She completes me

Chapter 4

Kenzi was bored, her shift was over and she was tired playing video games, she wanted to get Bo and go for beer at the eatery but Bo was engaged otherwise. Since that blond bitch Tamsin arrived, Bo was with her almost every night. Kenzi was surprised at how quick those two hooked up. They only had about 4 weeks before going back to Canada while Tam was a newbie. But as Bo was saying, She is just like me Kenz, she is in for the fun of it, she knows the deal. So almost every night for the past week she and Bo would either be together drinking and making out or disappear at dark corners for some happy time. At first Kenzi was following suit but she quickly got bored and then she was feeling a little embarrassed after last night. She didn't want to appear too close to Tamsin. Last night, watching Laurens eyes and hurt look.

That girl has it bad for Bobo, Kenzi thought. She and Bo and Tamsin went for dinner and Lauren was already there with Ciara and a couple of other doctors. Bo instead of taking it slow, being at a public place in the camp and almost bending rules, was kissing and making out with Tam openly. Poor Lauren was looking hurt and Kenzi almost noticed tears in her eyes. She walked over to say a halo and Laurens hello back was like her voice was breaking and avoided eye contact with her. Kenzi had come to like the Doc very much and they had become friends during the time Bo was on her small tour, and missed her geekiness and the medic advices the Doc was giving her at that time. Now that Bo was back, they didn't spend any time together. Lauren left as soon as Bos making out show started. Kenzi was feeling uncomfortable with the situation and wanted to confront Bo about it, but Bo already told her about the Doc and how she confessed her love for Bo. Bo wasn't a fan of love, in fact she hated the word along with the whole commitment issue. But Kenzi couldn't help but notice the effect the Doc had on her best friend and the fact she was very willing to show off with Tamsin whenever the Doc was around.

"Hey Kenz" Bo walked in interrupting Kenzis thoughts.

"Well well well, your back early, whats up, you didn't get any tonight?"

Bo sat next to Kenzi avoiding to answer.

"Wasn't in the mood tonight I guess, wanna go grab a beer?"

"Wow over Tamsin already? That was quick even for you Bobo"

"There is nothing going on to be over ok Kenz? Come on lets go grab a beer"

Kenzi could feel Bo was in a bad mood again. She had that dark look in her eye. Lets hope the Doc wont be at the eatery Kenzi thought as she walked behind her best friend.

The eatery was packed, their regiment was spending their last weeks and more and more soldiers were letting of steam and getting anxious to get back to their families/loved ones. Bo walked to the bar instead of a table and ordered. Kenzi noticed her looking around and finding what she was looking for sitting on a corner table. Yup the Doc again, Kenzi smiled with herself, oh Bobo your in love.

"Take it slow tiger" Kenzi said when she saw Bo drinking her beer at one sip.

Bo smiled to her with a bitter smile.

"Why don't you go talk to her?"

Bo turned her back and ordered a second beer. She looked at her best friend.

"You know me too well Kenzi"

"Come on Bo. I have been watching you two for the past week, you try to hurt her? Make her jealous? And she isn't like us, don't expect her to come over and start yelling like me and u would. She is different Bo."

"I know"

"So what happened with Tams?"

"Nothing. Stopped being fun when i realized I had someone else on my mind while fucking"


"Hey Bobo, you better turn around"

"Why, whats up?"

Bo turned and watched as Lauren was walking towards them, looking uncertain and downcast.

"Please be nice Bo" Kenzi said as she left choosing to leave them alone.

Bo wasn't surprised with Kenzis words and how her friend was so fond of her. The Doc had a way with people. She would give her that. Damn she looks good, Bo said noticing the bags under her eyes though, as she approached.



"How are you?"

"Ok, you?"

The blond was avoiding eye contact and instead she would look around or down.

"Are you looking for something? Someone?"

"No, not exactly?"


"I was wondering if maybe we could go somewhere and talk? I would understand if you are waiting for someone"

"No, I am not waiting for anyone but I am sure we can talk right here too, want something to drink?"

Lauren was suprised with Bos answer. So she wasn't waiting for the blonde bomb tonight but she doesn't want to be be alone with me.

"No, thank you, I already had too much"

She smiled looking at Bo.

"So what do you want us to talk about?"

"Ummm I couldn't help notice the past week, ehh you having a companion"

"Yes, so?"

"I was wondering if"

Bo was smiling and looking at Lauren, making things hard, the Doc was hesitating and looking very uncomfortable.

"I was wondering if you could consider, you know, hanging out with me too?"

Bo started laughing out loud.

"Hanging out?"

Lauren was blushing and was looking close to tears. Bo got serious all of a sudden. She got Lauren by the hand, she paid the bill and they walked out holding hands, infront everybody. They walked in silence until they reached Bos tent.

Lauren sat in Bos bed, there wasn't much room, the soldiers were sleeping in barracks set in big tents separated with wooden doors, two beds at a room, Lauren guessed Bo was sharing the small room with Kenzi.

"So, want to tell me whats bothering you? And I want to clear that everything I had with Tamsin, the one you were asking about earlier, is over"

Lauren took a deep breath and started talking.

"You know, all this week, watching you with someone else. I have been thinking a lot and I decided that if you are available, I could do what you want me to do, I mean its what I want to do too. Its ok if you don't want a commitment." Lauren was looking down saying all those words.

"Wow that's a big change Doc. Want to tell me why?"

"I have come to realize I cant stand watching you with someone else, at least when we are both here and cant avoid you"

Bo said nothing. She got up from Kenzis bed and sat next to Lauren, their legs touching. She placed her arms around Lauren and got her head on her hair, breathing her scent.

"I cant stand thinking of you with anyone else either and I promise you that if we do this, if we starts this, I wont be with anyone else, as long as I am with you"

Lauren turned her head and looked at Bo. Their faces touching, their noses teasing.

Bo noticed Laurens eyes, so deep and beautiful. She could see love there. She could feel what a big step this was for her, to come and agree to a sex relationship with her with no obvious commitment.

"Are you sure about this? I don't want to hurt you"

Lauren closed the small distance between their mouths and touched Bos lips. They started kissing like crazy. Bo would push Lauren back and got on top of her, Lauren had her hands on Bos head, pressing her more inside her mouth.

"Damn your lips feel so good"

"Better than the other girls?"

Laurens look was insecure.

"She is very beautiful"

"Yes she is. But you know dont you? It was you that I wanted, that I want. Nobody else."

"Bo, you are here I…Wow"

Kenzi walked in and caught them laying in bed. Bo immediately moved up smiling while Lauren looked down blushing again.

"Yeah I am here Kenz"

"Girl you move fast, I mean oh you know what I mean, I left you guys at the bar and now you are here." Kenzi said looking at Lauren.

"Hi Kenzi" Lauren said smiling. She slowly got up. "I should get back, its getting late"

"I would walk you" Bo said.

"Yes Bo walk her" Kenzi said smiling.

"Shut up Kenz"

"Good night"

"Good night to you Lauren" Kenzi said still smiling, while making gestures towards Bo, behind Laurens back.

Kenzi watched as they walked out, looking at each other. She was feeling happy. This was a crossing point for her best friend. She could sense it. Lauren wasn't what she expected but thinking about everything, she was perfect for Bo. So different from each other. Kenzi could see what these two couldn't. If only they are brave enough to understand that and accept that themselves. The next 4 weeks were going to be so interesting, Kenzi thought.

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