She completes me

Chapter 7

Wtf is this? Ahhh my head, Bo was thinking, she was waking up slowly from a buzzing sound, she opened her eyes after much try. She looked around and didn't recognize the place. She was laying next to a pretty blond, what was her name, Kate? Cat something? The buzzing noise was getting stronger and stronger, she tried to move but the blond had a firm hand around her. Bo didn't like that, so she moved the hand away and got up, wowo she got dizzy at once and she sat back at the bed. The buzzing noise was her mobile phone, she turned the ringtone off but she forgot the vibrating, she looked around, tried to locate her clothes. The buzzing stopped, Bo started getting dressed and walked out of the bedroom, she tried to remember where was the exit on this place. She opened a couple doors until she found the exit, where the fuck where her boots? She had to go back and check the bedroom again.

Fuck the girl was up. Bo looked at the girl, she smiled at Bo.

"I thought you were gone"

"Ehhh, I was about to, but cant find my boots"

The girl stopped smiling and pointed towards the bathroom. Bo walked and found them. She sat down on the bed and out them on, while the girl was looking at her.

"I guess we wont see each other again?"

Bo didn't turn "You knew it was a onetime deal"

"Yeah but I must admit you are good and I wont mind for more"

Bo said nothing. She got up, turned at the girl.

"It was a pleasure" and she left. She didn't even remembered at what part of Toronto they were. Her mobile was buzzing again, she picked up while she noticed her bike sloppy parked on the nearby sidewalk, there was no ticket so she probably wasn't here for more than one night.

"Hey Kenz"

"Bo, wtf? We are supposed to be inside barracks in two hours, where the fuck are you?"

"I am coming, ill be there in 15 minutes?"

And that was the end of her one month vacation, she and Kenz had to be back inside their regiment barracks for review and training, they had the nights free to get back to their place and a couple days of the week free after a day long shift and wait for about 3 months more and decided if they were going to take another tour and where. I want the most dangerous place in the world Bo thought, as she roared her bike, no helmet, she placed her hair under her jacket and off she was.


Lauren woke up feeling well rested. She loved her bed, she loved her sheets, she loved the Toronto weather. After the long flight she wanted the warmth of her apartment. She had a long bath and ordered take out. She opened her windows and let the light inside. She was in a good mood. She wanted to cook, to go out shopping, to walk around, see the familiar faces of her neighborhood. She wanted to go get some flowers. She smiled. It feels so good to be home.


Bo stopped at the red light. She didn't know this part of Tononto well, it was full of condos and houses with big block walls around them. Rich people, I bet fucking Lauren was raised around here. Fuck, come on red light, I don't fucking want to think about that bitch. Bo looked around, she watched the area and the stores when she noticed a blond head at a flower shop, she was wearing tight jeans and a leather jacket and brown boots, there was the green light, as Bo started moving the blond turned to smile at the owner of the flower shop who was giving her the flowers, Lauren, its Lauren Bo thought taking her attention away from the road, suddenly she felt a push on her leg and the left side of the bike. Everything happened very quickly. Bo fell on the road and slided, while the car managed to stop before hitting her harder. Traffic stopped and people rushed to see what happened. Among them Lauren rushed too. She saw there was an accident and as a doctor she rushed to help.

"Back off please" Lauren bended down on her knees, the victim was turned on the side and head was covered on hair and blood. Stupid bikers without helmets. Someone moved the bike away from the victims leg while Lauren called an ambulance. She checked the victims vitals, looks like the injury on the leg wasn't that serious, then she felt the victim turning.

"Please don't try to move, the ambulance is coming, I am a doctor, I am here to help you, maybe there is damage on you neck and head so don't try and turn"

"I know you are a doctor"

Lauren raised her head up in shock and surprised, and she saw Bo smiling at her with her hair on her face and blood coming out from the left side of her forehead.


Lauren acted quick, she grabbed Bos head and kept it on her lap.

"Don't move ok, the ambulance is coming, I see nothing serious, but they have to check internal bleeding" Lauren touched Bos head where she was bleeding.

Bo had a silly smile on her face. She didn't care that she just had a car accident, she was in Laurens hands again. Awww there is that scent again, Vanilla.

"You are back" Bo said keep on smiling.

"Shhhh don't talk"

The ambulance arrived and the medics carried Bo inside the ambulance.

"Are you a relative? You want to come with us?"

"I am a doctor" Lauren said. "Doctor and her friend, yes I want to come"

"The bike" Bo said.

"Don't worry about the bike, its being taken care of"

They didn't talk on the 7 minute trip to the hospital, Bo closed her eyes while Lauren was looking at her, the ambulance doctor said the leg injury wasn't serious but they had to asses the head injury. They arrived and Bo was taken to the ER. Lauren was with her up until they got Bo inside the ER.

Lauren was left holding Bos jacket, she sat down on a chair waiting, she couldn't believe what happened, she couldn't believe she met Bo this way, before she starts analyzing the events, Bos jacket started moving. It was Bos mobile buzzing inside Bos jacket pocket. Lauren decided to get the phone and check who it was, It was Kenzi, Lauren answered at once.


"Bo? Who the fuck is this? Get Bo on the phone, wake her up from your fucking bed and tell her to get her ass here now" Lauren smiled at Kenzis words.


"Huh? Who the fuck is it?"

"Kenzi its me Lauren"

"Lauren? Omg, Lauren is that you? Thank God, you are back? When? Thank God, Bo was going to need rehab from sex, drugs and drinks, thank God you are back, finally she realized she wants you while fucking every skinny blond in Toronto, omg where are you guys? We have to be inside barracks in one hour, get her out from your bed…."

"Kenzi, please stop, stop. I don't have the time to explain this to you now but we are at the hospital, no,no, Bo is alright, still in the ER, I don't have time to explain, no don't worry I ll be here, yeah, report the accident to her regiment, I ll make sure for the papers so Bo wont be reported as missing on her regiment call, yes ok, we would talk later, no go report the incident and come, we would talk on the phone"

"Mam we need the victims id and details"

Lauren searched Bos jacket and her hand grabbed a small white plastic bag, she didn't take it out, she then checked the inside pockets and found Bos driving license. She gave it to the nurse.

"Are you a relative mam?"

"No, a friend, just a friend"

"We are going to need some further information about her social security number"

"Look I am a doctor, can we do this later? She is a soldier on the Canadian army, and if you need anything, I am willing to cover expenses, she doesn't have immediate family as long as I know."

"Ok mam, thank you"

Lauren got inside the restroom, she checked around her, made sure she was alone and then got the plastic bag out, it was drugs, Lauren guessed right. She opened the little plastic bag and flushed the drugs in the toilet. She checked Bos jacket pockets again and left the restroom. Fucking idiot, she is using again. Lauren sat down thinking about Kenzis words. Bo was an idiot, she was endangering her military career, soldiers were checked often and she was getting inside barracks today, what she was thinking using drugs. While she was deep in her thoughts, a doctor approached her, Bo was taken to a room, she had nothing serious, she was going to stay for a day and if all the tests were ok she was going to be released. Lauren asked details for her condition and she then walked towards Bos room. Bo was with her eyes closed, but she felt the moment Lauren approached her. How strange she thought, how she could feel when the blond was close to her, she opened her eyes.

"Hey" Lauren said. Bo noticed the blond was downcast.

"Don't worry, i am ok"

"I know that, I talked to you doctor" Bo smiled.

"I thought you're my personal doctor"

"You know your blood results are out"

Bo said nothing. Fuckkkkkkk, she thought.

"You were at the limit. You know that? There are traces of drugs on your blood and the only thing that saves you is that the medic used drugs for the pain, for your leg and head injury before they check your blood. You seemed sober and the medics didn't give you a dui."

Bo was listening to Lauren, never taking her eyes off her. I missed you so much, your hair, your eyes, your hands, Bo had all those words in her mind. She smiled, the doc was angry at her.

"What were you thinking? Do you understand that this could get on your report? You were supposed to be back inside today, and you were still under the influence"

Bo was smiling at her.

"Wtf? This is funny to you? You don't care about yourself? Your future? What if you got seriously hurt?"

"I wasn't drunk, that's not why I had the accident"

"Don't give me that excuse, you used drugs and you were drunk and you were probably fucking all night, don't give me those fucking excuses"

Bo was getting mad herself too.

"That wasn't the reason why I had the accident, I just lost my attention from the road for a second …"

"Yes, drugs and drinks do that you know, make you incapable of driving/riding."

"If you really want to know doctor, I was waiting for the red light and I saw a blond who looked like a certain doctor I know shopping for flowers and my eyes got sidetracked, are you happy now?, now give me my jacket back so I can call Kenzi and you can go back to your life"

"Here is your damn jacket and guess what, don't bother to look for your white little bag because I flushed it….."

"What? You flushed it? That was expensive shit, fuck it ahhh" Bos head hurt.

"Serves you right to be in pain. Shut up and get some rest, I am going to call Kenzi and then I am off since you don't want me here."

Lauren walked out. She was very upset, she didn't want to think what could have happened. Bo maybe didn't care about herself but Lauren did. She managed to ignore her feelings for a month, she just about a week ago stopped crying herself to sleep and beginning to tell herself that Bo was never going to call or text or want to meet and this happened. She hated watching Bo like that and she hated the feeling of being crazy jealous, remembering Kenzis words. Lauren called Kenzi who was on her way, she managed to get a days leave, and she went back to Bos room.

"I called Kenzi, she is on her way"


"So since Kenzi is coming, I better leave"

Bo started smiling again.

"Why in the world you are smiling all the time? Are you still drugged out?"

"No, cant I be happy to see you? You aren't happy to see me?"

"No I am not Bo. Not like this. And why should I be happy? You didn't call me once, you didn't send one text to ask if I was ok. Nothing. Why should I be happy to see you now? I hope you are better tomorrow and I wish you the best. Goodbye."

Lauren walked out and left. Bo was left looking at the door. Lauren was right of course. She was right on everything she said. But Bo couldn't help being happy. This month passed in a haze of drugs and being drunk. She was hiding, trying to find a way to forget the doctor. And now fate brought them together again. Its what Kenzi was telling her, before Bo was shutting her up. You want the doc, stop fucking her lookalikes and go find her. Take her out of your system Try it Bobo. Laying in a hospital room, she couldn't deny it anymore. She didn't want to say or accept it was love. But it was something. She wanted Lauren. She wanted her and she was going to try this. She was going to try and get Lauren for as long as this intense urge to be with her lasted.

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