Rule 63 Power Rangers


Take a trip to the other side as we explore the gender flipped universe of Power Rangers Earth 63.

Action / Scifi
Nikolai Crumb
Age Rating:

Day of the Dumpster 63

Beyond Earth lies the moon and NASADA has just landed their latest team to explore the always exciting celestial body, 30 years of moon landings and NASADA is always bringing back something new, be it data or strange relics.

“Hey look at that!” One of the two ladies in their silver space suit exclaimed as a crimson light caught her eye in the distance.

The duo quick to make their way toward the shimmering mystery, a large coppery/steel cylinder half buried into the surface with a red jewel in the center.

“What do you think it is?”

“Looks like some kind of space dumpster.”

“Let's open it!”

A the first explorer's hand reached for the jewel it seemed to glow brighter as the young women each move to opposite side and carefully removed the lid releasing a quartet of strange creatures.

“Let's get out of here!”

Which they quick made their way away from as fast as their feet could carry them.


“Alright! We're out!” One of the creatures a small blue ogre of a woman moves back to the container as the astronauts stumbled and watched, “Hey Rito wake up! We're free!”

“Ahhh!” Their master exclaimed as the robed sorcerer poked his head free of the container.

“Uh oh morning breath,” The Ogres fumbled in her satchel as her taller black clad companion wanted over, patting the first shoulder as a bird/dog like monster in white hung back by the tall gold monkey woman.

“Oh it's good to be free after 10,000 years.”

“Here your evilness let me help you,” The black clad monster said softly as she helped guet the sorcerer's feet under him, “Walk with me, talk with me.”

“Uh you made me step in a puddle you nit wit!” He roared as he drew up his staff and blasted the container to debris, the two astronauts watching on in terror, “Get out of my way!”

The explorers now holding his attention the sorcerer gloated, “Oh don't leave your going to miss my coming out party, that's where I destroy the nearest planet!” and turned her attention sideways as he stared out at the blue orb in the sky laughing, “Earth!”

“Angel Grove Radio!” A soft male voice sang as it transitioned to an energetic woman's voice, “It's a gorgeous Saturday here in Angel Grove and a big hello goes out to Erna's and the kids of the angel Grove Youth Center Gym and Juice Bar. Keep those fruit shakes flowing, Ernie.”

As a light beat began to play we see the youth center is in full swig, some key players in the action include the young man Ashley on the balance beam working on his balance, a heavy brace over his right knee, the slight of frame and petite Altha trading kicks with the much larger African girl Beth who was timing her movements in beat with the music, the young Asian boy Geryon, doing basic breathing kata practicing as he watched Ashley perform a back-flip on the balance beam.

Back at Beth and Altha we find Beth going in for a stomach kick only for Altha to catch her leg and flip her, but the agile Beth is able to recover in the air and land on her feet.

“Nice recovery Beth,” Altha laughs as she moves to hug her sparing partner.

“Yeah, thanks for teaching me, Altha!”

While Ashley moves to the end of the balance beam and somersaults off the end landing on one leg, arms out in an almost crane like pose.

“I don't know how you pull of those stunts with such a bum leg Ash, but its awesome!” Geryon congratulates as he moves to his friend's side.

“Thanks Gery, but really it just takes precision is all.”

“Hey girls!” The newest figure enters dressed in a white training gi with a blue head back to keep her hair back and large goggles over her glasses as she makes her way over to Altha and Beth, looking curiously over at the first, “What happened to your glasses?”

Before Altha can respond Beth cuts in with her own introduction pulling the timid girl into a warm embrace, “Yo, Velma what's up!”

“Well I think I'm mentally and physically prepared for my first karate class.”

As the duo talk Altha pulls a small case from one of her pockets and opens it to put on her own glasses, much smaller and cuter then the large rims of Velma's under her protective goggles.

“Hey goggles that's not a bad idea at all to keep my glasses from falling off!” She smiles as she pats Velma's back reassuringly.

As the trio catch us as new duo of ladies enter, one a large heavy set woman in leather, the other her polar opposite and rail thin stick of a girl in chains and a dress jacket. As the former takes off her sun glasses the two case the joint with mischievous grins.

“Oh know look who's here,” Gery groans.

“Bulk and Skull,” Ash groans along with his friend.

“Hi boys,” The duo turn their attention to Ash and Gery, “How about that double date we talked about?”

“Yeah,” Skull laughs manically, “What about it?”

“Sorry girls,” Gery says softly.

Skull is about to walk off only for Bulk to pull her back in line shaking her head as she glares at the boys, “What's the matter? We're not pretty enough for ya?”

“Leave us alone Bulk,” Gery sighs.

“Oh yeah!” she counters aggressively, “Make me.”

“Yeah, make me!” Skull parrots as Beth makes her way behind the boys.

“Her...” Skull's voice weakens as his finger changes from pointing to herself to Bulk, as Beth puts a comforting hand on each of the boys shoulders, “Make Her.”

“Hey you hear what he said,” Beth injects.

“Oh, what do you know?” Bulk scoffs, “The dancer wants to be a fighter.”

Ash bites his tongue and sighs it's one thing to be known as 'the cripple' but 'the guy who beat up a couple punk girls was even worse.

“Come on Ash,” Gery tries to raise his friends spirits, “We can handle these two.”

“Oh really?” Bulk scoffs back, “Let's show them some karate Skull.”

Which instantly made Ash smile, 'If they actually know how to fight it's not so bad.'

Beth steps off as Bulk and Skull charge the bowls howling, only for them to step to the side, grab their arms and flip the two girls onto their backs and the mats on either side of the balance beam bringing a raucous laughter from the numerous kids around the Youth Center.

“You girls should really join Altha's Karate Class.”

“Whoop,” Beth chuckles as the Boys look smugly at each other.

Back on the moon the Sorcerer Rito watches through a telescope as he laughs evilly “Yes, I like it.”

“Good,” The golden monster gloats with her master as the black and blue monsters make take sharp breaths of excitement.

“Finster! Start making Putty Patrollers,” Rito commands of the monster in white back in her lab.

“I lead them down and make the Earth yours, Empress,” The golden one adds in as her master screeches in joy.

“And one...two...block three...punch four...and continue,” Altha instructs as she walks the edge of her class, a mix of young women and children of both genders before making her way over to Velma who was struggling to keep up with the other students.

“Ba-ro,” With the simple word the student next to Velma straightens out and steps off to the side so Altha can fall into pose beside her, “Velma, try this.”

With a careful eye Velma does her best to mimic Altha but it's clear she is out of her element with each pose before giving a defeated sigh and stepping out of form into a relaxed stand, “I'm just not good at this.”

“Velma, don't worry. I mean, even I was a beginner once.” Altha says patiently with a calming touch to Velma shoulder and a motion of her finger as she stepped toward the front of the class. “Joon-be.”

In turn the rest of the students stopped their katas and took relaxed stances.

“Alright class what does Martial Arts helps us develop?”

Ever the overachiever Velma was one of the first, but not only, student to raise her hand, a couple even beat her to the punch.


“Courage, kindness, integrity, fitness, loyalty, and discipline.”

“That's good,” Altha smiles, “You memorized that very quickly.”

To which Velma could only smile and shrug her hands.

“Hey! Geek.” Bulk makes her presence know as she and Skull push their way to the front of the class in new gis, but with their jackets atop them as they chuckle, approaching Altha, “Teach us how to beat people up.”
“Yeah.” Skull laughs before striking a pose and giving an overly dramatic martial arts yelp.

“Martial Arts was not developed to hurt others.”

“We did not sign up for a geeky karate class.”

“Okay, Bulk.” Altha calmly holds her composure. “maybe you are ready for some more advanced training techniques.”

“Oh, okay,” Bulk smirks confidently as Altha steps back.

“Try this,” And snickers as she doies a stand side kick “Side kick.”

Bulk snickers, “Anything you can do, I can do better, baby.”

And to her credit she does a decent side kick, Skull applauding energetically all the while.

“Tornado kick.”

As Altha stepped back Bulk swallowed hard but would not be embarrassed again as she wound up and threw herself face first to the ground, rousing another round of laugher from the various students, Velma included, despite herself.

“Class dismissed.”

Later at the Youth Center the gang, Altha, Velma, Beth, Gery, and Ash sat around a table now in more casual clothes.

“Velma, I'm telling you, for your first lesson you did really well.”

“I did?” She smiled to Altha.

“Yeah, we were watching you,” Ash adds in with a smile.

Still doubting herself Velma's voice wavered, “I don't know if I've got what it takes.”

“It's all a state of mind, Velma,” Gery adds in, “You don't need to be strong for Martial Arts.”

“It's all up here,” Beth adds in tapping her temples.

Velma smiles.

“Hey, girls.” A large woman in a floral shirt arrived at their table with a trey full of frothed drinks.

“Hey, Ernie.”

“Who ordered the spinach juice?”

Velma smiled weakly and raised her hand as 4 others pointed to her just as the place began to shake.

“Oh, no! It's an earthquake. Everybody, stay calm!” Ernie says loudly, but calmly enough for everyone to hear as she turns to look around the room loosing her hold on the trey ans giving Bulk a face full of smoothie. “Sorry, Bulk.”

People were quick to flee the Youth Center screaming as things began to fall, even the gang started to stand and get ready to leave as the place emptied out.

“Oh, man, must be the big one,” Beth exclaimed with a hint of terror.

“Something tells me this is no earthquake,” Velma added as the gang struggled to get their footing stable enough to run

Meanwhile at an undisclosed location Alpha 5, a robot assistant, and Zordonna, a interdimensional sorceress trapped inside a time lock that only allowed her head to be projected were also experiencing the massive quake.

“Danger, danger.” Alpha warned as she struggled to keep her balance, “It's the big one. We'll all be destroyed.”

“Calm down alpha It's Rito. He's escaped and he's attacking the planet.”

“Ay-yi-yi. What do we do?”

“Teleport to us five emotionally mature and overachieving young adults.”

“No! Not that! Not teenagers!” Alpha bounced in her place is disbelief.

“That's correct, Alpha.”

“I was afraid of that.”

As Alpha reached the controls to begin the sequence Altha and the others struggled to keep their balance, winding up as the last five still in the Youth Center main room. Now normally Ernie would never leave her Juice Bar unattended and make sure all patrons got out safely however due to the sudden quake she was making sure the people who got out were directed toward the exit, and she had every intention of doubling back to check on anyone still left inside before even thinking of leaving the building entirely, but at the moment only Altha and her friends remained and they found a strange energy fill them as they found themselves unable to move further toward the exit, their feet rooted in place.

“Oh, my gosh what's happening?” Ash began to panic a little, it was bad enough when one leg acted up but to find both feet firmly locked to the ground during a quake of this magnitude was terrifying.

“This is too weird,” Gery added next as the strange energy coursed through them, seeming to linger unusually long in his chest and groin as it circulated throughout his body.

“Hold on!” Altha commanded to get everyone's panic under control as they were suddenly spirited away into beams of light and flying over the countryside.

“Whoa!” They all said in unison as they were teleported away. Only to land an instant later inside Alpha and Zordonna's Command Center.

“This isn't exactly the mall, is it?” Ash was the first to find his voice, trying to bring some levity to the situation as they landed.

The Command Center seemingly empty as they arrived.

“This place is magnificent,” Velma gasped in geeky awe as she scanned the area with a small twirl.

“I don't get it.” Beth seemed just as confused and less awe struck as she looked around, “How'd we end up here?”

Gery was hunched over one of the console, looking quite green around the gills, “Let's just never do that again!”

Ash knew that look in his friend's eyes and quickly tore off his vest just as Gery emptied his stomach into the folds, “Like Yuck!”

“You feeling better now?” Altha gently touched his back as she helped him to find a seat.

“I just want to know where here is,” He moaned sickly.

“Maybe the answer's in these controls,” Velma suggested as she moved over to one of the consoles.

“Don't touch that,” Alpha was quick to make her presence known to stop Velma's tampering as well as to deliver a bucket for Gery to retch into before face planting onto the floor, and into the mess in Ash's jacket, “Who-whoa!”

“Whoa! A fully sentient, multifunctional gyinoid,” Velma cooed as she helped alpha to her feet, “Never seen anything like it. Whoa.”

“Welcome, humans.” The main tube came to life as Zordonna appeared.

“Uh-oh,” Gery trembled given the mess he had made in the giant foloting head's domain.

“So who are you?” Altha asked calmly.

“Like, what are you?” Ash added.

“I am Zordonna, an interdimensional being caught in a time warp.”

“And my name is Alpha 5.”

“Excuse me will, like, somebody come back to Earth and pick me up me? Because I am totally confused.”

“It's quite simple young sir,” Zordonna explained, “This planet is under attack and I brought you here to save it.”

“Oh, yeah, right,” Beth laughed, with Ash joining in.

“Ah! A nonbeliever. Look behind you at the Viewing Globe. Your doubts will be answered in the images you see.”

At the mention of the globe the five turned and headed for the large object, which came to life with a image of Rito on a bike flying through the city with Goldar flying just behind him.”

“This is Rito Repulsa, an intergalactic sorcerer who is bent on controlling the universe.”

The image now changed to a small unit of gray men with faces like melted butter, “With his henchmen and Putty Patrollers he plans to conquer the Earth.”

“What does all of this,” Grey turned first to face Zordon again, “have to do with us?”

“You've been chosen to form an elite team to battle Rito. Each of you will be given access to extraordinary powers drawn from the ancient creatures you call dinosaurs.”

“Dinosaurs?” Ash asked in disbelief.

“Behold! The key to your power.”

And in a flash of energy strange new buckles appeared on their waists which they each in turn removed to get a better look at them.


“What are these?”

“Your Power Morphers. When in danger, raise them to the sky calling the name of your dinosaur and you will morph into a fighting force known to one and all as the Power Rangers.”

“Morph?” Ash once again found himself asking the stupid questions.

“Metamorphosis.” Velma elaborated.

“That means to change,” but Gery clarified it.

“As Power Rangers you will have access to a universe of power and will command a fleet of machines called 'Zoids.'”

“I don't get it,” Gery admitted confused.

“Altha, bold and powerful you shall command the Tyrannosaurus Dinozoid.”

“Bethany, clever and brave. You shall command the Mastodon Dinozoid.”

“Ashley, graceful and smart the Pterodactyl Dinozoid shall be yours to command.”

“Velma, patient and wise you shall command the powerful Triceratops Dinozoid.”

“Geryon, fearless and agile the Sabre-toothed Tiger Dinozoid will be under your command.”

“Observe the Viewing Globe,” then Zordonna directed their attentions back to the Viewing Globe as imanges of their new suits and Zoids appeared for simulated combat against putties before forming together into a massive tank and shortly a warrior form, “Just as the five of you work together so do your Zoids. When you need help you need only to turn to the Power of the Dinozoids which will come together to form the Mighty Gyazoid.”

“Power Morphers? Gyazoids?” Beth shook her head as she turned back to Zordonna, “I'm out, this is just too weird for me. I'll tell you what-- it's been real but I got to go.”

“Yeah, see you,” Ash waved as he followed Beth, 'What use is a cripple like me fighting evil.'

“You all coming? Altha!”

“What?” She said distracted, unable to take her eyes off Zordonna.

“Let's go, man.”


As the five took their leave Zordonna remained confident, “Very well then, let the Power protect you.”

“Well that didn't go very well, did it? Ay-yi-yi.”

“Great,” Ash sighed as they emerged out of the command Center to the middle of no where with a shrug, “He could have sent us back into town.”

Back on the moon.

“Zordon, I'm surprised-- teenagers? So you think you can stop me, do you? Finster, hurry up with those Putty Patrollers!”

“Yes, Your Evil Badness, I'm molding the last ones,” Finster called calmly back as she pressed some clay into some mods before setting the 3 new figures onto a trey.

“Those kids will be space dust,” The blue ogress bounced as she watched Finster work.

“And the beauty is if they don't, we can always make more. Now into the Monster-Matic they go. Ten seconds should do it.”

As she threw the switch the trey of monsters rolled into the loud clanking machine as Rito arrived to watch the clay man drop from the emergence tube with a wicked grin, “Now, my Putties prepare to get those teenagers.”

“Girls, we shouldn't have left,” Altha slowed, her doubts surfacing, “I mean, he chose us to save the world. I say we do it.”

“Do you really think we can?” Gery counters, “I mean look at the mess I made back there to Ash's vest.”

“Girls,” Beth tried to reason, “You don't even know what you're talking about, I mean we were talking to a giant floating head.”

“Yeah and I'm not exactly super hero materia with this leg-shoot.”

“What is it Ash?”

“We were in such a hurry I left my vest behind, I loved that vest.”

“We have already traveled pretty far, it would be illogical to turn back just for a soiled garment.”

“I, like, get that Velma, I’m not some dumb blond you know, still a bummer.”

As they continued to talk Rito watched from his telescope, “Those stupid teenagers don't know who they're messing with! Ah! Get the Putties. It's time.”

Turning from his telescope Goldor laughs with him.

“All right. Take that!” With a blast from his wand a suddenly explosion near the kids caught them off guard.”

“Everybody down!”

“What was that?”

Their questions we go unanswered as a contingent of Putties surrounded them.

“Look out!”

Surrounded Ash screams as a pair of Putties grab him and begin to drag him off, “Let go of me!”


“Right,” she nods to Altha as she break off after a couple of the Putties slipping some headphones over her ears, “These two are mine.”

As the electronic music starts she slides into her unique stance for fighting as she moves in to attack her chosen targets.

Gery and Altha are also quick to engage as Velma quickly calls a time out, “Wait!” So she can stow her glasses in the pocket of her coveralls. Altha however take no such pause before diving into to attack her own. Like Ash Velma finds herself having trouble with the Putties engaging her, choosing more of a bob and weave dodging tactic and making the enemy hit themselves then direct combat, but she does get in a good hit now and again. As his attackers change from holding him about the waise to each arm however Ash is able to knock one back with a back flip and kick another, giving out a sharp breath as he is forced to use his bad leg on the attack which gives the Putties time to recover and toss him toward a rock. He is soon joined by Velma, Beth, Gery, and eventually even Altha is out muscled and tossed into the pile, loosing her glasses in the process.

“This day is just too weird,” Ash sighs in fustration.

“What do we do now?” A scared Gery wonders next.

Altha turns her focus to her belt as she pulls out her Morpher “Zordonna said these Power Morphers give us power. Let's do it.”

Getting to their feet the five draw their Morphers and call out their names.

“Mastodon! Pterodactyl! Triceratops! Sabre-toothed Tiger! Tyrannosaurus!”

“Power Rangers!”

“Zordon, they did it! They made the metamorphosis!” Alpha exclaims as she Watches the Viewing Globe.

“Good, teleport them to Angel Grove City. Rita just sent down Goldar.”

“Right away, Zordon.”

“We're teleporting again,” Velma/The Blue Ranger exclaims as they are oncemore spirited away.

“Where are we going?” Ash wonders.

“We're going to save the world,” Altha says confidently.

“I'm going to be sick again,” Gery moans as they fky over mountains and plains again.

“All right, let's do it,” the Red Ranger command as they land and take battle posture.

Geryon swallowing back his bile to join the battle cry, “Hi-ya!”

However as Goldar and the Putties appear to confront them the five find all their weaknesses gone, their confidence boosted, even Ash's leg was only a dull ache under the pink spandex that clad his body and they were taking the putties apart.

“Finster!” Rito rages as he storms into the lab, “Those stupid Putties are getting beaten by a bunch of pimple-faced nitwits! They're pathetic!”

“How about making Goldar big with your wand?” the ogress suggests.

Grumbling Rito storms off back to the observatory area, “I always have to do everything myself. Finster, I'll deal with your later!”

“Oh, dear.”

“Magic wand, make my Goldar grooooow!” Before hurling her staff toward the Earth.

When it hits the ground breaks open releasing a gas that causes Goldar to grow to massive size, towering over many buildings, and even the Rangers.

“Look at her, that dude's huge!” Red notes as Goldar laughs and growls as she terrorizes some of the peep on the street under her feet.

“Back off, fang face.”
“The good guys are here.”
“Get off our planet.”
“Because we're the Power Rangers!”

“And we're not backing down.”

Goldar is not impressed by their posturing and moved to destroy them with her massive sword.

Dodging they raise their hands to the sky, “Dinozoid Power!”

From all across the city the Dinozoids come and Red/Altha is the first to leap into action toward her;s, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. “Yeah! All right!”

“Log on!”

“Let's go to it,” black exclaims and she and blue leap to their Zoids.

“Going up,” Yellow cuts in next as he and Pink leap together.

“Beth here, this is kicking!”

“This is Velma – all systems go.”

“Gery here, ready to go!”

“Hey, nice stereo.”

Goldar growls as she watches in disbelief.

“Gyazoid power on!”

“Gery here this is AMAZING, I seem to be able to drive this thing!”

“Affirmative, me too. It's almost like second nature to me.”

As the Zoids come together the five find themselves together in a shared cockpit

“All right girls, let's get her.”


As the tank formation charges her Goldar counters with an energy blast for her sword.

“Oh!” the Rangers yell as systems explode and the cockpit shakes around them.

“You and your weapons are no match for me.”

“All right girls let's see what this baby can do!”

focusing on Goldar they unreleased a barrage of energy on Goldar who staggers a moment and roars.

“Yeah! Zap him again!”

The second blast knocks Goldar on her back.

“All right! Let's send this girl back where she came from.”


“All right, guys, power it up. Activating Gyazoid Battle Mode.”

As Red charges point into the main reactor a computerized voice chimes in, “Gyazoid sequence has been initiated.”

And as they rise into the warrior form it finishes as the eyes flash.


Once formed Goldar charges in slashing away with her sword as the Gyazoid counters with a couple strong punchers that only manage to knock Goldar over but not for long as she is back on her feet and charging again.

“Altha,” Blue warns, “That blow didn't even phase her.”

“She's coming at us!”

As Goldar launches into a flying kick the cockpit sparks again as the Gyazoid stumbles back, the Rangers howling out in frustration and pain, “Oh!”

“She's coming at us!” Red warns as Goldar launches into another flying kick that lights sparks everywhere, “Hang on!”

And then Godar is back on the offense forcing the Rangers to dodge as best they can.

“Look out!”

Goldar growls as she takes a moment's respite, “You fools are finished!”

“Power Sword!” Red finally calls as the blade is called down from the heavens and into the Gyazoid's hands.

“Ah, this isn't over,” Goldar growls as she stares down an armed Gyazoid and teleports out, “I'll be back.”

“We did it!” the Rangers cheer.

But under his breath pink adds angrily, “victory by default, some win...”

While on the moon Rito is livid, “I can't believe they beat us back!”

“This is all your fault, Squatt,” The tall black clad monster hammers on her short blue ogress of a companion's helmet.

“You failed, Goldar.”

“It won't happen again, Emperor,” she pledges.

“Shut up!” Rito growls as he storms off, “I've got a headache.”

At the Command Center the Ranger cheerily chatter about their victory, Alpha has even found a chair for Gery and a glass of warm milk to settle his stomach and a warm blanket to wrap himself in.

“Thanks Alpha.”

“Just part of my job!” She says warmly before moving to Ash and opening up her chest to pull out his Vest, “Here you got fresh and clean from my internal cleaning unit!”

“Like wow Alpha,” Ash pulls the vent to her face to inhale the fresh scent before slipping it on, “You're amazing!”

“Congratulations on a job well done,” Zordonna begins, “Now that you have become Power Rangers you must follow three basic rules or loose the protection of the power: first never use your power for personal gain; never escalate a battle unless Rito forces you; and finally, keep your identity secret. No one may know you are a Power Ranger.”

“Oh, wait a second.”

“Yes Bethany what is it?”

“I'm not sure we're all up to this. I mean, we were pretty lucky this time.”

“Luck had nothing to do with it. You five have come together to form as fine a group of superheroes as there has ever been.”

“No way,” Ash gushes in disbelief, looking to Beth for confirmation, “Really?”

“You've been through an extraordinary experience together. You need each other now and the world needs you.”

“Yeah, all right. I'm in.” Ash says enthusiastically.
“You can count on me,” adds Beth.

“You can count on me,” Gery inserts next.


“I don't know guys,” Altha mushes, “I mean the outfits are cool and everything but my hair gets all tangled inside the helmets. Not to mention I lost my glasses in that big fight earlier. I don't think I can do it.”

“Oh no.”

“Come on Altha we need you.”


“Altha no,” Even alpha joins the protests.

“Noooot!” She laughs, “Got you, got you!”

“Circuit overload! Circuit overload!” Alpha begins to smoke, spinning in place, “Ay-yi-yi!”

Quickly Altha runs over to alpha as the other wave the smoke away, “G-Guys, I was just kidding.”

Slowly Alpha comes back under control, “Ay-yi-yi oh, humor-- what a concept.”

With her first outstretched Altha looks to the others, “Let's do it.”

One by one they lay their hands atop hers before throwing the all high in the air as they leap up, “POWER RANGERS!”

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