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Moon Rising - Warrior Cats Fanfic


Note: the warriors series belongs to Erin Hunter, not me. But these characters and personal clans do. please respect that.) "...She is the moon, that rises and shines in the sky, more lustrous than the brightest star..." Moonpaw is a young cat of Duskclan, fighting to prove herself in her clan. Her father died soon after she was born, and it doesn't help that shes the spitting image of him either. She's struggled to fit in ever since, but that won't stop her.

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Duskclan -

Leader -

Ivystar - a white she-cat with gray and black dapples and crystal-blue eyes.

Deputy -

Bramblefang - Golden tom with a tan belly and muzzle.

Medicine Cat -

Nightfall - Black tom with yellow-green eyes and an oddly-shaped white mark on his hind leg.

Warriors -

Sunheart - Light tan tabby she-cat.

Beechleaf - Light brown and white she-cat.

Owlclaw - gray and brown tom with yellow eyes.

Cedarfur - gray tabby tom with light green eyes.

Splayedfoot - Orange-brown-white tortoiseshell tom with a twisted foot.

Whitefeather - White she-cat.

Rootleg - white siamese tom with dark brown legs.

Volemouth - Gray dappled she-cat

Featherpelt - white and blue-gray she-cat; Moonkit, Pantherkit, and Mistykit’s mother.


Honeypaw - Yellow/tan she-cat with green eyes.

Finchpaw - Gray and black she-cat with blue eyes.

Oakpaw - Brown-gray tabby tom.

Leafpaw - a dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Foxpaw - Redish orange tom with a darker stripe down his back and a fluffy tail.

Queens -

Darkflower - Black, gray chested she-cat with blue eyes.

Juniperpelt - light blue-white she-cat.

Cloudsky - white and gray she-cat with light yellow eyes.

Kits -

Moonkit - Dark blue-gray she-cat with white patches and sightless white-blue eyes.

Mistykit - gray and white she-cat with blue eyes.

Pantherkit - sleek black tom with yellow-aburn eyes.

Pinekit - Brown-red tabby tom.


Elders -

Thorntail - Brown tabby tom with a spiky tail.

Appledew - reddish-brown she-cat.



Sunstar - golden tabby tom with orange/yellow striped.

Deputy -

Frostheart - long-haired white tom with crystal blue eyes.

Medicine Cat -

Lilyflower - tortoise-shell she-cat with golden-brown eyes.

Warriors -

Aloefur - light gray she-cat with darker flecks.

Myrtletail - gray chested brown tom.

Liongaze - Golden and brown tabby tom.

Downyfeather - Silvery-white she-cat with light green eyes.

Dustfoot - half white and brown tom.

Ivysnap - Short-legged tortoiseshell she-cat.

Bluesky - blue-silver tom with a white muzzle.

Willowpad - tan tabby she-cat.

Heatherheart - Black she-cat with yellow eyes.

Apprentices -

Lightningpaw - golden striped tabby tom with darker brown flecks. Son of Sunstar.

Sootpaw - dark gray tom with yellow eyes

Eaglepaw - white and brown she-cat with a pelt the color of an eagle’s.

Petalpaw - long-haired, light gray tortoise-shell she-cat.

Queens -

Cerryrose - reddish-brown she-cat

Morningflower - White she-cat with a black dappled pattern on her pelt.

Fawnleaf - gentle light brown she-cat.

Kits -

Aspenkit - Black and gray tabby she-cat.

Flakekit - frosty white she-cat; Storm’s sister.

Stormkit - long-legged dark-gray tom with a pelt speckled white; Mother was a rouge and left him in Noonclan.

Elders -

Acornshade - Red-brown tabby tom

Dawnclan -

Leader -

Amberstar - reddish-orange tabby she-cat with emerald green eyes.

Deputy -

Ripplepond - Blue-gray tom with a fluffy tail.

Warriors -

Ebonyshine - Dark brown tabby she-cat with

yellow eyes.

Plumstride - orange tortoiseshell tom.

Splashleap - blue-gray tabby she-cat with a fluffy tail and brown chest.

Riverfoot - gray and white tom.

Shellstream - tan and white tabby she-cat

Beavertail - Brown tom with a fluffy tail

Apprentices -

Duckpaw - brown tortoiseshell tom

Littlepaw - gray tom.

Shadepaw - Black and gray she-cat

Rapidpaw - Reddish-brown tabby tom with a white muzzle.

Dawnpaw - blue-gray she-cat

Sandpaw - tan and white tortoiseshell she-cat

Queens -

Quietflame - Tannish-orange she-cat with blue eyes.

Swanpelt - White she-cat with crystal blue eyes.

Seaheart - Gray and white she-cat

Elders -

Snowfeather - white dappled she-cat

Lakestream - gray and brown tom

Stormbird - dull silver she-cat with brown eyes.

Evening clan -

Leader -

Lionstar - yellow and brown tom with unusually long dark fur around his face and copper eyes.

Deputy -

Blacknight - completely black tom with blue eyes

Warriors -

Honeydew - yellow and white tabby she-cat

Milkpelt - white she-cat

Berrypad - Orange and tan she-cat

Leopardbite - tom with a leopard-like pelt

Brokenface - Gray tom with a twisted jaw

Robinheart - reddish-brown she-cat with green eyes.

Heathereyes - tan she-cat with purple-ish red eyes.

Rainstripe - Gray she-cat with a lighter stripe down her back.

Apprentices -

Thawpaw - White and silver tom

Deerpaw - Brown tom with lighter speckles

Harepaw - light gray she-cat

Sprucepaw - Brown she-cat

Cedarpaw - tabby tom with a brown and gray pelt.

Queens -

Ravenspirit - Black she-cat with amber-brown eyes

Firetail - white she-cat with a fiery orange tail.

Swiftheart - brown she-cat with a white chest.

Elders -

Applestem - worrisome thin brown tom

Weasleleg - short gray she-cat

Mossclaw - white tortoiseshell tom

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