She completes me

Chapter 30

Bo was drinking her milk while watching her two boiled eggs and cheese on the dish in front of her. Its been two months since she was back home, and she was feeling so much better, stronger and healthier. She was also feeling happy, she was trying to hide it but yes after a long time she was feeling happy, yet she was afraid to show it. She looked around the kitchen island, Buzz was sitting on his food chair drinking his milk while Kenzi was drinking her coffee and eating her pancakes. Lauren as usual was finishing making breakfast, French toast for herself with slices of black bread.

Bo was trying so hard not to smile. Her mind traveled to her first week back, the terrible pain and getting sober. No drinks and prescribed drugs. She and Lauren would fight like dog and mouse but the Doc was always winning in the end. So gone were the beers and painkillers and instead they got replaced with a healthy diet and a physiotherapist who would come 3 days per week, massaging and repeating with her, kinetic exercises. She also stopped the weight lifting. She didn't realize how bloated she got until she saw herself in the closet mirror. She didn't recognize herself. She loved her curves and her feminine appearance and suddenly she has become so muscular, and so hard faced.

She was still limping from her left leg and Lauren along with the new doctor who was following her specialized kinetic needs, informed her that she would get better in time but she would always limp when she gets tired or pressure her leg. That's why she needed to take it easy and not place more pressure on her already tired and tortured bones. Her lower body was just getting the feeling back and she had to take it slow. It was a huge mistake to start doing heavy exercises the moment she got better.

"Bobo you are drinking your milk?" Buzz asked. Bo and Buzz were inseparable and Bo would always make him laugh no matter what, the whole drinking milk was their inside joke.

"Yes bb" Bo answered him taking a big sip from her cup, while Buzz mimicked her.

"Kids" Kenzi said smiling at them.

"Your calling me a kid? I am not the one sleeping with Hello kitty pjs"

"Please, the way you are going, we would have to get you on diapers"

"Shut up"

"What? It's the truth Miss I cant walk to the toilet"

"I was tired ok, and I only asked for a little help"


Kenzi said, giving Bo a very telling look. Bo again tried not to smile, she was finding sneaky ways and using her problems to touch Lauren. Last night she was pretending she was too tired to walk to the bathroom, and while Kenzi saw throu her game, Lauren was all too willing to place her arms under her shoulders and walk with her. The truth was that she missed the doctor all day and when she was back, Lauren was so focused on Buzz that she got a little jealous. Her thoughts stopped when Lauren finally sat with them to eat breakfast.

"Buzz, finish your milk baby"

"Bo finish your milk baby"

Kenzi repeated Laurens words while laughing at Bo.

"Yeah laugh at me, wait till I get better and then you are so going to pay for all this"

Kenzi answered by showing her tongue to Bo, something Buzz picked up too and then laughed.

"Kids please, can I have a quiet breakfast for once?"

Lauren said looking at the 3 of them. Bo finished her breakfast and tried not to stare at Lauren. She was looking so good, with her white shirt and her tight dark jeans. Sleeping in the same bed for the past two months was such a torture. She was so near to either yelling or collapsing from the sexual frustration. She was thinking of getting one of Buzzs stuffed animals and jump on it while she was alone, she wanted Lauren so much. Unfortunately after that first night Lauren didn't do any move to approach her in bed and for the past week or so, Buzz wanted to go back to sleeping with his mum, so they got him on their bed.

Lauren didn't even talk again about marriage and Bo didn't want to mention it so she wont appear desperate. Also she overheard Kenzi and Lauren talking about the house arrangements a few days ago and she was afraid Lauren was going to finally move out. She was having a very hard time, being horny almost every second of the day. She couldn't even release herself because Buzz was on their bed at night and she wasn't a perv to touch herself with a kid there but damn she was at the edge. And Lauren was looking freshier and curvier and damn she was so beautiful. Bo would have dreams of them fucking, in every part of the house.

"… That's ok with you Bobo"


"I said if that's ok with you"

"Sorry I didn't hear what you said?"

"I said i would be late from the barracks tonight because we have the monthly check, and I cant take you out on our afternoon walk, you would go with Lauren instead, is that ok?"

"Yeah, its ok" Lauren looked at her.

"I was thinking that we could go at Mc Ds today? I know you've been missing your happy meal and since you been so good eating every healthy crap I cook, as Kenzi says, you and Buzz deserve some junk food" Bo smiled.

"That's fantastic" She said with a bright smile.

"Omg Lo, don't you think I deserve Mc Ds too? I am the one who is making the biggest sacrifices around here, I mean, I don't think I am appreciated enough"

"Kenz when your back, you are going to find one big take out bag with everything you want"

"Good, cause I am not cleaning Bos shit for nothing"

"What? It was one time, ok? I saved your fucking life in Afganistan so many times"

"Well sorry but you cant compare that to cleaning your shit"

"Omg I am trying to eat breakfast"

Lauren looked up. Bo lowered her head and then looked at Kenzi with dagger eyes, while her best friend was teasing her again. She watched as Kenzi got up and started preparing to go to work.

"Want me to take you guys?"

"No, the weather is much better today, Buzz loves walking on the snow and the streets are cleaned up regularly"

"Are you sure? Buzzs school is near but the red cross station isn't that close"

"Its ok Bo. You know how I love to walk"

Yeah I know other things you love too. Lauren got up and she and Kenzi cleaned up the table. Bo wanting to feel she was useful for something, she persuaded them that she was the one who would clean the dishes after their morning breakfast and gather Buzz toys, generally keep the house clean. She couldn't do much yet but she didn't want to sit around all the time.

"What time your masseur is coming?"

"Around 3"

"Oh me and Buzz would probably be back by then, he can have his nap and then we can go out"


Bo watched as Lauren picked up Buzz and went to the bathroom to clean him up. He was 3 but Lauren already had him on a schedule, wash his face, brush his teeth, they would do all that together. It was something she dreamed off again and again for so much time. It was so beautiful to watch, the way Lauren would give him his rabbit shaped toothbrush and then they would both brush their teeth, Bo couldn't take her eyes off them Lauren blonde with that white skin that would drive her crazy and Bo so beautifull black, so different but so the same.

"Hey" Kenzi sat beside her for a second.

"Cant you just not make me look like the big loser I am?"


"Wtf you have to mention that incident? I mean I got no swag left, look at me"

"What do need the swag for around here?"

Bo didn't answer. She looked at Lauren who got Buzz ready, got his small school bag, his weather jacket and his winter boots. Then she got her own jacket and boots.

"Bo you don't need swag for Lauren, she already loves you" Lauren approached them and they stopped talking.

"We are ready" Buzz kissed and hugged Kenzi and then Bo. Then Lauren lowered her head and kissed Kenzi and then Bo on the cheek.

"Call if you need anything" They both watched as they left.

"You see? What was that? She is kissing me on the cheek like I am her sister or something"

"Oh that's the problem" Kenzi got up and got her jacket too.

"Yeah that's the problem" Bo said in a whisper.

"Huh? Bo you are giving her mixed messages you know that? You are here for two months and all I see you do is thanking her and being polite and again shutting yourself. You think its easy for her?"

"I am sorry but I asked her to marry me, I opened myself like never before and what did I got back?"

"Oh come on, you didn't even talked it out, you left and then you fucked a random doctor that gave you little attention, how do you expect her to open herself to you again?"

"Is she moving out?"


"I said is she moving out?"

"No, I don't know"

"Don't lie to me, I heard you two talking about it"

"We were talking about Buzz Bo, he is growing up, he needs his own space, his room, naturally, if you were serious about your proposal I think you need to start thinking about how to approach her again and I mean, her heart Bo." Bo didn't answer again.

"Lauren is a sucker for saving people you know that Bo, but with you it was also crazy love and hot chemistry, you have to make her remember that"

Kenzi then gave her a quick hug and left too. Finally she was alone. As much as she loved the family mood when everybody else was there, she also loved the silence after everybody left. She could get up and she could walk freely without being afraid of the looks she would get from Lauren. She still wasn't comfortable with Lauren watching her struggling or when she would limp and would see Laurens eyes hurt. She hated that, she hated to look so weak in Laurens eyes. She slowly got up and walked towards the kitchen sink. It was time she starts feeling useful for the day.

Win her heart back, Kenzi said. Well I am not sure I want that again. Didn't I promise myself I would move on? Bo started washing the dishes and felt the cold water so good in her hands. She smiled. Lauren hated to see her washing the dishes in cold water. First it was unhealthy because only with hot water the dishes would be really clean and secondly because she didnt want Bos hands to be cold. A couple of times, she would approach her and touch them, try to warm them up. But those times where early on her comeback, when Lauren was trying to have some physical contact. Bo didn't return her tries then, still hurt and feeling exposed from the way Lauren turned down her proposal.

Bo wasn't the same person who proposed to Lauren. During the months away in rehab, she changed dramatically. She lost the faith in herself, she got confused, she lost the faith she had on her strength. She was fucking her friends wife, fully aware that he knew, yet she didn't care. She was indulging in drugs and was drinking heavily. She used to do that when she was in her prime too and healthy but then it was all about how good she was, how fit, how strong, how sexy. She was cocky and self confident, nothing could stop her back then. Now it was so different.

She was weak, weak mentally and physically. She didn't have faith in herself anymore. She would look at her body and see marks and weakness. She would look at her face and see her eyes empty. She and Kenzi would take a walk almost every afternoon and Bo would keep her head lowered most of the time, avoiding peoples eyes. She didn't feel like that even when she was on the wheelchair. She could walk again, her body was slowly coming back, but she lost herself in the process.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

Lauren opened the door slowly, it was nearly 4, she was a bit late, Buzz was tired and already sleeping on her arms. She walked inside the house and noticed Bo sleeping on the couch. She was still oily and there was the scent of oils and flowers around. Probably the masseur just left, Lauren thought. Bo was sleeping wearing her sweatpants and sweater, the place was cold. She carefully placed Buzz next to Bo and got a blanket covering them both.

She left them sleeping while she got undressed, she checked the kitchen, everything was cleaned up. Lauren smiled. She changed to her Yale hoodie and some shorts and got a small blanket for herself, she sat in the big chair next to the couch and chilled, she loved watching Bo and Buzz sleep. Even in the morning, when she would wake up earlier than both of them she would just watch them sleep. Buzz would have his head on Bo and his legs on Lauren or vice versa. Lauren smiled, she couldn't understand how such a small kid could take up so much space.

Bo was getting so much better, Lauren thought, but she could feel she wasn't the old Bo. After the first weeks, when Bo was still resisting everything and everybody, Lauren could see there was a major change. Bo was afraid. She was scared. She didn't know if it was the disability of the fact the facility she moved to was in such a bad shape that everything made Bo lose her hope. No matter how arrogant and selfish the old Bo was, she also had some qualities that would keep her going. She was so sure about herself, so cocky, so strong, that she wont give up.

This Bo was different. This Bo was resigned, this Bo would take everything with small resistance. Lauren could feel the chemistry between them as strong as ever, and the old Bo would have jumped her from the first night. Sex was old Bos power of authority. But this Bo, was hesitant, she was restrained, she was keeping her sensual self to herself. Even when out, she wont flirt, wont smile, wont look. Lauren smiled thinking how old Bo would check out everything, even when we were together, especially when we were together. She would check out chicks and guys in order to get a reaction for Lauren and then would turn and claim her if Lauren tried to retaliate in the same way.

This Bo was very nervous around her, this Bo wont answer back at her, this Bo would agree without a no to her every suggestion. Lauren didn't know what to do, didn't know what to think. She was going crazy, spending everything night with her, and not touching. She could feel Bo hurting many nights and all she wanted to do was to hug her and console her but Bo was keeping such a distance. She tried to overcome that in the beginning but Bo was so polite and kind that Lauren didn't want to do something that would upset her. It was strange really.

Bo used to be so physically open towards her. She couldn't keep her hands of her even when Lauren wasn't in the mood or when they were in public and she didn't feel comfortable and now that Lauren gave her an open permission Bo wasn't taking it. At least she is the same with Buzz, Lauren thought, and she is getting back to the way she was with Kenzi, but that was mostly due to Kenzi who didn't understand walls, she would break them down. Kenzi was teasing Bo endlessly and would openly touch her and hug her, until Bo would eventually give in. Lauren wasn't like that. She was never really touchy feely, except of course with Bo. Everything she did with Bo from the beginning was so out of her character, yet it felt so good, so natural. Lauren laid her head back and closed her eyes. She was going to rest a bit until Bo and Buzz wake up and are ready for their late afternoon walk.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

"shhhhh" Bo pointed her finger to Buzz, who was eager to get up and walk towards his mother. Bo didn't want Lauren to wake up yet. She was enjoying watching her sleeping. She checked the time, it was nearly six and it was getting dark outside. Finally Buzz didn't want to wait anymore and he rushed towards his mum, dragging the blanket and waking her up.

Lauren smiled and dragged him on her, squeezing her face on his.

"hmmm my prince is up?"

Bo couldn't take her eyes from Lauren. He is a prince and you're a princess she thought. Even in her sleep, even when she wakes up, she has such a delicate way, such class. She remembered what an animal she was, waking up next to her, and going straight for her body, humming close to her, grobbing her. Lauren turned and smiled to her and it was heaven. She got her staring at her.


"Hi, I tried to stop him from waking you"

"Its ok"

Lauren checked the time and quickly got up. She kissed Buzz and started singing him a song.

"What do you want to wear Bo?"

"A jean and a sweater, don't worry, I can get them on my own" Bo got up carefully and she walked slowly while heavily limping. She shouldn't have slept on the couch. Lauren noticed.

"We can do it tomorrow if you don't feel ok" Buzz was already jumping up and down happy that he was going out and it wasn't for school.

"No, I want to, in fact I couldn't wait all day"

"Ok" Lauren chose Bos clothes and gave them to her smiling and then she got a black wooly dress for her and black leggings. She started getting dressed in front of Bo, and Bo started wearing her clothes too. Lauren got Buzz ready. When Bo got out of the room, Lauren was looking amazing in her black attire. She had the most amazing legs and the leggings were making them look even longer.

"Jacket or coat?"

"Jacket" Bo slowly approached and got her jacket while Lauren was wearing her coat. She got Buzzs jacket too and his small scarf and wrapped it around his neck, with Buzz clearly hating it.

"Its for your neck and ears to be warm baby"

"I know mummy but its fuzzy, I don't like it" Bo smiled, Lauren looked at her and then grabbed Bos scarf and got it around her neck. Bo smiled more.

"Its fuzzy I don't like it" Bo said.

"Sometimes I wonder if he is really your son" Bo laughed out loud, while Lauren grabbed Buzz from the hand. She got the lights off, opened the door and they walked out.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

They walked towards the fast food, the weather was beautiful, chilly but not so cold, even though it would get colder as the night was falling. Lauren was holding Buzz by the hand while she had her other hand wrapped around Bos. They would walk slowly enjoying the small route while Buzz was telling them all about his day in school and what he was going to eat. The sat in a table near the windows so they could look at the passer bys walk outside. They got their food and Lauren couldn't help but make some snide remarks about how hungry and happy about the fast food both Bo and Buzz were looking. Bo would fill her double burger with extra cheese and ketchup and Buzz would watch her and try to do the same. Bo teased Lauren who only got a small salad and was eating fries with Buzz.

"You already got so much ketchup on your burger"

"Well I want it on my fries too" Bo said.

Buzz tried to do the same with his and mums fries, with Lauren stopping him. She would watch as Lauren would choose the fries for Buzz one by one. She always did that, she would collect her food. Bo would throw herself to her food, not caring about how full her mouth was or how hungry she looked, while Lauren would eat like a small bird, carefully and proper. With the first bite Bo managed to get her sweater dirty when stains of ketchup dropped on her sweater.

"Shit fuck" Lauren looked at her and then laughed out loud.

"See Buzz? Bo got dirty, that's why we have to be careful while eating and try not to stain our clothes"

Buzz grabbed a frie from Bos plate full with ketchup and launched it towards her mothers mouth before she could even react. It ended up in Laurens dress. Bo couldn't stop laughing while Lauren grabbed the wet napkins she had in her bag and cleaned it up. She looked at Bo and smiled back, Bos face was full with ketchup while she was chewing the burger with all her heart. Without even realizing what she was doing, Lauren got another napkin and started cleaning Bos mouth. It was a move that happened so many times in the past when they were a couple. Bos face got serious pretty fast and the way she looked at Lauren reminded Lo the old Bo. Buzz words brought them both back to reality.

"Mummy clean my face too"

The time passed quickly, they were talking and laughing, mainly focusing on Buzz, both of them stealing looks from each other. It was near 9 when they decided to leave. Buzz was already tired and near his bed time, and he wanted his mother to hold him on his arms. Bo wished she could do it, because Lauren was clearly tired. Instead she offered her hand which Laured grabbed tight, and she got Buzz, wrapped in her arms. They started walking slowly back to their home, with Bo holding Kenzis take out food bag.

It was very cold now and rather dark and the street was getting darker as they were nearing their house. Bo picked up a noise behind them, but she quickly dismissed it, she didn't want to scare Lauren, yet a few steps later she picked it up again. Someone was walking behind them at the same pace. Bo knew well what that meant. She grabbed Lauren stronger to her and prayed that she was wrong and it wasn't what she was suspecting.

Suddenly the steps got nearer and two people jumped in front of them.

Lauren hugged Buzz tighter, while he was sleeping in her arms.

One of the men got a knife out, that made Bo step in front of Lauren and pushed her behind her.

"Give us the money ladies"

"Ok" Bo said. She knew that the best thing in this situation was to do what they wanted and not make them angry. She got het wallet and gave them everything, while the man pointed to Laurens bag. Bo got the bag and offered them Laurens money too. Then the other man walked behind Bo and touched Laurens hair.

"Don't you fucking touch her" Lauren was looking around to see if there was anyone to help them.

"Why? What are you going to do miss maimed?"

The guy laughed and tried to drag Lauren towards him but Bo pushed his hand away, covering Laurens body with hers. Buzz was making noises now, waking up.

"Look you got the money, we have a kid with us, now walk"

The first guy got angry at Bos order and he grabbed her hands in order to push her away from Lauren, Lauren yelled for help, the second guy grabbed her mouth, Buzz woke up and started crying.

The moment Bo saw the man touching Lauren she launched at him and they both fell into the ground, she started hitting him, when the second guy attacked her with the knife. Finally a couple of other people who were passing by heard Laurens screams and they started running towards them, the guy attacked Bo again, until she finally released the first guy, and they got up and run.

People approached them and someone called an ambulance, while Lauren was standing there, calling Bos name. Buzz was crying in her arms and all she could look was the blood in Bos clothes.

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