She completes me

Chapter 29

Bo opened her eyes, this time she woke up with no headache. She felt someone was laying next to her. She turned her head and saw Buzz. He was looking at her with his eyes wide open. He slowly raised his hand and touched Bos face.


Bo moved her hand and grabbed his and kissed it.

"Hi there little guy"

He moved closer and hugged her, getting his small hands around Bos neck.

"Bobo you are back"

"Yes I am,"

Bo squeezed him on her strong. She missed him so much. He started touching her hair and face again, surprised and happy that he was seeing her again after months of absence. Then suddenly the bedroom door opened again and Kenzi walked in.

"Finally your awake"

She approached her best friend and hugged her too. Bo tried to move.

"Noooo, Lauren has given me strict instructions, no sudden moves, you have to stay in bed for sometime after you wake up and do some exercises and then slowly get up with my help"

"Ohhh Kenz I am so sick of the exercises everytime I was waking up at rehab"

"You know that's the drill Bobo" Kenzi sat next to her.

"Your hungry?"

"What time is it? What day? I feel like I am sleeping for days"

"Just a day, you were so out of it yesterday when you arrived, Lauren was checking all night, that doc really overdosed you with sedatives and painkillers, Lauren was pretty upset"

"She shouldn't be, Hen is great, she is fantastic, she helped me more than anyone" Kenzi was surprised at Bos warm and passionate words about that blonde doctor. She looked at her best friend with a question mark.

"I am hungry, whats for dinner? What did you order?"

"huh? You do know the moment Lauren moved in here with Buzz, takes outs died?"

"Lauren moved here? When? How come you didn't mention that earlier?"

"Because she is moving out soon? Besides everytime I was going to tell you, that doctor was interrupting us, either visiting time was up or that you needed to get back to something, I had a feeling she was doing that on purpose, so I wont talk to you much"

"What? That's your idea Kenzi, Hen is great and she really cares for me and an absolutely top doctor"

"Really? Ok, try to persuade Lauren about that."

Buzz slowly got down from the bed and grabbed his ball, kicking it around the room.

"He really has grown"

"Yes he has, and he really missed you"

"I missed him too"

"You shut him out from your life for all these months Bo"

"I had to, it was for the best"

"Yeah sure"

"Its not the time to talk about this."

"There is nothing to talk about, you are out of rehab and you have a family, as Lauren says, we are your family and your staying right here"

"Lauren said that? Seriously? Now she is my family?"

"Huh? Buzz is here, try and keep your voice down and yes, she is your family Bo, you were so eager to marry her and have Buzz as your son, now all of a sudden we aren't your family?"

"You are the only family I have and you know how much I loved Lauren and Buzz, but I made a decision to move on and I am sticking to it. Lauren didn't want me, I accepted that, and I have moved on"

"Yeah, I can see where Bo, to prescribed drugs and married doctors"

Kenzi got up from the bed and walked out of the bedroom. Bo grabbed her mobile and checked the time, it was late afternoon. Her back was starting to bother her again and she could feel the pain would come back soon, where were her pills? She looked around, there was no sign of them. She remembered Hen had placed them next to the bed yesterday.

"Kenzi?" She yelled. Buzz had followed Kenzi back in the living room.

"Yes Bo?"

"I cant find my pills"

"Well I haven't seen them but I am pretty sure Lauren got them"

"Lauren? What the hell she is doing with my pills?"

"I don't know, you have to ask her, yourself, she would be home in about an hour."

Kenzi approached her and placed the pillow on the headbed while Bo moved up and had her back on the headbed now,.

"Damn, that's why I didn't want herf around" Kenzi looked at Bo again.

"Are you ready for your dinner? Lauren had it prepared and I am going to warm it up"

"Why cant I order some burgers? They allowed that in rehab"

"You are free to order Bo, but I am not ordering for you, you know how Lauren gets when its about food."

"That's what I am going to do, can you get me the numbers of a couple fast foods?" Again Kenzi looked at her disapprovingly but she did bring her the fast food numbers.

Lauren arrived at the crack Shack while a delivery guy was trying to get in, Lauren looked at him.

"May I help you?"

"That's your place?"


"Your order is here"

"My order?"

"Yes, two cheeseburgers, fries, extra ketchup, two beers"

"Are you sure this order is for this address?"

"Yes lady, you can check the paper"


Lauren paid the guy and grabbed the order. She was wondering who ordered take out when she had cooked a great dinner, she opened the door and got to the elevator. Bo Dennis, she read the name on the paper.

Bo Dennis. Hmm so Bo Dennis didn't want to eat my food? She used to love it when I was cooking for her. Lauren unlocked the front door and got inside. Buzz rushed to her arms.

"Easy baby, mums hands are full"

Lauren said. She was holding the take out order in one hand and her professional bag on the other. Kenzi was seating on the kitchen island eating dinner. Lauren approached her and kissed her on the cheek, while she placed the order in the kitchen board.

"Bos order is here"

"I can see that"

Kenzi smiled at the face of Lauren. Oh I cant wait for the fireworks to start, she thought. She watched as Lauren took off her heavy coat and scarf and boots and placed them in their place.

"She didn't want to eat dinner? Didn't like it?"

"She didn't ask what you cooked, went straight for the burgers, oh and she is in pain, she is trying to hide it, and she wants her pills"

"Well too bad, because she wont be getting them"

Lauren grabbed the take out bag and walked towards Bos bedroom, making a stop to grab Buzz, kissing him hard on the cheeks and hugging him.

"How is my boy?"

"Mummy stop I am watching little Einsteins"

Lauren kissed her son again and then headed again towards Bos room. She opened the door and then closed it, she wanted privacy and she didn't want her son to hear anything if things got heated. Bo was laying on her side, her face tensed, with big circles under her eyes and moving her leg, she was sweaty and breathing very quickly


"Your order is here" She left the bag next to Bo in bed.

"I want my pills first"

"I am sorry but I cant give them to you"

"What? Why"

"Because I throwed them on the garbage can last night and this morning I took out the garbage"

Bo looked at her with an angry, almost hateful look.

"Lauren, I am not fooling around, get me my fucking pills"


"Why did you throw them away? You had no right"

"Those pills aren't good for you, I checked them out, I researched all night and we are going to start physio therapy and light medication…"

"We aren't going to start anything, fuck, I have a doctor and its not you"

Bo was yelling now.

"Lauren, please get me the pills, I am hurting"

Lauren sat next to her on the bed. She dragged the covers down. Bo was shivering, she was all sweaty and her pjs were wet.

"You need to change"

Lauren walked towards the closet and grabbed another set of pjs.

"I don't need anything, nothing from you, I called Hen, she is coming over, you have no right to change anything, she is my doctor"

"Oh she is coming over? That's fine, I cant wait to have a word with her"

Lauren wasn't listening, she grabbed Bos wet pj pants and dragged them down from her, and then she used a towel to wipe the sweat, slowly putting the new set of pj pants to Bos legs. Her left leg was all bruised, Lauren almost broke at that moment. She figured out that it must have been the fact Bo started getting the feeling on her legs and she was already pushing herself hard, and harming her body.

Bo had her hands on her belly, very evidently she was in pain. Lauren placed her hands under her back and slowly moved her towards the centre of the bed, Bo made a sudden move trying to resist and with her hand she slapped Lauren. Then she started crying. Lauren slowly again, grabbed Bo from the shoulders and moved her in the centre of the bed. Bo tried to push away Laurens hands. Lauren grabbed them and pushed them up her head.

"Painkillers and steroids? That's why you didn't want us around? You think they are making you strong? Turning you into a junkie. They bloat your body and cover the pain Bo? That's why you didn't want to come back here? Well you got it wrong baby, resist all you want, cry all you want but that's over you got it? I know your in pain but there is another way, many other ways."

"Fuck you Lauren, I don't want you here, fuck you, you have no place here, I don't want you"

"That's bad luck because I am staying, you got it? I am fucking staying, now stop moving, I am going to inject you with a light painkiller, so you can get throu the night. This is the last time, in a long time that your eating fast food. Your body needs a certain diet that would make your bones and nerves that recently were activated, to get strong. Try to understand that the pain is good. Your body is getting the feelings back, but it needs time to adjust."

Lauren moved to the living room again, she grabbed her work bag, Kenzi was looking at her, she heard everything, and she was crying too, Lauren could see that Kenzi heard Bos cries but they had to be firm and strong in this situation. She wasn't going to back down. She walked inside the bedroom and opened her bag. She prepared a small needle and placed the medicine from a small bottle. Bo was not moving and it was clear she was trying to control herself and not cry again, Lauren approached her and slowly injected her in the side of her back.

"This is going to make you a little dizzy for a couple of minutes, but its much lighter than the painkillers you were using all this time." Bo said nothing.

"You can eat your burgers but no beers for the time being."

Lauren grabbed her bag again and walked out. She got in the kitchen and Kenzi hugged her. She started crying and Lauren hugged her back.

"shhhhh, we have to be strong for her Kenz, you know it"

"I cant believe this, how this happened Lo?" Lauren prepared her dinner and joined Kenzi on the table.

" Actually it can happen very easily. When the good news come, that someone gains their movement or feeling of the nerves back, the doctors and patients don't think about the pain, they are too happy that the patient gained movement, as a result they cover the pain with heavy painkillers who are highly addictive, also many disabled people are turning towards exercising and gym in order to stay fit and not lose the power of their body, and as a result they over use steroids and vitamins, and combine that with a low quality rehab and you got yourself an addict."

Lauren noticed that Buzzs cartoon was near the end, so she stopped eating and got up to prepare his milk, when the door knocked. Kenzi looked at her and got up to get to the door. It was Bos doctor.

"I am sorry to disrupt your dinner but Bo called me" She was looking far from sorry.

"She did? That must have been hours ago, because I was with her just now and everything is fine"

"That's good, so there is no problem if I go see her, you aren't Bos doctor, and I am going to check on her"

She tried to walk towards Bos bedroom but Lauren got on her way.

"I guess Bo didn't inform you that I am her doctor from now on? Thank you for your help and of course you can tell me what do we owe you?"

The woman was clearly angry at the way Lauren was treating her.

"Look lady, I am a doctor at that place for years and I don't know who you think you are, I am sure you have a lot of money, but Bo chose me to help her and I am not leaving if I don't see her" Lauren decided to allow her to see Bo.

"I never said you cant see her" She moved and walked towards Bos bedroom and opened the door. Bo was much more calmer now, eating her burgers.

"Bo, I am here. Everything ok?"

Kenz and Lauren were standing behind Hen, and couldn't help but notice that the doctor was more than professionally interested in Bo. She sat next to her and touched her forehead with her hand. Lauren was angry at the way this woman was touching Bo and her looks towards Bo were showing it.

"Yes" Bo finally said while her mouth was still full.

"Yes everything is ok"

"Miss Lewis is telling me she is taking over as your doctor from now on? You decided that?"

Bo was looking at Lauren who was looking back at her challenging her to say no.

Again Bo answered "Yes" with some hesitation.

The doctor looked like she was about to cry.

"Kenzi, I think we need to leave these two ladies alone" Lauren said, firmly looking at Bo. They walked out and closed the door behind them.

Bo stopped eating and grabbed Hens hand.

"You and John, I don't know what to say, you have been so good to me"

"Bo, I can get you out of here, we can leave, go somewhere else"

Bo looked away.

"You know, I could never do that to John."

"He knows Bo, you think he doesn't know?"

"I know that, but, you don't love me Hen, you love him, you only had me as a sex replacement, we both know that" Hen looked down and squeezed Bos hand. Bo moved and hugged her.

"You and John would always be my friends. You would always be welcome in my life"

"I cant believe your going back to her, after everything you told me about her"

"I never left her"

The doctor got up and slowly walked out of Bos bedroom. She went straight to the door. She turned and looked at Lauren.

"I am going to be around, this isn't over"

"I sure you will be around and yes it is."

"You are going to leave her again, and I am going to be there, you can bet on it"

"We are done here lady"

Kenzi said while opening the door, she let out a heavy breath and shut it strong. Lauren grabbed Buzz and walked towards Kenzis bedroom. It was time for his milk and sleep. Kenzi cleaned up the kitchen and walked back to Bos bedroom.

Her friend had finished eating and was checking her mobile phone.



"So you fucked the doctor?"

Bo didn't answer.

"She was a bad Lauren copy Bo"

"I don't want to talk about it"

Kenzi sat next to her friend and noticed Bo was checking their old pics.

"The night of the regiment ball."

Bo put away the phone and said nothing.

"You wont talk to me Bobo? Its ok. I can wait. We can wait. We aren't leaving you and we wont go away Bo. As Lauren says, you got what you wanted, cutting us from your life while in rehab but that's over now. Over."

She kissed Bos forehead and walked away. Lauren was washing the dishes, when Kenzi was back in the living room.

"Buzz sleeping already?"

"Yup, since he didn't take his afternoon nap, he was pretty tired"

"Should I prepare the couch for you or your staying up?"


"No, huh?"

"I wont be needing the couch anymore"

"Huh, you wont?"

"Nope." Lauren kissed Kenzis cheek

"Go sleep and take care of my son, if he needs me, come wake me up, but he is more used to sleeping with u at nights than me already"

Lauren said with a smile, while Kenzi watched her heading towards Bos bedroom.


"Yes Lo?"

"Close your mouth please, Bad manners bb"

Bo tried not to watch as Lauren was searching something on the closet.

"Can you shut the light? Its giving me a headache"

"In a minute"

Lauren got in the bathroom, to change Bo thought, cant she do that in the living room or Kenzis room? Then she was out and heading towards the door, shutting it. Whaattt? She watched as Lauren shut the light and headed towards the bed, wearing only her yale hoodie. Bo was looking straight infront, and still wasn't sure about what was happening.

She felt the weight on the bed and Lauren getting under the covers. Then silence.



"Wtf are you doing?"

"Trying to sleep?"



"With me?"



"Well since I am going to be your wife, why use the couch? This is one big bed and I kind of got used to it all these months"

"What? Your not going to be my wife. WTF?

"You did ask me to marry you"

"That was months ago and you laughed at me"

"But I didn't answer"

"But you fucking laughed at me"

"Sleep BO"


"What no?"

"No, we are getting married, wtf?"

"So your taking your proposal back?"

"Lauren, I am fucked up, I cant marry you, look at me and I don't want to marry you"

"Sleep Bo, we will talk about this later"


"Oh, and I forgive you"

"Forgive me? For what?"

"For fucking that doctor, and keeping me and Buzz away, but from now on, I am going to watch you like a hawk. You cant get rid of us"

"I am not marrying you"

"Sleep, you need to rest, I have people coming to see you tomorrow"

"No, and I don't want to see anyone."


"I cant believe you, I cant. And I don't want to see anyone, and I am not marrying you"

"I cant believe that even in rehab and in such a bad shape you manage to find a girlfriend to fuck"

"You fucked that stupid doctor and she wasn't my gf"

"Fucking asshole"

"Ice Queen"

"Selfish brat"

"Trust fund kid and I hate this scent, I hate it, this is my bed, I want to change the sheets, fucking hate it, wtf "

Lauren started laughing.

"Don't fucking laugh, I hate it, just my fucking luck"

Lauren moved and got her head on Bos neck.

"Sleep bb"

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