She completes me

Chapter 9

"You sleep?"


"You are thinking about me?"



"Sleep Bo"

"I wish I had stayed instead of leaving with Kenz"

"We said we are going to take this easy"

"So no sex?"

"That's all you want from me?"

"No, but it's a big part of what I want"


"I should have sneaked into your bedroom, now I cant think of anything else"

"Start counting sheeps"

"Your funny Doctor. Want me to come over in the morning and get you for breakfast"

"Who is going to make breakfast, you or Kenzi? Would I need a doctor after?"

"Ha how about buying some breakfast and coming over to our place to eat?"

"Want me to see your place?"

"Too soon for you?"

"We fucked on our first date, so its not that soon lol"

"Tell me what are you wearing?"

"Sleep Bo"

"Send me a pic?"


"Goodnight again"


"Dream about me"

"I am sure I will"


"Are you ready? I am on your front door"

"Be there in a second"

Bo was waiting standing on her bike, when she informed Lauren she was coming to get her with the bike Lauren got excited, she was happy to hear Lauren loved bikes too but she made Bo promise her that she wont go too fast. Bo straighten her body when she saw Lauren walking towards her. She was dressed in tight jeans and jacket with cowboy boots. Bo was wearing her usual black pants and leather jacket with her black boots, and she was holding two helmets.





Bo grabbed Laurens jacket.

"Put you hair inside your jacket" Bo placed the helmet on Laurens head, it was one of the open ones while Bos was a classic one.

Bo started the engine and Lauren sat behind her. It was one of those road bikes and Lauren leaned over to Bos back. It was such a great feeling to have Laurens body on her back, Bo loved the feeling. They were off, Bo was going steady so Lauren would enjoy the ride, it was a long one, they got to the other part of the city. Bo stopped to a small bakery. Lauren was still leaning on Bos body. They took of their helmets.

Bo turned to Lauren and smiled.

"How do you feel?"

"Great, it was beautiful, I hope I wasn't too clingy"

"Nope, I loved it"

Lauren left her helmet on the bike, while Bo placed hers on between her arm while she got Laurens hand and walked towards the bakery. It was Sunday morning 9 am and they were walking holding hands on the sidewalk. They got inside.

"Smells greats in here"

"Yeah, it's a place me and Kenz discovered one morning after one of our all nighters." Lauren was looking at the croissants and the French toasts and the pies and everything seemed so fresh and warm.

"You can get anything you want, its on me"

Lauren smiled. As Lauren was trying to choose, Bo walked behind her and hugged her.

"Want to sit here and eat breakfast instead of taking it home? Kenz would be sleeping for hours and we can get her breakfast on the go?" The bakery had about 5-6 tables for two and it was very cosy and romantic.

"Yeah why not?"

They chose warm chocolate croissants and cheese pie while Bo got a coffee and Lauren a glass of warm milk. They sat facing each other, eating and looking at each other in mostly silence. The city was waking up slowly.

Bo messed up her mouth with the chocolate and Lauren wiped it with her fingers and then licked the chocolate with her hands. It was their first breakfast together. Yet if someone noticed them or looked at them, would have thought that they were a long term couple. Lauren could see Bo looking at her with a straight serious look sometimes.



Bo moved and kissed her on the lips.

"You like the place?"

"Yeah, its fantastic."

"Its just a corner bakery Lauren" Bo shyly smiled.

"I think its fantastic."

"Your fantastic" Bo said with a serious look again.

They finished their breakfast and got Kenzis and left.


Bos and Kenzis place was on the so called bad part of the city, looking from outside, it was an abandoned building, Bo grabbed Laurens hand again, this time stronger, something that surprised Lauren who thought that maybe Bo expected Lauren to hesitate or walk back. Lauren smiled to her and they walked inside. The place was a ruin, they walked in the elevator, the place had 6 floors and Bo pressed the button for the second floor. All this time Bo was watching Lauren like a hawk trying to see if the blond would react in a certain way to what she was seeing around her.

They got out of the elevator and walked on a hall, Lauren noticed the floor had two other apartments that looked to be abandoned. They arrived at Bos and Kenzis place, it was the side apartment at the end of the hall. The door was a big safety one with many locks, Bo unlocked several times, again she was looking at Lauren to see any reaction. Bo opened the door and they walked inside. The place looked like an artists big studio or something, there were no walls and everything was connected. Living room, kitchen was a common big room while Lauren noticed a internal ladder on the corner wall who was leading to a semi-floor and a small hall. The furniture were few, a big leather couch a big table and a big Tv set while there was a dining table in the kitchen. The place was clean and had character. Lauren expected much worse. It was dark though, that was Laurens first impression, the main colors of the furniture were black and there wasn't much light since Lauren noticed only one big window close to the kitchen. Bo was walking behind Lauren noticing her every reaction and every face she was making. When Lauren turned Bo was right behind her waiting for her verdict.

"Drugs den? Or Crack shack?"

"Well I ll go with Kenzi and say crack shack?" Lauren smiled and hugged Bo.

"I like it, its fits you, even though it could use a couple more walls" Bo smiled back.

"Yeah, I bet" She hugged Lauren back. She either knows how to hide or she is sincere Bo thought. Lauren made herself comfortable at once, she placed Kenzis breakfast in the kitchen and left her jacket on a kitchen chair. Bo was watching her and was feeling all her stress leave her slowly. It was ok, Lauren wasn't scared by the place and instead made herself at home. Bo sat on the couch and opened the TV, she placed her legs on the table and chilled, while Lauren checked the fridge. She smiled noticing it was almost empty, only sodas and sweets inside. She turned and looked at Bo smiling.

"What? I told you we eat out" Bo smiled back.

At that moment Kenzi walked in from the small hall, Lauren guessed that her room was back there. Kenzi sat on the couch next to Bo still sleepy. Lauren prepared her breakfast and served it to her with a big smile. Kenzi was surprised, she turned and look at Bo.

"If you do something and she leaves us, that's it I am leaving you too"

Bo and Lauren laughed while Kenzi started eating her breakfast making sounds and gestures.


Their day passed watching TV and chilling on the couch, they talked about which shows they liked while Kenzi was siding with Lauren on everything, making her promise she would have to pay her back in the future for agreeing with everything.

Bo was looking at the two of them, the two most important person in her life, the moment that thought came in her mind Bo reacted. Lauren isn't important in my life, she didn't want to think what Lauren was in her life. She got pretty serious again and went on a closed mode. It was early night and Kenzi ordered pizza for dinner.

"You know we must go shopping and fill that fridge, I can cook and you two can start eating a bit more healthy. Its gonna be good for your body and mind too"

Kenzi agreed again." Oh Doc you can cook anytime for me, you can even move in here and cook all day, but bring your clothers too" Lauren smiled. Bo said nothing though, Lauren felt a shift in her mood since the afternoon, she was answering with one liners and her eyes were averting Laurens looks, looking a bit hunted. Lauren noticed as Bo got a glass of whisky for herself.

"We have to be inside barracks at 7 in the morning tomorrow"

Bo smiled at her friend.

"Its just one drink Kenz, don't worry" while looking at Lauren at the same time. The Pizza arrived and they sat on the couch eating, Bo sat next to Lauren and had her hand around her waist, it was their first touch all afternoon.

"Want to drink something? We have wine, whisky, Vodka"

Lauren turned and looked at Bo. She didn't want to appear nerdy.

"A glass of wine would be fine."

Bo served her, while Lauren could see her mood getting darker and darker.

They continued eating while Bo would touch her hair and her back, with her hand.

Kenzi announced she was going in her room to watch TV and sleep, grabbing more pizza, and Lauren laid back and placed her head on Bos hand.

"So you really liked our place?"

"I think it has character" Lauren smiled.

"So its not like your rich girl playing it nice?"

Lauren said nothing, she got up and carried the pizza boxes in the kitchen.

"You can eat the leftovers for Breakfast tomorrow"

Bo was right behind her. She was standing on the kitchen table while Lauren was cleaning the kitchen a bit/

"You got everything in order?"

Lauren could feel Bos cunism.

She turned.

"How about taking me home? Its been a long day"

"How about spending the night here?"

"How about taking it easy?"

"Screw taking it easy"

Bo got close to Lauren and started kissing her cheeks and face.

"You are perfect" She raised Laurens face and kissed her lips.


"What? Drives me crazy when you say my name, I want to fuck you and mark you, watching you all over my place, with your label clothes and your knit manners and all I can think of is how I want to take them off and make you react to me"

They started kissing, their tongues meeting. Bo got between Laurens legs, she placed her hands under her light shirt and unbuttoned her bra, as if she couldn't wait, she placed her mouth on Laurens breast and wet the clothing. Lauren pressed Bos head on her. Bo dragged Laurens jean down. She started kissing her belly, while Lauren dragged Bos top and unbuttoned her bra. Bo was making circles on her belly, Lauren opened her legs a bit. Bo dragged Laurens white slip down and she revealed the light blondbrown hair on Laurens triangle. That's what I want Bo thought.

"Fuck I missed this so much" she said. She raised Laurens leg a bit and attacked her pussy. She started kissing and licking the lips while holding them open and massaging them with her fingers. She could see the clit between them, but Bo was doing circles around it making Lauren moan.

"What do you want?"

Lauren moaned again.

"What do you want?"

"I want your tongue on my clit"

"That's my girl"

Bo was holding Laurens lips open while tipping, sucking and nipping Laurens clit. Laurer started moving feeling the orgasm coming, instead of letting her a bit lose Bo took the clit into her mouth, while Lauren was moving like crazy, Bo sucked her orgasm. When Lauren finished, Bo started kissing her belly again going up until she reached her mouth. They kissed hard. Bo grabbed Laurens legs and the blond wrapped them around Bos waist. Bo walked holding Lauren, she got to the stairs and Lauren thought, her bedroom must be up there.

It was a simple room, with a big bed. Everything black again, even the sheets where black. Bo laid with Lauren still in her arms. They started kissing again, Bo turned and Lauren got on top of her. Bo started sucking and kissing Laurens breasts while Lauren had her eyes closed and her head back. She suddenly opened her eyes and smiled at Bo. She grabbed her head and they kissed. I love you, Lauren said inside her mind, I love you so much. They were kissing and looking at each other. Bo felt Laurens words, she knew what Lauren was feeling and crushed her lips. She quickly slipped her fingers inside Lauren while Lauren started moving up and down riding them. With a sudden move Lauren placed her hand between them and started massaging Bos pussy, Bo bited her lip.

"Yes baby, that's it, harder"

With Bos words, Lauren started moving her hand up and down until she slipped two of her fingers inside Bo. They fucked each other and kissed each other in a haze, both of them not backing down, until Bo started biting Laurens nipples marking them and dragging them with her teeth causing Lauren a hard orgasm, and at the same time Bo reaching her own orgasm. Bo fell back with Lauren in her arms. They were naked, and catching their breaths. They were kissing slowly and feeling each other.

Bo moved her body again and they were facing each other on their sides. Lauren grabbed Bos face and they kissed again. Lauren touched Bos face with her hand, while Bo closed her eyes.

"What are you afraid off?" Lauren whispered.

"I am not afraid of anything" Bo snapped stubbornly. Lauren smiled kissing her kissed a bit more. Lauren tried to move, but Bo had her hands around her.

"Bo, I got to go home, we both have to be up early"

"You are spending the night"

"I didn't bring any clothes and i wont be able to get back home on time"

"You don't need clothes on my bed and I ll take you home in the morning"

Lauren smiled. She kissed Bos nose and face again. She looked in her eyes. I love you so much my little dark Bo she said in her mind.

"You know this is going to be the first full night we spend together"

Bo closed her eyes and rested her head on Laurens neck. One thing its for sure, Bo thought. When this is all over and Lauren leaves me, I wont be able to get over this fucking Vanilla scent.

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