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The big excitint family


This is a story about a very calm girl with the big family even my parents are crazy she goes camping and she gets separated thar last name is poor

Adventure / Children
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Getting to know people

My name is Molly have eight sisters for brothers I just can't get a full night of sleep cuz there's always someone crying someone yelling someone someone someone someone Molly get ready to go to church okay I'll be right there I got your shoes I got your clothes I got everything just get them on I am 13 it's a really bad age. David is 13 Joe is 9 Ben is 12 Oscar is 12 Ali is 9 jelly is 11 rainbow is 2 Melanie is 3 Emily is 6 Sally is 4 Sparkles is one nytiri is 5 well my parents lost the good names at the last few ones we are driving to church it is 2 hours away well we're going to new church today there is probably 20 kids I know eight of them there are 30 adults I know 20 of them apparently at this

church there's a Festival to day. There is a really really really really hard bounce house it has like 20 obstacle has 4 slides 2 on the side and two in front and they also have a regular bounce house a regular bounce house with a little slide it has been a hour. I am sitting with rainbow David and Oscar well I have my other siblings. my parents names are Bella and Ethan we are there wow this church is big that's one of my friends hey let's go play on the bounce house yeah sounds fun I been on it once it's church time you are the way the truth you're a good good father it's class time let's go to class we're learning about in the beginning in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth there were too of every thang

on the seventh day he rested I hope you like it .class, Bounce House guys and girls. yay bounce house ouch my leg mom I really hurt my leg sweetie it looks like you broke it what. we're going half to go to the hospital. dad can stay with the other kids let me bring you. ouch that burns she definitely broke it what was she doing I don't know ask her I was doing a front flip down the Bounce House slide and then I fell off the very top yeah I think she might of also broke her nose we are home Mom it is 1 in the morning well someone needs to sleep ( sorry this chapter is so short PS this tail is made by it 8 year old girl her birthday is birthday December 29th name nytirip best P stands for Paldino her last name chapter 2 is coming soon with all the fun adventures just waiting to happen so read the next chapter it's name is what it is surprises the other chapters will be better than this this is just so you get to know people just like the name)

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