Tales of Equestria: The Candy Kingdom

Consequences and Regreets

Vanilla couldn't do more than sigh in relief. That one had been close. She and her big curiosity and stupid courage, which appeared in the most inopportune times and lacked the hours she needed most. No wonder she and Moonlight Shoot were so friendly, they had so much in common. Although, after the episode that night she was worried.

"What was you thinking?" She heard her father ask angrily.

No. Well, yes, he was angry, but she was more... disappointed. She tried not look him in the eyes.

"I'm sorry. Just wanted to find out what was going on."

"I think the dragon-ponies were reason enough to avoid the trouble you got into, I warned you." Starlight commented.

Vanilla just gave her a look of 'which side are you in?' but she thought it best to keep quiet this time.

"But it was a reckless attitude of you to come here alone after confirming that something powerful had invaded the castle."

"Now I know." Vanilla sighed. Then an idea came to her mind. "What happened to Dusky?"

"I sent him somewhere away from Sweet Island, but even I don't know where. Don't know if any pony can use this kind of power with precision, but if anyone can, that one is right and only Princess Celestia. Though I don't doubt Princess Crystal can get close to it, she has studied this kind of thing, spells of space, time and dimensions, portals, and other strange things." King Candy explained.

"No. I mean, to have him turned on that..."

"Dusky Spark made a wish to the tree, he got what he wanted, but not the way he wanted, for his heart was full of darkness and he was taken by them."

"But what exactly was that?"

"A sort of mutant, although he retained some of his pony aspect, more than is common in this type of creature. You were lucky that your friend here has some sense and called me and I got here on time. Though that neither has much sense. Out of bed in the middle of the night. I'm sorry but Starlight will go home tomorrow morning and no parties like this again until you be a little more responsible. Also going back to study at home. Look what happened here, imagine if I leave you alone out of there."

"But, Daddy!"

"No bu'. You has no responsibility to go out alone. I just hope nothing has happened to the tree."

"That tree is more important than me, isn't it?" Vanilla suddenly exploded angrily.

"That's not true! I came running up here for you, but if I'm worried about the tree is because I know you're fine now, and without it there is no Sweet Island."

Vanilla accompanied her friend back to her room without saying a word to her father. She was scared, upset and too angry for anything that wasn't sleep.

Vanilla awoke next morning feeling a little bit sick from the night before. She shouldn't have done what she did. She shouldn't have ignored her father that way, also.

She went down to breakfast thinking about apologizing, that idea was soon forgotten when she realized they had a new guest, especially for who he was.

Gold Hammer was a unicorn from Dragonia, who studie healing spells and potions, was also good with repairs, since he had been a carpenter in Canterlot before reaching the city of dragons. His presence there was not a good sign. He only came to Sweet Island with his wife or older brother, if he was alone there was a sign that had urgent problems and Vanilla had a good idea of what could be, just couldn't believe it, much less admit, even if it was to was to herself.

"Good morning daddy! Morning Gold!" She greeted, putting her best smile to hide how much she was worried.

"Good morning Vanilla!" Golden smiled. "You've grown since last time I saw you!"

"So.. What is the reason for the visit?" She ventured to ask.

"Your father told me everything." He said. A more polite way to say: Don't use lying, I know what you did! At least that's what the little pony thought at that moment. "It looks like something hit the tree."

"But you can fix it, right?" Vanilla asked. What had she done?

"Unfortunately, Vani, sorry. It's the own tree's magic, but darker. Beyond my power to fix." He sighed. He spoke as if it had been his fault. "But it's a very slow spell. I managed to keep it from spreading for a while."

Vanilla sighed in relief. At least everything was fine. She was sure her father would send a letter to Princess Celestia, who would come as soon as possible and solve everything.

But she had been wrong before. What if she was wrong now? And it that wasn't that simple? What would she do?

"I think I'm going to my room." She muttered, trotting away.

"You haven't even begun to eat your breakfast." King Candy commented worried.

"I'm not hungry. I'll notify Star to come down and tell Bill to wake me at lunch."

With that she went up to the roof. She had no intention of sleeping or talking to her friend. Actually, she just wanted some time alone to think. She would go down later before anyone noticed. She had never regretted anything so much in her life and hoped it wouldn't happen again.

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