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pudding !!!


you will enjoy this book i hope good luck and wait for chapter two to come out i hope you cant wait i like coffee

Adventure / Mystery
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jerk ... B*tch..

chapter 1
PING ***
As I pick up the phone its my friend hunter what does he want oh god what happened now I checked the time as I turned my phone on .
Oh no i'm late for school I get up as fast I could and ran to my closet not knowing what to wear I grab a pair of skinny jean and a t shirt and slip oh a pair of shoes and grabbed a sweater knowing that I have fake dreads in I don't have to do anything so I grab travel makeup pack and my phone and put it in my backpack and ran out of my room and slipped on the stairs
THUD ...
I speed walked to the kitchen and grabbed a monster and a bag of hot Cheetos and ran past my family and there all laughing at me .
''what are you all laughing at ?
My brother Erik responded I swapped your phone in the night and put your case on my old phone .
''what are you talking about with a growl ''.
Isn't this your I phone 7 ?
you little jerk !!! I responded back ...
That's because I had to do the dishes last night and you were supposed to remember you need to learn some responsibility for yourself .
''I do with a silent growl ''!!! ''have responsibility that's why I have a boyfriend and a job and a car and my own room sense your stuck with the youngest sibling who cries all the time plus I have straight A's on my report card and what do you have ???...
''B.B.B.B.B... ''
As he slowly tried to say a curse word allowed at me mom slapped up side the head with her hand and said no bacon for you for that prank you pulled .
as we all sat down and ate the bus pulled up and I loaded up ....
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