She completes me

Chapter 33

"We have to get up at some point, I am getting very hungry"


"Bo, you are huminggg for a whole hour now" Lauren was looking at her wife who was holding her tight in bed, while humming and squeezing her nose on Laurens neck.

"I don't want to get up"

"You aren't hungry?"

"I am but I am more hungry for something else"

"Baby we have a whole night and tomorrow, don't worry" Lauren smiled again while her cheeks got a little red. It was getting afternoon and she and Bo didn't leave bed, since morning. She felt Bos lips on her neck and going higher, she moved her head a bit and Bo reached her lips. Bo kissed the corner of her mouth and then nipped her lower lip. Lauren started moaning again and she pressed Bos head more to her. Bo stopped kissing her.

"I thought you were hungry"

"You're an ass Dennis"

"But a really hot one"

Lauren slapped Bos buttock while her wife laid on her body.

"Ok, lets get up, but only because I love your cooking almost as your body"

"Awww that's a great compliment Dennis"

"Ummm thank you very much, my darling wife"

"I love the sound of it"

"My wife, yeah sounds so good"

"How about Lauren Dennis?"

"That sounds even better, but I never thought you would want to take my name"

"Why not?"

"Well, its obvious isn't it? You are part of a very important family, your parents, your brother, while I don't even have a family, and my past isn't that good"

"Well the only Dennis I know is you, and me and Buzz love you, maybe we can start our own good Dennis family?"

"Yeah, maybe"

The sound of Bos mobile getting a text interrupted them. Lauren was nearer so she picked it up.

"Who is it?" Lauren viewed the message and frowned.

"Its Kenzi, she is asking about our last night"

"She is? Whats your frown about?"

"She is asking if you managed to perform?" Bo squeezed Lauren tighter and kissed her.

"Come on don't frown I was pretty nervous about this and Kenzi was the one trying to reassure me"

"Well you better send her an answer"

"Answer her for me, tell her what you thought about my performance"

"I can see that nervousness didn't last long, besides I already talked to Kenz in the morning, asked about Buzz and told her that he should eat something else other than French fries today, also talked to him a bit"

"How is he doing?"

"Great, with his Aunt Kenz, although he misses us"

"Yeah I miss him too, so you talked to Kenz? What did you tell her about our first night?"

"That you were very tired and slept at once" Lauren teased Bo.

"Is that so? I think you are forgetting some details"

"Really? I don't remember well, I don't think so…" Bo dragged Lauren on her again.

"Let me remind you"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Bo woke up feeling very hungry, her stomach was literally yelling for food. Lauren was sleeping next to her, she slowly moved up from the bed and checked the time. It was way past 8. She got her sweatpants and Laurens university sweater and walked in the kitchen. Laurens breakfast was pancakes while she had prepared some eggs in order to make an omelet.

Bo started mingling the eggs and added some tomato and cheese on them. It was one of Laurens favourite quick snacks. She got the pan, dropped some olive oil and waited until it warmed up. When she felt the oil hot she got the mix on the hot pan and moved it until it was fried. She added salt and pepper and some more cheese that melted on her mixed eggs because of the heat. Then she warmed up Laurens pancakes in the oven. Her dinner was ready, it was nothing special but she was proud she even managed that.

Kenz had bought Champagne and really good whiskey but Bo wasn't a heavy drinker anymore. She grabbed the milk from the fridge and warmed up enough for her and Lauren. Lauren could also choose to drink wine, but Bo was fine with her milk. She smiled, damn Dennis, you really got tamed.

She was setting the kitchen table when she heard Lauren walking in. Her wife wrapped her hands around her body and kissed her neck, nuzzling in her body. She was wearing her tee again with only her white pants.

"Why didn't you wake me?"

"You needed to sleep"

"You cooked?"

"More like I finished what you were preparing in the morning, no go sit, ill serve you"


Lauren sat on the chair looking bemused. Bo served up the warm pancakes in on plate, and the egg/tomatoe cheese in another.

"Its hot milk for me, you want some wine?"

"No, warm milk is fine for me too"

Bo then came over and sat on Laurens lap. They shared a couple of kisses and started eating.

"Omg, the omelet is too hot"

"I know right? Too much pepper, sorry babe"

"Its fine, don't worry, I guess we are going to wait for our milk to get cold a bit and wash the pepper off"

They fed each other, Bo as usual got all stained and Lauren was teasing her about it.

"I don't know how you never stain yourself"

"It's a skill baby"

Lauren slipped her hands under her sweater that Bo was wearing.

"The sweater is so sexy on you"

"Calm down and let me eat"

"Why? I am not stopping you"

"Babe! Don't touch my boobies now"

"Well you didn't mind it a few hours ago"

"I wasn't eating then"

"Your boobies?" Laures burst in laughs.

"Stop laughing"

"Sometimes you are such a dork"

"Its all your fault, I completely lost my swag"

"Aww my poor baby"

"What? Look at me, I am drinking milk and cooking"

"It's a tragedy"

"I love you, you really mean what you said about taking my name?"

"Of course I am. It's a fresh start we are making"

"I sometimes think what would have happened in my life if I never met you"

"Probably never had all those accidents"

"Stop joking, I am serious. Where was my life going? Endless partying and fucking around. When I came back from Afganistan and before I saw you that day, that's what I was doing. In fact that day, I didn't even know where the fuck I woke up, and it wasn't the first time. If it wasn't you or Kenz I don't know, I would probably end up like before"

Lauren hugged Bo strong.

"Like before?"

"Yeah, like before. You know, before I was in the army"

"How was that baby? That time? You never really told me about that time, you know Kenzi told me some stuff but not in details"

"Well try and think the worst thing about me, and start from that, its even worse"

"You were alone, you had nobody, you found a way to survive"

"Sometimes, sometimes I want to tell you, but I am afraid, that you are going to hate me, be disgusted with me….."

"Nothing can stop me from loving you, you know that, so many things happened and I am still here"

"Yeah, you are still here"

There was a big gap of silence between them, sitting on that kitchen chair, looking at each other, hugging and feeling each other.

"Remember those times in therapy?"

"Yes, I remember"

"Remember? About sex, you remember that?"

"I remember a couple things you said"

"Are you sure you want to connect my name with you and Buzz?"

"Bo, it wasn't your fault that you were left without a family, I know the system and most of the foster families are applying for kids just for the benefits and to get state help"

"You know, I was a very beautiful kid, and grew up fast"

Lauren said nothing, she didn't want to interrupt Bo. This was looking to be a turning point for them.

"You know about sex, how much sex was in my life, well I was how to say this, I was introduced to sex from a very young age"

Bo smiled, a bitter defensive smile, looking at Lauren, who didn't take her eyes from her, nor reacted in disgust.

"See Lo, looks like every potential father was thinking the same and was wanting the same from me, and after sometime, you know, it was easy baby, it was easy, an easy solution in order to leave me alone, to be left alone"

Bo tried to get up from Laurens lap but her wife didn't let her. She was holding her very strong. Again there was silence between them, Bo lowered her head, and finally she slowly got up from Laurens lap. She went back in the bedroom and got in the bathroom. She washed her face, looking at her face. She could hear Lauren cleaning the table and washing the dishes. She stayed there in the bathroom for sometime, not having the courage to go out, until finally Lauren walked in.

"Are you gonna stay here all night?" Bo was surprised at Laurens words. Her wife wasn't surprised, wasn't disgusted, wasn't looking at her in a degrading way, but most importantly she wasn't looking at her with pity.

"No, I was going to come out at some point"

"Ok, because I am in the mood for a walk, want to join me?"

"Yeah, of course"


Lauren walked out of the bathroom, and Bo followed her. They got dressed in silence. Bo loved Laurens casual attire so different from her official one. Tight jeans, leather jacket and boots. Bo was in her usual black pants, top, jacket and boots too. They left the crack shack, it was a beautiful night, Lauren slipped her hand to Bos and started walking, without talking. After about ten minutes Bo figured out they were heading towards a parking lot.

"Where are we?"

"You will see"

Lauren inserted a card she took out from her pocket wallet and the entrance opened. They got the elevator for the down floor where small storage blocks were at place. Probably people storing their cars for a big amount of time Bo thought. She smiled, maybe she bought me a car?

They headed towards a garage and Lauren pressed the code for the door to open. Bo again was left speechless. She was standing there, not being able to walk. Looking inside and looking at her wife. Lauren was smiling at her. Bo watched as her wife walked towards her bike. It was like brand new. New tires, no marks. Their helmets were there too.

"So is it true what they say about riding? That's its like sex? You never forget how to do it?"

Bo didn't know what to say, she touched her forehead, she was crazy, her mind was going crazy, she wanted to grab Lauren and stuck her on the garage wall, and kiss her and start yelling with all her heart how much she loved her.

"Are you going to stand there? I am waiting for months for another ride, don't you think you owe me one?" Bo finally walked towards the bike.

"I owe you everything, everything"

She touched her bike and turned to Lauren with a broad smile.

"Its like brand new"


"Can I ride her?"

"Why do you think I brought us here? I want a ride BoBo"

The key was on the bike. Bo slowly got her hands on the wheel, trying to feel the weight of the bike, trying to see if she still could control it. She passed her leg up and sat. She checked the oil and fuel and if the lights were working. Then she moved it in the middle so the bike wont be based on the ground and her legs were the ones basing it.

"Gonna make a small round in here, I am not sure ehhhh, if I can do this"

"I am here waiting"

Bo started the engine, it was a magnificent sound. She played with the brakes and the accelerator. She was smiling like a small kid that got a new toy, it was crazy, a crazy happiness, She was looking at Lauren and around, she slowly started moving the bike, going ahead with small nervous movements. She was steadying herself, getting the feeling of the bike. She started going a bit faster, around the parking lot floor. Then she got back to Lauren who was waiting for her. Lauren gave her the helmet and got the second one for her. She locked the garage and got behind her.

"Go slow"

Bo smiled at Laurens words. She felt her wifes hands around her tight. She got slow all the way to the parking entrance, Lauren placed the card, the door opened and they rode away. It was dark, Bo was going slow and safe, enjoying the city lights and the ride, the feeling of Laurens body behind her. She went for the outskirts of Toronto, and then back in the centre. After sometime she headed back at the parking lot. They got inside and parked it in the garage, and locked it without talking.

This time it was Bo who slipped her hand on Laurens, and they walked back at their house in silence, at times exchanging looks. The house was dark and silent, and chilly, it was just after midnight when they arrived.

Lauren walked in first and Bo behind her.

"Don't turn on the lights"

Bo closed the door, locking it. They got off their jackets and boots. Then Bo took Lauren by the hand and sat on the couch with Lauren on her lap. She unbuttoned her button up and dragged it off from her. Then looked at her, she placed her hands on Laurens face.

"You are so beautiful, perfect, out of this world. I remember everything, every detail of your face, every move, every smile, every frown. I love you so much"

Their kiss was slow and deep, Bo left Laurens mouth for her breasts, then turned and laid her on the couch and she started kissing her lower on her belly. She unbuttoned her jean and dragged it down with her white pants. She was still fully clothed, but she didn't care. She started kissing the inside of Laurens thighs, sparing small kisses here and there. And then she focused on Laurens lips, kissing the top of her centre, then the sides and then the lips, nipping them to open, dragging them with her lips, until they open enough so she could have access to her clit. Lauren tried to drag Bos back top causing Bo to stop and get up, undressing herself. She couldn't take her eyes from Lauren, she was laying back with her legs open and her head on the side, smiling to her, fully giving herself to her, trusting her. Again she lowered her head between Laurens legs. She started kissing and leaking the lips, until they were red and sore, fully open.

"I love you"

Laurens words were like music in her ears. She massaged and teased the clit with her thumb for a bit, before attacking it with her mouth. Closing it around her lips, sucking it, leaking it with her tongue. Lauren placed her one leg around around Bos head, getting her closer to her body, opening herself more and more.

"Baby I am gonna cum"

Bo didn't stop, instead she reacted with a tensed drag of Laurens clit, taking it on her mouth, holding Laurens legs steady, so she would feel her orgasm on her mouth. She felt Lauren move towards her mouth until she laid back resigned, but Bo wasn't finished, she continued leaking and sucking , making Lauren weep and cry for her to get inside her.

Then as Lauren was near a second orgasm Bo slipped her tongue inside her, and started moving in and out. This time it was Lauren who pressed Bos head to stay there while she orgasmed for the second time, feeling Bo reaching her own orgasm.

She slowly started kissing her way up on Laurens body, getting in her mouth. They hugged each other and stayed there until Bo felt Lauren shivering from the cold, she got up and got them two blankets.

"You are out of this world" Bo said again.

"I cant believe you got me back, I cant believe I am married with you, I cant believe you want my name, tonight, last night, its like a dream, like its in my thoughts, like it not happening" Lauren stopped her by kissing her.

"Shhhh, I am as much as a human as you are baby" Bo grabbed her hands and kissed the inside of her palms and then near the veins where Lauren had cut herself.

"I cant believe how much I have hurt you, I cant imagine those moments when you were alone in that bathroom"

"It wasn't only you baby, it was me too, I was lost"

"No, it was me, me, I was crazy about you, crazy, I was feeling how much I loved you and I was resisting it, lying to myself, trying to prove I was free, that I could still fuck around, that I could still walk out on you, that I had you and I had others" Bo hugged her strong again.

"Never do that to me again, never, when I walked inside that hospital room and saw you looking pale, it was the first time in my life after those years when I was a kid, that I prayed you know, I stopped believing in God in those years, after praying and praying and getting nothing back but abuse, I fucked God, I said fuck him, but when I saw you like that, I was on my knees praying"

"shhhhhhh its all in the past now, we got throu it baby, we are together still"

"You know for years, I had this idea that God was laughing at me, playing with me, punishing me as a kid for no reason, I didn't have one quiet moment, but you came into my life, you are in my life, and you changed everything, you change everything, you bring light in my dark world, and I smile back at Him, because I have you, you know that? I have you, you love me, and I say, see God, this angel, your angel, loves me, she loves me" Lauren stopped Bos words by kissing her again while she felt her tears running. They hugged strong again as if they were afraid of even the slight distance between them.

"My dark baby, you are so silly, so silly"

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