She completes me

Chapter 31

Kenzi entered the hospital ER, thinking at how many times she has done the same thing over the past two years. She couldn't believe what has happened. Lauren called her in a panic state, Kenzi couldn't make out much because she could also hear Buzz crying, and Lauren shut the phone before she could understand. She looked around trying to locate her but she wasn't there. She went to the reception and asked for the nurse, she mentioned Bos name and the nurse informed her that Bo was taken to the surgical unit. Kenzi thanked her.

Damn she said, how many times this is going to happen? How many times are we going to play the same scenario? Bo was right, maybe war was safer for them. She walked in the hall and noticed Lauren seating in the waiting room with Buzz in her arms sleeping. There was blood in her coat? Kenzi remembered all the other times and Lauren never looked so shocked. She approached them.

"Lo?" Lauren turned and looked at Kenzi, her eyes empty.

"Lo, what happened? Are you ok? Bo? Buzz? Is he ok?" Kenzi was touching and hugging them both.

"Lo, your coat has blood on it. You and Buzz need to go home, tell me what happened"

"We got attacked" Lauren said.



"By whom? Why?"

"We got mugged Kenzi"

"Ok, I got that, but what happened, why the blood?" Kenzis voice was soft.

"Bo was knifed, and I was standing there watching Kenz" It was clear Lauren was still in shock.

"Ok Lo. You need to go home, you need to get Buzz home" Kenzi checked on the little guy who was soundly sleeping in his mums arms and looked unhurt.

"No, I am not leaving here, No"

"Ok, but we need to get Buzz home. He cant stay here bb, I am sure he was scared, he needs to be in his bed" Finally Lauren slowly turned and looked at her. She then squeezed Buzz in her arms.

"I was so scared Kenzi"

"I know." Kenzi hugged her.

"Bo, bo was knifed"

"How is she?"

"Serious but ok, the leather jacket got most of the knife hit but she was hurt in her ribs and belly"

"You seen her?"

"No, they wont let me yet."

"Ok. You have blood on your clothes bb, you need to get home and change, please"


"At least let me get Buzz home? Its late Lauren, he must be shocked and scared"

"I am not leaving him, I need to have him with me"

Kenzi said nothing, she got up from the chair next to Lauren and started walking up and down. They were waiting over an hour when a nurse came over and informed them that Bo was taken to a room and that one family member could see her and stay with her for the night.

"I ll stay" Kenzi said.

"No. I ll stay"

"Lauren you cant stay all night here with Buzz.."

"I am staying Kenzi. I am staying."

"Ok, ok, but let me get Buzz home? Don't worry, I ll call Ciara to come stay with us?"

Lauren agreed with a nod. She sat down on the chair again, while Kenzi slowly got Buzz from her hands. Lauren hugged her strong. Then she noticed the blood on her coat. She grabbed her bag, and tried to find her wet napkins. And remembered the moment when she wiped Bos face from the ketchup. Then she started crying. Kenzi sat next to her and hugged her again,

"Why is this happening? Why? We cant have one happy night?"


"I dunno Kenzi, maybe we shouldn't be together? Near to each other? You should have seen her laying on the ground with the blood Kenz"

"Don't think about that Lauren, she is ok, lets go see her for a second and then I am going home with Buzz. Are you sure you want to stay? Maybe its better you got rest for a bit?"

"No, I am not leaving ok? Why you want to separate us? I am staying"

"Nobody wants to separate you, ok? Calm down. Lets go"

They walked towards Bos room, and opened the door. Lauren hesitated a bit and she was standing in the corner of the room while Kenzi approached her best friend. She was sleeping. She touched her hand and then then turned to Lauren and kissed her,

"Ill be back in the morning ok? Please try and get some sleep"

She said pointing at the chair and small couch in the room.

Kenzi wasn't even sure Lauren heard her. She was standing there looking at Bo, and the color from her face had gone. She walked out of the hospital holding Buzz tightly trying not to wake him up. Thank God Bo was alive she thought. Thank you God whomever you are.

Bo tried to open her eyes, she was waking up slowly. Her head was heavy again, she didn't have any headaches all this time, why it was back all of a sudden? She felt a swift pain on her ribs, and then remembered what happened. She attacked the mugger and they both fell down and then nothing. Lauren? Where is Lauren? Lauren? Is she ok? Buzz, she had Buzz. Is he ok? She tried to open her eyes again and felt a mouth kissing her right cheek and then her lips and then her forehead.

"Baby" It was Lauren, Laurens voice. Bo finally opened her eyes and saw Lauren next to her, seating on a chair stuck in the bedroom to her. She wrapped her hand around Laurens leg and pushed her close.

"ur ok?" Lauren had her face touching Bos cheek.

"No, I am not ok. I am not" Lauren was crying, Bo could feel her tears on her face.

"Don't cry" Lauren hugged her and hid her face on the pillow.

"Did they hurt u? Ur hurt?"

"No, no I am ok."

"I am at the hospital?"

"Yes baby, your ok, the knife didn't reach you with full power, your jacket took most of the hit"

Bo looked around, she could feel Lauren still crying.

"Don't cry please, I cant stand it when you cry"

Lauren whipped her tears and lowered her head again, kissing Bos lips.

"Where is Buzz? Is he ok?"

"Yeah, he is back home, with Kenzi"

"Kenzi? Is she ok?"

"Yes, don't worry, she is fine, everybody is fine"


"Yes, baby I am here" Lauren touched Bos forehead with her own, Bos was trying to keep her eyes open.

"You got to get away from me"


"Its for the best. Everytime your near me you get hurt"

"No baby, no I didn't get hurt, your getting hurt"

"I don't want you or Buzz to get hurt"

"I know that"

"I am bad news, bad luck, always have been, all my life"

"What are you talking about? Its not your fault baby, they tried to hurt us, not you"

Bo was very tired from the whole ordeal. She closed her eyes again and slept, while Lauren continued to kiss her face.

Lauren texted Kenzi to check on Buzz, he was sleeping next to her while Kenzi asked about Bo and Lauren told her she woke up, they talked a bit and then went back to sleep. Lauren tried to sleep too, stretching to the chair and laying her legs to Bos bed. She couldn't help but thinking about their day. Everything started so great, they had a fantastic day out as a family. Then the dreadful moment of the attack came to her mind.

The way Bo was protecting them, the way she walked to danger without thinking, the way she fought even though she was knifed. Her mind traveled to their first meeting, the slap, their secret dates in Afganistan. They didn't have one quiet or happy period in their relationship. Either they created drama or drama was finding them. She looked at her hands, her wrists, the cuts had faded away and she touched them. She didn't want to leave Bo. She would never leave Bo again. Never. No matter what fate was bringing them, no matter what fate was throwing at them. Again she saw herself standing above Bo, with the blood all around her while she was clutching Buzz on her arms. She never thinks of herself in real danger, Lauren thought. She throws herself in everything without thinking.

Lauren felt Bos hand on her leg again, she opened her eyes and watched her. She wasn't sleeping, she was looking at her. Lauren moved her body close and reached for Bos cheek with her lips.


"What baby?"

"I don't want to stay here"

"You wont, just for a couple of days until your better"

"Please, I don't want to stay here, I had enough of hospitals please"

Lauren started crying again.

"Shhhh, we will leave the moment your able ok?"

"Did my back got hurt?"

"No baby, no everything is ok, don't worry, you can walk, it just you have to be careful from that side since you got the knife hit at that side, or your hurting leg"

"I want to leave, please Lauren, lets leave"

"shhhhhh, come on my hero, your so brave, its just a few days, you can do it"

"hero? You only got pain from the moment you met me, nothing good happened to you, I nearly killed you"

"I don't want to hear such words again, ok? You saved me and Buzz, you saved us, you didn't think of herself for a second"

"oh I am just a jealous prick, you know I cant stand anyone else touching you, or hurting you" Lauren kissed Bos cheek again.

"no, kiss my lips, no my cheek, my lips" Lauren smiled, it was the first smile in a long day. She kissed Bos lips softly, the brunette tried to move up a bit and kiss her back but she felt a sharp pain.

"ahhhh" Lauren pushed Bos head back in the pillow.

"shhhh we would have enough time for that, I promise you, we would never stop kissing each other"

"You must be thinking what your doing with me, look at me, look at me, I cant walk, I am maimed and now this, I would never be strong again, I would never be what you want me to be"

"shhhhhhh please stop such talk ok? Your everything I want, everything, my hero"

"its just like my childhood, just like when I was a kid, from aone pedo to the other, the social workers had enough of me and my troubles, every month I would change home"

Lauren moved on Bos bed and got under the covers from her right side. She hugged her strong and got her head on Bos.

"You got to leave me baby, you can find so much better than me, Buzz deserves the best, you deserve the best"

"I am never leaving you, never. You asked me to marry you remember? That's what marriage is for, you go it? For the difficult times. I cant live without you, I cant live without you causing me troubles and Buzz loves you, he adores you, you're his super hero and wait until he hears your latest heroics"

"when I was a kid I would dream of having my own family, watching all that people hurting each other, I would have my own family, and I would be perfect, work hard, never cause them trouble, have a lot of kids, and I did the opposite"

"you have your own family, its me and Kenzi and Buzz, we love you no matter what and you don't have to be perfect, you survived Bo, others don't, you survived, don't worry baby, we are still young, we would change everything, you would see"

"Cant you see it? All this? Cant you see that its not meant to be Lauren, we aren't meant to be, everytime I try to get better, I end up getting worse, its in my nature"

"All I see is that I love you, all I see is that you were alone facing the world since you were born, all I see is that you had to become what you did in order to survive but you got us now, you got us and you don't have to hide or fight in order to survive, we are together in this, you got it?"

Bo squeezed Lauren to her.

"I just want to leave, I don't want to stay at the hospital, I am sick of hospitals, I am sick of them"

"I know, but you have to get better, a couple of days until you get better"

"I have been a burden to this world from the day I was born"

"shhhhhhh try to sleep baby, your tired"

"I love you so much, if anybody hurts you, I ll kill them"

Lauren placed her fingers on Bos lips to stop her from talking. It was clear Bo wasn't thinking straight, everything had taken a toll on her.

"Close your eyes baby, we talk in the morning"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

"Your ready?"


"You look good"

"Not great?"

"Ok great"

"Your ready Bobo?"

"Yes baby I am ready" Bo grabbed Buzz and lift him up on his arms, her back hurted a bit.

"Bo be careful, you don't want to hurt your back and not be able to walk today"

"Its ok Kenzi, you look so good with your suit little guy"

"Yes I know, you look great in your military uniform too"

"You think?"

"Yes, I wish you would wear it more often, especially when you come and pick me up from school, I want everybody to see"

"Oh, I will baby"

"Bo lets get going, we don't want to be late"

"Kenzi its 4 blocks away"

"I know but we should get there early, that's what tradition says"

"Kenzi don't worry ok? You got the rings?"

"Yeah, I got them, gonna give them to Buzz when we arrive"

"Ok, lets go then"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

"Are you sure you don't want to inform your parents?"

"Ciara how many times are we going to talk about this? This is the way Bo and I want this."

"You look beautiful"

"Thank you"

"Sea breeze color suits you, you look like a princess, as Bo wont stop reminding us"

"Well I am ready"

"Are you sure? You really want to do this Lauren? I know how much you and Bo love each other but with everything that happened to Bo, its not you doing the right thing?"

"Yes I am sure. I love her more than anything in this world, you know it"

"So what did you plan for tonight?"

"It's a surprise, Bo left everything to me, and of course I have booked you and Kenz the suite, you can eat and drink anything you like but not much drinking since your babysitting Buzz"

"I know Lo you told me, I didn't mean about us, I mean about you guys. Its been how long since you two had sex?"

"I am a lady, I am not answering that"

"Oh come on Lauren"

"You know we agreed no sex until we are sure Bo is healthy and our relationship is build on steady grounds, and since Bo had that obsession with sex, I think its great that she managed without it all this time"

"So its almost like a real first night tonight"

"I guess so"

"Are you nervous?"

"We should get going"

"Just promise me you would tell me all the details"

"I am not promising anything ok? Lets go throu with this first and then we talk about the first night"

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