. But Lauren is, she can be your life, she is the best thing that happened to you and you are losing that, you are losing her and you are going to lose Buz too. I don't know why you cant talk to her, what are you going to lose? What are you afraid off? Lauren loves you as you are, no matter what"

"How do you know that? That she loves me as I am? I am not the same person she met Kenz"

"oh stop it, stop it, Laurens loves you. Get out of this idea that you aren't enough for her, and look what she has done for you, wake up, wake up before its too late, that's all I am saying"


Buz was calling her and Bo decided to dedicate the day to him, she would push behind him with the wheelchair while he would run and kick the ball, he was fearless, he would fall and get up and start again, he and Kenzi would run and lay on the grass, its was a great day. Bo would pick him up and race with the wheelchair, while he would yell for Bo to go faster.

Lauren had prepared them lunch, a light toast with tomatoe and cheese for Buz and big sandwiches for her and Kenz with sodas. The hours passed quick and Buz was tired and ready for his afternoon nap. Kenzi had his blankie on Bos lap and he would sleep in Bos arms while Bo and Kenzi talked about the old times in the army. It was time for them to go, Bo noticed throu out the day Kenzi was texting, to Lauren I bet. Kenzi started gathering their stuff while Bo had Buz on her lap, most of the other visitors were leaving too, Bo went with them till the car, she hugged Buz and Kenzi.

"so are you coming on Thursday?"

"of course I am coming, why anything changed?"

"No I just ask, maybe you didn't want to come"

"Bo, of course I will come, its about you and getting you better, I may be angry but I wont stop being there for you"

"ok, see you in therapy then, Kenz?"


"Kiss Lauren for me?"

"I will kiss her but wont say its from you" Kenzi smiled.

"okhay" Bo smiled back.

Bo was watching her family leaving, yeah they were her family, her day started so bad and ended so good. She got back inside, thinking about Lauren. She didn't want me to be alone so she sends Kenzi and Buz to be with me. She has my bike in her garage, Kenzi knew how much Bo loved that bike and she was so proud and she bought it and now she told her that Lauren fixed it.

"Everything ok Bo?"

"Yes, great"

"I noticed your friend was here and who was that beautiful kid?"

Bo wanted to say its my son, and she nearly said it.

"A friends kid, yeah they were here, we had a great time"

"Then why aren't you smiling?" The nurse smiled at her.

"You're a curious case Bo"

"I bet I am" Bo entered her room deep in thoughts.

She went to the toilet and washed her face, she was feeling so light and so heavy at the same time. She was thinking about what Kenzi said. She got out and pushed the wheelchair towards her bed. She grabbed her mobile, and throwed in the covers and then grabbed the stands of the bed and got herself there, she steadied the wheelchair and laid in bed. She got the mobile on her hand and started watching pics of her family. She got so many pics of Buz today, and Kenzi too. But as usual her fingers were staying in Laurens pics. In one in particular.

As always, the night of their regiment ball, in the crack shack, after they came back. Kenzi and Lauren in the kitchen while she was laying on the couch taking pictures of them, she was so happy that day. So happy and so moody. She cheated on Lauren earlier with Tamsin, yet she never felt more in love and possessive towards Lauren. Something is wrong with me Bo thought. Seriously, I am sick, so sick. Bo got her hand on her head and closed her eyes, tried to sleep but couldn't. She started pressing the buttons.

"hey" Bo waited for an answer but It didn't come, at least she didn't block me.

"your not talking to me? Thank you for allowing Buz to spend the day with me" ten minutes passed and still no answer.

"if you see no future between us, why did you get my bike fixed?"

Bo waited for a couple of hours but got no answer from Lauren. This time its not going to be so easy Dennis.

"want to know my real parents names?"

"I already know them, you forget I read your files in the army?" finally Bo got an answer.

"oh yeah, I forgot"

"Want to talk about them?"

"I don't have many things to say, I don't even remember them, I have some pics buried somewhere in the crack shack"

"Want me to find them for you?"


"So you can see them? Why do people have pics?"

"what are you wearing?"


"are you coming next week? For therapy?"

"so you want me to come now?"

"I always want you to cum"

"omg you're such an idiot"

"and an asshole but you love me?"

"we will see if I have any love left for you on Friday"

"so your coming?"

"yes I am coming, and next time try to teach Buz something useful"

"Bo loves mama Lauren is pretty useful"

"and where exactly its useful?"

"could get me back inside your pants?"

"keep dreaming"

"I do, every day and night"

"go sleep Bo"

"I love you Lauren"

Bo couldn't believe how easy it was to say this to Lauren but she was unhappy because Lauren wouldn't say it back. She smiled, Lauren is coming at least for therapy.

Kenzi was giddy and Lauren was dying to ask her about how therapy went with Bo, but she didn't want Kenzi to take it in the wrong way, since that incident inside the doctors office Lauren was adamant to Kenzi that she and Bo were over for good. How many times have I said that, poor Kenzi is probably laughing at us.

"I miss Buz"

"Well mum insisted on having him for the whole day and I couldn't deny her, I want them to have a relationship with him"

"I think its great that they've come to love him so much"

"Yes me too, but I am still keeping an eye on them, takes time to change years of prejudice"

"Yeah I know, me and Bo have faced it all our lives"

"You know you never really told me how you and Bo met, I mean the details"

"Nothing much to say Lo, when I left my mums home after she and my stepdad had another epic break my face and bones fight, I was living on the streets for a week or so and one of those good guys approached me"

"Good guys?"

"Ya, one of those who offer you a shelter, money and drugs for a month or so and then put you out on the street to fuck randoms and get money for them? A pimp Lauren"


"So I got the shelter and the money and the drugs but when he got me on the street I ditched him, and you know how these things are, he was after me, and that was when I met Bo"

"She was on the streets too?"

"Bo was living on the streets for years I think but she was rather different than me, she was pretty wild, and she was more on the pimps side that on my side"

"I doubt Bo was working for a pimp"

"No she wasn't working for him, Bo wasn't working for anyone, she was working on bars and nightclubs as a free agent doing the dirty work Lo"

"The dirty work?" Lauren nearly cut her finger with the knife while cutting the salad when she heard Kenzis answer.

"Yes keeping an eye for cops and police when the drugs were around, you know when you want to buy drugs and someone is watching so nothing strange or weird is happening"

"So Bo, was a drug dealer?"

"No, sometimes, I don't really know, you have to talk about this with her, I am sure she was doing everything she could to survive"

"You and Bo were using?"

"Well me no, I was more of a drinker, you know I go that from my mum, but Bo yeah she was using but she wasn't an addict, you know there is a difference, when you do it because you want it or because you need it, I kinda think the reason she got both of us out of that world and got in the army was that she was afraid I would start using or she would get killed and I would have nobody to protect me, at least that's what I believe, well I think it wasn't even a year for me, but Bo was in that world for years"

"Did she talk in therapy about this?"

"You mean today? No, even though today was good, more about the military and our relationship and friendship. Bo doesn't like to talk about those years, you know that"

"I wonder what we are going to talk about"

"We? Your going?"

"yes, I changed my mind, I am going"

Kenzi hugged Lauren.

"I am glad you did, she is missing you"

"How is she?"

"Good, she seems a bit more focused, and also someone needs to tell her to stop with the exercises, she is really starting to bulk"

"she does?"

"yeah, I think it's the first time in her life that she is focusing on something else rather than sex"

"lol poor Bo"

"yeah, I bet she is lifting and lifting weights"

"I was wondering about that"

"about what?"

"about sex, did she say anything? How does she feel?"

"well she is pretty horny, that's what she said"

"omg you two, I cant have a serious talk with you and her about anything"

"oh come on, sex talk is serious" Lo grabbed a napkin and throwed it on Kenzis face while laughing.

" I bet you can stop her obsession for weightlifting"

"oh shut up"

"what? Its just a suggestion, besides she is so miserable that you don't want her anymore that…."

"who said I don't want her, of course I want her"

"haaaaaaaaaaaaa I knew it?"

"ur a fucking bitch"

"omg did you swear?"

"I cant believe you trapped me like that"

"Bo is sulking cause she thinks you dont want her bobo anymore"

"well what I want and whats going to happen, its two different things"

"cant you just give her a kiss at least? She thinks you don't want her because of how she is now"

"of course she thinks that, she is such an idiot, I mean she thinks I am that shallow?"

"sex and power were the two great things about herself, she was proud of herself about them, and now she lost both and she is losing her confidence"

"I am not sleeping with her until I see some serious changes"

"Ok, I didn't say that, but give her some sign that you want her too, show some boob? Give her some tongue?"

"can we stop this talk please? I am getting embarrassed"

"oh please Doc, when you were breaking the walls of the crack shack with Bo between your legs, you weren't embarrassed"

"fuck you"

"I wish, its like me and Bo are back being virgins, since that accident happened"

"Tell me about it, I got a bump on my hand from using it too much"

"Please Hotpants, I don't need so many details"

"Its your fault, you and your sex talks"

Lauren started laughing and couldn't stop while Kenzi was flushed and embarrassed.

She arrived at the doctors office a little early, she was nervous, she was going to see Bo after 3 weeks, she missed her so much. She decided to keep her cool, and be nice but distant, so Bo would still think she was mad. She wanted Bo to take therapy seriously, after what Kenzi said, she realized she knew nothing about Bos life still and she wanted to know more and more.

"Dr Lewis you are here? I am sorry but I thought my office has informed you that our appointment was canceled and transferred for next week"

"Really? Nobody informed me."

"Yes you see there are some kind of punishments that are placed upon a patient, especially if an incident of violence occurs"

"Violence? I am sorry but I don't follow?"

"Bo hasn't told you?"

"No, we didn't talk much this week, I was pretty busy and we only texted back and forth"

"Miss Dennis got in a fight with some other patient while training at they gym, so she lost some privileges for this week"

"Is she ok? Why i wasn't informed? Or Kenzi?"

"I am not sure, I am not the doctor responsible for her, I was only informed about the cancelation, it wasn't that serious, from what I understand, the other party was hurt more"

"I bet"

"You can visit her you know, visiting hours don't end until 8:30 in the afternoon, she has improved you know"

"She has? Sorry?"

"In her therapy sessions, I think what happened between you too in our meeting had an impact on her"

"That's great to hear"

Lauren walked out from the main office and towards the patient building. She was wearing a short business skirt and jacket with a button down shirt which she had inside her skirt and high wheels. She had chosen her outfit especially for Bo who loved to see her legs, and wanted to torture her a little by moving and crossing her legs during therapy. But that's over now, she was upset that Bo was again involved in a fight and even more that it got physical.

She signed her name on the visitors book in the reception and walked towards Bo room. The nurse was reading a magazine. He smiled when he saw her, well this nurse isn't gay that's for sure, he couldn't stop looking at her legs.

"You're here to see the boxer"

"Excuse me?"

"Bo the boxer?" The nurse laughed, that's her new nickname around here,

Lauren didn't answer, instead she walked in Bos room to find her watching Tv seating in bed, holding two small weights on her hands, about 0,5kg each.

"Lauren!" Bo smiled and then started eating her with her eyes.

"Lauren, what are you doing here?" Bo was beyond happy and giving Lo broad smiles.

"I came for the therapy but the doctor said it was canceled?"

"Yes, they didn't inform you? I should have texted you but I thought they already had. Damn you look hot"

Lauren sat on the small couch, gathering her legs so her skirt wont go to up.

"You can seat with me on the bed you know, I don't bite"

"Really? That's not what I hear" Bo lowered her head.

"Shit, I told the doc not to call you guys"

"Are you ok? What happened?"


"Bo come on"

"It was nothing, just a stupid fight over the ball"

"I doubt you would hit someone over a ball"

"Cant we not talk about it? I already hate it that I lost our meeting because of this, but I am glad you are here, how is Buz?"

"He is great, spending his afternoon with Aunt Kenzi, I bet she is feeding him as much chocolate as she can before I go back"

"Nice legs, ehhhh skirt, nice skirt"

"You like? I rarely wear them, I like jeans and trousers more"

"I think you look fantastic"

"So how are you?"

"I am good you?" Lauren watched as Bo was lifting those small weights.

"Why are you lifting weights here?"

"No reason, I am just a little stressed and they calm me before I go sleep"

"Oh, why are you stressed about?"

"How about everything?" Lauren moved and sat on the edge of Bos bed.

"Anything in particular?"

"Noo, not really" Bo was starting to breath heavily now. Lauren noticed Bo was wearing a sleeveless white tee.

"Your arms, they look good" Bo stretched them a bit.

"You think?"

"Yeah, I bet they are strong"

"Yes, I can lift more and more weight"

"Can I touch them? I always wondered how muscles feel, I mean trained muscles"

"What? Eehh of course you can"

Bo dropped the small lifts on the floor in a second, while watching Lauren approaching. She felt Lauren standing next to her and she turned her head to look at her, while Lauren was passing her hand on her arms.

"Wow your getting really fit Bo, I wonder how it feels to have such strongs hands touching you"

"Who me?"

"No I mean in general"

"Damn your scent is killing me" with a sudden move Bo trapped Lauren in her arms.

Lauren smiled.

"Bo what are you doing, I didn't say you could touch me."

"Well you did wonder how it feels, so here you are" Lauren placed her hands on Bos hands.

"I think visiting hours are going to end soon"

"We still have 30 minutes, a lot can happen"

"You think? What do you want to happen?"

"I dunno, maybe open your jacket and shirt for me a bit? So I can just catch a glimpse?"

Bo was joking but she watched with surprise and lust Lauren to move her hands and open her jacket and then unbutton her shirt. She was standing next to Bo while Bo was seating in bed with her hands still around her. Lauren was wearing a white lacy bra.

"Is that enough for a glimpse?"

"How about if I get my face in there and take a feel?" Bo moved her face between Laurens breast and took a deep breath.

"Damn Lauren you don't know what your doing to me"

"Helping you with the stress?"

Bo started kissing and licking everything she could and then would turn her face and lay her head on Laurens breasts above the bra. She was trying to calm down.

"I want you so much. I am going to be announced as body building champion before I leave this place, help me" Lauren started laughing.

"Yeah laugh, you don't know how it is"

"ohh my poor baby"

Lauren grabbed Bos head and finally kissed her. It was a sweet kiss with Lauren still smiling but quickly changed as Bo slipped her tongue inside Laurens mouth and got her hands on her ass pushing her on the bed. Lauren hugged Bos head and was kissing her back as strong as she could and then with a sudden move she pushed Bo and moved back. She started buttoning her shirt.

"noooooooooooooooooo" Lauren smiled again at Bos desperation.

"Shhhhhhhhhhh, this was just a taste baby, if your going to be a good girl from now on, you are going to get more and more tastes, I promise" Bo was pouting now.

"what do you mean more"

"well your coming home for a week next Monday aren't you? Make sure you're a nice girl and go throu ur therapy and we can see"

"get ready because I am so going to be ready"

Lauren lowered her head again and kissed Bos lips.

"And I don't want to hear about anymore fights"

Bo grabbed her head and kissed her again, it was a violent strong kiss.

"I am going to be the best girl there is, lets see if you keep ur word"

Lauren smiled again.

"Goodnight baby"

Laurens phone ringed, she was preparing to go to bed, Buz was already asleep.

"what are you wearing?"


"well I don't care, I want to rip them off from you"

"go sleep Bo, you have weights to lift"

"I am done with weight lifting"

Lauren couldn't stop laughing.

"you want me?"

"what do you think?"

"your were so hot today"

"wait until next Monday arrives"

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