She completes me

Chapter 26

"You know Bo, when I usually start with a new patient, we begin our talk from their childhood and the events that shaped them to become the people that they are as adults" Bo nodded to her doctor but didn't have anything to say.

"of course since you had a very serious accident that changed your life, we started talking about you at an age close to the accident but you, except of course from our meetings with Kenzi, you haven't told me anything really private or serious about you."

"you should be happy I even talk to you" Bo said with a bitter smile. The doctor smiled back at her.

"Should I try?"

"Go ahead"

"So you were born and raised here in Toronto?"

"I guess so, born and raised"

"I couldn't find much information about your family, your parents, and doesn't look like you have any other relative?"

"Blood relative? No I don't but I have Kenzi and of course Lauren, I don't really know if I have anyone left, and tell you the truth I never really cared to know"

"So you were on your own from a very young age, you were with your first foster family at 6? How was that?" Bo didn't answer, she just looked at the doctor straight in the eyes. She then smiled.

"I am sure as my therapist you do have some access on my files and you know how everything went"

"Well you know I have access on your files but those reports were written by professionals and people who work for the system, you don't want to share some experiences? Of course this is our first try on talking about incidents and experiences that shaped your life and I am just asking you to think about it, if you want to talk about anything, whenever you are ready"

"I am sure those files have anything you need to know" The doctor smiled at Bo.

"Ok I wont insist Bo. Take your time. As I said I want you to be comfortable and share anything you want. Anything. Lets move to something more pleasant"

"yeah lets do that"

"You and Kenzi, we talked about that relationship a lot and Kenzi is clearly someone who brings you love and joy and I must say your interaction at our sessions is something else"

"Yeah, Kenzi is my family"

"What about Lauren? You never talk about her either and we both remember what a disaster our session was."

"Lauren, umm what to say about Lauren?"

"Anything, why don't you start about her faults? As I understand you two were in a relationship and you broke up and make up a couple of times"

"Faults, that's a strange question"

"Why? Usually when I talk to someone about a previous relationship, they bring up their exs faults and the reasons of their break up and we analyze the relationship together"

"Laurens faults? Umm, Lauren, she is naïve, yeah she is very naïve"

"Naïve? About what? You or in general?"

"Both, yeah she is naïve about me and the world in general, she still has beliefs about the world, being good and such"

"And why she is naïve about you?" Bo didn't answer that.

"That's her only fault?"

"Your kidding me? She is a trust fund kid and she never cares about her money, I don't mean she spoils them but she doesn't care, people are taking advantage of her and she doesn't care, also she forgives people easily, and she comes from a very rich family and she is completely different from her relatives and her friends"

"And that's all her faults?"

"Look it many not sound serious to you but"

"Which people she forgives easily?" Again Bo didn't answer that question.

"She is pretty nerdy about her work, she knows everything but not in a bad way or coming off as arrogant or something but she can lose herself in her work, I dunno, and then she believes everybody loves or has love and such"

"During our session with her, she said it was love at first sight for her yet you hesitated and then agreed, want to elaborate on that?"

"Yeah, I think she takes sex as love, whereas I don't really believe in love so much, I think people say love but they mean sex"

"You think Kenzi loves you? You love her back?"

"Yes, of course"

"But you and Kenzi, you never had any sexually relationship?"

"Well yes, but that's different"

"How is that different? Isnt that another expression of love? In your first encounters with Lauren, your relationship was sexual for both? Or she expressed her love for you? While it was more of a sexual relationship for you?"

"I guess so, I mean we couldn't keep our hands from each other from the moment we got together"

"And then? Your relationship evolved?"

"Well we stopped when I left Afganistan and then we met up again here and started dating and…"

"And then it became love for both?"

"Not exactly I mean we had a deal in the beginning"


"Yeah an understanding that we wont talk about love and more try and live this, what we were feeling, this sexual attraction without confusing our feelings"

"And then this changed?"

"Yes, I guess so"

"So you kinda had to accept it was love"

"Accept? I don't know what that means, I just felt that this relationship was different from the others and I had feelings for Lauren that again were different from my past relationships"

"And what happened? Why you guys broke up?"


"Bo why you think someone like Lauren fell in love with you? You guys are so different, I mean on the outside at least"

"I think she likes someone strong, I don't know I think it was an instant attraction, as she said, I think someone strong and open and more social from her"

"You think she still loves you? You said you believe you would be together and have a future together"

"Yeah she loves me"

"Yet you are a different person now aren't you?"

"How so?"

"I mean, you said Lauren loved you for being strong and open and social, different from her, you make her sound like someone who is focusing on outside qualities, so now if we see you, you aren't what she would want? I mean do you follow my thinking?"

"You mean because of my body situation right now"

"Yeah your disability, why do you expect her to stay with you if she loved you for your physical features? Your outside appearance? Didn't that already change?"

"You don't know Lauren, she loves me, you know she already forgave my mistakes and we are going to start over"

"Ok Bo, I am just repeating what you said earlier, so it was your fault that your not a couple anymore? You said she forgives you?"

"Yeah, I pulled some shit but we are fine now"

"Pulled some shit? I mean did you hurt her physically?"

"No, no way, I wasn't faithfull, Lauren I said it already, she gives too much importance on sex, and you know what, she knew my past and in my opinion she should have expected what happened"

"Oh so you cheated on her. Did you regret that now? The way it almost destroyed your relationship?"

"I wish she didn't know about it, it wasn't serious for me but what I did really hurt her and i know what I have to do in the future"

"You don't sound like you regret what happened"

"I regret that I didn't protect her"

"Bo do you realize you are set for a lifetime of struggle?"


"Have you realized that? Are you aware what are we doing here? Because I can see you talk with such arrogance and superiority and I am not sure you understand that, you just admitted you cheated on your girlfriend that you say you hope to spend your whole life together, yet I don't see any real regret and I don't see you taking in mind the fact you want her to get back with you, a disabled person"

"Things can change"

"I know and that's what we are hoping for and we are working for but first and foremost, this place prepares you for a life as a disabled person, to be able to face the challenges of a world outside that its not disabled friendly. Isnt what you want selfish? Have you thought about that? You expect Lauren to spend her life with a disabled person, yet you don't even see yourself as one yet. You don't accept yourself as one yet. Your not that strong anymore. You are going outside with a big handicap and you need to be prepared physically and mentally to face that fact."

Bo said nothing.

"Also don't you think the fact Lauren has forgiven your cheating as you say is a sign of weakness? Many would say going back to someone who cheats is weak and that relationship is abusive, have you ever thought of that? Why someone like Lauren gets back with you? And right now?

Our time is up, I think it was a good talk, we are making some progress, I understand you have your back home week from Monday, so our next meeting would be next Saturday, and I think its going to be nice if we have a session with Lauren, what do you think? For the one we canceled?"

"Yes why not?"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

It was Monday night and she and Kenzi were seating on their couch, watching CSI DVDs and eating fast food. Bo was stressed and upset, Lauren didn't come today, Buz had a bit of a fever and he had a light cold so Lauren preferred to keep him inside until he got over it completely. Bo was worried and wanted to be with them but she knew it was better to stay away, she was afraid she was going to be a burden and nothing else.

This whole disability talk was bothering her since her last session with the crazy doc. She couldn't get off her mind the docs words. Today it was supposed to be their night, she wanted Lauren and she was dreaming about tonight and Laurens promise but from the moment Kenzi told her she wasn't coming, she was starting to lose her confidence again.

"Hey Kenz"


"Have you talked to Lauren?"

"I talk to Lo everyday Bo"

"No I mean you guys talked about me?"

"About you? Of course we do bb, we love and care about you"

"No, no I mean what is she saying about me? What does she think about me?"

"Bo what kind of questions are these? I don't know what you are asking, Lauren loves u and cares about you"

"Has she talked about sex?"


"Sex? With me? Has she said anything to you? Supposedly tonight we were going to be together and it was going to be our first time…"

"Wow bb, I don't need to know that, and you know Lo wants you, she cant keep her eyes from you and she is all this and that about your guns right now" Bo smiled.

"So she likes my arms eh?"

"I am sure if Buz was ok, I would be babysitting while you would be in bed right now, if that's what she told you of course"

"Phew, I was having some doubts, about her, if she still wants me and such"

"I am sure you would have your alone time in the next days Bo, you know Buz is her priority now"

"yeah I know"

"Hey Kenz"

"Hey bb"

"I have been thinking and I was wondering"

"What bb?'

"I am going to ask Lo to marry me" Kenzi choked on her burger.


"Why are you so surprised? I said I am thinking of asking Lauren to marry me"

"You cant be serious" Kenzi got up from the couch and went and sat on the kitchen island.

"Why such a reaction?"

"Because your mad, you cant be serious"

"I am mad? Why? I think it's the perfect time for us. "

"Perfect time? Perfect time? Do you understand you have a million problems now? Do you? You are still in rehab Bo, you didn't even go out to the city on your own, just to try and push around with the wheelchair, I mean now it's the perfect time? Seriously?"

"Wow Kenz calm down will you? Is that so bad that I want to marry Lauren? I love her and I want to be with her and I love Buz and I want to be his mum and not just his mum friend or lover, I want to have them with me all day and I want…."

"Its always about what you want Bo, I mean you say you want to marry Lo, ok I get it, of course you want to marry her, she is a catch, but why she should marry you Bo? Have you changed? Have you changed a bit, not physically but mentally? Bo, what does Lauren know about you? About your past? You want to marry her but still don't talk to her. What have you done in order to think Lauren will marry you? You guys didn't even have sex yet, you don't know if you guys fit sexually after what happened, sorry but I cant with you, every day something new, when we settle on something, you create something new."

Bo lowered her head, she didn't expect such a reaction from her close friend.

"Bo, I am sorry but that's the way things are, I am telling you to wait that's all, wait. Lauren loves you and you love her but you are both starting new, she with Buz and you with this new life ahead of you, why don't you go slow? Lauren is still hurt from what you did, do you think she trusts you not to do it again? If you get back in shape and get back to normal life, how she can be sure?"

"She told you that, that she doesn't trust me?"

"What no, she didn't tell me anything, I am just saying Bo, just saying."

"So I shouldn't ask her"

"I don't know Bo, that's your decision, do what you want, you just started being close again and starting new, that's my point, why don't you wait? To see how things would go?"

Bo nodded at her friend. Kenzis words pretty much sounded the same like the crazy docs. I wish Lauren was here, Bo thought. She was really looking forward to their time together.

"Kenz, what do you say if we go by Laurens tomorrow? I think you are right, its about time I start getting out of the house a bit, get some fresh air?"

"Are you sure? Your ready about this?"

"We will see, I eventually have to get out and meet people, friends, those who know me, see reactions, see how I can move around the city, its about time don't you think?"

"If you say so Bobo." Kenzi walked over and hugged her friend strong.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

She and Kenzi were on the sidewalk, the morning was cold but she didn't mind, she was feeling happy, she was feeling the air on her face, and loving the faded sun, they had decided to go and get some breakfast from Bos fav bakery before they get in the car and go to Laurens. Bo was pushing the wheelchair and she was feeling a bit out of breath, the truth was that she didn't do any big distances with the wheelchair and this was the first time she was out, really out and pushing in order to go somewhere.

"Do you want us to stop? Take a break?"

"Ehh? Nooo I am ok"

"Are you sure Bo, you look flushed" Kenzi smiled at her.

"Yeah, lets stop a bit, I don't even know why we are going so fast in the first place" Bo smiled back at her. Bo took a breath and looked around, they didn't even go half way yet and the bakery wasn't even that far from the crack shack. Bo had to weather the up and downs of the sidewalk but in general she didn't find much difficult on going around with the wheelchair yet. She was smiling but that's nothing she said to herself, wait until rain or snow starts, that's when you wont be able to get out. Bo stopped smiling. Yeah snow, I would be needing someone to get me out on the snow Bo thought.

"Lets go Kenz?"

"When your ready baby"

Bo started pushing again, she was going slower now, she wanted to enjoy the day, she didn't need to rush things. After about 10 minutes more, they arrived at the bakery. She loved that place, only because she loved their stuff but because it was connected to her and Kenzi and to her and Lauren. Kenzi got the door for her, Bo had to start training on how to open doors, she could push with the wheelchair but she wanted to try and see if she could do it with her hands. She also started thinking about using the electrical device of the wheelchair that would allow her not to push and instead control the wheelchair and would like a small electrical bike, she opted out when she agreed on using the wheelchair but she started thinking if it was better to use it when she was outside, she was aware she was going really slow, by only using her hands.

Bo smiled at the familiar faces, she didn't come here since she had the accident, she got smiles back and some hesitation.

"Bo, so happy to see you back"

"Yeah, glad to be back"

"What can I get for you?"

"I want 4-5 of some warm croissants and a couple of pie slices"


"Can you get me one of those toasts? With double cheese and some mayo?"

Bo smiled at her friend, she was always so hungry. Bo couldn't help but notice the side eyes she was getting from the people inside the bakery and of course the owners. She didn't mind that much, she was used to get side eyes, since she was young, first it was because she was poor and looking like trash, then because she was looking like an outlaw, then she was getting hungry eyes because of her appearance and the girls, men couldn't take her eyes from them, and girls of course, Bo smiled at the thought of Lauren and how much she loved them.

"Here you are Bo" Bo made a move to grab her small bag and pay.

"No, that's on the house Bo, you know for coming back"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, its ok"

"Thank you, thank you very much"

"Your welcome." Bo smiled again but she was starting to lose that happy feel. Kenzi had again to keep the door open in order Bo to get out.

"We can use this you know"

"Huh?" Kenzi smiled at her.

"We can use this thing, we can make some money out of it, you just need to be more unhappy and sad, get that sad I am a disable person help me look"

"Oh shut up Kenz" Kenzi laughed out loud while Bo pretended to smack her. Bo grabbed the bakery bag tight. She got the croissants for La and she wanted them to be warm. They went back to their car, which was parked near the crack shack, 30 minutes later, Bo was really tired.

"Thank god, I didn't think it would take that long"

"Its because it was your first time Bo, I am sure the more you do this the more you would be able to get used to it and wont be as tiring, also why don't you use that control thing? You can drive it around and wont have to push"

"I know, I was thinking about that too"

They finally arrived at Laurens house but Bo already was feeling tired. She couldn't believe that she would get tired so easily, just from pushing the wheelchair to and back from the bakery. She got on her wheelchair and waited for Kenzi to park the car better. She noticed the 3 stairs Laurens apartment block door had and the ramp on the corner. Thank god for that ramp. She smiled and went to the ramp, she pushed to get on but with a surprise the wheelchair slided back. Bo smiled again, she had to use more power, Bo again pushed and she got until the middle and again the wheelchair slided back. Shit fuck Bo thought. She pushed slowly until she got in the middle and stayed there for a second and then pushed again and again slowly until she was finally up. Ok, I did it Bo said to herself, that was stressful pheewww.

"Bo, your ready? Lets go?"

"Yeah" again Bo watched as Kenzi pressed the button to Laurens apartment and the door opened. Those buttons are too high Bo thought, I may have to ask Lauren for a key. They got inside the elevator and finally at Laurens house. Lo was at the door waiting for them holding Buz in her arms. Kenzi kissed Lauren and Buz on the head and got him from Lo so that she would bend and kiss Bo.

"I missed you" Bo said.

"You look tired"

"Yeah? I am not, its just the heat on the car you know how I hate those things. I prefer cold."

"Sorry about yesterday, but I don't want to risk anything with Buz"

"Yeah, and I wanted to come over and check on you guys, I don't like it when he is sick and I cant be there"

"Well he is much better today" Lauren and Bo looked at the little guy who was snuggling in Kenzis arms.

"He just got his fever surup and it makes him sleepy"

"I got you some warm croissants you like so much, but there cold now"

"Its ok, I already had breakfast but I am sure I can eat them in the afternoon, are you guys staying for lunch?"

"Well you know I have to be at barracks at noon, got my 24h service today" Kenzi said.

"I was thinking that maybe I can stay with you? If I am not a burden? Don't worry I wont try anything" Lauren smiled.

"Of course you can stay with us. Buz and I would love to have you, besides you know how much I love to cook for you"

Kenzi didn't like where things were heading, she hoped she made Bo change her mind about this whole marriage thing and she didn't want to leave Bo alone with Lauren until Bo tells her what she decided. She didn't want Bo to scare Lauren away, when they were making progress.

Time passed and Kenzi had already left, Lauren made her a couple of those great sandwiches of hers to take with her at work, and now she and Lauren were enjoying the silence, Bo laying in Laurens couch with Buz sleeping on her and Lauren seating on her big chair,in her typical way with her legs under her body.

"He is so beautiful"

"Yes he is"

"You never told me how you chose him, I know his mum died and you were there"

"He chose me actually, he was refusing to go to anyone else"

"Smart guy" Lauren smiled.

"I was out on the city today with Kenzi"

"yes Kenzi told me, how did you feel?"

"Ok, tired, I got tired quickly, I should start using the wheelchair in everything and in long distances"

"Why don't u use the control? Its much easier"

"It is, but I feel more independent using my own hands, why should I use it when I can push?"

"How was therapy"

"I think the doc doesn't want us to be together, he is against us" Bo said with a smirk.

"Why, You talked about us?"

"Well some general comments he made"

"And you didn't react? That's progress" Buz chose to wake up at that moment and asked for his bed. Lauren got up and took him from Bos arms and got him on his bed, he was a bit warm but Lauren had to wait for a couple more hours before she could give him surup again. She went back on the living room.

"Come lay with me?" Lauren smiled at Bos words. She walked towards her, and took Buzs place, she was laying next to Bo having her back on Bos breast while Bo got her arms around her.

"So what else you and the doc talked?"

"He thinks I am being selfish with u. That I shouldn't expect you to stay with me at my situation"

"Oh" Lauren turned at Bos arms and looked at her.

"And what do you think?"

"I cant think when your lips are so close to mine" Lauren smiled and closed the distance. She kissed Bos lips in a tender light way.

"What was that?"Bo whispered and then pushed Laurens head again towards hers and started kissing. This time the kisses were hard and deep and both were left breathless. Bo hugged Lauren.

"I love you so much." Lauren hugged her back and didn't say anything.

"Why wont you say it?"

"Say what?"

"That you love me?" Lauren tried to move but Bo would let her.


"What? Why wont you say it, I know you love me"

"Things are different now, and yes you are right, I do love you but its not that easy for me anymore"

"Whats not easy? To love me?"

"No, oddly enough that comes easy to me even though I don't know why, its not that easy to say it."

"You don't trust me? Don't worry I cant cheat on you anymore, I mean, who is going to sleep with me the way I am?" Bo realized her mistake before Lauren tries to get up again.

"I am sorry, I didn't mean it" Bo was still holding her strong.

"You know I was dreaming about this week, that we were going to have endless sex"

"Really? I cant blame you, after what I did in your room the other day"

"So sex wont happen?"

"I haven't decided yet" Lauren again turned on Bos arms and rested her head on her breasts. They spend the afternoon like that, not talking but sharing small kisses and watching Tv. Buz woke up and he was much better, he didn't have fever and he had his good mood back. He and Bo were drawing, while Lauren was preparing his fruits.

"Omg Bo you cant even draw a proper human?"

"Whats wrong with the one I made?" Buz was laughing at Bos faces.

"That's not a human, that's an alien." Lauren grabbed Buz hand and lead him to draw a nice little boy.

"Oh please doc, that's not the way kids are today"


"Yes baby that's Buz" Buz moved his hand and he tried to draw another image.


"Hahah, my hair aren't yellow dude"

"Dude" Bo grabbed him and hugged him.

Lauren was staring at them, playing and laughing.



There was a few moments of silence until Lauren again closed the distance and kissed Bo on the lips, this time infront of Buz who was smiling and very excited although he hugged and kissed his mum too. Bo was surprised at Laurens move and instantly she got serious. Lauren laughed at Buzs show of possessiveness over her and she hugged and kissed him back too.

"He is jealous"

"Of course he is, I cannot even think of anyone else touching you, imagine if I see someone kissing you" They continued to play while Lauren was feeding Buz his fruits and Bo would steal some in between.

Buz was very tired and was sleeping as soon as he finished his milk. Lauren was placing him on his bed, while Bo was on her wheelchair trying to decide what to wear for the night. Her decision to stay at Los wasn't planned and she got nothing but Lo provided her with a couple of choices. She finally chose a pair of sweatpants that looked brand new, I bet they are since she never wears any.

"You decided" Lauren was back.

"Yeah, I think I ll go with this"

"Ok, want to go on the guesthouse to change? You need anything?"

"No I can manage myself"

"Ok, I ll clean the kitchen a bit"

Bo pushed the wheelchair towards the guestroom, she opened the door, the room was dark and the button for the light was up. She had to try and stretch herself with her hands as much as she could to press it. She changed her mind and preferred to keep the door half open so some light from the living room would come in and she could change.

Lauren was washing Buzs milk and water bottles when she heard a knock, as someone had fallen. She rushed to the room to find Bo in the dark and on the floor, trying to wear the sweatpants.

"Bo what are you doing on the dark?"

"I forgot to steady the brakes again, fucking wheelchair, moved back and I fell down"

Lauren got her hands under Bos shoulders

"I can get up on my own Lo"

"Come on I can help you get on the bed baby"

"I can get on my own"

"Just get your hands on me, I can get you in bed"

"I said I can do it on my own"

"Why do you have to be so stubborn?"

Bo finally got her hands on Lauren and moved her body as Lauren walked towards the bed. Bo crawled and reached the bed and with Laurens help she got on it.

Lauren started searching Bos head and body to she if she got hurt.

"If I knew you would react like that, I would fall all the time"

Lauren smiled, Bo was fine, only her confidence was hurt a little.

"Going to finish washing Buz stuff and I am coming back ok? Your going to be alright on your own?" Bo could clearly see Lauren was teasing her.

"Ok mum"

Lauren went back to the kitchen and finished and then went back to check on Buz before she got to the guest room. Bo was looking serious and deep in thought. Lauren approached her and sat next to her.

"What are you thinking?"

"You, us"

"And what are you thinking about us?"

"Our future, if you want me, why you want me"


Bo moved her body and lowered her head to kiss Lauren.

"Please stay with me tonight?"

Lauren kissed her back.

"Ok, but we are going really slow this time. Promise me"

"I promise, everything. I got nothing left, you are all I got"

Bo got her hands around Laurens waist, while Lauren moved and placed her hands on Bos face, deepening their kisses. Bos tongue was inside Laurens mouth, getting more and more deep. Lauren started kissing Bos face, while moving her hands under Bos shirt. Lauren felt Bo moving her body behind and falling back in bed. She smiled between their kisses. Lauren dragged the shirt out, and sat on Bos lap, while Bo laid back. They looked at each other.

"Be nice to me, I am disabled" Bo said with a smirk. Lauren placed her hands on the side of Bos head and slowly lowered her head.

"I think I am going to love the fact your are disabled"

"Oh yeah?"

"Oh yeah. I can do what I want with you finally" Bo eyes went dark.

"You always could do what you want with me, you got me, I am yours, you own me baby" Lauren started kissing Bos face slowly, and then moved on her neck. Bo got her hands on Laurens bra under her blouse and opened it, she then dragged Laurens blouse away. It was Laurens turn to open Bos bra. She loved the sight. She started kissing the area around Bos breasts, making small circles with her kisses and her tongue.

"I missed you so much" Bos breath was heavy and her voice deep.

Lauren got her hands on Bos breasts holding them a little up, she then started kissing and licking them, before circling her mouth around her nipples.

"They are so perfect, so mine"

"Yes baby, yours" Lauren was sucking on Bos nipples while Bo had her hands on Laurens head pressing more and more on her. Lauren started moving lower, while dragging Bos sweatpants down. She kissed her belly, and felt the muscles there tensed and so tender.

"Your so fit baby"

"Its all for you, all"

And then Lauren went lower. She got rid of her own clothes. She moved down and got her body around Bos legs. She felt Bo getting nervous and her breath faster. She slowly took off the sweatpants and Bos underwear and looked at her legs for a bit. Bo closed her eyes. She didn't want to think what Lauren was seeing, what she was thinking. Then she felt Lauren kissing her.

"Open your eyes"

Bo smiled, it was a emotional smile. Lauren started kissing her legs. She went down and started kissing her toes and then her knees and then her thighs.

"So beautiful, my baby is so beautiful"

She didn't know if Bo was feeling anything, if she was physically feeling anything on her legs, but mentally she knew Bo was feeling everything on her heart.

Lauren got her body between Bos legs. Opening them, she got her hands under and around Bos thighs.

"I love you so much" Laurens words made Bo cry. She felt Laurens mouth kissing her pussy. Slowly, small tender kisses, making it sensitive again. Slowly opening the lips. Lauren would blow some air and then kiss again, and kiss and blow again until Bos lips opened and Lauren could see her clit. She massaged it with her thumb and again kissed and sucked on the lips around it.

"Baby" Bo was so afraid she wont feel anything, she would touch her body for nights checking everything again and again scared that she lost her sense down there, but she could feel everything that Lauren was doing to her.

Finally Lauren would start teasing Bos clit with her tongue. She would press it and lick it and then close her lips around it. She could feel Bo was getting close. She moved closer and got her hands around Bos lips keeping it open and massaging the clit with her fingers while kissing and licking.

"I am gonna cum"

"yeah cum for me baby" Lauren closed her mouth around Bos clit, keeping it inside her mouth while she was taking Bos orgasm inside her. She was feeling the walls down there moving and Bos belly moving up and down like crazy for a few seconds. Before Bo ends, Lauren dragged the clit between her legs biting it hard.

"fuck baby, I love you, Lauren"

Lauren continued to kiss and suck Bos clit and pussy, until Bo was calm again.

"Get up here, I want to kiss you" Bo whispered.

"I haven't finished yet" Lauren said while she started massaging Bos clit again, this time harder and more tensed, she opened Bos legs more and placed her tongue around Bos vag hole.

"Yes Lo, I want you inside me, yes"

"That's what I thought" and with a sudden move Lauren pushed two fingers inside Bo. She slowly got up and started kissing Bo while Bo had her hands around Laurens body. Lauren had her hand between them fucking Bo while kissing her deeply, she was pushing more and more.

"Fuck me, I am ready" Laurens words got Bo out of her haze, she placed her own hand between Laurens legs and got 3 fingers inside her.

"yeah baby, yeah, slowly"

Lauren was moving on her hand, driving Bo crazy, she managed to get four fingers inside her going mad and losing control, until they both ended. Bo got her hand out and dragged Laurens hair, kissing her hard and biting her lips.

Laurens fingers were still inside her fucking her, giving her another orgasm.

Finally Lauren fell on Bos body. They kissed each other, while Bo was hugging her and squeezing her, between tears.

"shhhhh" Lauren was kissing her tears.

"I love you so much, you don't know how much" Bo was saying trying to hide her face and turning it away.

"Don't hide from me okay?" They stayed there until they both calmed down, Lauren tried to move but Bo was holding her strong.

"I am going to check on Buz, he sometimes wakes up and waits for me to get him in my bed and sleeps with me"

"Bring him here" Lauren smiled and got up, she throwed Bo the sweatpants shirt while she got a nightgown for herself and then she got at Buzs room and got him.

He was sleeping but Lauren wanted him to be with them. She came back and placed him on the left side close to her arms and she laid behind him while she had Bo in her back. Bo got her hands around her, kissing her neck. Lauren turned her head and again they kissed each other deeply.

"I cant have enough of you"

"Shhhh, Buz is picking up everything, be a good girl" Bo smiled at Laurens words. She closed her eyes and hugged her baby close. She didn't care that she couldn't move her legs. She was happy. She had her family with her.


"What baby?"

"Will you marry me?"

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