She completes me

Chapter 35

It was Christmas Eve, the first Christmas Eve Lauren and Bo were spending as a married couple. Lauren was home all day cooking while Bo was coming home late afternoon from her shift because of the stores being open till late. They had Kenzi and her fiancé coming over for dinner, Kenzi had moved out about six months ago and was now living with her fiancé, Bo hadn't taken to him positively at the beginning, Lauren smiled at her thoughts, I doubt she thinks anyone is good for Kenzi, but finally she had to accept that Mario was a great guy. He was completely different from Kenzi, an open hearted Italian who owned a restaurant and was pretty calm and rather funny, yet those were the traits that were making Kenzi happy. They fitted each other, he provided Kenzi with peace and a calm lifestyle, and loved her to bits. After dating for months he asked her to live with him and eventually to marry him. He was part of one of those big Italian families with mothers and sisters and brothers and they all gathered around Kenzi. It was intimidating at first but after awhile Kenzi managed to enjoy the fact she was starting to be part of such a big and loving family, that was providing her the stability she missed so much in her childhood. Bo was jealous that she stopped being the only family Kenzi had, as she was keep reminding everyone.

"Mother?" Lauren turned and looked at her son, He was now 4 years old and he was so smart. His speech was very clear and was becoming very articulate too, no matter how hard Bo, Kenzi and Mario were trying for the opposite. Buzz was crazy excited about Christmas, not only about the presents and the lights and the whole mood around the city but mostly about the endless information he was getting about the Christian tradition and everything that had to do with Christ. He was reading the fairytales and stories and asked million questions and being happy witth the answers he got and then would question everything about the story. Lauren was loving him like that, he was so smart. Bo was teasing her that she infected him with her virus of smart, because he was so like her in so many ways, while Lauren would insist that he was getting more and more like Bo too, especially his obsession with ice hockey and sports and video games, and the army. Lauren didn't like that much but she had to admit she was happy Buzz was so close to Bo, lately she had that faded feeling that Buzz needed to have someone if something happened to her.

The previous months were full of happiness except for the usual little spats she and Bo were having, everything was great. Bo was so much better, almost 100% physical but most importantly she had almost finished her therapy, and she was becoming much more open and really a bulldozer of feelings, while her connection with Buzz was fantastic. Lately she was also trying to persuade Lauren to try and have another child. Lauren wasn't opposed to that but she thought it was still very early in their mariage to start talking about another kid, and she also didn't want Buzz to start getting jealous or feel sidelined. Lauren smiled to herself and then towards Buzz.

Bo was crazy about him and he was crazy about Bo, and the main reason for having another kid, Bo didn't want him to be alone, she wanted to him to have a sister or a brother, that's what she used to say, and of course in their private moments she would say how she wanted to have another Lauren, how beautiful a blonde daughter would be having a brother who was black and from Africa. Lauren could see Bos meaning on that. That would make her family complete, a diverse family, what she always wanted. Gay parents and different race kids. It may sound aggressive or progressive towards their society but for her and Bo was the most natural think.

She could understand Bos need for a close family bond. The moment she started being comfortable and her therapy was getting better and better, she was so open with her feelings, open in a different way, not open in words, but open with gestures and showing her family how much she loved them. Her phone ringed, Buzz grabbed it from the table.

"Its mama" He rushed to give it to her and Lauren answered.

"Hey babe"

"Hey, how are you?"

"Pretty pissed, the crowds getting bigger and bigger, I want to come home"

"Come on baby, its only a few more hours"

"How is cooking going?"

"Going great"

"How is Buzz? Does he miss me?"

"Bo you just saw him in the morning"

"I know, but its Christmas Eve, I want to be there with you guys"

" Ohhh my poor baby, don't worry, food and your family is going to be awaiting for you"

"I cant wait, its going to be a week of food, sex and sleep"

"Sex? Who said anything about sex?"



"What did you got me?"

"You know I cant tell you, what did you got me?"

"Wonder if Buzz is going to be happy with his present?"

"He would love whatever you got him"

"What did you got him?"


"What? I am afraid my present isn't going to be good, and since I am here at the mall, maybe I can buy him another one"

"Bo no, we already spoiled him by getting him two presents, and I bet my parents will get him one and Ciara and Kenzi and Mario, no more presents, he needs too understand that other kids aren't so lucky"

"Oh come on babe"

"No, no come on, Christmas morning is dedicated to the local community, we agreed, we are taking part to the Christmas lunch for the homeless that the Red Cross is organizing"

"And what if I want to stay in bed and cuddle with you? Besides there is going to be a snow storm"


"Ok, I didn't say I wont go"

"Wait for a second Buzz wants to talk to you"

"Mama, when are you coming? You are going to miss Santa"

"No way baby, and don't worry its still early for Santa"

"Don't forget you promised me, we are going to wait for him all night, I want to meet him, I want to ask him how on earth he is managing to administrate such a big operation"

"Omg is that Lauren talking? Buzz baby I told you it's a Christmas miracle, he is a badass you know, he can do what he likes, he and God are best friends, he can be at any place he wants in fucking seconds, ok baby I got to go, kiss you hugg you, kiss mum for me". Lauren got Buzz on her arms while he kissed her cheeks.

"Bo said to kiss you" Lauren kissed her son back.

"You know mum? Santa is a badass he and God are best friends, he can be any place he wants in fucking seconds"

"Buzz watch your language"

"Why mum, what did I say?"

"Nothing baby, nothing"

Bo is going to be at the dog house if she continues like that, Lauren thought. She walked with her son in her arms, while watching her large chicken slowly cooking in the oven, she was also making apple pie and was going to serve the chicken with rice and red sauce, made from Ketchup and mayo and slowly fried with onions.

It was a mediteranean recipe Lauren made once on a Sunday and Bo loved it since then, it was combining Laurens love for healthy food, with Bos love for fast food, and Buzz loved it too.

It was another tradition they were breaking, while making their tradition as a family. Lauren never liked turkey, and Buzz loved chicken. Bo was the one bringing the wine, Lauren of course made sure she knew which one to buy.

She looked towards their Christmas tree, and their Christmas decorated house. She was so happy at this moment that, that weird feeling she had at the back of her head was coming back to scare her. She moved her head, cleaning her mind. Everything was going to be fine.

Kenzi and Mario arrived early afternoon, holding presents for all of them and sweets. They hugged Lauren and then focused on Buzz.

"Bo isn't back yet?"

"She is staying for another hour and then she is off"

"You know, this is the first time, after many years that I spend Christmas Eve at a house, I usually spend it at the restaurant" Mario said.

"Well you deserve a couple days of rest!" Kenzi said

"A couple?"

"Yes a couple. I spend so much time with your family, we agreed we will spend time with my family too"

Mario moved and hugged his fiancée.

"Yes baby, don't worry we agreed"

"So Lauren what are you cooking for tonight? You know us Italians eat too much"

"Well I don't know about you Italians but Kenz and Bo eat too much too, so I am used to making a lot" Mario got up and joined Lauren in the kitchen while Kenzi was focused on playing with Buzz.


It was getting rather late and about an hour after shops were closed. Usually Lauren loved to have her Christmas dinner around 9 but naturally they had to wait for Bo to come back and since the stores were just closing at that time, they had to wait. She looked at the time, it was half past ten and and she was getting a bit worried. Buzz was becoming giddy, it was near his bedtime, and Bo wasn't home yet, I am going to wait for another 10 minutes and then call her she thought to herself, when the elevator was heard. Phew she is coming.

Bo didn't manage to turn the keys when Kenzi with Buzz in her arms opened the door. She seemed surprised from what she saw but as usual she managed to be calm. Mario though rushed to Bos help.

"Its ok, just a scratch on my head, its nothing"

Lauren was standing there, behind everybody, looking at Bo without saying anything, while Buzz kissed his mamas cheeks and started dragging the two bags she was holding. Bo walked inside and went straight for the couch while Lauren turned her back and started setting the table.

"Bo what happened" The inevitable question came from Kenzi.

"Nothing, we almost had a robbery in one of the stores, nothing serious"

"Did you hit your head"

"No, not exactly"

At that moment everybody of course noticed that Lauren hasn't said anything.

Bo slowly got up and approached her wife, but Lauren walked to the other side of the table grabbing Buzzz on her arms. She sat him on his tall chair and ordered everybody to sit down as dinner was ready, with a firm voice. Bo went to the bathroom to wash her hands and after a second Lauren followed her behind. Without speaking she turned Bos head to her and checked the wound. She removed the bangage.

"That's a gun wound"

"Yeah, its noth"

"Don't tell me its nothing, i am a fucking doctor"

Bo didn't say anything, Lauren was cursing that mean things were serious.

"Why didn't u call"

"Why should i? Ended pretty quickly and we had paramedics and I wanted to come home asap, didn't want to end up on a hospital on Christmas Eve"

Lauren covered the wound again and walked back to the living room. After that the night went by quickly. They laughed with Buzzs insistence to stay up all night for Santa even though he was so sleepy, he slept in Bos arms in the couch after awhile. The food was fantastic and Mario was the one who got the most of it, Kenzi was eager for them to leave after that, because she felt the mood was a bit heavy and understood Lauren and Bo wanted to be alone. It was a turning point, this night, Bos first Christmas Eve with her own family.

After playing some table games, Kenzi and Mario decided it was late enough and left. Bo had taken Buzz to his room, while Lauren was starting to clean the kitchen. She was washing the dishes when Bo walked behind her and slipped her hands around her waist.

"Waited for this moment all day" She slowly started kissing Laurens neck, but Lauren again walked away.

"Lauren, come on baby, it was nothing"

"Why didn't you call? I was worried, all day I have been feeling that something is going to happen"

"Hey nothing serious happened, I told you, it was a teenager, he tried to steal some stuff, we hunt him down, and his gun just went off, he was more scared that I was"

"And the bullet hit your head! It was nothing serious, just because you were lucky? What if it was your heart? Or closer to your brain?"

"Don't yell, you will wake up Buzz, come on baby, ok I promise, next time I will call"

"Next time? What next time? You took this job in order to be safe, you are responsible for security, others should take the bullets, you are supposed to watch the cameras and order security around"

Lauren continued to wash the dishes while Bo helped to settle the living room. She placed the gifts under the tree.

"We have to get up earlier and drink the milk and eat the cookies, Buzz wont believe it otherwise"

"Oh please he believes everything you say, he never doubts you"

Bo smiled at Laurens words as she watched her wife walking inside their bedroom, and starting undressing herself without bothering to close the door. Damn she is hot, what a fucking body, damn I love that neck, and that back, damn I should have called. Bo walked inside the bedroom closing the door. She thought of locking it because Buzz will run in many times and find them in weird positions but decided against it, since it was Christmas and Bo didn't want to lock him out when he would run to announce its morning. I wont be getting any, anyway she thought.

Lauren was inside the bathroom and Bo could hear the water running. She slowly walked in and just watched her wife taking a shower. She smiled with that thought, her wife.

Lauren came out of the shower naked and all wet, Bo was holding the towel for her.

"Stupid ass"

Bo smiled more.

"Don't smile, I know what your trying to do"


"Fucking idiot"

Bo slipped her hands around her wifes waist, and this time Lauren just left herself in her wifes arms.

"I don't know what I will do if I lose you"

"You wont"

"Things have been so good for sometime, and its hard to accept that you know"

"Stop worrying"

"How can i? We never had such a good time, always something happens"

"That's life baby. You taught me that remember? That's life."

Bo turned Lauren in her arms and they looked at each other.

"One day at a time baby"

"Yes, one day at a time, but promise me you will stay out of trouble"

"I promise"

"You idiot you promised me that hundreds times already"

"Ok, I don't promise"


"Ok I am sorry, I promise?"

"Omg I am gonna hit you"

"Not the head, I am hurt awwwww"


"Wont you kiss it to heal"

"No, I wont, besides you need to rest, we cant have sex"

"What, who says that?"

"It's a head wound, you need to sleep for a day"

"No I wont, where did you hear that? Its just a bullet scratch"

"I am a doctor I know"

"Well I am a soldier I know better"

"Yeah sure, if you know better, how did you end up being shot?"

Bo started stealing kisses from Laurens mouth as the blonde was giving in to her wife bit by bit.

"I want you"

"I know, I know it from the first moment you laid eyes on me"

"And you were playing the innocent victim"

"Kiss me"

"So I don't need to sleep after all?"

"Shut up and kiss me"


"That's ok baby?"

"Yes baby"

"Doesn't hurt?"

"No. Fuck, don't move that fast"

Lauren moved her hips slower around Bos waist.

"Yes, that's it baby, slower, all inside you"


"What babe"

"Stay there a bit"

Bo opened her eyes and saw her wife. Her back bended towards the back of the bed, her legs open and around her waist, her eyes close, completely open and giving in to her. Just like that night, before Lauren left her. She placed her hands around Lauren and moved her body again close to her.

"Open your eyes"

Lauren smiled at Bos request.

"I love you"

"I love you too" Lauren approached Bos head and their faces were touching.

"You own me baby" Lauren smiled at Bos words.

"I am yours. You complete me" Bo started moving again inside Lauren.

"You see baby? You feel how you complete me"

Lauren smiled again, while Bo hugged her strong and started moving more and more deep. She closed her eyes again. She was happy. She realized that fear would never leave her and finally accepted that fact. The fact that this was Bo. Her Bo. Crazy emotional, strong, weak, always first to danger always first to fight. Her Bo.



Bo heard Buzzs voice, or yell, yes that was a yell, in her ear. Damn that kid has a strong voice. She moved and felt Laurens body moving too. Shit, I am still inside her. Damn, she grabbed the sheets, Buzz was already running around the room. Lauren was slowly starting to wake up and she was fucking moving her waist to the strap on, Shit don't do that baby.

"Mummy wake up" Buzz was crying now, and Bo was betting he would jump to Laurens arms in a minute. Lauren must felt that too, because the next minute she felt Laurens hands between her legs, removing the strap on from inside her. No. She watched as her wife removed the sheets from her body and slowly got Buzz in her arms. That kid, sometimes I hate the way he has Lauren wrapped around his fingers.

"Babe, he is spoilt"

And with that line Lauren burst into laughs looking at her with the confidence of I know I own your ass and don't be so jealous of your son kinda of look.

"What? Don't laugh, I need my kisses and huggs in the morning too you know"

"Get up then and come get a hug" Lauren said as she walked naked around the room with Buzz in her arms.

"Yeah sure" Don't bet me because I am going to get up with the strap on around my legs and I don't care what your son is going to ask about that! Bo thought.

Lauren smiled at her once more and grabbed a t-shirt.

"Mummy santa didn't eat his cookies"

Omg we forgot Lauren said to herself.

"Its ok baby, he probably had too many when he already arrived in our house"

"But he didn't even drink his milk either, he didn't want our stuff"

"Of course he did" Lauren and Buzz walked out of the room and finally Bo was free to get up. I should have locked the door.

"Bo come in here, you are going to miss opening the presents"

"Ready in a minute babe"

She got her t-shirt and jumpers and grabbed some underwear for Lauren too. Lauren wanted Buzz to feel comfortable around them and want him to be open about the human body, but Bo was uncomfortable and wanted him to get more street smart and understand the differences of woman and mens bodies and be at least modest. Lauren would tease her about that, since she was such a sex animal, yet she wanted her son to be modest.

She found them sitting around the tree, she passed the slip to Lauren who smiled and got up to go and wear it in the kitchen.

"What you guys want for breakfast"?

"I want to open my presents now mummy"

"Yes mummy" Bo agreed.

"Ok then" Lauren walked back and grabbed the first one.

"Mummys present for Buzz" Buzz jumped on his mother and started opening the small box.

"Ohhhh it's a Batman watch mama, look at it"

"Wow that's great, what do we say Buzz?" Bo said.

"Than you mummy, Merry Christmas"

Bo checked the box and noticed that it wasn't a simple Batman watch. It had a medical app that could check Buzz medical vitals, and was giving signals to a small device, so his parents or doctors could see if anything was going wrong with him, when he was away from them. Bo smiled, she understood this was Laurens way to make Buzz more independent from them, yet she could check on him anytime she wanted. Bo thought it was about time Lauren stopped being so reserved and careful with everything about Buzz.

"Now mamas present for Buzz" Bos box was much much bigger, and Buzz had difficulty opening so they all helped.

"Mummy, look it's a bike. A bike" Buzz started jumping up and down, while Lauren looked towards Bo with dagger eyes.

He jumped to Bos arms kissing her. Buzz wanted a bike but Laurent wasn't so sure, she was afraid he would fall and hurt himself.

"Don't worry, I will teach him and he is going to be fine, and what if he falls, he would have that docie watch and we will know it and he will be fine, come on"

"Ok, but If he gets hurt I am blaming you"

Buzz was now running around the living room pretty much ignoring them.

"Well that wins the best gift competition, he is crazy for that bike"

"I got him a helmet and protection for his knees too so don't worry. So what did you get me?" Bo asked.

"Open your present and see"

Bo got the small box in her arms. Doesn't look like underwear she thought, she smiled towards Lauren. She unwrapped it slowly. It was a silver watch, with a small writing on the back. Looked very expensive,

"Thank you. I love it Lauren."

You complete me, Lauren.

Bo saw the writing and looked at her wife. Wow. We are made for each other. We communicate don't we, she thought. They kissed.

"Now your present" Bo said.

Lauren was unwrapping it with so much attention and tenderness that Bo was getting nervous. It wasn't something expensive. Lauren opened the box. It was a small pendant.

"Bo its so beautiful"

"I want you to wear it on your neck and never, ever take it off" Bo said.

"Ok, I will never take it off."

"It has a picture inside if you open it"

"Ok" Lauren opened the pendant.

It was a picture of herself, Lauren and Kenzi in Afganistan. From those few happy days they had when they agreed to not think of anything and go for it. Lauren was sitting in the middle while Bo and Kenzi on her sides. They both looked at Lauren laughing while Lauren was looking straight.

"You are our home Lauren" She said to your wife

"Finally I got a family"

They hugged each other strong.

"You are my home. You changed me, my life"

"Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, stop kissing mummy, its morning, people don't kiss in the morning you said so, mummy I cant get on this bike, mummy!"

Lauren stopped the kiss and rushed to her sons help.

Damn bike, Bo thought.

"Come on Bo, we are spending the morning on the red cross station, lets eat and get ready to go "

She is so ordering me around, yeah I am so whipped and I so love it. She closed her eyes, and then opened them again. She watched as her son and her wife were were looking at her smiling, waiting for her to go to them.

Its not a dream. Finally I am home.

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