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A Love for CreepyPasta


Five murderous teens meet a man who takes them in and shows them more who are just like them.

Fantasy / Horror
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Orphan Tears

They sat on the curb and stared out at the traffic that was on the busy road. It was almost sundown now and they sighed. “Who should we kill tonight?” The young girl, probably about sixteen, asked the other girl. The one who spoke had shards of bloodied glass protruding from the top of her head, and they mimicked the form of a crown. They were covered up with a hoodie. “I don’t care as long as I get to cut their eyes out.” The other girl said with a shrug. She also had a hoodie, but it wasn’t to conceal herself. She just liked it. The girl with the glass ‘crown’, Queenie, contemplated for a while. “How about we kill that drunk bastard over there?” She queried, pointing to the stumbling man across the street. “He has nothing to live for anyway.” “Nah, too easy.” The other girl, LuLu, sighed. “Why is today so boring? Can someone fun to kill come by or what? And where the hell is ReeRee?” Just as she had said her name; ReeRee ran up to them with her hands full of probably stolen ice cream.

She handed each of them a box for themselves and some spoons. “What were you guys talking about?” She asked the two girls in her adorable little puberty voice. She was only about fourteen. “Just thinking about who to kill tonight. This weekend was super boring, so I want to spice up an ugly Monday up with some death.” The first girl, Queenie, groaned through a mouthful of cookie dough ice cream and flopped on her back. “Well, I know where we can go.” ReeRee said, making both of the girls instantly look at the younger one. “I saw an orphanage just two blocks away from here we can go to. I think they have babies there.” ReeRee urged the second girl, LuLu, with the thought of killing infants. “I vote to cut their eyes out!” She said with the biggest grin stretching across her face into her ears. “Okay then, I guess we’re killing some babies tonight. But before we go, I’m going to go pull that guy’s pants down. People like that make me sick.” Queenie said before sprinting across the street as ReeRee and LuLu sat on the sidewalk and watched their friend.

“I bet the guy won’t even notice.” ReeRee comments, voice full of doubt. “Yeah, he probably won’t.” LuLu sighed and held ReeRee’s colourful sleeve. As Queenie sprinted across the street towards the drunken man, she just narrowly missed getting hit by a large food truck. She was completely oblivious to her near death experience and kept running. She finally reached the sidewalk on the other side and reached her hands up to the rim of the man’s pants. He suddenly spun around quicker than a drunk man should’ve been able to. He grabbed both of her hands and sneered. “W-well, look w-what we have here.” He slurred and Queenie tried to yank her hands away from him but he held her wrists tighter. “Where ya g-gonna go now, little neko. I-I’ll make sure you’re never al-lone again.” He brought her body closer to his and Queenie successfully slipped out of his grip, punching him square in the face.

“The hell I want a failure like you. You make me sick.” She said coolly and kicked him in the ribs.

She turned to cross the street but the man pulled her leg, making her fall to the ground and he jumped on top of her. “It’ll only hurt for a little while.” He said as he stroked her hair and she could smell his disgusting breath. Just as he was about to lift her skirt a figure slammed into him, sending him flying. It was LuLu and ReeRee. The smaller girl jumped from behind, quickly stabbing the man and pushed him into nearby bushes before a single drop of blood came out. Queenie was absolutely stunned. She had almost been ― if they weren’t there, she would have been ― LuLu helped Queenie up and dusted her off. Walking back to them, ReeRee cleaned her knife off and smiled. “That was a close one, huh?” She said far too cheery. “Yeah, you could say that..” Queenie said with a shiver. That guy had issues. She thought. LuLu punched her shoulder playfully. “Come on, let’s go take out some orphans. I’ll let you play the music, it will be fun.” She changed the subject.

The sun completely fell and the moon had risen to reveal a claw mark in the sky. The road was dark and desolate, nothing was there except the dark figures of trees and houses as well as the shadows of the three girls as they walked through the suburban streets. The lights of the freeway ahead of them shone and glistened like multicoloured stars. Traffic was busy despite how late it was and it had begun raining on their hike to the orphanage. They crossed the street and rounded the corner with ReeRee in the lead, the building within their sights. It was a dilapidated thing with paint chipping off of it and a broken fence that had splinters everywhere. All the windows on the building were dark. “So this is it?” Queenie whispered. “Yup, this is it.” ReeRee responded. “Doesn’t look too good, maybe we’re doing them a favor,” Queenie trailed off. “Are you guys ready?” ReeRee queried, holding up her knife.

“I want their eyes! Let me have their eyes!” LuLu whispered excitedly, making Queenie groan. “We know already, let’s go.” She said and turned her poker in her hand. They then ran into the building. The room was dark and filled with the snores of children of all ages. There were about twenty or so children. All the beds in the room were taken so some of the kids were sleeping on the dirty floor. “What is this, the nineteen twenties?” LuLu whispered quieter than a mouse. “Hello children. Wanna have some fun?” ReeRee yelled out, waking a few kids. “ReeRee!” Both of the older girls yelled at the fourteen year old. A little girl near their feet stirred and looked up at them, eyes wide in shock. She then suddenly screamed a loud, high-pitched sound that sent chills through the air and the fight was on. ReeRee quickly stabbed the girl, silencing her permanently and her blood wafted the smell of iron through the air.

LuLu scooped her eyes out and threw them at a teenage boy on a bed just for effect. He screamed and threw them off his face onto the floor. Queenie jumped on the boy and started slicing his chest open real slow, savoring his torment. His blood cascaded all over the bed and onto the face of a girl who was somehow still sleeping soundly. She had woken up to the worst alarm clock ever. She screamed in horror but Queenie slammed her foot into the girls throat, blocking all air. She then turned back to the barely conscious boy and woke him up by digging her hands into the flesh of his torso and ripped some of his intestines out. He died right then with a cut off scream that echoed throughout the building. Queenie looked up to see LuLu choking the life out of a young girl and ReeRee eating a seventeen year old alive. She then turned back to the girl she had stepped on only to find out she was dead before leaping on the next child.

She was a beautiful girl with a butterfly tattoo under her left eye. She sliced the girl from her scalp to her tattoo, cutting her eye out in the process. Eye goo oozed out onto the girls hellish, screaming face and there was blood everywhere. The girl slapped, punched and kicked as she tried to throw Queenie off, but she had an iron grip on the girl. Queenie brushed the hair from the girls ear as she got closer to her. “Tsk tsk, you don’t want to be rude, do you? I am your guest after all.” She whispered in the girls ear and she quieted for a second only to scream louder. Queenie quickly killed the girl to shut her up. LuLu threw the lifeless girl on the floor and jumped on a boy who was about to stab a distracted ReeRee in the back. She stabbed his eyes out and stuffed them down his throat before repeatedly and violently punching him. She then picked him up and slammed him down as hard as she could onto a girl who was trying to crawl out.

She died in a splatter of brains and blood.

LuLu sliced the throats of three children in a row and stabbed a boy behind them as they all fell down. He coughed up some blood before his lifeless body fell on top of the other dead bodies. She looked at ReeRee who finished eating the teen boys guts out and had just bit out his neck to stop the torment. He sputtered and died, sending blood all over her face. She licked it off her lips and pounced on the crowd next to the farthest wall. The room had no windows which made things all the better. The children tumbled and stampeded away from her but she snagged a three year old boy. He screamed and squirmed, trying to get away. “Yoshiko, no!” An older girl screamed. “You bitch! Let him go.” She ran at ReeRee but LuLu came and tackled her from the side and held her head up to watch. “It’s okay, I’m just here to help you sleep.” ReeRee softly said to the trembling boy. She stroked his head and in one swift move, snapped his neck.

“No! What the fuck is wrong with you?” She yelled before looking at the blankly, staring children. “Why won’t you do anything? Help me! This will be us, they will k-” LuLu snapped her neck as well and carried her body to boy’s, laying her down gently. “Family is beautiful, isn’t it? Too bad these guys don’t have any.” ReeRee said, turning to them. “Say hi to them for me.” She then started cutting bodies left and right, LuLu and Queenie right by her side. Soon they had killed eighteen people. Some, however, had already fled during the fight. Bodies littered the floor, all of their eyes blank and hard if they had any eyes left from LuLu’s mutilation. “Well, that was a good Monday.” Queenie said with a big, goofy grin on her face as if they had just gone to an amusement park. Blood dripped off her curvy frame and onto the dirty, messy floor. “Yes it was. I’m going to take their eyes now.” LuLu said and was already wrenching them out of a poor girls skull.

With a sickening pop, they came out and she moved onto the next person. Suddenly, screams echoed from the hallways then abruptly stopped. “What was that? Did we miss a few?” LuLu questioned. “I have no clue. Let’s go check it out.” ReeRee said as she headed for one of the doors that lead into the hallway. She opened it slowly with a creak and walked down the hallway, the girls following behind her. Lay there on the floor were three bodies covered in blood and organs. Looming above the bodies were a blood soaked girl and boy.

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