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Thicker Than Water


Mikael Searches for Klaus in Paris. He meets a young adventurous girl who thinks differently then him, and He slowly starts to fall for her and tries to win back his family. Even the one that isn't family by blood.

Romance / Fantasy
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It's an important thing that should be cherished forever, Yet many people in this world treat it as something to play and prod with.

The family is about love so much you just don't know what to do with it, your there with them through thick and thin, you don't judge them, and you always forgive them for the mistakes they make, cause you never know when their death day will come. Your conscience is very much real and it'll never let you forget what you've done.

You may walk around saying I don't care about this or I don't care about that, but your conscience will always remind you that you do care and it won't stop reminding you, it'll never let you forget that bad thing you've done. Your own conscience will destroy you if you don't live right.

-Marisa aka Temptress15


my mother and father are planning their wedding with a smile on my face. They got married 22 years ago and they couldn't be happier.

They're trying to make this wedding better than the last because.......uh let's just say something came earlier than expected.

My dad is a retired military man. He served since he was 18, until he was 33. He left because he met my mom and fell in love. She didn't want to marry a military man because dad might not have come back and she would've been heartbroken, so he retired out of love.

They married 10 months after they met. They had a baby on their wedding, and that baby was my big brother, Marcus. Then I came 3 years later.

Some people may question, "am Anthony's daughter, or did Blondie have an affair?" Well, the answer is quite simple...I'm biracial you assholes. I just got my mother's skin color by coincidence. It's rare that a biracial child, scratch that, any child gets the mother's skin color, but it's not impossible, and I'm one of the rare happenings.

"I'm going to look at wedding dresses tomorrow, so clear your schedule", my mom said smiling at me, but her voice said, "You're coming, you don't have a choice." "Ok mama", I said and she kissed my cheek then went back to talking to my dad.

Such a sweet family I have.


I walked Into the vampire bar that's exclusive to humans. I looked around for a red-headed man and found him not a second later. Walking past these things that shouldn't be here is tempting my appetite. I can't eat these monsters....not today at least. I need information on where Klaus is and a certain Redheaded man knows something, so I'll wait to eat.

I walked over to the man and sat down. He flinched when he looked at me, but held his hand out for me to shake. " Where is he?" I demanded, not nothing for introductions. "My coven has tracked him to Europe. He's in Paris somewhere. That's all I know" he said looking uncomfortable. I smirked at the news that I was informed. "Good, now give it to me" I demanded and he grabbed his suitcase for beside him and slid it over to me. I smirked and grabbed it, opening it and grinned at the weapon inside. "Good day," I said and was about to walk away before he called after me. I stopped and turned around with my eyebrow raised. "Please get revenge for my daughter that he killed," he said with nothing but hatred on his face. "I don't care about your daughter that he killed. All I care about is his demise" I said then walked away, fading in the night.

This is the weapon that will kill Klaus. The white oak stake won't be able to do what I need to be done. Klaus won't just die, he'll suffer.

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