She completes me

Chapter 5

She is so graceful, I wonder if she had ballet lessons as a kid Bo thought, watching Lauren moving around in the medical facility of the Red Cross. It was early afternoon and Bo had just finished with her shift, but instead of going back at the barracks she wanted to check on Lauren, say a hi. The last 3 days have been amazing. They would talk, text, make out, eat together, smile and laugh like teenagers. Lauren was looking at her smiling back for a few seconds before continuing to examine a couple of local kids. Kids loved her, but she was firm with them too, and Bo could see the kids feeling safe around Lauren. The blond smiled at her again before finally start walking towards her.

"Hey" Lauren kissed her cheek. Bo was getting used to her shy nature in public, and she found the way she was blushing at Bos looks so adorable.

"Glad you are back to me safe again"

"Oh, it was just a regular shift, I told you, its nothing, we are so used to it by now, how was your day?"

"Same, a few kids with a cold virus and some with a stomach virus"

"I have a pain too doctor" Bo said smiling.

"I am sure you have, I ll treat you later"

"I cant wait, I am so hungry, want me to come and get you and go eat?"

"No, I was thinking, I could cook something and stay at my space? I asked ciara if we could have some alone time tonight, if that's alright with you of course"

Lauren looked down again while talking, Bo loved her small moves when she was nervous.

"That sounds really great, what time you want me to come over?"

"How about in two hours? Can you wait till then? I am done here and going straight to cook"

"Ok, see you in two hours"

Lauren smiled to her and walked back, while Bo left.


"Hurry up Kenz"


"Hurry up, I want to take a shower"

Kenzi came out of the small shower "Ok, ok whats the rush?"

Kenzi watched her best friend throwing her towel at her and getting inside, "Lauren and I are going to spend the night together"

"What? How, you know you cant be out all night, and how come? The Doc didn't allow you to even go second base these past few days after that first fuck of yours"

"Looks like she needed her time and space Kenz and don't look at me like that, she is the one who invited me"

Kenzi was looking at her best friend showering behind the two wooden doors that were covering her body. Even though her best friend and the Doc were together, they didn't have sex yet except from some epic make out sessions as Bo told her. Bo didn't want to pressure Lauren and wanted her to be the one who would make that step, she didn't want to rush things like that first time.


"Ummmm, smells so good Lauren, I bet Bo would love it"

"Its just pasta with red sauce and cheese Ciara, its nothing special"

"Promise me you would save some for me, so I can eat it as breakfast"

"Oh come on, you don't have to be out all night Ciara, and again I would text you when Bo leaves"

"I told you, there is no problem, I am going to spend my night at the red cross offices, believe it, its more spacey than our bedrooms, just make sure you and Bo have fun".

"Don't look at me that way, because I am going to regret it already"

"You cant, your sex animal is getting ready I bet, Are you sure about this Lauren? Really sure?"

"Yes, I am. I want to live this with Bo. You don't know how it feels, how I feel around her."

"I just don't want you to get hurt, you know Bo has this reputation"

"Yeah I know, I may sound deluded but I think she feels the same way for me but she doesn't know it yet, Bo has a certain history and I have faith in her, people only see her as someone who fucks around and drinks but there is so much more in her. I want to find that out you know."

"Sometimes people are what they do seem to be Lauren, you believe in people and I hope you are getting into this knowing there is a chance Bo would find someone else next week, especially if she gets what she wants"

"I am aware of that. But I have been shielding myself from love for years and I want to live this and even if Bo doesn't feel the same, I would think about that when everything is over, besides I am an adult Ciara, I cant say Bo fooled me if that's whats going to happen, she was very clear with me from the beginning"

Ciara didn't answer her friend, she didn't want to spoil her night, Lauren focused on her cooking.


Bo was feeling so nervous while walking at Laurens place, it was funny actually, she shouldn't be nervous, this what she was waiting for, she and Lauren were going to have sex, and Bo was great at sex, damn I am such a creep with my thoughts, calm down dude, this is what you do, its going to be fine, don't be nervous.

Bo called Lauren before opening and got in, Lauren had turned her small table office to a dinner one and she was smiling at Bo.

"Its just pasta with red sauce and cheese and warm bread, hope you like"

Bo looked at Lauren who was wearing a tight jean and open white top, with no bra.

"Looks awesome" Bo wasn't looking at the plates though.

"It's a small space but I managed to make it presentable, lets sit"

"I am so hungry"

Bo noticed Lauren had opened a red wine too.

"Everything looks really nice, thank you Lauren"

"Don't thank me, I love cooking and having people over to eat, I think it's a whole different science, cooking I mean"

Bo had already started eating and Lauren couldn't help but smile at the way Bo was gesturing loving the food.

"this is fantastic, hmmm, I could get used to this" Bo looked at Lauren smiling back.

Bo was sitting on Laurens bed, looking at the blond who was seating beside her, they finished their dinner hours ago and they were chilling and talking. She couldn't help but think how easy everything was with Lauren.

"What? I am tiring you?"

"Umm no, why you say that?"

"Nothing, its just you are looking at me in a way and…"

Before Lauren managed to finish her words, Bo kissed her lips.

"Looking at you in what way?" Bo smiled.

"Do that again"

Bo could hardly hear Laurens words.

"Do what again?"

"Kiss me"

Bo couldn't wait anymore. She placed her hands around Laurens waist and dragged her close, Lauren moved her legs and pushed Bo back on her bed. They started kissing, Lauren pressed her lips hard until Bos mouth opened, and their tongues met. Bo dragged Laurens top and revealed her beautiful skin, Lauren stopped and moved up so Bo would take of her top too.

"I want you" Lauren said looking at Bos breasts, and they started kissing again.

Lauren kissed Bo lips, cheeks, face, while the brunette was pushing Laurens jean and pants down, pushing her between her legs. Lauren kissed Bos neck while her hands were going further down, caressing Bos breasts. Her hand was circling around Bos nipple while the brunette was mubbling in Laurens mouth. Lauren kissed her on the lips again and then lowered her mouth on Bos right nipple, taking her in her mouth. She was holding Bos breast steady with her hand while kissing, licking and sucking her nipple. Bo moved her hips to free her body from her military pants, Lauren moved down and dragged the pants down. Bo wasn't wearing any underwear. Lauren smiled looking at her naked beauty.

"You are beautiful"

"So are you"

Bo moved and all of a sudden topped Lauren.

Lauren started laughing, she tried to move and get back on top but Bo was holding her hands tight, Lauren could feel the power on those hands.

"Let me"

"No, let me"

Bo started kissing Lauren until they were both breathless, she finally freed Laurens hands and the blond pressed her nails on Bos back.

Bos tongue was pressing hard on Laurens mouth to open, in a deep sensual kiss. Lauren bitted Bos lip until she felt a little blood. Bo mubbled again at the doctors passion. Lauren moved her legs around Bos waist while Bo started moving up and down, their mouths lips touching as their pushy lips touching. Bo dragged Laurens hair and stopped the kiss while still grinding faster, she was holding Laurens head steady and their foreheads touching while moving up and down.

"I want you inside me"

Bo kissed Lauren again and again, with hunger.

"I am gonna fuck you so hard" Bo moved her hand down and placed it between them, she lowered her body a bit, and Lauren go the chance to start kissing her neck, she kissed and sucked Bos neck and nibbled it, while Bo massaged Laurens clit a bit with her fingers before she slipped two fingers inside Lauren. Lauren felt Bo inside her and sucked the side of Bos neck harder, marking it.

Bo turned her head and started kissing Lauren again, while fucking her.

"You feel me inside you, Lauren?"

Lauren had her eyes closed and Bo dragged her hair again and kissed her.

"Answer me"

"Yes, baby I feel you"

"You want more?"

"I want you all the time"

Bo moved her body again and stopped,

"No baby, don't stop"

But Bo had other things on her mind, she got down and was holding Laurens legs open, she saw Laurens pushy red and ready, she opened Laurens legs more and she started pushing her tongue inside Lauren, Lauren started moving her legs to Bos mouth, she couldn't hold on more, her hips were moving, she felt the walls inside her crumbling, she called Bos name, but Bo wouldn't let go, she wanted to feel Laurens orgasm in her mouth, Lauren finally gave in and completely let herself to Bos mouth, losing herself to the feelings, her sight was driving Bo crazy and let herself go too, feeling her own orgasm coming she slipped her fingers inside Lauren again fucking her and giving her a quick second orgasm.

Lauren felt powerless, watching Bo coming over to her, kissing her face. She hugged Bo and smiled. She moved towards Bos neck. She noticed what her sucking caused earlier and smiled more.

"Why are you smiling about?"



"Well, I think I may have left a little mark on your neck"

Bo smiled back.

"Oh no fuck, Kenzi is going to tease me without stop"

They kissed again. Bo moved a bit to accommodate her body to Laurens small bed.

"You smell so good"

Lauren smiled at Bos words.

"I love you"

The words came out of Laurens mouth naturally, before she manage to control herself.

"I am sorry i…."

Bo hugged her strong and turned to lay on Laurens body hiding her head on her neck.

"Don't apologize ok?"

Lauren hugged her back. She was feeling Bos breath on her neck while she was kissing Bos back shoulder and side face.

"I wish I could spend the night"

Lauren hugged Bo stronger.

"Its still early, you can stay a bit longer, Ciara wont come back till early morning"

"I cant, I have to get back before 4 am, that's when shift checking starts, I have to be at the barracks."

Lauren said nothing. They hugged and kissed again and again. Bo tried to get up but Lauren was holding her, she smiled and kissed her again.

"I am sorry" Lauren finally let her loose.

Bo got up from bed and started dressing up. Lauren was looking at her, trying to be brave, control yourself woman, don't start crying.

Bo got down again and started kissing Lauren.

"Don't worry baby, its going to be ok, we are going to be ok"

They kissed and hugged each other again.

Bo was finding it very difficult to leave Lauren behind. Lauren smiled at her, and this time she was the one who let go of the brunette.

"You are going to be late, we would talk tomorrow"

Bo touched Laurens forehead with hers and finally got up and left.

Lauren was left there feeling empty. She wasn't so sure about her choice after all. She wasn't so sure that she could manage to do this, to continue with this. Bo was already a part of her. She couldn't even let her go for the night and it was their first time having proper sex. She suddenly felt cold, she got up and got herself a blanket. She still felt Bos kisses in her body. She pushed away the bad thoughts and decided again to live this with Bo no matter what would happen.

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