She completes me

Chapter 8

Bo finished at the top spot again. Kenzi couldn't believe her eyes. This was the 3rd trial that Bo was finishing first, she was going for top marks at her evaluation. It was two weeks after her accident and it was like she was watching Bo evolving. The moment she was out of the hospital, it was as if she had changed. They arrived home and she quickly had a bath and dressed up in uniform in order to present herself to barracks. Kenzi informed her that she was given a week leave, but Bo said she didn't want it since she was feeling good and there was nothing serious. Her leg was a bit of a pain but that didn't mind her. After that Bo threw herself in military life, and after two weeks, she was back at her best. She even started gym again, she loved kick boxing. Kenzi was suspecting why the sudden change but didn't want to mention that to Bo. She was happy that her best friend wasn't falling deeper into drugs and drinks and instead she was taking care of herself and her body.

"That was so good" Bo said approaching her best friend.

"Congrats Bobo, shit you finished at the top, the others couldn't get to you"

"Its nothing Kenz, remember my times when I first joined? I think I can improve more" Kenzi smiled at Bos determined face.

"I am so tired, thank God we have the next 3 days completely free, I wanna sleep at my bed"

"Yeah me too". They walked towards the barracks leaving the track field behind while Bo was being congratulated by a couple of soldiers for her win.


Kenzi got a text and smiled, she was in their kitchen, they ordered take out and Bo was just out of the shower, grabbing a slice of hot pizza.

"Hey, I am eating first"

"Who is sending you texts and making you smile?"

Kenzi didn't answer straight away, "A friend"

"A friend? Umm you have a new hook up? And you tell me nothing? I am not your best buddy anymore?"

"Its not a hook up Bo, it's a friend ok?"

"A friend? I thought we had the same friends? Dyson?"

"No its not Dyson." Kenzi noticed that her friend wasn't willing to back off.

"Its Lauren"

"Lauren? When did you and Lauren become so friendly? And texting each other? How come I didn't know?"

"We aren't that friendly Bo, and we kinda continued to text and talk after your accident, Lauren can be really funny when she wants to"

"Oh" Bo went back in her bedroom to change.


"So, how is Lauren?" Bo asked her best friend 15 minutes after.

"She is ok, she is working for some pharmacy company doing research and then she spends some hours checking out poor families and their kids with the Red Cross, you know as a doctor."

"Saint Lauren"Bo said in a cynical way. After that silence again for a couple minutes.

"She asked about me?"

Kenzi smiled, she knew her friend was about to ask that. Bo was burning to know details and Kenzi was going to torture her slowly.

"Ask? About what?"

"About what I am doing and such. She didn't even call me or text me once, to ask me if I am ok"

"Well I informed her so there was no need to ask you I think?"

"Oh you informed her?"


"So, how is she?"

"Didn't I just say?"

"Kenz, you know what I mean"

"No I don't, what you want to know Bobo?"

"Is she seeing anyone?"

"Nope, but I am sure that Nadia chick wants to get in her pants again, she is at Laurens every other night"

"What? How do you know?"

"Supposedly Lauren is a great cook and that bitch cant resist her cooking, I bet that's just an excuse to be around Lauren"

"I bet that too"

"You know Lauren invited me too for dinner a couple of times, I wanted to visit and also see her apartment but after she said she would have other friends over I refused"

"Oh she invited you over. How about me?"

"What about you Bo?"

"She didn't mention me coming with you?"

"Oh you know how things are between you two, I doubt she wants to continue the whole fuck budies situation."

"She told you that?"

"Of course not Bo, but Lauren is smart, rich, beautiful and she has so many trust fund girls throwing themselves at her, its not Afganistan anymore. We are in Toronto, you know how these things are" Kenzi was so aware that Bo was going to be jealous and that was her main goal.

"You know what Kenz? Why don't you call Lauren and tell her that you do want to visit and would be happy to bring someone over?"

"Umm I don't think so Bo!" Yes, damn Bobo you are so easy.

"Why not? It's the perfect chance to meet Lauren and try and be friends. Don't worry I wont do anything stupid, I am done with her, it would be just a nice friendly dinner"

"Can you do that Bo? Because I really like Lauren as a friend and she is really rich too and I want to have a rich friend, I bet she has great clothes and I keep thinking she must own a couple of those killer Balengiana leather jackets"

"Of course I can do that. I am an adult. Why don't you text her right now? Just don't tell her I am your plus one, we are going to surprise her".

"Great idea Bo" You are so in love and so blind Bo. Awww I am so going to enjoy this.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx

Lauren had almost everything ready, she only needed to go change. It was Saturday night and she had one of those small gatherings at her place. She invited a couple for dinner, and for the first time Kenzi was coming, Lauren was excited, she loved cooking for friends. She liked Kenzi, she was funny and Lauren loved the way she would tell things as they are, she didn't have a bad bone about her and no matter how she didn't want to admit it, she was Bos best friend and her only connection to her. I would think about that later Lauren thought.

"Fuck, she lives on a secure condo."

"Its not a condo Kenzi. Its one of those apartment blocks with their own security and shit, like a small city inside the city"

"Wow I think I am going to exchange you for her. She is gonna be my new best friend Bo"

"You sell me out so easily? Bo smiled looking at her friend.

"Yes I do"

Kenzi was wearing one of those fashionable track suit pants and high heels while Bo was wearing tight dark jeans and a open tank top with a long leather jacket.

"Bo are you sure about this?"

"Of course don't worry, I ll be a good girl"

Kenzi ringed the entrance door bell. Bo made sure she wasn't visible from the entrance Camera.

"Who is it?"

"Its me Doc" Kenzi said.

"Kenzi hi, push the door strong ok? I am at the top two storey apartment, ill leave the door open so you and your friend can come inside"

"Ok Doc"

Bo and Kenzi entered the place. It was like a big estate, with 4 floor apartments and with separate small gardens. They entered the elevator and pressed the top apartment. Laurens apartment was on the 3rd floor. The elevator was opening straight to Laurens front door. Kenzi pushed and they entered Laurens house.

"We are here Doc"

"I am com….." Lauren stopped talking when she saw who was Kenzis plus one. Kenzi told her she is bringing a friend but she never mentioned Bo. Kenzi hugged Lauren strong and kissed her cheeks.

"Fuck this place is fabulus Doc, I hope you meant it when you said I could crash anytime"

"Umm yeah"

"Hello Lauren"

"Hi Bo"

"Umm yes, Bo wanted to come errr I mean I invited Bo to come since you said I could bring someone, I hope you don't mind"

"No of course I don't. How are you?"

"I am fine, you?"

"I am fine too." Laurens place was beautiful. A big hall was leading to a spacey living room with big windows and the living room was connected to a diniring room with a fireplace in the corner and at there was a connecting door probably to the kitchen Bo thought. She is really rich Bo thought. Then she noticed someone coming inside from the balcony, dear old Nadia with other two women.

"Kenzi, Bo you know Nadia" Lauren said. She noticed Kenzi looking at Bo who was looking at Nadia with eyes like daggers.

" Come join us, this is Jane and Dina, mines and Laurens friends"

Nadia was behaving like the place was hers or something, Bo didn't like it at all.

Fucking Nadia, wtf is she doing here again Kenzi thought. I hope Bo doesn't end up beating her up.

Bo and Kenzi chose to sit on the living room instead. Lauren was making sure her dinner was ready and she was coming and going from the kitchen while her friends were getting to know each other. Bo could be very charming when she wanted to and she could feel her friends, especially Dina, liking her very much.

"That Bo girl is hot" Lauren didn't feel her friend coming in the kitchen.

"Yeah she is"

"Is she dating anyone?"

"No I think she is single"

"Good because I think she likes me"

"You do?"

"Yes, you should come out and see how she looks at me Lauren, you think I could get a date?"

"I don't know Dina"

"This is going to be one great of a night"

"I bet"Lauren said a little frustrated.

Lauren had the table set so when she informed them everything was ready, they all moved in the dining room. Lauren cooked chicken in the oven with boiled potatoes and green and red sauce with melted cheese. It looked fantastic and smelled so good. Nadia was helping her out with the table and the salads something that was making Bo mad. Lauren could feel Bos eyes on her, and she hated the way Nadia was stuck on her, she was becoming over bearing the last week or so, wanting to rekindle their relationship. I got to make it clear to her I only want her in my life as a friend.

"Shit Lauren this is gooodddddd"

Nadia laughed and made a grimace looking at her friends, something Bo didn't like at all.

"I am glad you liked it, its just chicken but I always say simple cooking is always the best"

"Oh come on Lo, you also love exclusive food too, we used to frequent restaurants with exquisite food all the time when we were together" Nadia said.

Bo was silent, eating and, drinking her wine, this was the first time she was drinking after the accident Kenzi noticed.

"What kind of food do you like Bo?" Dina asked. Her friend has set her eyes on my rebel Lauren thought, she aint yours her mind was telling her.

"I like simple stuff"

"She likes Chinese and Italian and fast food" Lauren answered with a smile.

Bo smiled at her back.

"And Pizza" Kenzi said.

They all laughed except Nadia.

"Are you from around here Bo?" Nadia asked.

"Yes, from Toronto"

"Born and raised" Kenzi said.

"Which school did you attend?"

"Nadia let them eat? What is this?" Lauren smiled trying to keep the mood light.

"I want to know too Lauren" Dina said without getting what Nadia was trying to do.

"I actually didn't finish high school" Bo said.

Nadia smiled ironically and after that everybody continued to eat in silence.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

Bo was sitting at the balcony herself, she managed to escape Dina while she was engaged in a passionate conversation with Nadia and Jane and Kenz about clothes, she needed to be alone.


Bo turned towards Lauren who was standing at the corner of her balcony.

"Beautiful night"

"Yes it is."

"Great place you have here Lauren, it fits you."

"Thank you"

"I am sure you and Nadia would enjoy …"

"Stop it Bo"


"Stop it with Nadia, she is a friend visiting"

"Sure, that's why she is all over you and behaving like she owns this place and you"

"She can think what she likes, but she is only my friend and nothing else"

"I don't like her around you"

"You have no right on me either"

"I don't?"

Lauren turned and started looking at the sky.

"I wanted to call you, all the time"

"Huh, I didn't hear what you said?"

"I said I wanted to call you"


"All this time, all the time. After I left Afganistan, after arriving here, after the accident"

"Why didn't you?"

Bo didn't answer her. They just stood there in silence.

"You know I finished first at the trials of my regiment?"

"I know, Kenzi told me, she was so excited and proud"

"Its nothing special" Bo smiled towards Lauren, she is so beautiful.

Before they manage to say anything else, Nadia walked on them, she placed her hand on Laurens waist, something that made Bo gringe.

Lauren moved a bit away from her. "The moment she is around us, you are getting a distance from me" Nadia said, she was clearly been drinking.

"Please Nadia, we talked it over and over"

"Cant you see that bitch isn't for you"

"Who you calling a bitch?" Bo walked towards Nadia.

"Please Bo I have this."

"I cant believe you Lauren, look at her, she is some poor alley cat. She didn't even finish high school for gods sake"

Bo shoved Nadias face on the wall, while Lauren called Kenzi.

"Bo she is drunk, let her be please"

Bo released Nadia who was clearly angry and disappointed. She walked inside while Jane and Dina decided it was time to leave.

"You are so making a mistake Lauren" Nadia said again while leaving with her friends.

"Never liked that bitch, what a snub"

"She isn't Kenzi. She is just drunk and a bit jealous"

Kenzi didn't say anything, it was clear Lauren was upset that her friend left like that. She started cleaning up the table while Bo was helping her. They carried the plates to the kitchen and Lauren started placing them on the washing machine.

"You are so beautiful" Bo was right behind Lauren watching her. She was wearing a white tight dress which was hugging her body and she had her hair free.

"Please stop it Bo"

"I cant, I tried to stop it but I cant, I tried to stop it with drugs, with fucking everybody else except you, to drink until I remember nothing but I cant"

Bo walked and hugged Lauren from behind. She placed her head on her neck.

"Damn you fucking scent is killing me, I cant sleep, first week away from Afganistan and I was testing every Vanilla body cream there was"

Lauren smiled.

She turned, touching Bos forehead with hers, " What do you want Bo?"


"I don't do drugs"

"I know"

"I in fact hate them"

"I know"

"I don't like drunk people"

"I know"

"I don't like cheaters either"

"I know"

"So what do you want?"

"You, You know something Lauren?"


"People in my life who used the word love…."

"Yes?" Lauren hugged her strong.

"They only did it for a cause"


"To take something from me, to gain, my numerous foster parents said they loved me cause they didn't want to lose the state money, my male best friend said he loved me in order to get in my pants, women say they love me just for a fuck"

Lauren nodded.

"What do you want Lauren? You said you love me, what do you want?"

"How about your heart?"

Bo smiled. "I don't believe in love"


"I lose myself with make me nervous, you make me sad, you make me happy, very happy"


"You make me to want to win at trials and come tell you"

Lauren smiled.

"What I am going to do with you Bo?"

"Be with me!"

After some silent moments Lauren decided.

"We are going to take this realy easy and slow Bo."

Bo nodded.

"I want to be with you" Bo said.


"I promise no drugs and drinks and cheating"

"Ok and I promise you I wont ever mention the word love again, until you want me to"

Bo finally moved on Lauren and stuck her on the kitchen wall, they started kissing, Bo slipped between Laurens legs, and that's how Kenzi found them

"Wowow cant you guys wait for me a bit to get some of that hot chocolate pie and then continue with your make out fest?"

Lauren started laughing while Bo hided her face on her neck.

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