She completes me

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Bo was beyond tired, it was two weeks since she and about 50 others got a small transfer inside Afganistan, in the Helmand province, to provide help to the british troops who were overseeing the ground operation. Their base was in the desert and the conditions were very hard, and they had two shifts during the 24 hours. Bo would eat, sleep and patrol. All these days, she had someone keeping her company. Kenz didn't get transfer with her, so Bo would spend her free time getting rest, sleeping or day dreaming. Her sleep was full of dreams about a pretty blonde with spectacular hair and a shy look. Bo couldn't take Lauren out of her mind. They fucked, ok they didn't fully fucked but Bo had her and her hunger for Lauren didn't stop, in fact it was getting bigger. Bo wanted to feel Lauren again, to be around her, flirt with her, tease her, smile at her. She felt a sense of calm, peace, when she was around her. She would forget who she is, where she comes from, the bad memories didn't exist anymore. I should calm down Bo thought, I only met her 3 times in my life, Bo smiled at herself. She took a decision, when this little tour ends and she gets back to camp in a week, she would try and come to an agreement with Lauren. They could continue to fuck, Bo didn't have long term relationships or stay with one partner for a long time, but she could tell the Doc that they could continue fucking for as long as they wanted. Yeah, lets get it out of our systems.

"Bobo wake up"

Bo felt hands running throu her face.


"Come on BoBo you been sleeping for almost two days, you are going to lose your last day of rest before you start shifts again"

Bo slowly opened her eyes.

"What do you want?"

"Come on get up, there is a small party tonight at the camp and we have to go"

Bo finally got up, she washed her face and looked herself at the small mirror, she looked horrible, she was still tired and had no mood but she needed a party after her close encounters with the Taliban in the Afgan desert.

"What kind of a party is it?"

"The olds are leaving in two days, and they are having a small celebration, with means a lot of drinking beers and getting drunk"

"You know what that means Kenz, we are going to be the olds now, and in about a month we are heading back home too"

"Yeah I know, I cant wait"

"So how are things here?"

"Same Bobo, nothing changed, you know Dyson flew back to Canada with the rest of the injured, I talked to him on the phone, she is upset, he didn't want to leave, I told him we will see him in a month when we get back"

"Anything else going on?"

"No, same crap"

"Any other news?"

"Bobo is there something you wanna ask me? Lets say for a certain Doctor?" Kenzi smiled and looked at her best friend.

"I was actually asking for you, if you found anyone else to pass your time"

"Umm Bobo, not really, but I have become really close to your Doc, but since you didn't want to ask me about her"

"Hey, I didn't say that. So you and Lauren? What your friends now?":

"You cant call us friends, but we spend a lot of time while eating and she sure can cook, can you believe she is a one fucking great cook? She cooks inside her tent sometimes and she invites me…"

"Kenz I never thought you would be interested in girls" Bo gteased her friend.

"I aint, you know me, but you weren't here so I had to pass my time with someone?"


"So what Bobo?"

"So, did she ask for me? Said anything about me?"

"Well not really, of course she knows you were off with the Brits but except a couple of words, not really."

"So all this time, she didn't ask anything about me?"

"She has been pretty busy you know. Besides lets face it Bobo, you used your fuck em and leave em charm to her too, I don't think she has the best idea for you"

"I didn't fuck her and leave her, I was transferred the next afternoon, we didn't even had time to see each other again, but I am planning to change that, Kenzi I made a decision"


"Yeah, I decided I want to be with the Doc a little more, you know, have more fun, she is different that my usual hook ups and I think we can make a deal of pleasing each other for the next month or so"

"Well good for you Bobo but I must warn you"

"Oh don't worry, I bet she would refuse me in the beginning, but I know she cant resist me, you saw how she came to me after the fight"

"BoBo, there is something I have to tell you"

Bo was ready to go and she and Kenzi walked outside of their tent and towards the barracks where the small party was taking place.

"Awww drinks, fuck I missed them so much, so tell me Kenz, is Lauren going to be here or I have to go drag her from her doctors bed?"

As they walked towards the small bar the place looked full, soldiers didn't miss the chance to let of steam in such small parties and the mood was loose, as Bo turned to grab a beer, she looked around, saw the familiar faces of comrades and smiled to a couple of them.

"I think she is already here Bo"

"She is? Where? I cant see her"

" That's because she is …."

Kenzi didn't manage to finish her line when Bo noticed Laurens hair, Laurens glorious hair, she was sitting on a big corner table with her back on them, but that was nothing, it was where she was sitting that was the issue. Bo turned towards Kenzi.

"I don't think I am drunk already Kenz so can you please explain to me what we are watching?"

"Look fighter, that's what I was going to tell ya, Lauren has been really really busy and I dont't mean in the working part only"

"Yeah I can see that" Bo was watching Lauren sitting on some womans lap, and the woman had her hands around her waist.

"Who is the bitch? I haven't seen her around, is she with the rookies? I must admit the Doc is fast, almost as fast as me"

"Actually Nadia isn't a soldier…"

"Nadia? You know her name?"

"Well yeah Bobo as I told you I have been around Lauren a lot and I kinda met her too"

"So Doc found herself another Doc" Bo was drinking her second beer now and Kenzi wasn't happy about that.

"Actually she isn't a doctor either"

"And what is she doing her? How exactly she met Lauren?"

"That's what iam trying to tell you Bo, she is didn't just meet Lauren, she is her ex girlfriend"

"WHAT? WTF? Wtf she is doing here then? Lauren told me she works for the national enquirer or something"

"Actually is the national geographic Bo, and she is a very good photographer and she thinks I have great features and she took some pics of me with my military gear.."

"Kenz I don't give a fuck, how in the world she ended up here?"

"She is with the Canadian press for some work about the Red cross"

"So she and Lauren decided to heat things up again?"

"I don't really know, Lauren never talks clearly about her"

There was a small silence.

Bo turned towards the barman: "Ted, I want that whisky, beer doesn't do it for me"

"You know we don't have whisky around here, its against the rules" Ted smiled at Bo. Bo didn't smile back.

"I want that whisky Ted"

"Ok, give me that beer cup and ill drop some in there"

Bo turned again, and watched Lauren. That Nadia chick had the camera on her hands now and started getting pics of Lauren. Kenzi was looking at Bo and then towards Lauren.

"Oh Bobo why do you care so much about the Doc?"

"I don't care, Kenz, I just don't like that I fucked her and then didn't manage to talk to her, tell her that I want to continue, have a good time ya know"

"You didn't really fuck her, from what I got from Lauren you didn't get into final base Bo"

"Umm that's what the doc told ya?" Bo grabbed her beer cup and drinked the whisky straight up.

"I think you should take it easy Bo"

Bo watched as that curly head started pushing Lauren on her. That's go to stop. Bo mind was going crazy, she knew her feelings were wrong, but she didn't care.

"What do you know about that Nadia, where did they meet?"

"I think they know each other for a long time, they were together all throu college from what Nadia told me, I gathered she is a trust fund kid too"

"Umm I bet. So we aren't good enough for the good old Doc?"

Kenzi could see Bo was getting more and more aggressive, she wished Dyson was there so she could get Bo outta there before she makes a scene.

"Hey Bobo, wanna go play some games?"

"Look Kenzi who noticed our presence, the almighty Doc" Kenzi looked towards Lauren and saw the blonde smiling to them warmly. Nadia still had her hands around her. Kenzi noticed Bo wasn't smiling at all.

"Hey Kenz, I think its about time we make our presence known"

Bo walked towards Laurens table. Kenzi could see Ciara looking bemused at Bos expression, while the Doc was frowing.

"Hi Bo. Good to see you back safe and sound, Kenzi" Why does her voice have to be so sweet Bo thought.

"Hey Doc, Nadia, Ciara whats up?"

Bo was standing there ignoring everybody except Lauren. The mood got heavy.

"So I hear you told Kenzi I didn't fuck you in the proper way" Bo didn't know how those words came to her mouth but she didn't care, she couldn't stand being near Lauren while someone else was holding her.

"WTF BO!" Kenzi couldn't believe what Bo said.

Nadia moved infront of Lauren.

"Why don't you back off soldier?"

Bo pushed Nadia away. Lauren was stunned. She moved to walk away, but Bo grabbed her hand again, this is the third time she is doing this Lauren thought.

"Why don't you answer me?"

"Answer you what? Your are fucking rude and drunk"

Nadia tried to push Bo but Bo didn't move, she completely ignored her.

"Bo lets go, don't make a scene, you already got one bad report"

"Why Kenz? I have to keep my rep don't you think? The doc here wasn't satisfied? I don't deserve a second try? Or as I can seee the Doc moves so fast, even faster than me…"

Bo didn't manage to finish her line and Lauren slapped her. Bo moved towards her and the blonde thought Bo was going to hit her back but instead that dark hair devil moved to kiss her.

Lauren was reacting to the kiss, while everybody was stunned. Finally Bo stopped.

"Are you going to come with me? Or stay here and pretend you want that trust fund kid?"

"Oh fuck it Bo. Nadia is MY FRIEND. I can be affectionate with my friend. Doesn't mean I have to fuck them. But that's all you understand don't you? Fucking. Why should I come with you? Because of one quick one night stand? You been away for 3 weeks and you didn't send me one message and don't tell me you couldn't, I was with your best friend all day"

"Is something wrong here mam?" A couple soldiers from the military police approached and asked Lauren.

"No, thank you."

Nadia walked away and Bo watched as Lauren and Ciara followed behind her.

"Lets go Bobo, this isn't our play ground"

Bo couldn't sleep. After what happened she and Kenzi left, Bo said she would take a walk to clear her mind, but that walk had become a walk towards Laurens tent. She was acting like a crazy stalker but she couldn't sleep knowing Lauren had someone else in her small bed. She didn't know why this was influencing her so much, the thought of Lauren with someone else. She didn't hear voices or moans so she suspected they were sleeping, Lauren and that curly head Nadia. She decided to leave when she noticed smoke coming out from Laurens tent, she panicked, start thinking Lauren would die from fire or inhaling the smoke and without even thinking she burst inside Laurens tent. Instead of witnessing a fire or at least something that would excuse her burst, she show Lauren cooking in a small electrical oven while Ciara was watching her. Both ladies were now looking at her with huge eyes, expecting her to do something, and why in the world she was there. She gained her composure finally.

"Lauren, can I talk you please?"

Ciara started laughing, while Lauren was looking at her with dagger eyes.

"Lauren, someone wants to talk to you"

"I am listening" Lauren had her back turned while focusing on her over, Bo realized she was hungry, and that Lauren was making a bun in the middle of the night?

"Can we be alone for 5 minutes please?"

"I don't mind" Ciara said while looking at Bo and still smiling. Finally Lauren looked at Ciara and nodded.

"Ill be next tent if you need anything Lo" Lauren turned as Ciara left.

There was silence and Bo was looking around, she was inside Laurens tent, she noticed a few pics, a small item which couldn't make up what it was on her small bed and a lot of paper next to her bed, a small table and the oven.

"I am waiting"

"Yeah, ehh, I want to apologize for earlier, I couldn't sleep and I decided to come and apologize"

"I apologize for slapping you, that's not me and who I am and I don't usually react like that, but I lose my self control when you are around me"

Bo smiled with Laurens words.

"So you and Nadia?"

"What Bo? What do you want to know?"

"Are you fucking her?" Bos voice was a whisper.

"Why do you care?"

"I don't?"

It was Laurens turn to smile.

"No I am not fucking her, she is here with a reporters crew and she visited me, we are friends, she has been part of my life for years"

"That's good"

"That's all? That's all you wanted to know?"

"No, not only that. I was wondering if you would like to, you know, continue what we left unfinished the last time we saw each other, I mean I had a great time and if you want we can do it again, and I mean, I don't mean only sex, but I like spending time with you, but I also like sex, damn I am losing my words"

Lauren finally smiled at her. "I don't understand Bo, don't be nervous, I am a big girl, ask me"

"Ok, since I figured you like me and I like you I was wondering if you want to continue fucking and talking and meeting and eating together? Because I want to. I had a lot of time thinking in the Helmand desert and I would like that very much, if you want that Lauren."

"Well thank you very much but no thank you." Lauren smiled at Bo and turned to continue her cooking. "Now if you don't mind.."

"Wait, why not? You don't want me? I can feel you want me and you are into me, why not?"

"Because I am not that type Bo."

"What type"

"You know, the type who would fuck and talk and eat and wont care"

"But why cant we have fun and be happy? We are both leaving in a month, why not have good memories?"

"Look, thank you for your proposition but I already answered"

"You know what Lauren? You're a hypocrite."


"yes you are, because I am here telling you the truth and what I want and you flat out reject me, I guess it would have been better to talk about romance and dates and relationship and get what I want and leave, because I could do that too"

"I agree Bo. Unfortunately, I am passed that phase, and cant appreciate your sincerity on the matter"

"Why? Whats the problem?"

Lauren took a deep breath before answering.

"Because I am already in love with you. And I cant be happy or have fun with a simple fuck here and there."

"You cant be in love with me Lauren, see that's the mistake people are making, they meet someone they want and immediately say love and romance, and spoil things, while we can be together and take care of our needs."

"Please Bo. That's my final answer. And I would appreciate it if you stay away from me from now on. Please. Good night."

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