She completes me

Chapter 28

Her hands were sweating, she and Kenzi had everything ready. Bo was coming home. She closed her eyes, and million thoughts passed throu her mind. She wasn't sure, in fact she didn't know if Bo wanted to see her and Buzz, if she wanted them to be there when she arrives back, but really she didn't care. She was going to be there with Buzz. She wanted to share the joy, she promised herself she would be good, polite, keep a distance but would be there.

From that first message informing Kenzi that she could walk, everything changed again. Bo called Kenzi the same night informing her that she wanted to see her. She said nothing about Lauren or Buzz, and when Kenzi came back from her first visit that weekend she told Lauren Bo was a different person. Someone else. She could walk yeah, in fact Kenzi said, she is limbing but she is walking. After that she didn't say much. Lauren asked her if Bo asked about them, and Kenzi said no. A sad, shy no. She waited for Bos call, to inform her too about walking but nothing.

Kenzi told her that Bo wanted to move out from the crack shack but Kenzi didn't want to hear it, from what she figured out, after the initial joy of seeing each other and about Bo being able to walk, they had an epic fight, Kenzi was heavily upset and rightfully so, at the way Bo sidelined her, and that she wasn't going to be out of her life no matter how much Bo was trying to get her out.

That's what Kenzi told her and not in many details, most of it Lauren figured out. Lauren understood that it was time for her and Buzz to move out, since Bo was coming. Kenzi didn't know what to say, she wasn't sure, but Lauren was already searching for another place, near the crack shack, she wanted to be close to Kenzi and yes close to Bo. All this time she was staying calm, of course she was angry and upset but she was willing to let Bo do this on her own. She was willing to give her time, she was willing to give her space, to think, fight for her body to get better.

But she wasn't going to just disappear from her life, and Buzz loved her very much. Lauren was pretty aware that Bo was self destructive, and she saw her latest actions as part of that. When things don't go her way she isolates herself, leaves, do things on her own. Ok Lauren said to herself, I had given you time, I had given you space, and now I am here to see you, we are here to see you.

Buzz was a bundle of energy as usual, around the apartment. She and Kenzi were waiting for Bo to arrive, Kenzi wanted to go pick her up but Bo refused telling her someone else is bringing her. Kenzi was visiting Bo every weekend but from what she could understand things didn't improve much in their friendship, Bo has changed was Kenzis usual moto when she would come back. Lets see that change.

Lauren didn't know if Kenzi informed Bo about her and Buzz living with her or that they were here today, waiting for her to arrive, but she really didn't care. Bo was selfish all along, and Lauren couldn't stay away, not today, she was going to be selfish too for once. She needed to be here. Suddenly Kenzis mobile started ringing breaking the silence. She answered, it was Bo, they had arrived. She got up from the couch while Kenzi walked towards the door opened it.

They heard the known sound of the elevator and then the elevator door opening. Lauren picked up Buzz in her arms, he was going to be surprised seeing Bo after such a long time. First came out a blonde, she was tall and had long hair, she was wearing tight jeans and boots and a jean jacket, Lauren was very surprised, Kenzi didn't look that surprised though. The blonde turned and offered her hand to someone, and then Bo walked out from the elevator, her hair were much shorter, and she was wearing black tight jeans, sneakers and a plain shirt, all Lauren could notice was the fact Bo was holding that blondes hand.

She was very thin, and looking very fit, trained, her face full of corners, but not so healthy. In fact she was looking sweaty and rather strained.

Bo was walking carefully with her one leg heavily limbing. As she walked towards the door she raised her eyes and looked up. She saw them, Kenzi holding the door, while she and Buzz were a few steps behind. Lauren smiled, a weak unsure smile, Buzz started calling her name, trying to get off from his mothers arms. Lauren tried to calm him but he wanted down so he could run to Bo. Bo didn't even smile at them, she looked at Kenzi and then kept on walking until she got in. Kenzi smiled and hugged her.

"Welcome home Bobo"

Bo said nothing. Lauren finally let Buzz down so he could run to Bo, but Bo completely ignored him. Everything was sureal, it was like Bo was in another world.

"I am going to get your bags babe"

The blonde said. Bo nodded to her and continued walking. Kenzi followed her obviously to help get the bags up. Lauren was standing there, saying nothing, looking at Buzz trying to get Bos attention while Bo was looking around the place. The blood got to her head and Lauren exploded. She walked towards Bo and turned her face towards her.

"Hello!, I am here too, Buzz is here, I am here, you cant see us?"

She was yelling, she knew that, this isn't the way to treat someone, but she had it with Bo. She got a girlfriend in rehab? A girlfriend? Seriously? That second class copy of her? Bo didn't answer back, something that made Lauren more mad.

"You're a fucking bitch, your know that?"

It was the first time she would swear around Buzz.

"A fucking bitch, the moment you got well you got a girlfriend? Seriously Bo? Your ego couldn't take that I didn't want to marry you before we sort things out? Seriously?"

Bo again said nothing but Lauren could see now a faded smile. She dragged Buzz in her arms.

"Your smiling? Laughing at us? God if I was a violent person I would have hit you right now, you don't know how much Buzz missed you, how much Kenzi missed you, you selfish ahhh, I don't know how to call you, you got a girlfriend? I cant believe you, I cant, and you bring her here? Damn you Bo"

The noise from the elevator stopped Lauren from saying more. The door opened and there was a guy on a wheelchair coming out, and then Kenzi and that blonde bitch, holding Bos bags. He looked at Lauren.

"You must be Lauren, and that's Buzz?"

Lauren woke up from her thoughts and her previous outburst and offered her hand to the guy.

"Yes," He offered his hand back.

"I am John and this is my wife Hen, she is also Bos doctor"

The blonde finally left the bags inside the house and offered her hand too. This is John and that's his wife. What the hell she is doing calling Bo babe then? If you have a husband you don't call someone else babe.

"Lauren?" Kenzi saved her.

"Ah yes, nice to meet you, I am sorry I am a bit…"

"I understand" The blonde made a dismissive move with her hand and turned to Bo, she hugged her strong and then turned to Lauren again.

"From what Bo said you're a doctor too? Well she is a bit buzzed as you can see, from the drugs and painkillers, she wanted to walk here, while I told her it would have been better if she was using the wheelchair for most of the day until she gets stronger"

She grabbed Bos file from one of Bos bags. She opened them and handed Lauren a page, and then kept the file on her hands.

"That's her medicine, she needs to lie down most of the time, she has specific exercises during the day, its mostly small walks inside the house she has to take at certain hours, keep in mind that she doesn't have to pressure herself much" Bo was already limping more, and that made the doctor walk towards her and puts her hand around her, steadying her. Kenzi moved fast and did the same.

"Lets get her in the bedroom, she needs to lay down" Bo had a silly smile on her face now, it was obvious she was heavily drugged.

Lauren followed behind, not liking the way that Hen had such an obvious close relationship with Bo. They slowly and carefully got Bo on the bed. Again that blonde bitch, turned towards Lauren.

"If you cant understand anything let me know"

"I am sure I would manage" Lauren answered in the firm professional way, finally putting the blonde in her place.

"Why she is so buzzed?" Lauren looked at the blonde in a accusing way.

"I said she wanted to walk in here, she wanted her family to see her walk, and she was already tired, she was in great pain too, so I had to give her a big dose, but don't worry, the drugs would fade out in a couple of hours, and she would be fine, well, it was nice meeting you, you got my phone and everything, I would be making weekly visits to see how she is going, and she has my numbers for everything she needs"

The blonde walked out of the bedroom with Lauren following behind her.

"Everything ok?" John asked.

"Yes, she is going to sleep as a baby for the next few hours" Lauren noticed John was looking at her, with smirk on his face. She walked towards her son who was playing with the wheelchair and picked him up.

"It was nice meeting you Lauren, finally"

"Well I cant say the same, obviously Bo was talking about me, unfortunately I don't know anything about you"

"I am sure, Bo would explain everything when she wakes up" The blonde chimmed in.

"You bet" Lauren answered. They turned and left. Kenzi walked out of the bedroom closing the door.

"That's the new Queen bee" Kenzi said.


"You see how she goes around Bo? She is her doctor and therapist, everytime I visit, she is there, telling me what to say, and what not to say, she is a bitch"

"Oh come on Kenzi, she is just doing what she thinks is best from Bo, besides Bo is walking, so that's a big success for her as a doctor"

"I bet she has the hots for Bo and her husband? He is too blind to see it"

Lauren said nothing, she was going to stay patient, for a couple of hours more. She got the piece of paper and started reading it. It was Bos medicine and her diet and also a few everyday advises and her exercise schedule, the doctor was also informing them that she was going to continue to be Bos therapist outside the rehab program that ended.

"You got that wrong doc" Lauren said out loud.

"Bo has a doctor, already"

"You said something Lo?"

"Just talking to myself, don't worry"

"So you guys are going to your parents tonight?"

"Kenzi, I was thinking, why not Buzz sleep with you in bed and I can have the couch for some time until our house is ready?, I want to personally oversee Bos therapy and Buzz is used to this place, I don't want him moving 3 houses in such a short time" Kenzi approached and hugged her.

"Actually Lo, I was going to ask you guys to stay too, I am kind of afraid Bo is going to wake up in the middle of the night and drink my blood, they have turned her into a zombie" Lauren smiled. I cant wait for our darling Bo to wake up Lauren thought.

Her head was so heavy, she would usually wake up with a headache but it wasn't always so painful. This place smells so nice. Strange, usually most of the time everything smells plastic and dusty. Ahhh this bed is so comfy. The covers are so comfy. Bo smiled, I am dreaming again, she was keeping her eyes closed so the dream wont end. Not only the bed was comfy but everything had this great scent, damn, when this torture will end, she said to herself, why I have to wake up everyday thinking about her? Lauren.

Why? She couldn't believe how strong the scent of Lauren was this morning. She was hearing voices. Kenzi? Kenzi and a baby? She couldn't understand, she was dreaming Kenzi talking to a baby? Ahhh my head, she moved her hand to touch her head.

"Your having a headhache?"

Lauren? Now she was hearing Laurens voice talking to her. She smiled. Usually she would have sex dreams, she and Lauren do everything to each other or they would fight, or worse, dreams about Lauren killing herself or Lauren learning about her past. Bo tried to move. There was movement on the bed.

"Shhhh" She felt a hand on her forehead.

"Don't make sudden moves" the voice was near her now. Bo smiled more, ahhhh this dream is good. I am not waking up she thought, not opening my eyes. Then she felt more movement, someone jumping in bed.

"Buzz shhh, bo is still sleeping"

"She is not mummy"

"Yes, she is, go play with Kenzi, when she wakes, I ll call you"

"No, why can I stay here and watch her as you do?"

Damn this dream is awesome, Buzz is in it too. Now all I want is Lauren getting him to sleep and then slip next to me and we fuck.

"Fuck? What does fuck mean mummy"

"Omg, that's all she can think off while sleeping?" Bo felt the weight from the bed was off and she was alone again. She tried to turn and the pain in her leg cut her lungs.


She opened her eyes slowly. She always forgets that she had to stay still for sometime after she wakes up. She had a terrible headache again. That's the prize you pay for the heavy medicine you take, if you want to walk and stand the pain at the same time, that's what Hen told her.

Bo was using drugs all her life, but she hated these kind of drugs the most. In the rehab she was, they didn't offer much of an alternative, and from the moment she started feeling her back and legs again, the pain came back too, killing her. So she had to use heavy medication to be able to go throu the day. But she was walking. That's all she cared about.

The buzz from the drugs was leaving her slowly, she looked around. She was in the crack shack, the memories of the day started coming to her. She left rehab and was heading back home with John and Hen. When she arrived Lauren was there with Buzz and Kenzi. After that, the drugs were on full effect and she didn't remember much. She only remembers the happiness she felt seeing Lauren and Buzz there. But everything was blurry. She turned around, checking the room, it looked more comfy and flowery, she noticed open colors and the change in the bed covers. She dragged them up in her nose, so fresh. She heard voices again. It was Kenzi and Buzz, yeah, Kenzi and Buzz, they were bantering, Buzz must be 3 by now, Bo hasn't seen him for months. And Lauren. Lauren she could hear her voice, answering Buzz with that certainty of knowing everything. Bo closed her eyes. What did we agree? she said to herself. What did we agree? No more hopes, no more Lauren. You can dream about her all you want but you have moved on. We have to stick to this.

As she opened her eyes again, she watched Lauren open the door and getting inside the room, like a dream, she watched her angel, lowering her head and kissing her forehead.

"Welcome back baby"

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