She completes me

Chapter 34


"Bo is that you?"

Bo smiled at the bartender, she hasn't been at this place for at least two years. So many things happened in between.

"Hi, how are you?"

"Ok, same, you? Damn you look hot girl"

Bo smiled broadly, you should have seen me months ago, she thought.

"Ok, I am ok too, so how are things around here?"

"You know, nothing ever changes for the bartender, want something to drink? What can I get you?"

Bo looked at the bar, her decision to come back to her old hang out was sudden and a bit weird, connected with the fact she was looking almost as good as before, she was back to her physical best and as Lauren would point out teasingly, the arrogance was back too.

"Yeah, yeah I would like something to drink, how about my usual scotch?"

"Coming right up"

Bo turned and based her body on the bar, checking the place out. It was Saturday, late afternoon, Lauren was visiting her parents with Buzz, while Kenzi was spending the weekend with her new boyfriend. She finished from her work, security staff at one of Laurens Dad office buildings, and she decided to come for a drink.

She looked around, the place was starting to pack up, men and women coming for late lunches or early drinks.

"Here you are Bo"


She grabbed the glass, truth is she stopped drinking, apart from the glass of wine or a scotch, she would share with Lo, she was pretty sober. She was rather quick to drink this one, and burned her throat. She smiled. Felt good, felt like old times. She looked around again and ordered another one. She was with the bike, but the place was near their apartment, another one and I am off she said to herself. Suddenly she felt a presence next to her, a perfume hitting her nose. She turned her head on the side, and noticed a pretty knockout blonde, sitting next to her on the bar. The blonde had clearly noticed her too, since she was smiling at her.

"Can I get you something?"

"Ummm, lets see"

The blonde was checking what the bartender got Bo.

"Get me one of those"

Bo looked straight ahead. Took her a few minutes to turn again and smile at the blonde.

"Hello there" The blonde said.


"You come here often?"

"I used to, I used to come, but not anymore, I mean except from today of course"

Bo watched as the blonde finished her drink as fast as she did.

"Nice ring you got there" Bo looked at her fingers.


"You are married?"

"Yes, yes iam"

"Lucky guy"


"I said lucky guy, to have a wife as beautiful as you"

"Oh, its not a guy, it's a woman and I am the lucky one"

After Bos answer, they were silent for awhile, the blonde ordered another drink.

"Want another one? We can move to a table, be more private"

Bo smiled at the blonde.

"Yes, yes why not?"

The bartender watched, moving his head with disapproval. They got their drinks and moved to a table, at the corner of the bar.

"So do you have a name?"


"A name, whats your name?"


"Hi Bo, my name is Tania"

"Nice to meet you"

Bo was feeling very nervous and very awkward, she didn't know what she was doing, she was starting to get sweaty, this sure didn't feel like old times.

"nice to meet you too, so want to tell me about you? What do you do Bo?"

"Iii I used to be on the army, sorry but you know I am married, I am married to a wonderful woman, and I really, I really need to leave"

Tania looked at Bo with a sad look.

"I am sorry, I didn't mean anything, I just wanted to have a drink, that's all"

"No, I am sorry, sorry that I smiled at you, ehh, I mean that I made you think I am available which I am not, I am sorry, of course I can have a drink with you" damn I am panicking.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Lauren was preparing Buzzs milk, feeling a slight nervousness on her stomach, Bo wasn't home, it was nearly 9. Usually she was back home at such hour, and it was Saturday night. She wanted to call her, see if something happened to her but didn't want Bo to think she was checking on her. Since they got married, everything was getting better and better, they settled in a good and happy life, they still had their problems though but it was nothing compared to what they went throu before, and almost everything had to do with Bo slowly facing the demons of her past.

She checked her phone again, Buzz was nearly asleep watching cartoons, and he asked a couple of times about Bo. Kenzi was spending her night at her new bfs, Lauren smiled, Kenzis life was settling too and she wont be surprised if she decided to move out, she would mention how she needed to make her own family, while Lauren and Bo reminded her that they were her family, but she could understand how Kenzi was feeling a bit left out now that she and Bo were married. Her thoughts got interrupted by her phone ringing.

"Bo, where are you, I was starting to get worried"


"Yes," Lauren was surprised, Bos voice wasn't normal.

"Babe, its me your wifey"

"Bo are you drunk?"

"I may be, maybe a little? Don't get mad at me"

"Bo I am not mad, where are you?"

"I am at the bar, near our apartment babe, come and get me? I cant with the bike, iam with the bike…."

"Stay there, I am coming" Laurens voice was firm and a little mad.

"Fucking idiot" Lauren picked up Buzz in her arms, got him his jacket, got her jacket and her car keys and left.


She got in the bar with a sleeping Buzz on her arms, its was full of people, she looked around and after awhile she finally noticed Bo on a side table sitting next to a busty blonde, Pamela Anderson type, she thought. Bo was actually almost laying her head on the table. She walked towards them looking like thunder.


Bo raised her head and smiled.

"Hey babe"

"Hello, you must be Lauren"

The busty blonde smiled towards Lauren. She looked in much better shape than Bo but still tipsy.

"Yes, I am, and you are?"

"Tania, Bo here was keeping me company, I didn't want to have a drink alone, so I offered her a drink"

Lauren was getting more angry by the minute, She placed her hand on Buzzs back, easying him up on his sleep.

"Yes, I can see that"

"Oh, don't be angry with her, she hasn't stopped talking about you for 3 hours now, i feel like I am meeting Mother Teresa with a mixture of Princess Grace after what she told me"

"Are you ok here? Bo paid for her drinks? Because my son is already passed his bedtime" Bo raised her head again, smiling.

"Our son, Tania, that's our sonnnn Buzzzz, didn't iii telll you he looos exactly like me" Bo was smiling towards Lauren like a dork.

"Can you walk?"

"I think soo I hope sooo"

Bo tried to get up but felt dizzy.

"How much did you drink?"

"A lot" Tania answered. She got up and helped Bo up.

Lauren walked infront with Buzz while Tania and Bo walked behind her.

"She is very pretty"

"yeah I told you"

"I think you are in the doghouse"

"yeah I think so too"

"I can see why you love her, she is hot"

Tania was checking out Laurens legs in her tight jeans.

"stop ogling my wife, cause I am gonna cut youuu"

Tania laughed at Bo.

"Dude you cant even stand"

They got to Laurens car, Lauren placed Buzz on his seat, and shut the car door, while opened the other door and got Bo inside with Tanias help.

Bo kissed Laurens neck and hugged her.

"Easy baby"

"ummm you smell so good"

She laid down behind, next to Buzzs seat and placed her head next to Buzz. Lauren shut the door and turned to Tania.

"Thank you very much for your help."

"Don't thank me, I didn't do anything, in fact I kind of made Bo to come and have a drink with me"

"Well whatever, thank you for helping me get her in the car"

"She really loves you, she couldn't stop talking about you, you two have some story"

Lauren smiled but as usual she was her calm cold self, she was never comfortable talking to strangers for personal issues.

"Don't give her much of a hard time, it was nice meeting you, have a good night"

Lauren thanked her again and got in the car. She watched from the mirror as Bo was laying next to Buzz with her eyes closed. She started the car and headed for their apartment.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Lauren was walking with Bo having her arm over her shoulders, she was tossed, rumbling words, and trying to get her hands on Laurens body.

They finally arrived in their bedroom, she had earlier put Buzz to sleep in Kenzis bed. She dropped her in the bed, and started undressing her.

She got her pants and top and left her with her black underwear. Bo tried to drag her to bed with her but Lauren pushed her back.

"Stay ok? I ll be back in few minutes, I need to clean the kitchen"

Lauren was angry and upset, she didn't know how to feel about what had happened. She started washing the dishes and cleaning Buzzs milk bottle. She finished after about 15 minutes and went back to bed to find Bo sleeping. She got out of her clothes and laid to bed, trying not to be close to Bo, but Bo felt her the moment she laid down and dragged her close.

She placed her face on Laurens neck, her breath was hot.

"You said a few minutes"

"Your drunk, sleep"

"Nothing happened"

"I know"

"You are my baby"

"I know"

"I don't want anybody else"

Lauren said nothing.

"I am like a fish out of the water without u, iii think I have embarrassed myself, couldn't stop talking about u"

Lauren said nothing again.

"I got to go get the bike"

"Don't worry, you have it locked, you can go in the morning, now sleep"

"Where is Buzz?"

"He is sleeping in Kenzis bed"

"You are mad at me?"

"A little"

"So no humba humba?"

"I am surprised at myself that I even allow you to touch me right now"

"You cant resist me" Lauren smacked Bos head lightly.

"Wut? That hurt"

"Well wait until you get up in the morning"

Bo moved closer and spooned her body to Laurens.

"That poor lady, she is laughing at me"

"Lady? I didn't see any lady"

"She was a lady, didn't even try to touch me or anything"

"Looked more like Pamela Anderson to me"

"Yeah, that's what I thought at first, but she got hurt too, we shared stories"

"You did? I don't want to hear it"

"Why? Its very interesting, I told her about a blonde witch that has her spell on me"

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, she has great hair and a great body and a great smell and great legs, and great eyes.."

"I can see your vocabulary is great"



"I love you"

"I know"

"Tonight,, tonight I tried, I tried to do it again"

Lauren didn't say anything, she felt Bo holding her stronger as if she was afraid she was going to get up.

"I tried to do what I did back then, but I couldn't, I couldn't. I realized it, and got scared, so scared, just like when I saw you at the hospital that day, that I was going to lose you"

Bo started crying, hiding her face on Laurens neck and holding her strong. Lauren hugged her back and after awhile Bo stopped crying.

"You were right to be scared, because if you ever cheat on me again, you are going to be dead for me, because when you called me and I got there and saw you with that woman, I got scared too, I got scared, because I thought you betrayed me again, and I don't ever want to feel that again, I don't ever want to feel that you are throwing our happiness away, our family away."

Bo said nothing, she felt Lauren was at her limits. They stayed there until both fell asleep.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Someone was jumping up and down on her back.

"Buzz, not on her back you know her boo boo hurts there"

Bo smiled, Buzz was jumping on her back. She smiled and slowly opened her eyes, she grabbed the little guy and turned him around, and started squeezing him, making him giggling.

"mummy Bo issss uppp"

"yeah Bo is upppp and your in trouble mister"

Bo picked him up, got up from the bed and placed him on her shoulders. She walked in the kitchen, wearing only her underwear. She was left with her mouth open when she saw Tania drinking coffee with Lauren.

Lauren noticed Bo walking in with her almost all her assets on show, and instantly got flustered. Tania started whistling, Bo turned immediately back to the bedroom.

"Buzz why didn't you tell me we had guests?"

"We have a guest, its your friend Miss Tania"

Bo quickly got her sweatpants and Laurens old Uni sweater and got back in the kitchen. Looks like Lauren and Tania were laughing at her.

"Goodmorning" She walked towards her wife and kissed her lips rather aggressively.

"Goodmorning to you too" Tania was having fun, while Bo was eager to know what did she tell Lauren.

"You are hungry? Want breakfast?" Lauren was still upset, Bo could tell from the way she would cut her lines and wont call her baby.

"Yeah" Lauren got her a plate of pancakes and warm chocolate.

"Ummmm" Bo started eating.

"No wonder you love her so much, not only she is a saint, she is hot, she is a great doctor, she is rich, she has great hair, she is a great mother, a great lover she is also a great cook"

Tania started laughing again, looking at Lauren who couldn't help laughing too.

"yeah yeah laugh at me"

"What? Did I forget anything?"

Bo didn't answer and as usual went back to her closed mode, while continuing to eat her breakfast. She watched as her wife was interacting and joking with the Pamela Anderson blonde. It was strange and always surprised her how Lauren could become friends with everyone and so easily, no matter their backround.

"So you two? You seem very chummy"

"Oh, I called you this morning, to check how you were doing, see if Lauren throwed you out of the house, so I could come over and console her, maybe persuade her that everything was your fault and could get a chance with her"

Tania burst in laughs again. Bo looked at Lauren like a sad puppy.

"She called to check on you and I invited her over for breakfast, to thank her for taking care of you until I came over to get you"

"Well as you can see she didn't throw me out"

Bo got up and placed her hands around her wife. Tania got the message and got up to grab her coat.

"Thank you for inviting me Lauren, and thank you even more for the talk"

"It was nice talking to you too, and you can come visit us anytime, you got our numbers"

Bo watched as the blonde bombshell kissed her wife on the cheek, and then her and left.

She grabbed Buzz on her arms and sat on the couch, it was Sunday morning, usually they would spend Sundays at home, resting, watching cartoons and just chill, enjoy the day. Lauren walked over and sat on the big chair next to the couch.

They both focused on Buzz playing and giving him their whole attention. Lauren could feel Bos looks towards her and was starting to get hot. Buzz was usually very active at morning and they would wait for him to get tired and sleep before they could act on their desires. Lauren got up and walked towards the couch, Bo made room and Lauren sat infront of her and between Bo and Buzz. Bo placed her hands around her waist. Buzz was playing with his small blocks and boxes building towers.

"What did she tell you?"


Bo placed her face on Laurens neck, starting to kiss her.


"What?" She placed her hands under Laurens sweater, feeling her warm skin.

"You are still on the doghouse" Bo smiled.

"But I want out"

"We will see"

"What did she tell you?"

"That you love me more than anything, and that you are scared shitless that you would make a mistake and lose me"

Bo stopped moving her hands and just hugged Lauren, who moved her body backwards to base it on Bos body.

"Damn, I now reveal my fears on randoms"

"She is nice"

"Yeah she is"

"And kinda hot"


"I wonder if they are real"


"You know what"

"Yeah I know what, but you said she is Pamela Anderson blonde"

"And? I always liked Pamela…" Lauren did manage to finish her line, Bo started biting her neck.

"Stop it"

"No you stop it, you are only allowed to like mine"

Lauren started laughing.

"Poor Tania, what she must think of me"

"That you are desperate and whipped"

"Oh I have had it with you"

Bo suddenly turned Lauren and started kissing her, while Buzz joined the game, hugging them both.

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