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The Parakeet


The mysterious birdcage holding the parakeet swung on its hook, but inside wasn't a parakeet all, it was...

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Chapter 1

The round wooden birdcage hanging in front of the living room window swung gently on its hook. The swinging of the cage caused the small bell toy hanging inside the cage to also ring, creating a subtle ding-a-ling sound. While very light and faint throughout the large living room, it was the only hint of noise keeping Kelly sane in an otherwise quiet home. She, in fact, closed her eyes and listened to the subtle ringing of the bell like listening to a beautiful opera resonating through a large opera hall. To keep the bell ringing, Kelly swung back and forth on her little wooden perch swing. The swinging of her perch would cause the cage that confined her to swing on its hook as well and therefore keep the bell ringing away its slight cheerful little sound.

​After a minute or two, Kelly stopped the swinging. With the old man that kept her as his pet gone, Kelly would often times look at herself in the tiny mirror her owner mounted between two of her cage bars. She smiled as she now gazed at herself in the mirror. Even though she was aware that it was just her reflection, she grinned at herself as though she was smiling back at a very dear friend. With her blonde hair fashionably tied back into a ponytail and her sparkling blue eyes delicately trimmed by lovely thick eyelashes, Kelly liked the image on the other side of the mirror. The old man was gone a lot and at times, Kelly would talk to the image in the mirror even though she knew she was only talking to herself. She had to. Who else did she have to talk to? When she did this, she often thought of her own parakeet she used to keep in a cage in her bedroom window when she was a little girl. She would think about how her parakeet would stare at its own reflection and entertain itself to fight the loneliness it felt. She never understood the degree of loneliness a small caged bird would have until she unfortunately wound up in the same position as one.

​The birdcage was a round, wooden cage that could comfortably fit a large parrot and that parrot would still have enough room to fly within the confines of the birdcage, but a human teenage girl in the birdcage however would be very limited in movement compared to that of an actual parrot. Unfortunately, Kelly could only kneel in her birdcage and swing back and forth on her perch, but in the long time since she had been locked in there, Kelly had given up the thought of freedom, and found things to occupy her thoughts like listening to the ringing of her bell or gazing at her reflection in the mirror. She still wanted freedom! That was not something to deny, but after all it was pretty hard to achieve this since the old man kept her cage locked with a small silver padlock. This ultimately resigned Kelly to the fact that the small birdcage was her home, and like any actual bird, she could only entertain herself with what was supplied to her within her cage, just like her parakeet. ​ While Kelly never wanted to put herself in the same mindset of her parakeet, she actually was jealous at times when thinking of her bird that sported a thick layer of green and yellow feathers that adorned its plump little body. Kelly could only wish she had as much coverage as the bird, as she thought about the few tiny feathers she wore herself, positioned strategically on her little revealing green and yellow bikini, a big contrast to the heavy layers her bird wore. Kelly, having a nubile figure attracted the attention of the old man that caged her early on. The old man had told her that before she was ever caged, he dreamed of owning her, and one time, painted a clear picture to Kelly about the time he hired a woodworker to build a birdcage that could of course fit her, and the costume designer that he hired to make the lovely bikini she wore, so revealing and skimpy so the man could enjoy seeing every part of her! Nevertheless, she was alone. Despite her hatred for the man, her loneliness even wanted him around!iting here…

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