She completes me

Chapter 32

"Who the fuck invited them? What are they doing here"

Kenzi turned and watched as Laurens parents and brother walked inside the small city hall room.

"Bo, shhh don't be so loud"

"I don't care, I doubt Lauren invited them and I sure didn't"

"Gramaaaaa" They both watched as Buzz rushed to his grandmothers arms. Laurens mum hugged him while her dad walked over approaching Bo.


"Mr Lewis"

"I really hope that you make my daughter happy, for your own good" Kenzi was holding Bos back, trying to restrain her before she does something she regrets. Bo didn't manage to answer and Laurens mum walked close to them, holding Buzz in her arms. In a complete unexpected move, she kissed Bos cheek and then touched it with her hand.

"Are you sure you can handle my daughter?"

"Ehhhhh I hope so, eeehhh" Kenzi smiled, Bo was speechless. Laurens parents slowly walked back to the empty seats, while Laurens brother only nodded towards Bo from afar.

"Phew, that was close Bobo"

"I bet they expect me to run, or chicken out, they came here to threaten me, try to ruin this for me and Lo"

"I very much doubt Lauren knows anything about them coming here, maybe they want to see their daughter getting married?"

"Who the fuck invited them?"

"Can you stop swearing in front of them and Buzz? Calm down, nothing can ruin this, you are one hour from being married to the doc, just calm down"

"Where is Lauren? She is late, call her"

"Bo I texted Ciara, they are coming, calm down"

Kenzi was smiling to her best friend, Bo was very nervous and she could see the agony on her face that only intensified when Laurens parents came. She invited Laurens parents, invited wasn't the true word, she informed them about the marriage, in a long letter to Laurens mum. She wanted them to know what Lauren meant to her and Bo, how she changed their lives, how she changes Bos life and she hoped that they could attend their marriage.

A small private affair as Lauren would described it. Buzz approached them again, taking his place in front of Bo who had her hands on his little shoulders. It was 11:30 in the morning and after an early rain, the sun was out, it was still chilly but beautiful. An official from the Mayors office walked in and behind him a young secretary, dressed in casual clothes. Bo was getting more and more stressed, until Ciara walked in and then Lauren.

Bo couldn't take her eyes from her. It was like everybody else disappeared around them. Laurens smile was breathtaking and was like bringing the light inside this small, room. Yeah, that's it Bo thought, she was bringing the light into my dark life. Lauren noticed her family getting up as she walked towards Bo, if she was surprised, she didn't show it. She smiled towards her son who was standing in front of Bo all regal and formal. Kenzi was behind Bo, Kenzi and Ciara were going to be their witnesses, the ones who would sign with them after the marriage was over. Marriage, a 5 minute procedure that was going to change my life, Bo thought again as Lauren came close and stood next to her.

"Hi" Everybody was smiling except Bo. She was sweating and looking stressed, her uniform was too tight, her leg was hurting. She was breathing heavily, looking at Lauren and then towards the marriage official. She had that dark serious look that Lauren was so in love with, and hated so much at the same time.

"Can we begin?" The official asked? Lauren smiled and looked around.

"I guess so" The official read a standard paper giving them advice and what this ceremony means for the state and the government and towards society. Then he raised his head towards the both of them. It was clear he conducted so many marriages, he was bored by the whole ceremony by now.

"Would you like to say something to each other? Before I ask you to sign the marriage papers and announce you as a married couple?"

Bo finally moved, she grabbed Buzz shoulders again.

"Buzz the rings" Her voice was an agonizing whisper, while Kenzi was almost laughing. In fact everybody was near to burst into laughs at the way Bo was so nervous. The little bugger slowly got the two gold/white simple bands in his small hand and handed the one to Bo.

She grabbed it from his hand and hold it for a second. She then turned to Lauren, face to face. Her hands were shaking. She got Laurens hand.

"So I got us rings, in fact its nothing so special, not even that expensive, they are real, I mean real gold, don't you think its not gold or anything"

"Bo" Laurens voice stopped her small rant.

"What I want to say is, maybe they aren't so expensive, and obviously you deserve the most expensive stuff, but for me, they are really really special, me and Kenz, we walked so many blocks and window shopped for days, they are really special, because these rings, they connect me with u, u know, they make us one, just like I hoped, u know, I have a family now, I mean of course I have Kenzi who is my family but phewwww, u know what I mean"

She moved her head, resigning from trying to talk to Lauren and say the things she wanted to, in front of all these people.

She slowly slipped Laurens wedding band to Laurens wedding finger, and kissed her hand. Then Lauren kissed Buzz and got the other ring.

She looked at it and slowly slipped it to Bos finger. She touched Bos face.

"Bo, I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that I will marry someone like you. But in my heart, in the reality of my heart, I knew I will marry u, because if it wasn't you then nobody else. I want to say I love you in front of my family, of my son, of our best friends. I want to say that you don't have to be afraid. You see all this? This is easy, a 5 minute ceremony. And you know whats more easy? To love you, to be with you. Because no matter what, for me it camow naturally.

Because we fit. So don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. I choose you. I love you. We are going to get throu everything together. That's what marriage means. That's what family means. Everybody is around you when things are easy, when things are going great. But when your down, when everything is going down, when things are bad, that's when you see who is really there for you. That's when I am going to be there. I am going to hold your hand and your going to hold my hand and going to walk this road together. Because I am your wife, and you are my wife. You got it baby? We are in this together"

Bo moved and kissed Lauren, in fact she grabbed her and kissed her, causing the reaction of the marriage official.

"Ladies, you aren't married yet" Lauren stopped Bos kiss and smiled to her. Bo backed off a bit but still had her hand around Laurens waist.

"Bo Dennis do you accept Lauren Lewis as your lawful wife?"

"I do"

"Lauren Lewis, do you accept Bo Dennis, as your lawful wife?"

"Yes, I do"

"Can you sign these papers for me please? And your witnesses?"

Everybody took their turn to sign the official papers, and then the guy announced that they were legally married. Lauren grabbed Buzz in her arms while Bo grabbed her hand and they slowly walked out, with their family behind them.

Laurens parents hugged them both strong and her brother too.

"Who told you guys?" Her mum looked towards Kenzi who was teasing Bo about her nervousness.

"We are having a small party at the hotel, want to join us?"

"No, no you can have this day with your wife and your friends, we are just happy that we could be here, want me to take care of Buzz tonight, or for the week? Are you heading anywhere?"

"No mum, actually we are spending our first days as a married couple in our home, Ciara and Kenzi are going to have Buzz"

"Are you sure? We can arrange something for you and Bo"

"Yes, Dad, I am sure, we want to be in our home"

"Ok, call us if you need anything" Her brother added.

"I am so hungry, all this marriage situation made me so hungry"

Lauren smiled as she heard Kenzis words, she said her goodbyes to her family and turned. She looked towards her wife and her best friend. Buzz was still playing with Bos uniform, while she was still sweating and trying to unbutton her jacket. She approached her.

"Let me" Slowly Lauren unbuttoned Bos jacket. She smiled to Bo who was looking at her with hungry eyes.

"Lauren, you promised us a feast, lets go, I cant wait" Ciaras voice brought them back to reality. Bo grabbed Laurens and Buzz hands and walked towards the car. As soon as they head to the small party, the sooner its going to be over and she could have Lauren all to herself.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

I wonder what she is wearing under that dress. I love her hair like that, makes her neck look so beautiful, its like I want to dive in that neck. Bo touched her forehead with her hand. She was so nervous. Damn, I am a sex expert, I need to get a grip. They were back at the crack shack. It was nearly 9, they left their friends and Buzz at the hotel, Buzz was almost asleep, all Kenzi had to do was to give him his milk and he would be sleeping in seconds. Bo was sitting at their couch, while Lauren sat on the big chair facing her. She had her legs crossed and Bo was enjoying the view.

"Your tired? How is your leg?"

"Its ok, bothering me a bit but nothing serious"

"Want me to make us something to eat?"

"No I had enough already, you on the other hand, you didn't eat anything"

"I did, you know me, I wasn't really hungry tell you the truth" Lauren was looking at Bo. She was getting better and better and was physically nearly at her previous best. Someone who would see her for the first time, without knowing her problems, would never guess there was a time she couldn't walk.

"What are you looking at?"



"And nothing"

Lauren smiled, she got up, walking with bare legs, with that flair, that regal air. If she ever knew my thoughts about her, I wont be able to recover my bad assery ever, Bo smiled, whipped, Kenzi would say, so whipped. Lauren got inside their bedroom, it was a strange arrangement they had. For the past months they will sleep together and it was a torture. Buzz was mostly sleeping with them, but he also loved to spend the nights with his Aunt Kenzi, it was much more fun, as he would inform Lauren.

Something that made her nights even more difficult. There were nights she would dream or think about grabbing Lauren in the middle of the night and have endless sex, or nights that she would be in pain and squeeze her teeth and hands so Lauren wont understand, wont feel it, she didn't want Lauren to think of her as weak. Or when they would both stay up, facing each other and watch Buzz sleep, without talking, just sharing the moment. She got up and walked slowly towards the bedroom. She wanted Lauren, she wanted her with all her heart and soul. She was surprised to find her taking out some papers. She walked and sat next to her on the bed.

"Whats that"

"Oh, this is for you"

"What is it?"

"You have to read it"

"Lauren I don't want any money from you"

"Its not money."

"Is it a will? I don't want anything from you, I don't care about…"

"Can you shut up?" Bo did as Lauren said, while Lauren handed her the papers. She started reading, and after a few minutes she smiled and turned her eyes towards Lauren.

"Its Buzzs adoption papers"

"Yes, I think its only natural since you have become my wife, and since Buzz loves you so much, and if you want this of course.." Bo moved her head and kissed Laurens lips.

"Of course I want to. I didn't think you will want to, I didn't think you considered me to be a proper parent for Buzz"

"Bo, seriously, I married you, Buzz adores you"

"I adore him back, he is magnificent. I need to get a pen"

"Here you are"

Lauren handed her the pen and Bo started signing the papers that were naming her as Buzz second parent and legal guardian.

"I guess I am now officially a member of the Lewis family"

"You know Bo, lets think about that. Maybe its time there is a new Dennis family out there?" Bo lowered her eyes, she didn't want Lauren to see what impact her words had to her. She felt Laurens hand on her chin, making her look up again.

"Don't hide from me"

"I am not hiding" I love you so much.

Lauren got the papers from Bos hands and placed them back in desk closet. Then she approached Bo.

"Its our first night as a married couple"

Bo wrapped her hands around Laurens waist and placed her head on her belly.

"I am nervous" Bo whispered


"I said I am a bit nervous"

Lauren smiled.

"You? The sex God nervous?"

"I am always nervous with you"

"No you aren't, I remember times when you weren't nervous at all, in fact you were very cocky and arrogant"

"That was before…."

"Before what baby?"

"Before my body got maimed"

"Really? That's why you were fucking doctors, while being in rehab?" Lauren was teasing her.

"Its different, everything is different with you"

"Tell me, how everything is different with me?"

Bo stopped talking, she dragged Lauren between her legs.

"I love this dress on you. I love the way you have you hair up, I love the way you move around like a ballet dancer" Bo hugged Lauren again, stronger this time.

"I wanted to say so much more in the morning.."

"I know baby, its ok"

"I hope you liked the rings, they are very simple"

"I loved them, they have that natural beauty that don't need much glimpse, just like you"

Lauren felt Bos hands moving on her body, touching her back and her thighs. She slowly moved behind, out of Bos reach. Bo started unbuttoning her white shirt, while Lauren untied her hair. Then she unzipped her dress and she was left with her white blue underwear. They were looking at each other. Bo got up and undressed herself. She was wearing her usual black underwear. She walked towards Lauren, facing her, standing facing each other. Lauren got her hands on Bos hands.

"I cant believe you are here with me, that you married me"

"I told you, its me and you, always and together"

Lauren placed her hands on Bos cheek and slowly kissed her. It was a slow light kiss. A testing kiss. Bo moved a little closer and grabbed Laurens hands, stopping the kiss. She dragged Lauren close, their bodies touching, her hands around Laurens waist.

"Finally your are mine"

"And you mine" This time it was Bo who moved and kissed her. It was a hard kiss, a desperate kiss, Bo opened Laurens mouth with her lips and got her tongue inside. Lauren moaned at Bos attack on her mouth. She moved behind a bit, making Bo move with her until Bo stuck her on the wall. She stopped the kiss again. She grabbed Laurens hands and got them above her head. Slowly she moved her one hand on Laurens neck, and then breasts. She unbuttoned her bra. Laurens nipples were already aroused, when Bo lowered her mouth on them. Circling the left one first, pressing her mouth on Laurens breast. Releasing Laurens hands, she pushed her mouth more on Laurens body. Her wifes hands got on her back, unbuttoning Bos bra and touching her back, pushing her more.

"I missed your mouth on my body"

Laurens words almost got Bo crazy, she dragged one nipple in her teeth and bited it hard. Then she moved to the other breast, and repeating the same again and again, leaking and sucking, biting without a stop, until Laurens legs couldn't hold her anymore.

"Baby, lets get on the bed."

Bo stopped and moved her on the bed. Laured laid back, smiling at her, with her legs open, giving Bo full access. She was still wearing her white pants. Bo slowly took it off from Laurens body. Then she did the same with her own, she lowered her body between Laurens legs. Lauren kissed her, with an abandonment that made Bo almost break in tears.

"I love you, I love you so much" She whispered to her wife.

"I know"

They started kissing like crazy, their tongues fighting, Lauren wrapped her legs around Bos body.

"I want you"

Bo kissed Laurens face, her cheeks, forehead, lips, chin.

"I want all of you"

She moved her hand between their bodies and slowly started brushing her fingers against Laurens lips down there. Lauren moved her body towards Bos fingers.

"I am going to be so inside of you"

"Yes, baby" Bos fingers found Laurens clit and started massaging and teasing it up and down, left and right.

Lauren kissed Bos shoulders, pleading with her.

"Please baby"

Bo slowly slipped two fingers inside her wife, while she was moving her whole body up and down on Laurens. She started kissing Laurens mouth again, getting deeper and deeper in her mouth, while moving her fingers in and out of Laurens body.

"Open your eyes"

Lauren smiled at Bos words. She opened her eyes. Bo kissed her lips, dragged them, bited them.

"You feel me?"

"I feel you so deep"

"You see me?"

"Yes, baby I see you"

"Its me who is fucking you"

Again Bo kissed Lauren hard and this time it was Lauren who bited Bos lips and pressed her nails on Bos back. Bo finally lost her control and pushed harder and faster until they both ended together. Bo collapsed on Laurens body, while Lauren was kissing her shoulders and face.

She was still between Laurens legs and had her hands wrapped tight around her body.

"Are you ok?" Bo smiled at Laurens question.

"Yeah, don't worry, I still have some of my sex drive"

Lauren pinched Bos buttock.

"I mean your leg silly, want me to move a bit?"

"No, don't move" They stayed there, two bodies united, sharing kisses and looks, not talking, just looking at each other, until Bo fell asleep.

Lauren tried to move a bit but Bos hands were keeping her at place. She smiled and closed her eyes too, it was a long day and they were both tired.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

She woke up feeling sore but happy, she moved to touch her wife, but she quickly understood the bed was empty. She had her eyes closed, yet she could hear her little moves around the kitchen. She was making breakfast. Her back and leg were bothering her a bit but she didn't care. She opened her eyes, she fell asleep, she was so tired last night. Yet she was happy with herself. At least I managed to perform she said to herself, smiling more and more broadly. She slowly got up and walked out of the room, trying not to be heard. She observed her a bit, she is wearing my military tee, her hair glorious on her back. She was so focused on cooking breakfast, frowning and thinking, typical Lauren move. Then as she felt Bos look, she turned and smiled. Bo walked towards her wife, and slipped her hands on her waist and lower. They kissed each other, Bo was naked.

"Ummm, so beautiful" Lauren said.

"Lets get back to bed"

"I can see your appetite is back"

"You cant imagine"

"I made breakfast"

"It can wait" Bo moved a bit and picked Lauren up.

"Baby, your back"

"I am ok"

Kissing and feeling each other, they moved back to the bedroom.

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